Did Reid Betray Kolb Or Did Kolb’s Poor Play Betray Him?

This is America, people.  You must earn your opportunity to prove yourself, then you must get the job done with that opportunity.

If you can do the job, you get the job.  If you can’t do the job, then people will find somebody else who can do the job.

This is one of the greatest aspects of our country.  My father Jesse Cobb always preached to us, “Nobody owes you anything”.

I need to get Pops down here to take the message to all the people crying for Kevin Kolb throughout the Delaware Valley.

Now I’m hearing and reading the word betrayal.  Betrayal: to be unfaithful in guarding, maintaining, or fulfilling: to disappoint the hopes or expectations of; be disloyal to.

Did Andy Reid betray Kevin Kolb because he decided to play a player who was playing better?  Did he betray Stacy Andrews when he traded him after telling him he was going to be the starter at guard?  Can a player who is performing poorly contend that he was betrayed when he was benched?

My contention is he didn’t betray Kolb or Andrews this fall.  They didn’t perform well so they were benched.  This is life in the NFL.  I’m shocked at all the crying that is going on here in Philadelphia.

Are we being too sensitive?

Kolb is guaranteed $12 for doing exactly what.  I feel bad for him because he was benched but that’s no different than any of the other Eagles players I’ve seen benched for poor performances over the years.

If you ask me, Kolb could be prosecuted for theft because he hasn’t performed well since he was given the job after McNabb was traded.

Remember the Eagles coaches look at hours and hours of footage of their players.  Kolb was sat down because he has been stinking up the place.  Did you think Reid and his front office wanted to admit a mistake with Kolb?  If they thought he had a chance of playing well, they would have left him in there as the starter, but they couldn’t do it and look themselves in the mirror.

I heard current NFL analyst and former NFL Personnel Executive Mike Lombardi on the 610-WIP Morning Show this morning and he asked a very important question.  “Does anybody have any tape of Kevin Kolb playing well this summer”?

I’ll answer that, “it doesn’t exist”.

Lombardi saw the same thing I saw.  We saw Kolb running out of the pocket like he was scared.  Those shots of Clay Matthews chasing down Kolb were very revealing.  There’s no other way to say it.  The young man looked scared and he’s been looking scared for more than a month.

This is a vicious sport and it’s not for the faint of heart.  If other players sense fear in a player, he’ll stick out like a sore thumb.

The NFL is like the lions hunting the antelopes in Africa.  When a lion chases down an antelope, the other antelopes don’t stand there and feel bad about it.  They keep running or they’ll be next.

The Eagles players sat in the video room and saw Kolb failing to get the job done throughout mini-camp, training camp, preseason and the first half of the first game.  Do you think they want to let this guy hold them back and eventually hurt all of their careers?

Is it betrayal when a player doesn’t play well, then another player outperforms him and the coach sits him down?

I guess a lot of people in the area and in the local media believe that certain players shouldn’t be judged by their performances.  I didn’t hear all this crying over the years when other better players were benched.  It doesn’t look or sound good.

86 thoughts on “Did Reid Betray Kolb Or Did Kolb’s Poor Play Betray Him?

  1. I like the move. Ill tell you this i am a very positive fan and usually try to trust the front office. But i was never sold on peters, i was never sold on justice and i was never sold on kolb. The grass is not always greener. The FO has admitted a mistake here witch i knew was coming. All the eagles fans that wanted to ship mcnabb out because kolb is so good. 2 games with over 300 yards. oh yeah and 3 ints in one game. Justice and peters stink!! I dont care what anyone says. Ive been saying it to my friends and everyone. Lets be honest kolb would get killed behind this line. Vick got sacked 6 times and eluded about 5 more. Vick gives us the best chance to win now. My only concern is what if they dont resign vick what happens to kolbs confidence or do they move in another direction. At this point im concentrated on this season. So we shall see. With the way the division is. If we can tighten up the line we can win the division. Mccoy is the new warrick dunn

  2. With THIS line, this is the only logical choice. You have to hand it to the Fat Man for making what must have been a hard decision for him, but like G said, no TD’s all preseason, none in 2 quarters against the Pack, probably a lockerroom leaning towards Vick… and he had the guts to reverse himself. Good for him.

