Rollins Understands Dawkins Departure

Yesterday Phillie's shortstop Jimmy Rollins told Mike Missanelli of ESPN950 that although he didn't approve of the departure of Eagles long time star safety Brian Dawkins, he understands it.

"That's the business. That is the business side," Rollins said. "A great man, a great community person, everyone knows what he meant to that city and to that team, but everything comes to an end, whether it's good or bad. And he has nothing to look back and be ashamed of. I know he would have loved to have brung a championship to Philadelphia, but sometimes the great players just don't get that opportunity."

Rollins was then asked whether there should be any exceptions to "that's the business" policy.

"It's always a business. It started as a business, and it will end that way," he said. "The personal side to it, it's up to each individual owner or whoever makes the decisions in football, but that's the way it is. Some guy's coming up trying to take his spot, maybe a little faster, definitely not gonna have the knowledge that he has, but has to get in there somehow, and every once in awhile, that great guy is let go, and that's just part of it. We understand that from the day we sign the contract that one day it's gonna come to an end."

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