Why Don’t College Teams Have To Win A Championship?

Wright on the sideline Is there a memo passed out here in Philadelphia that I didn’t get about cheering the colleges whether they win a championship or not, but killing the pro teams if they don’t?¬†

I look at Philly.com and they make Jay Wright the sports Person of the Year for getting knocked out of the Final Four and we’re ready to hang Andy Reid for doing the same thing.

Could somebody explain to me what that’s all about?

People say that great basketball is played in the Big Five, but nobody has to win a championship.

I think Wright and the Villanova Wildcats did a great job last year, but I don’t think their accomplishments were any better than what the Eagles did in going to the NFC Championship game and getting beaten.

How can we label Wright a great coach but label Reid a bum?

Wildcats attacking the basketIs there some type of pass that is given to the college teams but that same pass isn’t given to the Eagles?

I hear people talking about how great Big Five basketball is and there hasn’t been an NCAA Championship since 1985.¬† Coaches are labeled the greatest without ever winning a championship and I agree with it.

Yet, Andy Reid can go to the Final Four, five times in a decade and be labeled an idiot.

The Wildcats have a chance to go to win it all again this year but if they don’t we’ll celebrate them any way.

I didn’t get the memo.

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