Bradley And Sims Show Their Speed, While Lindley Steps Up To Cooper’s Challenge

The Eagles defense has been holding its own, so far during this year’s training camp.  They continued it today against the offense which is battling to get its timing.

The athleticism of Eagles middle linebacker Stewart Bradley and weakside linebacker Ernie Sims was showcased in the morning workout in the 7-on-7 period.  The Eagles number one offense ran a pick or brush pattern where the Eagles running backs and wide receivers are all supposed to run crossing routes.  They anticipate man-to-man coverage when they call this play.

They got man-to-man coverage but Bradley and Sims were just as fast as the running backs so LeSean McCoy and Leonard Weaver weren’t open after the wide receivers tried to brush off the trailing linebackers.  Sims has got corner speed and rarely do you see a man as big as Bradley run so fast and change directions so quickly.

In the 9-on-7 drill this morning, Eagles fullback Weaver tried to come through the line and block Bradley, but he wound up running into a train.   Just like the 7-on-7 is a pass drill, 9-on-7 is a run drill.   In 9-on-7, the team’s offensive line, quarterbacks, tight ends and running backs try to run the football against the defensive front seven and the two safeties.

It’s not totally realistic because the defense knows they don’t have to worry about the passing game, so they play downhill and attack.  Bradley saw Weaver leaning toward him in his stance and blew him up in the hole when he tried to come through with a lead block in front of McCoy.

It sounded like an explosion when Bradley hit him and Weaver’s neck buckled backwards. The fullback was laying on the ground when the play ended.  The former Seattle Seahawk had to fix his helmet before getting up, clearing his head and returning to the huddle.

Rookie cornerback Trevard Lindley is the only cornerback on the Eagles roster who refuses to be bullied by big rookie receiver Riley Cooper.  Lindley was all over Cooper when he tried to run and push him away on an out route.  Lindley didn’t come out of his back pedal as Cooper came off the line and ran at him.

The big receiver tried to use his size to get some room by shoving the young corner out of the way.  Lindley wasn’t buying it and climbed all over Cooper when he tried to catch the football.  The pass fell incomplete.

I know Lindley isn’t comfortable and knowlegeable about all the coverages, but he’s by far their biggest cornerback who has no problem mixing it up with receivers.  got to be used on the goalline

21 thoughts on “Bradley And Sims Show Their Speed, While Lindley Steps Up To Cooper’s Challenge

  1. I know this sounds ridiculous,
    Maybe Lindley can take some snaps at the Center Position…
    I think Lindley will challenge for a CB Starters spot come 2011 and will see the field on nickel/dime packages..

  2. It’s interesting that the Linebacker postion could very well be the strength of the defense this year. Getting Bradley back and the athleticism and youth there now has potential and that’s saying a lot after last year’s debacle. But we will see.

  3. It’s a scoring league now Ozzman,
    I think the difference this season is how the O/Line plays and provides time for Kolb to operate.
    I think the Defense is improved and should be much better from the D/Line to the LB’s and to the
    Secondary with more depth,better talent and better coaching all the way around…
    This Offensive Line has me nervous though for they have not played together or all that well from most reports this camp (Peters and MJG have probably been the most consistent O/Lineman so far to date)

  4. Im I the only one that thinks E. Sims is this years off season steal for the eagles? I have him being the comeback player of the year. I also have Stewart Bradley making the probowl. Who do you guys think will make the probowl this year from the eagles? I have 5


  5. Vricchini, how do you leave out Weaver and Samuel?

    My list for the Pro Bowl:

    D. Jackson



  6. Paulman just because the Colts played the Saints last year doesn’t mean its a scoring league and that the NFL is all about offense. In my eyes Defense still wins championships. All the Jets needed last year was a little bit more offense and they go deep into the post season. Same with the Giants winning the superbowl. Don’t forget how dominate that D Line was with Osi, Strahan, and Tuck.

    I agree with Ozz our defense has to step it up and take some pressure off of the young QB. If not its going to be some long Sundays. If he’s playing from behind all the time then he won’t be successful.

  7. It appears that Bradley and Sims are going to feed off each other’s energy this season. Very encouraging. While Jordan is undersized to play the SAM, he’s strong, fast and plays bigger. If these 3 stay healthy… a BIG if … LB will the strong suit of the D.
    Kind of ironic considering it was the shakiest part of the D last year.

