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Coaches And Teammates Must Give Kolb Some Help

Westbrook on the run I have no idea what to expect out of the Eagles offense this week.  The defense took over the game against Carolina so completely that there wasn’t much pressure on the offense to play at their best.

They didn’t play very well, so they need to improve on their performance and they could under the direction of a new young and inexperienced signal caller in Kevin Kolb.  

If Kolb gets the starts on Sunday, it’ll be important that the coaches and his teammates do what they can do to help him.

Clear, effective cummunication will be the first and most vital help Kolb can be given.

This starts with the coaches and the plays they send in to him via the communications device in his helmet. They need to quickly get the play into him, so that he’s not battling the play clock.

Celek leaping His teammates must focus on what he says in the huddle so he doesn’t have to repeat it.  Kolb needs as much time as possible in order to figure out what type of defense New Orleans is employing.

Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg, who will be calling the plays on Sunday, should get Kolb started with some running plays and short throws that will help him get his timing, rhythm and confidence going.

Kevin needs to take the options of throwing underneath, initiallly.  If somebody’s open, get them the ball because a lot of bad things can happen if you hang onto the football.

Brian Westbrook, Brent Celek and Leonard Weaver will be key weapons the Eagles can use to keep the pressure off of Kolb.  He needs to know where these guys are at all times.

There will be situations versus blitzes and other pass rush pressure where he will need to get rid of the football.

Westbrook should take Kolb under his wing if Kolb goes through any tough stretches during this upcoming game.

Westbrook has a calm demeanor and that’s what Kolb may need in the huddle if something goes wrong.  Staying calm and level-headed is the way to deal with bad plays.

The receivers DeSean Jackson, Kevin Curtis, Jason Avant and company must hang onto the football when Kolb gets the ball to them.  They can’t drop passes at the beginning of the game like they did a week ago in Carolina.

What they need to do to help Kolb is do something with the football once he gets it to them.

I hope what we saw last week from the Eagles offensive tackles wasn’t a mirage.  Saints defensive ends Will Smith and Charles Grant can create problems as pass rushers if they’re not dealt with.

Kolb doesn’t need these big defenders in his face when he’s trying to throw the football. on Facebook

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