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The Eagles faced a bit of a test last night as their starters went the full first half and had to play against a nice Cincinnati Bengals team. The Bengals may have fizzled in the playoffs yet again last year, but they are back and will be a tough out this year. I guess all those years of drafting in the top 10 eventually produces results.

Let’s take a look at what happened last night:

What I liked…

-Kevin Kolb did an ok job last night. Once again, he made some beautiful passes that seem really easy for his receivers to catch. He moved around a little bit (because he had to) and made some plays. It’s frustrating that he couldn’t get into the end zone, but there were a lot of fingerprints on that.

-I’m not seeing domination from Brandon Graham just yet, but I’m seeing something. He’s getting a good push at times and he’s at least showing that he’ll be able to get something done at this level. I want to call him KillaGraham, but he’s not ready for that name yet.

-This defense is better than last year. I think that’s safe to say. I’m not saying it’s great or that they’ll dominate people, but the Bengals have a pretty filthy offense and the D played with them.

-Read about Dallas Cowboys’ kicker David Buehler and his practice %’s on field goals. Then come back and tell me how much you absolutely love David Akers.

-Nate Allen was great on the deep ball. Excellent coverage.

-I almost forgot to mention DeSean Jackson. He’s so good that I take him for granted now. It really doesn’t look like his feet touch the ground, which is good for him. Less wear and tear on the knees. But seriously, he does look like he’s playing the game at a different speed than everyone else. While he is just flat-out faster than everyone else, the calm demeanor tells me that everything is very slow in his head. Can’t be a better combination.

-I’m just a huge Riley Cooper fan.

-Looks like Terrell Owens can still play, huh? Palmer is much better throwing the ball to him than Ochocinco.

…and not so much…

-Nate Allen got run the hell over.

-Kolb has looked decent, but he has got to stop forcing balls into coverage. I’ve said it before and you’ll probably here me obnoxiously repeat it as we go through the season: Three pretty balls < One INT. Picks are killers. -Please be ok, Jeremy. Please be ok, Jeremy. Please be ok, Jeremy. -This offensive line is an unmitigated joke right now. The middle of the line gets absolutely not push whatsoever. If it's not letting pass rushers through on passing downs, they are getting whooped on running plays. It's really difficult to evaluate the progress of LeSean McCoy when there is nowhere for him to run. -How about those coverage teams? Great job by Quentin Demps to simultaneously commit a penalty on a fair catch and still manage to keep the play going so they could get an extra 30 or so yards out of it. That's skill. And once again, returners in general were getting tackled too far down the field. That would be great to get Akers hurt because he had to make a tackle in a preseason game. Until further notice, I want Akers to kick the ball off, then just run to the sidelines. -If you think Michael Vick is the answer at QB for this team, then I'm just not sure what you are watching. He didn't complete a pass to his own team until there were only a couple minutes left in the third quarter. He looked decisive and smooth throwing those interceptions. Just what you want. It's just so frustrating to hear all the people talking about how he's finally back this year. He's finally back to what? Not being a very good QB like he was before? Yeah, he's back to that alright. -Did Ernie Sims play last night? I didn't get a copy of the program. -Ellis Hobbs has been ok, but let's hope he doesn't get hurt. Joselio Hanson is alright in the slot, but I don't want him starting outside. -Why is it that announcers and the media in general have to compare any white receiver to Wes Welker? They said that Jordan Shipley isn’t really like Welker because he’s not as fast. Soooooo…..why make the comparison then? “This guy is EXACTLY like Walter Payton, except he’s really tall, thin, can’t balance a checkbook, not very strong and is a punter. Other than that? CARBON COPIES.”

-That third and one looked awfully familiar.

-I think I loved the fact that I counted four illegal formation penalties. At least two were on Jason Peters and it might have been three. Why does he insist on being so far off the line of scrimmage? Notice that even when he is lined up right, he pulls out early. He’s very lucky that he doesn’t get more false start penalties. He’s not awful, but something about him really bugs me.

-Is Carson Palmer overrated? I think he’s a nice QB, but is he elite? I have to give a big “no” on that one. He almost got Chad Johnson killed last night.

24 thoughts on “My Thoughts Eagles/Bengals

  1. So now andy reid will have to listen to everyone bitch about how he only drafts skill players now and can’t select a lineman right?

    I am so annoyed at this teams inability to put it all together at the same time.

  2. Bottom Line from last night… The Bengals looked ready for the regular season. The eagles looked unprepared to play and had no aggressiveness to them at all.

  3. Spot oN Micah..
    I am surprised and shocked that you didn’t mention Moise Fokou for getting flagged for holding on the 1st Punt Return opportuntiy (I guess this is a given anymore)
    Also the lackluster play of the Back-up TE’s…(I guess Celek will have to play every play all season long
    and lastly Chad Hall has no chance of playing in the NFL.. He’s too slow (even for a white guy)

  4. I thought Graham looked pretty good. He got good penetration playing tackle even. Peters? Isn’t he the best LT in the NFL? See why my handle is what it is?

  5. Micheal Vick is so a damn joke. A swear to u i cheer for him because im an Eagle. But ive never liked his play. Im a guy who loves fundementals. Great he is a hell of a running back at the qb position. But he was ne er a good qb to begin with. Sure he has a cannon arm but he cant aim so what good is he really. If Kolb goes down we are screwed. Id rather start bobby hoying over Vick. Bottom line. The only way he works on this team is if we are playing John Madden 11. Other then that just maybe. MAYBE. We can use his running inside the 10.

