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Kolb And McNabb Are Amongst The Top Jersey Sales In The Nation

Donovan McNabb has the second most popular selling jersey in the nation and new Eagles starting quarterback Kevin Kolb is number 12 on the list.

The current leader in NFL jersey sales is Denver rookie quarterback Tim Tebow and McNabb is running right behind him.

It’s all about the quarterbacks and new arrivals when it comes to jersey sales in the National Football League.¬† All of the big name quarterbacks are among the top ten players in jersey sales as well as popular rookies and veteran stars, who are playing for new teams.

The Broncos decision to draft the former Heisman Trophy winner in the first round was the biggest story of the selection process this season.  He led the University of Florida to two National Championships and four years of top rankings.

There has been and continues to be a spirited debate on whether he can become a top NFL quarterback.

McNabb is part of one of the NFL’s biggest off season stories.¬† Fans were shocked when he was traded from the Philadelphia Eagles to the Redskins.¬†¬† Skins fans are grabbing up his jersey with the hopes that he will revive their winning ways.

Last year McNabb wasn’t even number one on the Eagles.¬† He trailed backup quarterback Michael Vick in terms of jersey sales.

Kolb, who has taken over for McNabb in Philadelphia is also among the league leaders.  His number 4 jersey currently 12th on the list of sales.

Former San Diego Charger superstar running back LaDainain Tomlinson was released by the Chargers this off season and he decided to sign with the New York Jets after talking to a few teams.  He is now sixth on the jersey list.

The second pick in the draft Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamakung Suh beat the guy, St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford, who was drafted ahead of him in jersey saies.¬† It’s unusual for a defensive lineman to beat a “franchise quarterback” in jersey sales.

On the negative side, Ben Roethlisberger has been accused of sexual misconduct two times in the last year.  His number seven jersey had been amongst the popular selllers for years but his jersey is not amongst the top 25 any longer.


1. Tim Tebow
2. Donovan McNabb
3. Drew Brees
4. Peyton Manning
5. Brett Favre
6. LaDainian Tomlinson
7. Tony Romo
8. Ndamakong Suh
9. Sam Bradford
10. Troy Polamalu
11. Mark Sanchez
12. Kevin Kolb
13. Eli Manning
14. Reggie Bush
15. DeSean Jackson
16. Tom Brady
17. Miles Austin
18. Eric Berry
19. Aaron Rodgers
20. Jeremy Shockey on Facebook

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4 Comments for “Kolb And McNabb Are Amongst The Top Jersey Sales In The Nation”

  1. Paulman’s Mock List # 1 for most popular “NFL Jersey” by sales figures by the end of season

    #1) Jets QB M Sanchez
    #2) Colts QB – P Manning
    #3) Saints QB- D Brees
    #4) COwboys QB – T Romo
    #5) Redksins QB – D McNabb
    #6) Chargers QB – P Rivers
    #7) Giants QB – E Manning
    #8) Packers QB – A Rodgers
    #9) Vikings QB – B Farve
    #10) Panthers WR/QB – Armanti Edwards

  2. QB jersey sales should be the most dominant in most cases. They are usually the face of the team and most are expected to be with their team for a while.

  3. Almost forgot

    #11) Scorpion from GCobb Site

  4. I hope that Kolb has a top 10 seller by the end of the season because that will mean he has played well.

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