  8. No doubt that Defense wins Championships,
    You just have to score at least 24 pts a game to give your team a shot come playoff time..
    Playing Defense with a lead is a whole lot easier though where the other team becomes more predictable. The Eagles Defense will be much improved with LB Bradley back, and new players like SIms,Tapp and the solid Draft class of Graham,Allen,Teo and Lindley. If the Eagles Offense can play at a high level out of the gate and get some points on the board, this can go a long way to helping this young,new defense mesh together and stay agreesive and use their athleticism..

  9. Another Injury report/Players missing time at camp
    Cowboys back-up TE John Phillips is out for the season w/torn ACL…
    Vikings WR Percy Harvin misses his 15th practice after the death of his grandmother 8 days ago
    WR S Rice still recovering from injured hip
    LT Tra Thomas had athroscopic surgey on his knee and is out at least 2 weeks for the Chargers
    and LB L English is out also with injured foot
    Broncos lost 2 more players with Season Ending injuries Safety J Barrett and WR K McKinley
    Falcons #2 WR M Jenkins is out 4-6 weeks with knee injury
    49ers Starting Center M Heitmann broker his leg and is out at least 2 months and probably the season.
    Cleveland Browns Punter M Zastudil out indefinitely with a knee injury

  10. Damn, I am excited for this season. I have no idea where they will finish, but I love the youth and athleticism of the team. They have a lot of issues, so they will take their lumps, but they will make some plays on both sides of the ball this year.

    Hopefully this D will re-assert itself as one of the better units in the league. Sure hope that Lindley works out. Really need a big CB to work against some of the taller WRs in the league.

  11. LOL @ 2 of our LBs making the pro bowl. It’ll be surprising for one of them to make it. If Bradley makes it, he’ll most likely be an alternate. I doubt Maclin makes it purely because he’s not the best WR on the team (although he probably has the most potential) and there are better WRs in the conference. I can see Celek making it as a backup. Witten is still the best in the conference. Just gotta see what guys like Cooley and Tony G do this year. Akers probably.

    These guys will be voted as starters on backups


    These guys are potential alternates


  12. Oh yeah, can’t forget about Peters. Him making the pro bowl last year was about as fradulent as can be. Don’t see why he cannot at least make it as an alternate.

  13. wow, predicting probowlers already!? Isn’t that based off of how they play in the season? I just don’t get the lure of making predictions about stuff that will reveal itself in time. Maybe it’s just me…

  14. Defense can and does win Championships.I refuse to count this season out as a rebuilding year just because of our defense. The O line has me thinking we might see Vick sooner rather than later. And thats not too spite Kolb. I just think a mobile QB will counter the weakness of our line. I watched yesterday’s live O vs D at camp and the line blows.

  15. And bugsy, I feel you about being excited. Me too. But re-assert themselves as a top D? They were the #4 defense overall D last year and number #1 fantasy defense. Thats alot to build on. Remember, there’s 32 teams in the NFL.

  16. Yeah schiller it’s just you. Stop trying to be a killjoy all the time. Let people have their fun. Everything that you don’t want to take part it doesn’t require snide, arrogant comments. Isn’t easy enough to ignore? I guess not.

  17. Potential Pro-Bowl Players for 2010 Eagles
    Starters – Kicker D Akers, LT J Peters, Punt Returner D-Jax
    Back-ups Players – FB L Weaver, TE Celek, DT Bunkley and CB Samuel

    MLB in the NFC is very difficult and stiff competition from 49ers P Willis, Panthers J Beason,
    Saints J Vilma, Bears B Urlacher, Cowboys K Brookings…

  18. oh shit yea i forgot about Asante. Dont know how that happened..
    Schiller is just miserable that knows it all. any who

    P man Bunkley????? really?

  19. I think Bunkley/Samuel/Celek/Weaver can make All-Pro as Alternates or fill-ins as other players drop out due to injury.. The Pro-Bowl is so watered down now and with players who are playing in the Super Bowl not able to play and the game moved to Miami that lots of Alternates now make up the squad and are deemed as All-Pro even though they may be the 5th/6th best player at their position… It’s a crock anymore. The real list is who is voted All-Pro by the media and their peers,which is the top 2 players at each position and I don’t think the Eagles have any of those outside of D-Jax as a Punt returner..

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