  6. My Thoughts….

    I dont understand we could have gotten Marc Bulger but instead we rather keep vick?
    Nate Allen is looking a lot like Sean Considine to me right now.
    Andy Reid or Sean Mcdermott? which ones gonna go this year?
    Please trade Maclin to the cardinals so Cooper can start. He’s too soft.
    I got $100 that when Mcnabb comes to town he will tear us a new asshole.
    Its just preseason right? well apparently the bengals didnt think so.

  7. As part of my Probation Agreement, here is some news from around the NFL
    Chargers LT T Thomas (former Eagle) decides to Retire
    Bengals Safety G WIlson tore his MCL and ACL and is out for the Season
    Falcons WR K Meir also injured his knee and is out for the Season
    BIlls 2nd year TE Shawn Nelson (who Eagles were considering drafting last year) was suspended 4 games for violating NFL Substance-abuse policy
    Chargers D/Coordinator says he intends to blitz heavy & often versus Tony Romo and the Cowboys who are playing with a very banged-up O/Line with 2 Starters nursing injuries..Cowboys Coach Phillips stated that he plans on playing ROmo and the starters for then entire 1st half..

  8. I think you hit most of the high points Micah. It just gets so difficult to really glean much info from the preseason games when you know the Eagles do almost no prep-work whatsoever. They run basic plays, vanilla defenses, and no real scheme on special teams. You can try to look at the one-on-one matchups and see who is playing hard, but thast even gets tough when a d-line stunts and the Birds make a basic blocking adjustment. I said the same thing as you last night about Akers, screaming at the TV for him not to be anywhere near that tackle. In a real game fine, #2 has actually laid some licks on a few returners, but if he gets hurt against the Bungles I would be buying a new television, after I retrieved the remote out of the old one.

  9. VR – you’re being crazy and drawing WAY too many conclusions from one preseason game. You’re jumping ship before the voyage begins. Nate Allen made 1 bad play in that game. 1. You know who’s also made one, or actually a lot more bad plays in his career (not even preseason)!? Brian Dawkins, Ed Reed. Name anyone. It’s 1 play, otherwise he was good. What makes you think he’s Considine? Sure, same team (at one point), same position, but if you’re saying that because of the one play where Benson – a proven, skilled powerback, ran over him, then you’re crazy. Michael Jordan missed shots. Manning, Brady, Montana, etc… threw picks. Anyway, same goes for Maclin and your wanting a coach gone. McDermott has coached only 1 full year (and you could argue that it wasn’t his D the whole year), and Reid is a proven winner. You’re crazy if you think either one is on the bubble. McD will be given time to prove himself, at least another year – look how much time they gave JJ, Marty, and Andy, the brass isn’t quick to fire coaches or players for that matter. Plus it looks like the D is improving anyway. And in case you are wondering – you ARE overreacting to a preseason game. A preseason win gets you NOTHING. NOTHING. Cincy was on it’s 3rd game, totally different mindset. And there was no gameplanning plus vanilla plays. You’re crazy man.

  10. Paul Mancini–you’re racial references are so 1980. That’s old school and not funny. Move on. When you stereotype a race’s speed, other people will come up with other less flattering stereotypes. Your proclivity for racial and religious humor doesn’t work anymore.

  11. I only do it because it annoys you FS1960,
    Now,let me get ready for Church so I can say a little prayer for you and repent for my shortcomings..

  12. schriller you make sense i will say that…and on the last post about kolb being like manning i also agree with you……now jason peters should have been called for more penalties..i saw him false start multiple times by coming off early. My only thought is that he lines up so far off the line because he CANT pass block. He was a great run blocker but pass was always his question mark. Hes lining far off to give himself extra time

  13. Also after nate allen got ran over…….the very next play they sent him on a blitz and because of HIS pressure carson threw that int to dimitri patterson!!! Coachs are so smart….the kid gets knocked out and mcdermott goes right back to him

  14. plex – yeah, I agree about Peters, though I think he does have the potential to step it up this year. I really feel that our OL is a big concern and I’m not nearly as ‘koolaid’ like as most people think I am, but ESPECIALLY for the OL. It’s a definite weakness for the Eagles and it will have to be addressed many times this year and in next years (if it happens) draft. As for Nate Allen, yeah, I think the Bengals game showed that he can play and will be a force in this defense. I bad play is 1 bad play.

  15. Way too much being made of Allen getting run over.. It happens.. Benson is a big guy and had a head of steam and Allen had his head down and was a little off-balance and boom, there he went..but I like the fact he didn’t hang his head down and mope about it.. He bounced up and played I thought an very good half of football. The O/Line does have me concerned big time for I just don’t think Stacey Andrews has it in him to be a solid starting NFL Lineman, at least in the Eagles scheme..he’s not athletic or quick enough and is definitely not worth the contract he signed back 2 yers ago.. Oppsoing teams are going to kry on him and blitz/pressue right up that A gap putting a lot of pressure on whoever plays Center and the Eagles backfield..This needs to get addressed immediately for I don’t think there will be much improvement in Stacey’s Game…

  16. Quite frankly, this team had huge problems last year and most of us swept them under the rug and charged it to McNabb and Andy Reid’s playcalling. Of course more rational people didn’t but many did. In my opinion, if we treated it like that last year, it has to be treated like that this year. I don’t want to hear any excuse no matter who the QB is or isn’t. I can see it now, people will make so many excuses for Kolb because they hated McNabb so much. Kolb will be fine but he will not be able to take a team with this many holes as far as McNabb. The worst thing you can do for your first year QB is have a weak interior o-line and sketchy tackles.

  17. Peters needs to lose some weight to acquire more quickness so he doesn’t need to line up in the backfield to block a pass rusher.

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  19. Schiller- if the shoe doesn’t fit lose some weight. I know you sensitive about weight because you said you were a porker once. The guy is too big and would be quicker ig he lost 20-25 pounds or about 6% of his weight

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