  3. “G”….Well said…Why should everyone have to suffer for Kolb’s bad play? Another thing I would like to know…..Why is the Philadelphia media so upset with Reid? Did they print Kolb’s performances this year? If Kolb need coddling he can go and roll up next to mommy…What is this defense of a player that have done absolutely nothing? Does anyone have the answer to this starch defense of Kolb while there’s an apparent real good player lighting it up in front of him?

  4. Hell no!!! Kolb was given the job. I’m sure he is a great practice player. If I were Reid I would have played him more in the preseason. He has been terrible. Hate to keep bringing 5 up but all the adversity he went through I can never feel sorry for anybody in this sport. They are paid very well to do a job. You must take full advantage of your opportunity. Wish somebody would betray me and give me a raise based on my potential. Please

  5. Good call G….Seems like everyone cares about this dudes feelings and is worried it will break his pride. He’s a grown man who is paid a high salary too play a game.If you don’t like the move…step your game up in practice for one and grow thicker skin. 5 gets ripped for years and now everyone cares about this cats feelings. W”s….those are my concerns…now we can get these meatheads right up front and go get the Jags.

  6. SONGS, with all due respect, you really have a hard time looking at the big picture don’t you? Is Vick better than Kolb? Yes. But using your logic, every good quarterback in the history of the game who came into the NFL and did not initially play well should never have been given a chance. Did Troy Aikman, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees play well their first season? Notice how I even said “SEASON” and not “one freakin half of football.”

  7. That’s why I never understood the whole mindset about people being ok with going backwards with Kolb instead of keep trying to win with McNabb. Players are out there risking their careers and lives each play and you mean to tell me it’s ok with them to grow now and win later. No! In the NFL, tomorrow isn’t promised. Who’s going to waste a year with talented players just so one player can develop and MAY be good. Some of these guys won’t even make the team next year and some won’t be in the NFL. You have to play for today. Sometimes there is no tomorrow.

  8. I don’t think Reid betrayed Kolb. He doesn’t owe him anything and Andy has to keep his job. He needs Vick to cover up for trading #5 and make it right. I don’t fully agree with the way it was done between Sunday and Tues but I like the choice. Kolb isn’t owed anything. He got his money and looked mediocre at best this summer and terrible when the games counted. Does Kolb give back some of the money since Reid betrayed him?

    I know somewhere McNabb was cracking up when he heard the news. “They traded me to start this kid and he’s benched already? HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA”.

  9. I dont get how they say oh back to improvisation with micheal vick at qb. I guess it is because he is black and he cant run a offense but steve young did the same thing. I just cant stand listening to these racists cats on the wip radio station.

  10. There are a couple of things to say about this situation…

    The first is from a song by the Kinks. It goes, “back where we started…here we go ’round again.” which I am quite sure is where the Birds will be again next year as Kolb goes through another training camp and we have no idea if he can be a QB. Every QB looks like crap in his first year as a starter. Other teams shw patience.

    2. So Desean might be a little upset. I’m sure Michael Irvin was upset as his #s dropped to 26 and 20 catches during his first 2 years with Aikman.

    3 Lets not overevaluate the Vick performance against the lions. He threw for 285 and 2 tds. Anyone notice that Cutler threw for 395 and 2tds agains them the week before? They’re the Lions.

  11. btc24, I agree with you but some people are racially motivated whether they want to admitted it or not or it’s done unconsciously. I think we should ignore that kind of talk, but it does exist. Rush limbaugh isn’t the only one who feels like he does. He just has the balls to say it. Having said that, let’s leave that talk alone and focus on the on-field play. I don’t care if the QB is blue. If he can play let him play. It is funny how many people have defended Kolb for all of 1 week and 3 days more than they defended McNabb over 11 years. And he actually could play. Interesting.

  12. A race too the p-offs? I wouldn’t consider anyone on wip racist.Come on bro…it’s 10’…its sports and its fair game too call someone out for there abilities and what they do. It’s a compliment dude.bring something else too the comments…

    I’m so sick of this garbage and soap opera about the qb posiiton…its settled now ,so lets talk football.

    Jags…horrible pass rush and suspect secondary.300 + for Mike?

  13. I am not opposed to the move, because as I fan I am all about the W’s. But for all you people who are ignorantly saying Kolb didn’t “earn” the starters job or he played poorly against Green Bay are just not very intelligent. He took 15 snaps between wildcat plays and was hit on half of them. No qb would have thrived in that situation. I hope Vick plays great and is succesful but we need to remember he did what he did against the Lions and down 17 to Green Bay playing soft. I just hope this move doesn’t turn Kolb into Matt Leinhart.. Luckily for me I live in FL and will get to see the game this weekend. E-A-G-L-E-s

  14. Im tired of the race card. The bottom line is vick is better at getting away from the rush. Steve young was white and he was just as good. Color means nothing to me its 2010. If your good your good, if your cool your cool, if your a better football player your a better player. I dont care if your lime green in skin color.

