It’s Time For The Kolb-Celek Connection To Kick In

The Eagles offense is dependent upon the passing game.  It’s a given that they’re going to throw the ball more than run it.

This means the Birds must be able to go to a play which is nearly impossible to stop.  They need a play or connection that they can rely on to get them going.  I see that in the connection between Kevin Kolb and Brent Celek.

Last year in both of Kolb’s starts, Celek caught over 100 yards of passes, so most NFL analysts expected the Kolb-Celek to be one of the most potent quarterback-tight end combos in the league.

Kolb does a good job of working the middle of the field which is where Celek will be operating.  Because of the other weapons in the offense, the tight end will be working against the linebackers and most of the time, he’ll be one-on-one against a backer.  Kolb to Celek must become a lethal connection for opponents.

We haven’t seen it yet, but it needs to kick in this Sunday.  Celek and Kolb, who are best friends, must get on the same page and establish a working relationship which will allow Kolb to get Celek the ball to start off series; when he gets in trouble; on3rd and 5 or less; in the red zone and with games on the line.

Both Kolb and Celek weren’t concerned about that lack of hook ups during the preseason, they feel everything will fall into place once the season starts.

I’m not thrilled about Kolb throwing a high number of short routes to DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin because I don’t know if they’ll be able to stay healthy after getting pounded, but Celek is big enough to catch those passes in traffic, get hit, but hang onto the football.

Once Kolb gets things started with throws to Celek, he will establish himself and then he can start looking deeper for Jackson and Maclin.  The threat of Jackson’s speed will open up the field for all his teammates, but they need the Kolb and Celek combination to kick in as a starter.

19 thoughts on “It’s Time For The Kolb-Celek Connection To Kick In

  1. Kolb will do a lot of work with both Celek and Avant over the middle. I agree that I don’t want to see a bunch of short passes to Jackson. Of course he has the ability to take it the distance but I don’t want to keep putting him at risk to getting serious injury. Now Maclin on the other hand should be able to take those hits. Should be no excuse for him.

  2. Watching the Saints game yesterday was such a beautiful thing.
    They came out passing and dominated and the vikings had no answer
    after the half they ran the ball and it was an amazing sight to see a team that can run the ball.
    I will never see this with the eagles untill Andy Reid is fired. I would much rather see
    A RB break for a 30 yeard gain than to see a deep pass to desean jackson.

  3. A good hands TE is a young QBs best friend. McNabb used to be able to get 6-10 yards with Chad Lewis any time that he wanted. This is what #5 will start to do again with Cooley and Romo will continue to do with Witten.

    Since Lewis retired, the Birds have had no real TE until Celek. The passing game struggled because of that.

    They have to take advantage of the TE matchup because it is always a mismatch.

  4. vricchini, did you see that!? Yes that ran the ball, WHEN THEY WERE LOSING. Go figure. The decided to go back to a balanced attack against Minny. Because after their first score they couldn’t do anything. But they went to running the ball more, got the lead back and kept it. The league is a passing league but running the ball never goes out of style and that’s what good teams do. Also, Adrian Peterson is a beast. I’d take a pure runner like that any day over gimmick RBs.

  5. It you would have told me the Saints would score on 14 points and win I would have took up that bet with my house. The Saints D played well but they also controlled the ball in the second half. To be a good team you have to be able to alter your gameplan according to the matchup. Which means some games you will have to air it out and others you have to put the ball on the ground.

  6. Scorp. I was surprised at the low score as well. Saints havn’t beat a team scoring 14 points or less sicnce 2003. I’m sure most people were expecting more of a NFCCG type score, myself included. But the D looks legit right now and again are going to be tough to beat.

  7. G:

    I still like the run on third and short (3 or less) with Weaver and Bell over the backs of the line. Let’s run that Sunday and every Sunday – whether we make it or not the first two weeks. I’d love THAT play to be our money. But Kolb to Celek is huge. Like you say, G, make it impossible to stop.

  8. Lock of the week,
    49ers over the Seabags (with Stacey Andrews as the Starting LT..)
    I feel sorrow for QB Hasselbeck.. He is going to have to change his name to “One-hurtin back” playing behind Stacey..

  9. Here is the WellWellWell would you look at that stone cold upset lock of the week.

    And I know I’ll get ripped for this…The Cincinatti Bengals upset Tom Terrific and the Patriots in Foxboro. I’m also taking Oakland and Detroit as well as upsets.

  10. I like that Kolb-celek combo, man oh man, if AR will run just a little more we will have our competition spinning. I think with the run implemented our “O” can be as fearsome as the Saints and Packers (work with me boys). To all you Run Mongers…….save me a seat on that wagon brothers. I want my Eagle “D” hitting people, slap the beer man, knock down a cheerleader, step on a Ref….arrrrrrrrrrr I want dog gone mean, nasty Defense. I want opposing offenses to play with their dang eyes closed in fear of be knocked into Kingdom Come.
    That is the Monolith’s dream and I am sticking to it. Go Eagles.

  11. Not throwing short passes to D-Jax is like buying a Lamborghini only to leave it in the garage. USELESS. Desean should see the ball any way he can. USE HIM UP that’s what a player is for period. Andy needs to (in keeping with the analogy) Drive it like he stole it. (because as a 2nd rounder he did)

  12. Manning, Romo, McNabb, Kolb???? what dont fit???? are you kidding me. Why even talk about this stuff. Their trying to sell us a 3rd or 4th round back up q-back at best… leading our billion dollar organization. Forget who he’s trying to pass to. the poor man is out of his league. and who put him there? fat man, who of course is naked without his star who carried him to our last 10 years.This is the guy we know stinks on game day, stinks on half time adjustments, and half stinks on draft day. Add to that an untested nobody for a def. coor. Why do we deserve this at this point. 5 and 11 at best and Vick God bless him for what ever he his the opportunity comes to will be gone before thanksgiving to the west coast to some crap team who losses their qback to injury.Which will lead us to suck and suck badly. poor us,.,,,, go phills

  13. Troy boy said it right on TV,” hey no excuses for this team. They keep saying their young but the fact is, its the same basic team as last year with a couple new faces as starters from the draft, but come on folks they changed out their star Qback and they have an untested def coor. Right now there getting whipped.” yea i hate him too but i also hate that hes right. stinking retired cowboy lol…… poor us.

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