Reid Assistant. Key To Picking DJax

Andy Reid's personal assistant Brett Veach was the first person on the staff to be sold on DeSean Jackson.

Last year Reid let the youngster break down the receiver position for the draft and he came out of his video session talking about Jackson.

The Eagles head coach was on Merrill Reese's radio show last August talking about Veach's part in the selection of Jackson. 

“He (Jackson) is my assistant Brett Veach’s favorite guy. I’m not sure we pick DeSean if it wasn’t for Brett. He put the first claim on him. He broke down all our receivers for us and he came in and said this kid here is a first round pick. If he doesn’t pan out, I’m going to Brett with this.” talked to Veach and he explained why he was so high on Jackson. 

 “With DeSean, he’s just so versatile. He played baseball and football coming out of high school. The scouting department gives us their backgrounds, so we knew he was a great athlete. But once you start watching the film you see the subtleties,” Veach said. “DeSean has a knack for the nuances —— running routes, working defensive backs, using his hands to get leverage. Some of the things you have to teach and refine, he did naturally.

“He understands angles, pursuits, the big picture, and he’s confident too. The higher up you play, some guys are very close athletically, but not that confident. Some guys want to take it all in; they’re a little green. DeSean just came in like he knew he could do it, and Coach Reid likes that.”

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