  15. Agreed scorpio. The reason why people are defending Kolb is because the dude was brought in to be the QB of the future and replace an Eagles great in McNabb and now we’re giving up on him after one bad half. It just doesn’t make sense. If the Eagles were a Superbowl contender, I’d be all for starting Vick but right now, we don’t even look like a playoff team, let alone a Superbowl contender; so why not give Kolb some games to develop and see what he can do?

  16. btc24, but what has Kolb done to deserve that defense? Seriously? He has done nothing to earn any type of loyalty by any fans. That should come with on field play and not just because we like you. And that’s the problem with Philly. We are ready to jump to the defense or hype someone up because we like them rather than play. We chase great athletes out of town because they have quirky personalities or are “philly” enough. He deserves no defense. He is no different than any other QB who gets benched or any player who gets benched. Sometimes plans change. I’m sure they had every intention with Kolb being the guy. But if he’s not, they have to make a move. Everyone trusted the FO when they moved from McNabb for Kolb but now they are in question from moving from Kolb to Vick. So if they saw something we didn’t see before, isn’t it quite possible its the same now?

    No time for developing. People lives and careers are on the line each week and no one has time to wait and see IF Kolb will be good. Andy has no time for another 10 year plan.

  17. This division is wide open now that the Cowgirls are reading their own press acting like paper champs and the reality is they have major O-line problems like the Birds. The Giants are still weak like last year and the Skins are always going to be the Skins even with 5 and Shannahan.
    So Reid can smell the chum in the water and he knows that Vick is on fire right now. He is like a one man show.

    Also let’s also not forget that the Phillies are killing the Birds in the form of PR and if they keep losing they will lose their market share in this city. So this is a front office decision too..I think that Reid’s hand was pushed to make this decision due to this factor too.
    Rebuiding,Retooling ,whatever you want to call it, will never work in this city….NFL….NOT FOR LONG!!
    Sorry Kolb….Good Luck buddy!

  18. btc, correct me i am wrong, did the giants win the super bowl after starting he season 0-2 and enter the playoffs as wild card. we have talent and in a league with such little disparity anything can happen. We have talent, lets use it and win some games.

  19. yeayeah, the Phillies v. Eagles competition is utter bullcrap. The vast majority of their (respective) fan basses are not and never will be divided between the two teams. The vast majority loves the Phillies and Eagles alike. If the Eagles were to win a superbowl, it wouldn’t even be a discussion. It’s really just a BS media game… and it doesn’t exist elsewhere.

  20. No one has answered the question:

    But what has Vick done? He was a terrible QB in Atlanta. Sure a great player, but a terrible QB. ANd this year?

    He beat the LIONS. Throwing for 285. Sorry, but I’m not impressed. This team has won what? 2 gaves over the past 2 and a half seasons?? Tell me how this is different from Kolb shredding KC last year (quickly forgotten). Personally I don’t feel enough info has been gathered on either QB.

    I read about how Kolb did nothing during the preseason. Does everyone forget Vick and his 4 turnovers?

    Personally I think Reid/Vick are pretty lucky the sorry Jags are up next. I will reserve annointing Vick as some sort of superior saviour when he beats someone of consequence.

  21. scorp – their ‘lives and careers are on the line’ – ?! Come on. A ‘career’ isn’t something that ends in your thirties. Their lives are quite fine. They are all able to get jobs after they leave a GAME. You’re way overboard on this. Vick was given the QB role, not because people’s lives and careers are on the line, but because he’s better at the position right now and that gives the team a better chance to win a game. Please, there’s unemployment and REAL threats to people’s lives going on everyday in the real world – don’t confuse a sport with the perils and reality of life.

  22. I hope you’re right KTDawk.

    scorpio, the reason he deserves our defense is because the type of position he plays typically comes with growing pains. Michael Vick was not as good his first season as the starter as he is now. It’s just a position that doesn’t peak very early. Don’t forget what Kolb did in his first two starts last year; one of which was against the future Superbowl champ. I realize the Chiefs suck but it was still Kolb’s first start EVER.

