Today, Eagles Begin To Prepare Rookies To Contribute In Their First Year

The Philadelphia Eagles rookies will be working out this morning and getting in depth teaching from the team’s coaching staff about how to play their different positions.

These will be very important workouts for the young players because they’ll be expected to use this time to get on equal footing with the veterans about the offensive, defensive and special teams systems which will be employed by the football team.¬† It isn’t an accident that the Birds drafted young men with outstanding educational backgrounds.

It is a must with this young ball club that the Birds get major contributions from their rookies.

Without having seen the rookies do anything with equipment on, we know that rookie defensive end #54 Brandon Graham, rookie safety/cornerback #29 Nate Allen and rookie defensive end/tackle #52 Daniel Te’o Nesheim will be forced to play this year and they must make major contributions.

They won’t need them to do much offensively but the Eagles defense will need Graham, Allen and Te’o Nesheim to step in and contribute from game one.

Graham, who is expected to start at defensive end will be on the field with the game on the line and he must be able to get to the passer.¬† Allen will be given every chance to start at the team’s free safety position.¬† Te’o Nesheim is expected to be with the team’s number nickel team at defensive tackle.

Fourth round pick outside linebacker Keenan Clayton and fifth round pick Ricky Sapp will have to pove themselves, so that when they put the pads on in July, the coaches will work them in the drills because they know what they’re doing.

Defensive coordinator Sean McDermott and his coaches will have these youngsters in the classroom early in the morning, then they’ll work with them on the field for about an hour and a half each day.¬† They’ll be able to see if these youngsters retain what they’re being taught and are able to employ it on the field.

On the offensive side of the ball rookie quarterback Mike Kafka will get the chance to run the offense.¬† Kevin Kolb and Michael Vick won’t be at the workouts this week, so Kafka and rookie free agent Joey Elliot will get all of the work at the quarterback position.

Tight end #82 Clay Harbor and wide receiver #14 Riley Cooper will be trying to decipher the offense and show the coaching staff that they can be trusted to

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4 thoughts on “Today, Eagles Begin To Prepare Rookies To Contribute In Their First Year

  1. Fortunately, the Giants won the Superbowl while playing 7-8 rookies. Ever since then, Reid has been forced to actually play his rookies.

  2. looking forward to see how this years Rookies play and how quick they pick-up the playbook,etc,etc
    The Real Key to the Eagles 2010 Season sare the 2nd/3rd year verterans already in the Eagles sytem for a couple of years and if and how much they can contribute and get on the field to make plays.
    Players like M Harris, Q Demps, M Fokou, A Dixon, C Ingram,K Dunlap,M McGlynn,T Laws,are all on the do-it now schedule if they want to remain Eagles with all this young talent behind them pushing them.
    The other key is the return of previously injured players to return at play and contribute at a high level (Stacey Andrews,Stew Bradley,Ellis Hobbs) and the impact of new veterans like M Jackson, E Sims , D Tapp to get acclimated to the Eagles schemes and locker room…
    The combination of these with all these Rookie/1st Year players should make for the most exciting
    Summer Camp/Preseason Games in years for the fans… Should be some great stuff…

  3. There may not be any prominent rookies on the offense, but let’s not ignore the elephant in the room. Kolb is still a complete unknown when it comes to being a starter. He may have a couple years “in the system” but we don’t know how he reacts when he has the job full time. One game whipping the doormat of the league and another getting pounded by the future Super Bowl champs doesn’t tell us what we need to know.

    There may be a lot of unknowns on D, but the biggest key to this year is at the QB position.

  4. Spot on Horatio,
    The reality is that Kolb will be somewhere in the middle…(especially the first 6-8 weeks of the season)
    Then will improve as the season goes along, as he gets more reps and gets used to game speed on a full-time basis…I think he will finish very strong as the team builds for some very solid years for 2011 Season and beyond…I do think out of the gate, the offense will be stripped down a bit, and AR will run the ball more to get Kolb and the rest of the Offense on the same page (which is not a bad idea) for him and the team to gain confidence and trust in each other.. If AR has Kolb throwing
    45-50 passes a game, I think he could mess him up physically and confidence wise in his

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