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No Need For Anonymous Eagles Comments About McNabb

I don’t have much respect for¬† some of the comments that have been slipping out of the Nova Care complex about being relieved that Donovan McNabb is gone.

Jeff McLane of writes,

“The Eagles would never say it publicly, out of the respect they have for Donovan McNabb and what he had done for their franchise. But they’re happy he’s no longer here, happy to move on to what they believe will be the next best thing”.

He continues with more comments later in the article.

“For a few players who asked not to be named, the McNabb show, and all his baggage, had become burdensome. In describing Kolb, they used words like fresh, all business, and genuine.”

The anonymous people who are making those comments aren’t refusing to make them publicly because they have respect for McNabb.¬†¬† If they had true respect for what he has done for the organization, they would shut up and focus on getting ready to win games in the upcoming season.

They’re refusing to make those comments publicly because they don’t have the courage to do so.¬† It’s got nothing to do with respect.

This is the way a coward behaves.  Nobody has gained anything from them running their mouths, now.  If they had a problem with McNabb they should have told him to his face when he was on the football team.

I don’t want to hear anymore from McNabb and I don’t want to hear anything else from the Eagles.¬† It’s like two divorcees who won’t let it go.

To put it in it’s proper perspective, disapproval of the quarterback is a regular thing in the NFL.¬† I played on three football teams in my 11 years in the league and not one them consisted of an entire team that liked the starting quarterback.

Did you hear about the anger toward Ben Roethlisberger which quite a few of the Steelers felt?¬† Joey Porter eventually called him out for being the “last person in the building and the first person to leave”.

Despite that they weren’t making anonymous comments to the media.¬† They were busy winning one Super Bowl with him playing horribly and another with him putting together a game-winning drive.

A lot of the guys think the quarterback is pampered and coddled.  Quite a few players think the signal callers make more money than they should.

How many other players on the Eagles team would have been given $12 million dollars of guaranteed money just for being named a starter?

Do you think every player on the Eagles roster thinks Kevin Kolb is the best quarterback on the football team?

What kind of respect do you think the guys on the team have for Michael
Vick, whom they grew up idolizing through middle school, high school and college?

Do you think it was an accident that they voted him the Ed Block Courage Award last year?  What do you think they thought when they saw him pulling the ball down and taking off like a blur this weekend?

Do you think all of those guys will agree that Kolb should be the starting quarterback if they lose two or three games in a row next season and Vick is sitting over there on the bench?

Do you think all of the guys on the Minnesota Vikings identify with Brett Favre, who was courted and picked up at the airport by the head coach?

Do you think all of them are cool with him not coming to training camp? Do you think the  40-year old grandfather hangs out with his 25-year old African-American teammates listening to hip-hop?

There are always guys on the team who don’t approve of the quarterback, and that’s okay as long as the team is winning football games.

Next season that will ultimately be all that matters. on Facebook

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32 Comments for “No Need For Anonymous Eagles Comments About McNabb”

  1. Did McNabb call the President of McGiggles Fan club and complain about anonymous quotes? Seriously, pelase get over this infatutaion with McNabb. He is no longer here. Steelers won the Super Bowls because their QB despite being a complete jackass, made plays in the final minutes of the game. Same thing can’t be said for your boy.

  2. I agree with you G, 110 %. That’s a straight up coward who would do and say those things once the man is out of town. Why now, just have no comment and move on. We will see how many games “fresh, all business, and genuine” wins this season for this young IMMATURE ballclub. And for the making plays statement, it takes 2 to tango. I saw that Mclane comment this weekend too, it pissed me off as well. Idiots…

  3. “Somebody showed me a picture and I just had to laugh…
    Dignity has never been photographed….”

  4. drummerwinslow

    Players are people and they’re fans, too. They just happen to be on the team and are privy to more info.

  5. told you. I just made this same comment before reading this. This Kolb better be for real because if he’s just another guy, this will fall into total incompetentcy on the part of the Eagles organzation. Deep down you want to trust the organiztion but my gut is telling me this will be a disaster. I think when you have a proven commodity you take for granted how good it is until you look around the league and see the vast number of teams missing on quarterbacks. It won’t take long until we’re reminded what life was before Mcnabb. Remember, Dawk, Trotter in his prime, Vincent and Taylor, Duce, Hugh Douglas, Thomas at Left Tackle..were all in place before Mcnabb got here and they were good players without A quarterback….Losers. We are to expect less talent without Mcnabb to do what Those players with Mcnabb could not do? This is a stretch. I suggest a two game leash. If This team is 0-2 with Kolb stinking up the joint, this organization should admit their error, pull the plug and inject Vick immediately. 2 GAMES!!!!!!