  23. schiller, yes they are. Any given play a guy’s career can be ended. A guy like Desean is trying to get more money and he would have a subpar season. That drastically changes in life. Coaches get fired and players get cut when a team stinks. So yes, lifes and careers are at stake whether you want to believe it or not.

  24. schiller, I do agree with you about the Phillies vs Eagles conspiracy theories. People need to stop it. It’s mostly driven by the goons on the morning show. These teams aren’t competing for fans like they play in the same sport or league. They both have fans who love both teams and fans on majority support one team. But to think there is some conspiracy is quite idiotic.

  25. btc24 still not a reason. You might think so and freely give that kind of defense but not most fans. You gotta earn it period. And right now he must not be good enough. Once again (since you didn’t answer it), everyone trusted the FO when they moved from McNabb for Kolb but now they are in question from moving from Kolb to Vick. So if they saw something we didn’t see before, isn’t it quite possible its the same now?

  26. Agree to disagree. Troy Aikman and Peyton Manning were awful in their first couple of seasons; should they have quit on them too? When the Packers let Brett Favre go, he was playing at a higher level than Aaron Rodgers but the Packers’ FO saw the big picture and realized that it was time to give the heir apparent a chance.

  27. Hey, remember last year, and how well the Eagles were playing until J. Jackson (center) was injured.
    Donovan was running for his life without Jackson anchoring the O line. Dallas won both games.
    Now, fast forward to the 2010 Green Bay game, where J. Jackson rushes back from ACL surgery, only to be injured again. Do you think it’s fair to judge Kolb with such a young, inexperienced O line protecting him? McNabb didn’t look real great last year with J. Jackson out. I’m afraid that Michael Vick can only run so much…he took some shots against the Lions.
    Just goes to show you how talented M. Vick really is…!!

  28. scorp, sure who the QB is (and more importantly how they play) effects players like Desean etc… but that’s tough. Desean’s ‘life’ may be effected but, it is not at risk or ‘on the line’. Maybe his ultra millions v. millions opportunity is effected, but frankly, who give a crap except for Desean. He is already on commercials and doing quite well financially. And as far as his career, let’s say Desean’s career (just going with that example) was shortened or not as illustrious as it could be, had Kolb continued to quarterback the Eagles…. BOO freakin HOO. Maybe he’ll have to work, be employed and EARN money past the age of 35. Again, BOO freakin HOO. This move isn’t about ‘lives and careers’, it’s about winning football GAMES. have some perspective for the love of god!

  29. btc24 for as many players you picked out like Aikman and Manning, I can triple it by naming players who suck their entire career. That’s been the whole problem, all the dumb comparisons. He’s not Aikman, he’s not Manning (who were by the way ROOKIES on bad teams), he’s not even Rodgers. He’s Kolb. Those comparisons mean jack. Right now, a more accurate comparison would be Leinart-Warner than Rodgers-Favre. But you don’t care, you just want to pick the QBs who became good. I get it. Agree to disagree.

  30. Reid did Kolb a favor

    May have saved his life

    Vick may be the next one carried off –6 sacks and a hit that I don’t know he got up from

    Andy better start putting in a hell of a lot more running plays

    And BTW what about Bradley –First game back and he goes out with a concussion

    Jackson first game back and out with a triceps tear

    I thought getting through preseason without injuries this time around was a good omen


  31. schiller, I agree. Boo freakin hoo and that’s why Vicks the QB. Vick is the QB because Andy needs to win as many games as he can. Like I said, starting Kolb could have a devastating effect if he stinks. Andy could get fired, Desean doesn’t get paid and goes somewhere else, Kolb gets hurts behind this line….. this is how careers and lives are changed. Now if you choose not look at it in that perspective, fine by me but again, I don’t care what you think. There are long term ramifications for having a bad team/organizations to a person’s career which ultimately change their lives. In fact, this move drastically changes the career of Kolb. He could possibly has gone from being the starter of one of the best organizations in the league to being traded to the Browns or Bills or something. You never know. Ask any of those players if they are playing for 2012. It’s a risky league and today you could be playing for a top organization and next year you could be playing in the UFL. Ignore it if you like. I won’t.

  32. Kolb has played a total of 3 games; one bad half against a great Ravens team in 2008, 2 solid performances last year, and 1 bad half against a great Green Bay team. How on earth can anybody say that Kolb will not be a good quarterback? We just don’t know. People are ridiculous in saying that Kolb sucks after one bad half.

