Eagles sign Te’o-Nesheim

The Philadelphia Eagles have announced that they have agreed to a four-year deal with third-round pick Daniel Te’o-Neshiem (pronounced: tuh-OH NESS-ime according to the Eagles official website). As of now, Te’o-Neshiem is slotted for inside blitzing duties. And a side note: writing this guy’s name gives me fits.

This leaves Brandon Graham, Nate Allen and Riley Cooper as the only unsigned rookies. I’m not exactly sure what Cooper is waiting for. Someone might need to tell him the Raheem Brock story. Then again, Brock eventually got a Super Bowl ring so maybe not.

The Eagles are now one of only seven teams with a third-round pick under contract. If that doesn’t win you a Super Bowl, I don’t know what will. As of right now, there aren’t any first- or second-round picks that are signed anywhere in the NFL.

34 thoughts on “Eagles sign Te’o-Nesheim

  1. He will be a back-up DE to T Cole and an occasional Pass-Rusher who will be moved up and down the line at various times (similar to Darren Howards role the last couple of years) .. He will need to put on
    some weight which he will after adjusting to the Pro Game and workouts,diets,etc,etc.
    .I can see him at about 265lbs by next years camp.
    How about the Chargers players WR V Jackson and OT M McNeil not signing their Tenders by the cutoff.. I am not sure what their tking leaving like $3 Million on the table

  2. In reading USA Today they said Brandon Graham is a tweener and would do good as a linebacker in a 34 defense. Could they possible be wrong about this. After the fiasco with Gocong being better as a down lineman in a 34 but groomed to be in a 43 I am beginning to doubt the FO and the Football analysts.

  3. Many scouts thought B Graham would be more of Woodley,Harris type sinec they all went to U of Michigan and played the DE spot though they were moved around often and even played standing up..
    Graham is no doubt, more of a hands on the ground type of DE rusher than Woodley & Harris who were not as big but very quick.. The biggest comparison I can make is to remember what Trent Cole was like coming out of college,small,but quick.. Now the thing that excites me is the Graham is bigger and heavier/thicker than T Cole was coming out of college, Graham is probably 2 years ahead of where Cole was as far as technique,using your hands,staying low, etc,etc.. I think the both of them are going to raise some cain in opposing teams backfields and will be similar to what the Colts have with Freeney and Mathis constantly coming off the edges… (this type of pressure will make any secondary a lot better)

  4. To Big E.
    I also heard that if the Eagles didn’t move up to #13 spot to grab Graham,
    that the NY Giants at #15 would have selected him and also the Patriots were trying to trade up to get him too and that the Titans, Steelers & Falcons all really liked him so he is a legitimate DE…
    (The Patriots/Steelers probably would have him playing statnding up as a OLB while the Giants,Titans
    & Falcons all play a base 4-3 D like the Eagles and would have most likley used him as a down DE)

  5. this is a much news as when Abirimiri was signed. Don’t be surprised if this is another wasted pick and a practice squad player from another team end up taking his slot.

  6. To Songsrme2
    I am very confident that B Graham is the real deal.. By 2nd Season I see him playing alot like T Cole..
    Abriami was a reach for a 2nd Round pick a few years back which was a very week draft class for DE
    that years.. Most Scouts had B Graham in the Top 3 as Pass-Rushing DE’s in this years draft which was a pretty strong and deep group at DL this year..
    Also a positive vibe is that B Graham tore it up during Senoir week against highly drafted OT
    like B Bualaga, M Iupati, T Williams,etc,etc and was the class of DE’s that entire week by most observors… I think he will be a Pro-Bowl player by 2012

  7. is there a limit 2 how many post 1 person can have to an article if not g please put 1 in
    i dont know who cant wait for ur vaca more us or u just awful

  8. No limit Phillywill…
    But maybve they sould have an Football IQ Profile filled out before posting…
    This way, both of us would be expelled and ineligible to remain posting on here…

  9. Graham might be able to rush with his hand in the dirt in college, BUT he’s not in college anymore. The tackles are bigger, stronger, faster and for longer sustained periods of time than college tackles for the most part. If the Eagles had a huge tackle that they would turn loose to go after the QB every down it would help, but I don’t think Patterson will be able to enough make teams want to double him and leave Graham working room on both sides of the tackle which is the space he will need. Graham, even though he’s most practiced as a down linemen would probably be most effective in the NFL standing up like Elvis Dumervil.

  10. Not to point out the obvious here…but Te‚Äôo-Neshiem is 5 lb.s lighter than Chris Gocong and doesn’t know the Eagles complicated defensive system.

    Doesn’t really inspire confidence to know that they’ll be penciling him in to play defensive tackle.

  11. Also a very important item to add Big E,
    All Divisional opponents have/receive better coaching…. R Segrest is not fit fto be a NFL D/L Coach
    plain and simple.. As long as he’s with the Eagles, they will continue to underperform as a group and
    individual players..
    Outside of Trent Cole who is a highly motivated self worker..
    Can anyone name another DL in the last 5-8 years that has significantly improved during their time with the Eagles… (maybe J Parker..)
    Bunkely, Patterson,Clemmons,Howard have all underachieved and not improved much
    Laws,Abriami.,MCdougle,B Smith have been all busts in my book..
    Where’s the Coaching for this group going to come from. Rory Segrest… Yikes with a Capital Y

  12. PM R Segrest has been with Reid for a long time and I don’t know why. Read his bio on Eagles web site. They say he did a great job as 2008 special teams coach. I think they could do much better. I wish someone would ask Howie if he is excited about Rory.