  6. The only disaster and tragedy going on in Phillly these days are your Posts Songsrme2,
    C’mon man, stop being so damn negative about everything…

  7. That article is a reporter making a mountain out of a molehill. Some players will have problems with any QB. You can’t live life and not bug someone along the way.

  8. Paul, the stinking Cowboys used our Eagles like a tampon twice then bragged about knowing the plays for 2 games, and you want me to be positive? DeMarcus Ware baring down on Kolb is an imminent reality. Damn, I just cringed just thinking about it. The recievers we have are built to out run players, will now be relegated to possession recievers, and you want positive? Here’s a positive…Let’s start Michael Vick and coach him up to read defenses, therefore we have a QB who can avoid Demarcus Ware along with an arm that can get the “bomb” long ball to our speedy recievers.

    I’ll get on board and would have a reason to be optimistic about the season. No more experiments!!!!

  9. drummerwinslow

    Song, I agree that McNabb’s value may not be fully appreciated by some, but placing a two-game leash on Kolb sounds utterly ridiculous. It takes time for a QB to develop, and while Kolb has been on the team for years, he hasn’t played. One would hope that his learning curve would be accelerated because of his knowledge of the offense and because he has weapons already in place, but there is no substitute for game exposure.

    In Peyton Manning’s first year, he was ranked 23rd in the league and had a QB rating of 71.2. Manning was ranked behind Erik Kramer, Charlie Batch, Chris Chandler, Trent Green, and Rich Gannon, among others. Also, if memory serves, his first two passes were intercepted. Would you have declared him a failure in 1988?

    Perhaps, you’re allowing your fondness for McNabb to cloud your judgment. I was a McNabb fan. However, he’s gone and Kolb’s our QB. He showed very good signs last year, and I’m hopeful that he’ll guide the team a Lombardi trophy.

  10. Songsrme2, I gather by your posts that you have unlimited football knowledge because why else would you want a 2 game leash and Vick to be your qb. Coach him up to read defenses?? How long has he been in the league and still can’t read a d. Think before you post with your heart. And if you did think before go back and read football 101!!

  11. This sounds like another reporter trying to create perception that mcnabb is not missed by the eagles. .. To me unnamed sources is closer to a lie than the truth. NFL is no different then politics. Plant stories in the media to create perception.

  12. drummer, will you be satisfied with an experiment year knowing your team have a 0% chance of winning it all? How many games or losses before you we know if Kolb is truly a player? 5, 10 games? If this guy stinks up the joint this year, will you be willing to write that off and just hope that a year under center bring optimism going into the next season.
    Damn , this feel like Deja Vu……..Remember how psyched and optimistic Lurie was about Bobby Hoying? Last question….If Kolb stinks by game 4 and we’re below .500, would you suggest a change to a proven pro bowl player that have actually won games in this league? If so, the Eagles have one under contract.

  13. You know what?? Boo freakin’ hoo for POOR Donovan and his $120 million.

    You can apologize all you want, but the guy failed to deliver on the promise he made year after year to Eagles fans … to bring home a Lombardi Trophy. And, contrary to what Roethlisberger did in the same place, he failed quite spectacularly in the Arizona game. In the EXACT SAME position, Roethlisberger drove his team down the field and won the game. McNabb shook in the pocket like a scared little girl, overthrew one guy, underthrew another, and apparently tried to throw the ball THROUGH a third.

    He deserves all the criticism he gets, although I agree the players should man up and dole it out publicly.

  14. McLane is a douche who makes stuff up. Everyone knows that. Anonymous source? Yeah, right.

    Vick stinks and will likely be cut before the season starts in favor of someone who can still play, i.e. Garcia. You have to give Kolb an honest go, like the entire season, to make a real evaluation (and justify $12 million).

    Come on, enough with the chicken little comments.

  15. BOORING….get over it fraudsong. They made their decision. Your crying is not going to change it. This is what these guys do for a living, I have got to believe that they believe Kolb is the real deal

    You keep asking all of these stupid questions about what happens if the the birds lose the first few games and Kolb looks bad, what if it is just the opposite and the start off strong and he looks great, what then?? Will you finally shut up and talk all of your sh** to the redskins fans with your cheerlearders skirt on?