  33. The fact is Kolb stuck up the place and that’s why he lost his job. Where the Eagles go in the future is a question for the future not today. The decision was made because the offense came alive when Vick was behind center, dead with Kolb. If Kolb wants his job back, he needs to go back and do the things they touted he was, during the dump McNabb period. Bottom line the Eagles made a mistake when they traded 5 and this is their chance to redeem themselves. Vick has played well and if he does continue in this direction, the team may actually have a chance to come out of the NFC. I think the defense will get better and that will change the outlook of this team. One thing we can be sure of, Jackson, Maclin, Celek, Avant, and McKoy just became more dangerous. One man lest in coverage.

  34. btc24, I don’t think many people are saying Kolb is going to always be a bad QB. I don’t think that. But RIGHT NOW he sucks. From his play in the preseason to the 1st half against Green Bay. Just wasn’t good. He got worst each week. Now, will it stay like that, no one knows but right now everyone can see that Vick is clearly better and you could still have Vick for the next few years as well instead of hoping Kolb turns it around. I believe Andy only has a couple more seasons to get it done and he can’t wait to see. I really think he thought Kolb was going to be able to step in and we won’t miss a beat. But that’s Andy’s fault. If he isn’t ready, he just isn’t. I’m not saying Kolb is, but face, some guys are only career backups.

  35. BTC24 the fact is this, Kolb is not ready. I do agree with Andy that he can learn and grow from this. If he honestly looks at the tape of his own play through camp and preseason, he will admit he has played like a scared bum. The fact my friend is this, the graveyard is loaded with great potential. Greatness is born when potential stops being potential and become an active tangible force. Translation: SHOW YOUR GAME ON THE FIELD WHEN THE HEAT IS ON.

    BTW, as for 610 WIP, Eskin is an arrogant opinionated idiot who may actually be racially biased, so what intelligent people do when idiots speak, ignore him. He may actually be racially biased, but leave that to Ike Reese to pop him in the mouth when he gets out of line.

  36. The only betrayal would have been to the Team and fans if Reid didn’t put the best team out there! For those who believe that we can’t get to the SB this year, please jump off of the Eagles bandwagon, This team is as good as every other team in the NFC. the Vikings look terrible, and if Vick started the GB game, we could have won. Dallas is looking like crap now too. I was a Kolb supporter too, but after a preseason of the 1st team not being able to score a TD and a terrible performance by Kolb in the 1st game, Coupled with an awesome performance by Vick, and i have to give him credit regardless of how i feel about him personally. Besides, If Kolb got a concussion from the ground, then chances are he will have concussion issues throughout his career.

  37. Schiller…. im glad you are here. The other day we talked and i told you that Reid would pull the plug on Kolb if he felt that Vick was ready. I was wrong about 1 thing…. it didnt take 2 quaters like i thought it would. Anything you want to say??

  38. All this talk about guys that came into the league…. there is one prob….. Kolb was supposed to “not miss a beat). we were not 2-14 last year guys. We set eagles records. We were told 5 was leaving cause we had something better.

    Its not Kolbs fault but he did nothing to live up to the hype. I wanted him to play Sunday but im fine with this…. lets roll.

  39. troy aikman was horrible but who did he replace was there a 3time pro bowler on the bench backing him up? no
    peyton manning did the colts have a better option as the num 2 qb
    what ur failing to realize is that these were 1-15 teams not 11-5 teams
    2ndly they didnt have a 3time pro bowler backing them up or maybe when troy goes 3-15 with 3 int’s 1st half maybe he gets pulled
    3rd if they had a pro bowl qb in place in the first place they probably arent 1-15 and drafting a qb
    so stop wiht the troy aikman peyton manning stuff if ur gonna compare some1 to that choose vick a number 1 pick in his own right

    another thing i agree we shouldnt bring up race but the reason ppl are doing this is because like scorp says how the hell can u make a defense for kolb. so some people are amazed that people are defending this guy in the words of my main man ricky watters FOR WHO FOR WHAT

    ur only defense in the past was andy lol
    andy sees what he does in practice fo sees everything we dont
    we dont know anything only the team does well the team has spoken
    i personally would still rather d5 but i appluad the balls on andy for this 1 i really do

  40. At the end of the day, Kolb got screwed but who cares. Andy’s job is to put the best players on the field. Forget feelings. I know it took a lot to make that decision even though it was clearly visible to everyone. Kolb got screwed but that’s the NFL.

