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Collinsworth Believes McNabb Will Make A Big Difference In Washington

Have you ever heard a lawyer argue that his client couldn’t get a fair trial in a certain area because the people were biased against his client because of their involvement in case.¬† I think that’s case here in Philadelphia with Donovan McNabb.

Nobody can discuss him without getting emotional and going to extremes.¬† That’s why I feel the people who watch him from a distance have a clearer and fairer idea of his strengths and weaknesses.

That brings us to NBC football analyst Cris Collinsworth.  He gave his assessment of McNabb and his move to the Washington Redskins and I agree with what he had to say.

Collinsworth is expecting big things from McNabb and the Washington Redskins in the upcoming season.¬† He thinks McNabb’s presence in the huddle will help Mike Shanahan and the Skins¬† turn things around.

He believes McNabb was an integral part of the consistent winning which the Eagles achieved over the last decade here in Philadelphia.  Collinsworth even celebrated the smile and kidding around which are part of McNabb persona as an Eagle.

Of course that runs counter clockwise to some of the voices here in the city, who don’t see leadership qualities in McNabb.¬† His detractors see him as a loser and the reason the Eagles don’t have a Super Bowl title, rather than the main reason this team went to the playoffs in eight out of 11 seasons.

I see pluses and minuses in McNabb, but much more on the plus side than the minus and so does Collinsworth.

“I thought that was one of the great additions to a team I’ve ever seen,”¬†Collinsworth said. “I mean, the Redskins were really in sort of disarray. No matter what anybody else says, they were just swimming out there. They really were. And then they bring in [Mike] Shanahan. And you bring in McNabb. People are going to always talk about McNabb and his accuracy, and I don’t disagree with that. I don’t think that he’s a typical west coast kind of quarterback, and when you look at what it’s going to mean for Philadelphia with Kevin Kolb, I think they’ll get back to more of a classic west coast kind of offense. But now you’re going to get in Shanahan’s offense a big, strong, powerful guy that’s going to bring a little fun, that’s going to bring a little laughter back to the huddle, that is a dynamic personality.”

“It sounds weird to say that a quarterback’s charisma can make a difference,”¬†Collinsworth continued. “But the Redskins just have been so beaten down for so long, and this whole thing with [Albert] Haynesworth and all the junk that’s going on with him. I just think that you’re going to see a different personality come out of the Washington Redskins and they’ve got a great coach now. They could very easily surprise a lot of people because their defense is pretty good.”

These comments will be taken as something from out of space here in Philadelphia, but there’s no way you can tell me that McNabb sucks as a quarterback despite doing all the winning he did here in Philadelphia.¬† I’m not saying he’s the best quarterback in the league, but the guys has won a lot of football games. on Facebook

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6 Comments for “Collinsworth Believes McNabb Will Make A Big Difference In Washington”

  1. I have to agree with Collingsworth’s observation. Yeah of course he has his flaws but every QB does. One thing that you can’t argue with is his win percentage as an Eagle for 10 years. The haters have to face it, the guy was a winner.

    And for those who say he didn’t win the big games in the playoffs, tell me if our Defense showed up in those exact same games we lost.

    I hope Kolb steps in and plays well to help us forget about this because if he doesn’t its going to be a long season with fingers pointed in all directions.

  2. top 5 top 6 qb in the league easily
    and i couldnt agree more even tho wash lost many games the past cpl yrs there d always kept them in gms
    i mean even when we beat them it was always close
    they were really just lacking a qb
    the thing thats sad is the eagles havent been the same since the rest of the division got good qb’s
    i mean we were beast against dave brown and quincy carter and brunnel but when ely and romo became solid qb’s we no longer dominated the division now u add d5 to the skins it just got even harder for a defense that preys on inexperienced qb’s
    our defense is not good against elite qb’s and that was with bdawk jim johns and company
    i just think the eagles really dug themselves a grave i hope im wrong

  3. McNabb is a top 10 Qb in the NFL, No doubt
    I expect him to be in his best shpae of his life and put up great #’s for the Redskins.
    Though he will never admit it, all competitive players are hurt when they are traded and feel they have
    been made out to be a scapegoat for their teams failure to win.. Most athletes of his stature will work even harder to prove to their former team and coaches (and the fans too) that it was a mistake in trading him.. Whether this performance is strong enough to lead the redskins to the Playoffs, who knows, but there is no doubt that the D McNabb that shows up to play in 2010 is going to be a highly focused,energized player bound to give it his all to succeed.. I will him the best and this is indeed very good news for the Redskins and probably not such good news for the Eagles..

  4. @phillywill I agree 100%

    @paulman you are exactly right. You know McNabb is going to be in tip top shape and fully focused to prove Philly wrong. As if the Philly-Wash rivalry wasn’t crazy enough. I’m hoping Kolb isn’t a bust. He can’t be….I hope

  5. “…its going to be a long season with fingers pointed in all directions.”


    That’s pretty much how I see it going down. Reid will will get fired, Roseman will stay(?) Reid will point fingers and talk about how he didn’t want to do this or that, didn’t want to get rid of Dawkins, etc., etc.

    If they’re smart they will hire Gruden or Cowher and draft Ryan Mallet or Jake Locker.

  6. Roseman stays after 2011 Season and AR/Marty Morhnerwig and most of the Eagles staff is out..
    Roseman is Joe Banners Guy and Joe Banner is the man/mind who really runs the Eagles Organization
    and anyone who thinks AR calls the shots has not been paying attention the last few seasons…

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