  16. yes greefan…if he start off and looks great, i’ll admit I was totally wrong and this organization knew exactly what they were doing. But, what if Kolb stink?

  17. What if McNabb sucks in DC? Why spends day after day and posting after posting in MAY, asking about what is going to happen in September?? Doesn’t every team take a “risk” whenever they darft players and make personel decisions? Why are you so obsessed with this long overdue change? You must admit that the one thing that Big Red has had success with in the NFL is picking and grooming QB’s. I am not a fan of his play calling, time management and press conference demeanor, but he is absolutely well above average when it comes to the QB’s.

  18. I also wouldn’t put much credibility in what Jeff McLane reports. He also reported that McNabb was going to the Rams and it was a done deal. Probably shouldn’t have spouted off about a deal that wasn’t a “done deal”. I think he should stick to reporting on the weak Big Ten. These reporters should also move on from McNabb. He isn’t here. Stop trying to stir the soup to sell papers…

  19. drummerwinslow

    Song, who says we have 0% chance of winning it all? At what percentage do you calculate our chances with McNabb? I’m just curious.

    Wherein Kolb is concerned, whether he starts off strong or stinks, it will still take time to develop. In fact, I suspect that Kolb will start strong. Then around mid-season, as the league develops a book on him, he’ll probably taper off. Finally, somewhere near the end of the season, he’ll show what he’s all about. That’s just my guess.

    For years, it was said that Peyton choked in big games. Then he won the Superbowl in 2007, and was considered one of best. Does the fact that he threw a Superbowl-losing interception this year change his perception?

    My point is that one or two games doesn’t define a QB. It takes several seasons. Kolb has earned the chance to prove himself. He sat on the bench, quietly and did what was asked. Now, he gets the opportunity to make a name for himself.

    In my opinion, we’re fortunate to have a veteran back-up in Vick. I plan to “enjoy” the season regardless of what happens.

  20. greenfan..we can make this official…I can give you an email and we can put any amount you want into an account so the winner can take all. Mcnabb will have a better season than Kolb as far as wins and losses. The Redskins (who I learned to hate all my life) record will be better than the Eagles. That’s betting with my head and not with my heart. all takers…I’ll lay double that Mcnabb throw less interceptions. First off, there’s too much pressure on Kolb, with a proven pro bowl player in the wings, he’s under a coach that’s pass happy which transfers to more mistakes . Mcnabb have seen every defense you can imagine. Do you really believe what you’re saying greenfan? ..put up the “GREEN” fan.

  21. SONGS – just go a . w. a y. Go whien somewhere else. Eeryone here knows your opinion – your entitled, we’ve heard it, read it, and we are all bored by it. No one knows how Kolb will do, but i think 99% are hoping he is the second coming of peyton Manning. Get onboard the program – McNabb is gone – loved him, great QB, future HOF, but he’s a Redskin now. Kolb is who we have – get onboard or go somewhere else – cheer for the Eagles – offer criticism on who they should have drafted instead of Allen or graham, talk about the optimal pass to run ratio – just stop whining

  22. Sounds like I touched a nerve Wilma. I would love to take some of 5’s money.

    Admit it, you have long been a hater of the eagles but when they finally parted ways with your little boy it was more than you could take to stay in the closet. Admit it, you have always hated this team.

    Look, I didn’t like the Phillies trade of Lee this past off-season, but that doesn’t mean that I stopped being a Phillies fan. I hated seeing Dawk leave the way he did last year, but I still followed and cheered the birds hard last year.

    Face it, it was time to move on. Why are you such a McNabb a$$kisser? You are taking this trade WAY too personal. Listen to eaglebeliever and make this your last post, this is getting really old.

  23. lmao the organization dont even know if kolb is the answer or not thus a 1 yr ext. im just so tired of the fact every1 is so happy about mcnabb leaving. i hate 2 say it but this is such a prejudice place my god. john elway is the same thing as mcnabb his 1st 11yrs in the nfl(carbon fuckin copy) but they didnt trade good ol john. i swear i hate this place sometimes. U ever notice how most flyers fans hate mcnabb they hated the allen iverson sixers. did u ever notice this y do u think. did u see people questioning the ryan howard signing. all he’s making to much wtf do u care how much ryan king makes r u the 1 paying him if chase gets that tho clearly no issue. i am far from prejudice and im glad most of the guys on our teams we root for arent but im sick and tired of the fanbase here its disgusting and so fuckin obvious

  24. phillwill & fraudsong you 2 deserve each other.