  41. Those of you that are trying to lessen the impact Vick had this past week because we played the Lions are making me sick. It’s the NFL. Any given Sunday. He threw for almost 300 yards, 2 tds, and looked poised in the pocket. He looked like a professional and has done it two weeks in a row now. Vick has been playing GREAT football so don’t try to argue that by using the team he played against as an apparent excuse as to why he played well. The entire NFL knows how dangerous Vick is. If he’s even more dangerous than he was BEFORE, we’re in for something special.

  42. I wonder if Songs can do the same to me. Despite what others think, I was never adamantly ‘for’ Kolb (seriously those of you who love to search through the archive for ‘got ya’ quotes, try to find me claim Kolb is or will be great). I was adamantly for ‘negative predictions, or for that matter, any predictions with confidence are bullshit because we never freakin know in this league’. Songs was SURE, absolutely sure that this would be a horrible season for the Eagles, they would fail miserably, and there would be no reasons for optimism for the Eagles. Now the Eagles are tied for first place, the Cowboys are looking like trash, and Songs (along with many others) are optimistic and excited about the Eagles. I’m not saying we know where the season is going and how the Eagles will do (you see the theme in my view?), but Songs has done a complete about face and now is happy and optimistic about the team. That, to me, is funny. Go Vick, go birdz!

  43. BTC…that’s the point….When it comes to Kolb we don’t know….We know what we have in Vick…We know that Kolb have stunk since preseason.

    That’s enough….we play to win he game!!!!!

  44. schill yes i agree u havent been pro kolb
    ur pro management and thus ur comments were backing up kolb
    and i was disagreeing with management or most of us were and thats where the debates came from in my opinion
    but who cares jags shouldnt be able to stop us lol

  45. u let players develop together u very rarely see a playoff team introduce a rookie qb the following season. now i know kolb aint a rook but he plays like 1
    so u have a playoff team now so u let ur playoff ready qb lead them
    u dont let him develop just for the hell of it lol

  46. Well schiller, in Songs defense I’m sure his opinion was based on Kolb being the QB. Changing the Qb changes the entire outlook of your team. I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have been saying the same things had McNabb still been the QB. Of course you’ll do an about face when you basically upgraded the position. That’s like saying a fan who has a miserable outlook on a team with Byron Leftwich as the QB should have the same outlook if they had Peyton Manning. The players change your opinion about the team. Is it even possible for you to get over yourself?

  47. Philly – agree whole heartedly to that last part.

    But let’s get this straight, me not being as ‘anti management’ as you are (and I agree I’m not), doesn’t make me ‘pro management’. If someone isn’t literally retarded, does it mean they are a genius? Nope. There’s a middle ground. I’m not ‘pro management’. I do however, often disagree with many of the criticism of the management – not because I love, know, or am part of the management, but because the criticism I disagree with is in my opinion bullshit.

    If you claimed that Andy Reid is a bad coach because he’s too skinny. I’d say – you’re freakin crazy, he’s not too skinny and that has nothing to do with football. See, that’s not me saying I like Reid. That’s not me saying anything except, ‘that’s a bullshit ridiculous comment’.

    There’s a huge difference there.

  48. PW, schillers problem is he think everyone is trying to be an expert when everyone is just expressing their thoughts. He act like no one should have an opinion or even voice it. I agree with him that no one knows what’s going to happen, but part of the fun about sports is debating and discussing what you think could happen. He doesn’t get that yet he continues to come here. I don’t get that.

  49. scorp – absolutely it’s possible for me to get over myself. But is it possible for you to admit that I was saying ‘songs, you don’t KNOW how the eagles will do/what will happen’ and that he was saying, ‘yes I do’.?

  50. whoa btc u callin 3 picks a solid performance
    and the turnovers pretty much caused the game
    he had 1 ok performance vs chiefs
    he stunk vs saints he stunk vs ravens he stunk all preseason
    he may be good but the evidence isnt in ur favor at all

  51. Yes schiller. You were right that songs didn’t know what was going to happen just like any of us. I just wanted to point out the basis of that opinion. If you can’t see that a person’s opinion changes according to the players on the field, especially the most important position then you are more self-righteous than I thought.

