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A Number Of Second-Year Eagles Have Gotten Bigger & Better

The Eagles just finished their first team workout with new starting quarterback Kevin Kolb and all their new players, which they selected in the recent draft.

I noticed all of the new players, but I also took the time to look at the second year players who make a big jump from their rookie seasons in terms of size and productivity.

It’s very noticeable that quite a few of these young Philadelphia Eagles have spent a lot of time in the weight room since last season ended and gotten they’ve gotten bigger..

Some of this happens naturally but the weight room can  help a guy greatly improve his game.

During practice I couldn’t help but see that DeSean Jackson is still showing off his blazing speed with the deep routes and deep crossing routes.¬† Kevin Kolb let a few go deep to Jackson during the install part of practice but didn’t throw anything deep during the team drill.

This afternoon we’ll see more when they do their seven seven passing drill.

I think we’re going to be surprised at the success of¬† Maclin this season.¬† From what I hear he’s been living up in wide receiver coach David Culley’s office.¬† Maclin wants to have people talking about him like they now talk about DeSean.

Nothing like some healthy competition.  Maclin fits the west offense better than Jackson, so I could see Kolb getting the ball to Maclin more with the short throws.

Jackson still has that special instant speed which opens up the field for the rest of the offensive weapons.

Second year safety/corner Macho Harris has gotten bigger and stronger plus he has changed his number from 35 to 24.

Immediately when I saw Harris moving during one of the walkthrough drills I knew right away how much he had matured.¬† It looks like he’s making the changes in defensive pass coverages.

Second year running back LeSean McCoy has increased the size of his lower body and his upper body.  He needed it.  McCoy will have to pick up plenty of 250-pound linebackers as they come around the corner on pass rushes.

He looks much more confident in what he’s doing on running and passing plays.¬† That jump from the first to the second year is amazing.

I think he’ll run stronger and harder this time around.

Second-year Sam linebacker Moises Fokou has also been in the weight room during the off season.¬† He’s bigger and stronger but is he better.¬† We’ll have to wait and see whether he’s a better player. on Facebook

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10 Comments for “A Number Of Second-Year Eagles Have Gotten Bigger & Better”

  1. G thanks for the practice updates that is one of the reasons I like this site.

    Nice to see Mac taking his job seriously. Could be the best young receiving corp in the league.

    I thought Fokou was pretty big last year so this is promising. Now if he can learn to cover tight ends he might have a starting job.

  2. awesome.. sounds good… i like the mentality of this young team. something tells me that they spent the perfect amount of time under some of the older players to know what winning is all about.. and most of them don’t know what it’s like to lose in the big game year after year.. that could help their confidence.. can’t wait to see the “young guns” gel and mature together over this off season.. i know it’s entirely too early to say this, but i like the way this team is built for the long haul

  3. I wonder which two players will get in the first training camp brawl?

  4. Eagz….Foku and someone else…dude is a scrapper.

  5. THAT’s what I needed to hear! I believe the maturation of Maclin and McCoy, along with increased use of Leonard Weaver, will be the key to this offense. Hopefully, Reid has learned something about the importance of a balanced attack. It seems that he did during the beginning of last season, but slowly reverted back to his pass-happy ways.


  7. Dude ..Fan-Friggin-Tastic news!! Thats why Im here, everyday. In the morn with my coffee before I go to work..and back right after I get my kids from day-care at the end of the day..Inside info..I also love the Hugh Douglas-Brandon Graham YouTube spot..Thats a great feature. G your getting better everyday..sounds like the Eagles are too!!

  8. All the Eagles need now is a Punter…Maybe Sav cant take some reps at Center..
    On a more serious note, I heard thru the grapevine that the Carolina Panthers are shopping CB
    Richard Marshall who is a 4 year vet who was a starter last year for them and was a nicke back for them his first couple of years.. His rookie contract is up and he is looking for a long-term deal in ehch the Panthers have not reciprocated.. I have watched this fella play since he was drafted in the 3rd Rd a couple years back from Fresno State, he’s 5’11”-195 lbs and is a in your face,physical cover Cb who also can tackle very well aand run fast with good hands.. The Panthers are sucking wind on their D/Line after losing J Peppers, M Kemeaouto,& D Lewis all from the D/Line from last year and could really use a proven player at DT…
    I say watch for a trade with the Eagles sending a M Patterson or a T Laws and maybe throw in Safety Q Demps to the Panthers for CB R Marshall which I would jump on in a minute if I were the Eagles…

  9. Paul Man- While I would love to get another corner in here there is no way we trade M Patterson one of our our starting DTs for one. Now if you want to send laws and demps that might be doable but come on man why would we send away a starting DT?

    By the way I don’t mean that to be harsh as I enjoy your posts.

  10. I think M Patterson has peaked and his level of play has slipped little by little the past 2 seasons,
    I think he will be hard pressed to keep a starters Job by 2011 (Dixon was on the field a lot
    the end of the season for him and I think Draft selection DT J Owens is going to open a lot of eyes in camp and not only make the squad, but will be playing in a rotation with Dixon…)
    I really like CB R Marshall and the Panthers are not going to give him away and would expect a quality starter in return, (which Patterson is) The key to me is that Marshall has lots more upside where Patterson, I believe his best days, are probably behind him
    G Man,
    Could you give us your thoughts on OL J Peters,Stacey Andrews, M McGlynn and F Toupou
    Did they look in shape, serious about the task at hand and ready to roll….

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