    You talk about Elway and denver and esposed how loyal they are, but did you see the way that same organization treated the white skinned Jay Cutler??

    This is not about skin color, and should never be about skin color. Eagles fans have cheered this team and its players regardless of race. You may make yourself feel better by believing that 5 got a bad break because he was black, but there is no proof that this was the case.

  25. Cutler is a damn bum with no credentials….how can you pull him out your ass?!!!!!

    phillywill is right on!!!

    When it comes to accomplishments…Elway and Mcnabb at the same points of their career had all the great accolades but the ssuperbowl alluded them. Denver being loyal surrounded their aging legend with enough so he could retire with dignity, but Eagles did not!!!!! Don’t come with J Cutler.

    Give a true hall of fame comparison at Mcnabb’s age, coming off of a pro bowl. The only one in comparison is Elway.

    I think people ignore this because if they examined it closely it leads to a harsh grim reality.

  26. I thought it only mattered what a QB’s race was? Wasn’t that your point? That the eagles are a racist organization and only traded McNabb because he is black, right?

    Why do you care about McNabbs dignity. He played that card last year when he pushed for his “financial apology”. Give me a break, this is the NFL. These teams are not loyal to the players, and if it adveresly affects their ability to field a championship team, why should they be?

    They paid that man over $120 million dollars but you are crying about how unfairly they treated the air guitarist. The guy couldn’t get it done, it was that simple. He had a good career here, but it didn’t work out. Quit trying to project you world view onto the personel move, it doesn’t fit here.

  27. green, are you insinuating Kolb can get it done? look this is futile, ….stay sucking up while others in the nfc build teams from scratch and win “chips”,. remember when the nfc east had one contender and the rest were garbage? Well those garbage teams rebuilded… one beat the patriots to hoist a trophy, one kicked our teams ass last year…OWNED US!!!, the other have our franchise quarterback with clinton portis, and a defense that’s better than ours. Your answer to this is “Mcnabb didn’t get it done”? No, THE EAGLES DIDN’T GET IT DONE! Don’t absolve this organization foom blame. You will know very soon, then you will have no choice to state the obvious. And when these guys become perrenial losers…you better not complain.

  28. Seriously thought, Jeff McLane? The same dude that reported the deal was done that sent McNabb to the Rams? Uh yeah. Come one man, the Philly media has always been cynical and it’s even worse towards the Eagles. G, you want people to let go of McNabb and McNabb to let go of here but it’s your buddies in the media that find another article to write that has something to do with McNabb. And then you post an article on your site about it. Yes those people are cowards who say stuff behind a person’s back but this article just keeps it going. Right now, in my opinion this team has a lot of maturing to do and they need to do it quickly. They need to focus on playing football and not nicknames, monikers or players that are no longer here.

  29. I can’t believe I wrote what I did earlier in this post. I’m just going through a tough time because I recently came out of the closet. Sorry guys.

  30. truth behold u guys can run this mcnabb thread all the way to china and the results will be the same..he out of shape, eats too much soup, very inaccurate, made it to 5 Champ. won 1..lost the super bowl…he gaves us a glimmer of hope then pooped in our beer mugs..go drink that Shanahan…

  31. Songs, you gotta try decaf my brother. Yeah, the Eagles lost the Super Bowl, I was there, everyody else noticed as well. They had the Bucs down and did not get it done, that Raiders team was just sitting there waiting to get pounded, and it did not work out. Life is like that. They beauty of it is there is a new season coming in a few months, we get to start 0-0 like everyone else, with good weapons on offense and a faster, hopefully uninjured defense with some new guys out there. Why get all enraged when we have so little information to go on? Twisting yourself in knots isn’t going to gain them one single yard come the 12th of September. Wait until we know something, then you can get torqued up and hang Andy in effigy, it does not need to be now. Like my squad leader always told me, guessing gets people killed, and you are guessing your brains out.

  32. Who cares? That’s the true beauty of it all. None of this matters but still garnered 31 posts. McNabb obsessed.

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