  52. and another thing
    this has absolutely nothing to do with anything i just wanted to say it
    no slight to kevin kolb at all but its like having andre miller or allen iverson
    while kolb is probably good and can definitely get the job done like dre miller
    mike vick is very exciting he’s just fun to watch and thats not to slight any1
    but vick is more exciting than d5 and just about every player in the league so at least if this experiment does fail in the words of my main man TO
    mine will have extra butter on sunday

  53. I can see that. It’s obvious. Kolb was replaced (in role) by Vick. Vick gives Songs more reason to be optimistic. Therefore he is more optimistic now. I get it.

  54. pw – you’ve made it quite clear that you love extreme athleticism (especially on one of your home teams) and revel in the excitement that it brings you. GREAT, trust me, we are all with you (though others may sometimes think that athleticism and excitement are second to team play in terms of what wins championships…).

    Congrats on more opportunities to enjoy your team.

  55. I just listened to Andy’s press conference for today and he basically said he made the decision because of how good Vick played and he has nothing to do with Kolb’s performance. He still thinks highly of Kolb but Vick surprised him. He said he only spoke with 1 person for a couple days to make the decision. He didn’t say who that person was. And he says it is his responsibility to make sure the team wins and he’ll take the criticism on the chin but as long as he feels good about his decision, he’s ok with that.

    I gotta say, I hve my issues with Reid but it takes guts to do this and stand firm on it. We will see.

  56. Paul Mancini says:
    September 22, 2010 at 9:53 am

    I heard thru the Grapevine,(and let me know if this is out-of-line)
    That Kolb was going in for a “Reverse Michael Jackson Skin Color Procedure” where after 2-3 treatments he’s skin will be come much darker and then he will continue to practice & work hard to get another shot at the Starter’s spot next season

    I was starting to wonder whether there was something else behind some of the thinking this guy does and now it’s crystal clear. For those that would want to debate anyone on this the inference from this quote is that neither McNabb nor Vick are better decision makers, execute the game plan effectively during real games, or are able to implement more parts of the playbook than Kolb. They are both starters because their skin is brown.

    Completely ridiculous, but you couldn’t make this stuff up. I do expect Kolb to be out of here in less than two weeks. The Eagles will probably have to eat a significant portion of that dumb contract, unless Kolb is willing to tear his contract up and sign longer term with someone else though.

  57. schill…I was predicting a 5 game win season at best with Kolb as QB….If it was Vick I would have predicted a 10-6 record and now that I know we can beat Green Bay with Vick starting it could have easily been 11-5.

    I knew Kolb was garbage and predicted he wouldn’t last pass game 2….That’s pretty good.

    Now we can pull together behind a team that can actually compete in a wide open NFC East.

    We may surprise the league…….Go Eagles

  58. Songs, yeah, I agree about may surprise, and pulling together behind a team. I just think it’s funny how you turned a complete about face. Sure there’s a major change on the team, but you were unhappy with ‘being competitive’, now you’re excited about it. And you’re now really confident. We still have 0 line issue, still have LB issue, still have a young safety, a less than ideal RCB in Hobbs, a lot of people have issues with the D tackles (not me.. but others)…. and it’s still the unknown NFL. But one change, all be it a major one, and you’re completely reversing course. I just am intrigued by that.

  59. And butch, what makes you think that because Vick was promoted, Kolb will be cut? I’d say there is 0 evidence that Kolb will be cut. He is the backup. If they didn’t like Kolb as a backup, they wouldn’t have gone with him at that position last year. And if they wanted Garcia, they would have gotten him already. It’s ridiculous to jump to the conclusion that Kolb will be off the team. If it happens, I’ll eat my words. And we all know that this team can surprise us, both on the field and with transactions (they just did). But seriously, promoting a buckup to starter doesn’t mean the previous starter get’s cut. That’s just silly.

  60. Songs, you might as well ignore schiller. He’s an idiot if he thinks people would have the same opinion with different players. He’s too self righteous to even comprehend that. Only an idiot would stick to the same exact opinion if things are not the same and perceived to be better as when they made their initial opinion. Again, his self righteousness won’t allow him to see that.

  61. He beloved coach just flip flopped on the QB but he’s not pointing that out. Why? Because he wants Andy’s junk. He could never say anything bad about him. Even though he’s the flopper of the year.

    Winter 2010 – “Donovan is my quarterback”
    Spring 2010 – “Kevin Kolb is the starting QB”
    September 19th and 20th – “Kevin Kolb is the starting QB”
    September 21th – “Michael Vick is our starting QB”

    Flip flopper of the year.

