Moyer leaves game after first inning

Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Jamie Moyer was working on a two-hitter Tuesday night against the St. Louis Cardinals before he was forced to leave the game with an apparent elbow strain, according to Todd Zolecki of Andrew Carpenter took Moyer’s place after the first inning.

This is phenomenal. One of the few strengths of this underachieving team had been starting pitching. Kyle Kendrick, who had been ok considering he never was supposed to be in the starting rotation to begin with, finally gave the team enough reason to send him down to Triple-A Lehigh Valley. Now, Moyer leaves with an elbow issue. My guess is that the team will tell us that “he’s just got some tightness there,” and then promptly send him to the DL.

I don’t want to speculate on the severity of Moyer’s injury, but let’s speculate. The guy is 63-years old so it’s not a stretch to say that his body isn’t as strong as it used to be. Missing him for any period of time means that you are now down two starters who were in your rotation last week.

According to Zolecki’s Twitter page, Amaro implied that Kendrick’s replacement on Saturday will be someone acquired via trade.

“Amaro hints Saturday’s starter, who replaces Kyle Kendrick, will come in a trade. Said Happ is a candidate, too. Carpenter is long man,” Zolecki tweets.

Well, that trade hasn’t happened yet so nothing is certain. And Happ is not where he was last year, so that could be a disaster too.

This Phillies ship is not one that can afford to take on more water.

16 thoughts on “Moyer leaves game after first inning

  1. Bring up some young arms, this season is lost with this bullpen anyways..
    Trade Werth and VIctorino, call up D Brown and get some younger players for the OF and Bullpen
    This team has gotten old in a hurry..Start thinking and planning about next year on who is going playing LF, who are the 4th & 5th Starting Pitchers going to be and who is going to be the Closer. Find this out the next 2 months and they will be back in 2011. If they trade Werth/Victorino for a short term fix on an older,overpaid player (like Oswalt) then they will be mediocre the next few seasons… They are not catching the Braves for this season either way and only the NL East Divisional Winner will make the 2010 playoffs, the Wildcard will be coming from the Central or Western divisions this year for those teams (Reds,Rockies,Padres,Cardinals,Giants) will all have better overall records than the non-fighting Phils.. (by the way, I think I called this back at the start of the season) The team,coaches and Front Office were all a little too complacent in my book, then the injuries started and the Bullpen went from being shaky to begin with to a complete disaster.. Manager Manuel lost confidence in this Bullpen about mid-May and it shows on how he has to manage the game and stay with Starter for an inning too long in many cases and then they get tagged in the later innings. This team’s Offense has become inept, no small ball, no stealing of bases, hit & run..Everyone is waiting for the 3-Run Homer… well it’s not working …
    It was a nice run and they still have a solid core group, but Trading Lee away to save $9 million when they are sold out every game with 45,000 bringing the club $1 Million a night in ticket receipts alone was stupid and now they pay the price of blowing a great opportunity to get back to the Playoffs and World Series

  2. hahahahahaahah ibleedgreen i know its very sad i usually read right up until that part where it says SAYS lol
    Paul Mancini Says :
    then i go to next comment

  3. I saw it also over the weekend and it was pretty good…
    PW , I am much better looking than the character “Paul” in the movie..
    I have a great wife and kids and a decent job, plus a better sense of humor and not as neurotic as the
    character in the movie …. ha ha .

  4. yes but when football comes into the eqaution u become ur alter ego “paul aufiero” hahaha
    that movie was classic he’s like 14-2 no wait we play new england the day i get out of jail we cant lose 15-1 histerical

    how bout 1st words after the coma were “did we win? did quantrell play ?” truly classic

  5. yeah,…but December 20th, I’ll be out…the Pats don’t stand a chance with us in the parking lot…yeah, 14-2 for sure, easy

    classic stuff

  6. It’s got be the Cowboys for me without a doubt not even close,then the Lakers, then the Yankees,
    then the Giants and then the Montreal Canadiens in Hockey
    But this year it may be these damn Phillies…a roster like they have and end playing like like crap most of the season .. like they are in a sleepwalk…it’s embarrasing to be honest…..Everyone talking about a
    return to the WOrld Series.. they won’t even make the playoffs, there are about 7-8 teams playing better ball then them this year… Fans keep saying, don’t panic, it’s early, it’ still July..
    Botoom linee, they are not a very godo team this year, fundamentally they just don’t have it,
    their Defense is worse, their stolen bases,bunting,sacrifices are all down, their Bullpen was a problem from the get go,their Bench may be one of the weakest in the National League and then the injuries started to mount and with a weak bench and no real ready players from the farm system to bring up..
    this is the result of a under-achieving,overpaid team that got complacent and rested on it’s laurels..

  7. yea cowbys and their fans are annoying but nyers the worse
    i still cant believe they lucked up and won the sb
    that team was not a team that should have even made the sb let alone win that team wasnt really good

    i never saw a team with so much luck in my life every ball bounced their way from assante dropping a wide open pick to refs keeping their flags in their pockets all the way down to a 40 yard helmet catch
    never have i seen anything like it

  8. It was an upset, no doubt about it..
    If that games tells us one thing, it’s this..
    Not the best team wins the Super Bowl, In fact some teams have been quite average during the regular season and end up gettting hot right at Playoff time and then go on a roll to win the big game..
    The Giants were a good example as was recent teams like the Arizona Cardinals, Seattle Seahawks,Carolina Panthers and even the Steelers a couple of seasons lucked out and went on to win a Super Bowl.. remember Big Ben tackling a COlt defender by his shoe string on a potential
    TD Return off a fumble or interception that would have sealed the game for the Colts…
    It’s true about Giant fans, but at least I don’t mind their Ownership,GM and Coaches who are actually good people and good football people..
    Now the Cowboys are a entirely different story from their Owner/GM/God Jerry Jones to some of the past coaches and players.. and then add their bandwagon fans… nobody is worse then them…
    Nobody… I can handle when the Eagles lose in the playoffs as long the Cowboys don’t go on to win the SUper Bowl, then that’s when I hit bottom and become like the guy in “Big Fan”

  9. yes and i dont like that about football best team wins most time in nba same with baseball but with march madness and nfl playoffs entirely different story
    ny was not even a top 5 team in my book
    luckiest run ever
    their 1st playoff gm that yr 1st play of the game kick returner fumbles the ball without any1 touching him and ny ran it back for 7
    i dont wanna be lucky and win the sb i wanna have the best team and win
    ok ok im lying just win a dam bowl lol

  10. My Dad always said to me..
    “Son, it is always better to be lucky than to be good, anyone can be good at anything, but to be lucky
    is a special,blessed thing”….

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