G.Cobb’s NFL Picks For Week #2

It’s already week two of the NFL season and I believe a lot of winless teams who are playing at homes will get their first wins of the season.

I’ve got the Eagles beating the Detroit Lions.  Eagles beat Lions.

Cincinnati has to have to this one.  Cincinnati beats Baltimore.

Atlanta doesn’t want to fall to 0-2.   Atlanta beats Arizona.

Minnesota won’t fall to 0-2.  Minnesota beat Miami.

Cleveland win close one.  Cleveland beats Kansas City.

Carolina needs a W.   Carolina beats Tampa Bay.

Green Bay will continue to win.  Green Bay beats Buffalo.

Dallas will win their first game.   Dallas beats Chicago.

Seattle will prove their for real.  Seattle beats Denver.

The Raiders get their 1st win.  Oakland beats St. Louis.

San Diego get their first win.  San Diego beats Jacksonville.

New England will show that the Jets are impostors.  New England beats New York Jets.

Texans continue to struggle on the road.   Washington beats Houston.

Indy will get their first win.  Indianapolis beats New York Giants.

Tennessee gets over the Steelers.  Tennessee beats Pittsburgh.

New Orleans has too much offense for the Niners.  New Orleans beats San Francisco.

11 thoughts on “G.Cobb’s NFL Picks For Week #2

  1. Lions over eagles. Shawn Hill is a better QB than Vick.
    Bangals over Ravens. Bangles will try to run more than last week
    Falcons over Cards. A very good falcons defense wins it
    Vikings over Miami. Farve gets it going.
    Chiefs over browns. Beating the chargers is a good momentum.
    panthers over bucs.. Bucs suck
    seahawks over denver. Denver is not the same after losing big D.
    packers over bills. Seriously?
    dallas over bears.. Da bears!
    Rams over Raiders. I like what I saw from the rams and they pull off a W.
    Chargers over Jags. Stop drew and you win.
    Patriots over Jets. Patriots are winning the SB this year.. No question.
    Washington over my texans.. Pains me to say that.
    Colts over Giants.
    Titans over Steelers


    49ers over the saints!..

  2. Philly over Detroit
    Tenn over Pitt
    Carolina over Tampa
    Seattle over Denver
    Minn over Miami
    Balt over Cinn
    Packers over Buffalo
    Saints over 49ers
    Colts over Giants
    Texans over Redskins
    Chargers over Jax
    Patriots over Jets
    Atlanta over Arizona
    KC of Brownies
    Raiders over Rams
    And my upset special..i hope Damnit..Bears over Cowgirls….

  3. Philly over Detroit
    Tenn over Pittsburgh
    Carolina over Tampa
    Denver over Seattle
    Minnesota over Miami
    Baltimore over Cinny
    G Bay over Buffalo
    Indy over Giants
    Skins over Houston
    Super Chargers over Jax
    NE over J-E-T-S
    Dallas over daBears
    Atlanta over Arizona
    KC of Cleveland
    Oakland over St Louis
    SanFran over NO

  4. Just a side note…
    I see that DE’s D Tapp and Teo Neisham are both inactive again this week…
    as is CB Colvin, LB Clayton,TE Harbor, OT A Howard with both Kolb and Bradley..
    Is anyone thinking what I am thinking .. that Tapp is another Bust acquire in a trade
    and that Rookies Teo/Harbor are just not physically/mentally able to contribute to this team as of yet this season… The Back-up TE today is G Mills who they picked up a week ago which I would not think is a good sign on how TE C Harbor is progressing since he’s been with the team since the Draft,Rookie OTA’s., SPring and Summer OTA’s and off course all Summer CAmp and Preseason
    Also, what’s the deal with Tapp.. maybe they should look to trade him to a team in need and just move on and get a late round draft pick in return..

  5. Paulman’s Picks for Week #2 ( 8-8 record so far after Week #1)

    Baltimore over the Benglas
    Vikings over the Dolphins
    Falcons over the Cardinals
    Bucs over the Panthers
    Titans over the Steelers
    Broncos over the Seahawks
    Packers over the Bills (lock of the week)
    Redskins over the Texans
    Cowboys over the Bears
    Chargers over the Jags
    Patriots over the Jets
    Raiders of the Rams
    KC Chiefs over the Browns
    Giants over the Colts
    49ers over the Saints (Upset Special)

    Eagles 24 – Lions 20

  6. 5 Keys to Eagles Victory
    #1) Vick makes play with his feet…(it may look High-Schoolish and not like Pro Football but Eagles need this win any way they can get it)
    #2) Get D-Jax/Celek invovled early and often in the Game
    #3) Win the Turnover Battle
    #4) Put Pressure on Lions QB S Hill early and often, take the pocket away from him and make him move (a good pass rush from the DT Position is critical -look for B Graham to have a big day)
    #5) Must improve the Kick-off Coverage Teams 100%..

  7. here is is..our o line is so awful if Kolb is the starter come next week…he will be hurt once again and Vick will come in..its simple..Vick is like our 6th offensive lineman…he has been running for his life and it will only get worse later on in year against the rally good defensive teams…Keep Vick in…Vick is clearly 95% back to his old self..the only thing is, is that he is a better QB than he was in ATL…in the pocket…Vick gives us best chance to win…lets get it..

  8. mcdermott sucks ass so bad…omar gaither is garbage…clearly we alll know why he lost every job he had…i think he needs to get cut…we got clayton and chaney..who can run with RBs and would have served us better defending jahvid best…please cut OG..

    andy u still cant get ur D motivated in the end of games to keep the foot on the throat…im still tired of andy..he needs to go..

    Andy START VICK asshole..ur OLINE is the worst in the league..Vick was sacked 6 times..and avoided like 10..When Kolb goes back there next week hes guna killed…and he will be hurt again …Good..start Vick ..he is clearly better than he was as a passer before he went to jail..and hes almost as fast..Andy and Kolb should realize nothing is gaurenteed in the NFL…so Howie get on it and get the Start Vivk campaign rollin…

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