  13. L,Biggie do you get upset when you go out to eat and the waiter says ‘oh you’ll love it, the best you’ve ever had!’ but it ends up not being the case? Howie, laurie, and banner are literally salesman when they talk to the media. What do you expect them to say? You know the cute waitress smiles at you for tips too…

  14. Hey Schiller,
    What’s your thoughts on Coach Segrest…Do you think he is capable of teaching,molding these very
    players on the Defensive Line and make them into solid NFL Players (Tapp,Sapp,Graham,Teo,Dixon,
    Laws,J Owens,and other Draft picks)
    I think the DL Coaching Postion is extremely important with all these young players on boad and they will need to learn the right techniques,schemes,moves,etc,etc soon and often for this group’s development will tell the tale of the Defense for the next 5 years or so…
    I hope Coach Segrest is up to the Challange..

  15. Pkid, I guess you forgot, but you and I talked about this before. I too think Segrest is a dud. But I don’t worry about it much. I think the dline coach isn’t at the level of importance as the lbs or secondary ones. Actually, i’d put it as the least important position coach on a football team. I think the young bucks will be fine developing.

  16. Schiller I’m not that gullible to believe that it would be the best I ever had. Your saying that they are lying.
    Could the FO be a bunch of insincere liars. The point is that he was a horrible special teams coach and Paulman has a valid point that this guy is not good. Just one more reason to frown. I didn’t think that you tipped. I give tip on the quality of the service not an insincere smile or cute behavior.. What is” L,Biggie” are you emulating in the hood vernacular as in calling everybody haters. It’s obvious you screwed up on you previous point about Buddy and you are desparately trying to be insignificant again.

  17. Defensive line coach is the least important position coach but the desire to improve the pass rush is a number one priority and the techniques to be good rushers are taught by whom. So I guess we put our worst coach
    as DL coach so he teaches them nothing. Let them watch file and self coach. That makes sense.

  18. I strongley disagree Schiller,
    If the focus of the Eagles Defense is now to have a bunch young,new of Pass-Rushers (Graham,Tapp,
    Teo’,Sapp) to go along with Cole and Parker.. Then I think it’s imperative to get the best coaching and learning for these young guys… The development of these DL is going to decide how good this Defense will be for the next 3-5 years…A lack of a consistent Pass-Rush will result in poor Secondary play no matter who is in the Defensive backfield…

  19. Ha. The ‘l’ was a typo by the way. I’m saying that they are talking shit because sports professionals at any level, when speaking to the media, that part of their job description is to talk shit. Every sport, every position, that’s what you do. Same with dealing with customers in sales or retail. Its a widely accepted reality and social norm of american culture. But for some reason, you seem to want the eagles organization to be an exception to that. And what’s this recurring thing about me being personally cheap? Whether your trying to be comical playing off the utter BS of calling the eagles cheap, and suggesting that it would effect my personal spending habits, or being flat-out antisemetic, either way that’s petty and juvenile.

  20. Schiller you are paranoid and to accuse me of being antisemitic is dumber than you comment about defensive line coach. I’m sure that there is a sentence in every coaches contract that states that you are required to “talk shit” My implication on the Segrest doing a good job was to indicate that that’s what the Eagles were doing and when they say they are not rebuilding and committed to winning they are they talking shit. When you made a comment about what I said to my mother, who is disceased, on mother’s day how would you characterize that as classless, evil,ignorant, uncalled for, in bad taste you F’n idiot.

  21. Schiller-You said in one of your posts that your own sister was still mad at you for buying her a cheap gift. You called youself cheap you dope. Were you drunk again when you posted. Wake up stup.

  22. Nothing new there, and again I sincerely apolagize for that comment that clearly offended you. But again, if you repeatedly suggesting that I’m personally cheap, if it’s not an antisemetic thing, ok than what is it? You’ve assumed many things about me as a person in the past despite having no clue who I am, but in those cases I could at least see the source of your misconception. This time I dont.

  23. Schiller-You said in one of your posts that your own sister was still mad at you for buying her a cheap gift. You called youself cheap.

  24. Schiller You stated in one of you posts regarding an Eagles injury, maybe MLB, that it was not serious as PM was saying that it was and you said you sister or her friend worked at the hospital where he was examined and his injury was not serious. If you can’t remember then maybe you were” talking Shit” You said your sister was mad at you for buying a cheap wedding gift. Watch what you say!

  25. schiller says:
    June 9, 2010 at 8:46 amAND DRUMMER – In case you missed it (and while I have your attention) – this is what Paulman posted on another article regarding the bradley injury rumor you chased: Bradley’s reported to be ok with a “slight calf-sprain” as was reported by the Eagles..
    He was out jogging along the sidelines after yesterday’s afternoon practice….
    (my sister at Thomas Jefferson Hospital gave me some bad info yesterday by mistake and stated they have a new x-ray technician working there who is originally from Dallas,Tx and was passing along some bad info to get back at Eagle Fans, Plus my sister is still mad at me for giving her a
    cheap wedding gift over 20 years ago.)….

    See, that’s what you get for taking that man seriously. Just a heads up for the future.

  26. If anyone cares and to clear the record,
    I just finished washing and waxing my Sisters Car, so all is forgiven on her end…
    She’s now telling everyone in her neighborhood, what a fine,upsatanding brother she has…
    Now go back to your bantering…. ha ha … Happy Fathers Day to everyone…

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