  62. I guess Andy’s opinion changed when the play of a different player. Hmmmmmm sounds a little like Songs opinion changing for the same reason. But I digress.

  63. Scorp, you can call me whatever you want to. I really don’t get why you’re so against me, and why you think I love Andy Reid so much. But seriously, whatever is bothering you about me, I hope it stops bothering you.

  64. schill i guess i may like athleticsm but my fav nfl players probably arent the most athletic
    randy moss ok u got me but ever since his rookie yr i just like watchn him he’s just been my fav then it goes tom terriffic brett the hitman favre and peyton manning. these r just guys i like to watch. of course u can add #7 to the mix now thought lol
    nba wise id rather watch ai than any1 pobably cause im biased i’ve never lived anywhwere other than philly but after ai id like to watch magic
    ai is very athletic but if u were coming up with most athletic list in the nba i doubt ai would make ur list
    right now with no ai in the league my fav player to watch is duranchulla kevin durant. so i guess i do like athletes but i just like exciting players pretty much

  65. You guys take things way too serious…
    I like to bring to light what a overblown,story this has now become.. A real “Shakesperean Comedy” where Love,Betrayal,Trust,Denial,Humor and hopefully Redemption come full circle..
    I like to point out how ridiculous many of these articles have become
    such as an NFL source quoted (“Not many people realize how much AR loves M Vick”…)

  66. This is just brilliant on Andy reid’s part. In one day he moved the meter from “Kolb sucks, Vick should start” to “Reid really screwed kevin Kolb” Now, if Kolb ever does see the field (which I think he will) he goes in under completely different circumstances, plus you get to see whether Vick can really play or not. Completely brilliant.

  67. Schill…… btw…. no fight by me. I just honestly believe that Andy has to do well within the next 2 seasons (NFC champ game) in order to keep his job. This was a 2 man show for 11 years and now its down to 1. The Phillies are leading the way and i dont think Jeff likes it one bit. Philly is a football town and that is really changing. He’s not gunna go jerry jones anytime soon but 2 seasons of 8-8 or so will not cut it.

    Now… as for the plan moving forward- Vick-the job is yours to lose… keep it simple. Id like to see them continue to hand it off to shady. The thing is… the DE’s cant just bull rush up the middle with vick back there… they have to lean to the outside in case he takes off. That should open up the lanes for shady. I knew something was up when they dropped Hank and grabbed another RB. (i did not guess however that vick was the guy, just noticed that something strange was up). I think this is their plan….. run up the gut…. scramble with vick…. get the ball to Djack.

  68. BTW….. KOLB is going nowhere. 4 reasons why…. 1) His stock is low…. cant sell now. 2) The Oline still sucks and vick is gunna get hit sometime. 3) Need leveradge IF (big if) Vick plays well and they give him a new deal. 4) Andy still believes he is a great QB and we need more then 1 on our team.

  69. Im not a believer in kolb!! im sorry… Its somewhat andy reid’s fault because you gotta have a balance on offense 2 get a young qb comfortable!! Sanchez,Flacco,Vince Young etc. But it seems to me that yes kolb has the agility and good arm strength but it seems that his decision making is very poor!!! Something like Rex Grossman when he was with the bears!! You have a young offense and they want to win but there are no veteran players to help kolb and say hey kid you’ll get it next time so you know young players have 0 tolerance on stupid decision making by your leader at the Qb position!!!!

  70. schiller says:
    And butch, what makes you think that because Vick was promoted, Kolb will be cut…

    To me that much was obvious as just the other shoe drops, but since you want something to chew on here’s some jerky:

    Today – 12:55 PM ET

    At his Tuesday press conference, Eagles coach Andy Reid refused to rule out a Kevin Kolb trade prior to the October NFL trade deadline.

  71. GCobb,

    Touching, nostalgic trip down memory lane with the fatherly quote. Since you like to publicly proclaim your Christian faith, what did the old man preach to you about honesty?

    “Simply let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes,’ and your ‘No,’ ‘No’; anything beyond this comes from the evil one.” -Matthew 5:37

    Wonder if the big Mormon has come across that scripture himself.

  72. Gave a sermon today to a bunch of High schoolers and talked about how in football you are SUPPOSED to fake everyone out. And in life…… you should be honest. The media is part of the football world. We dont know what he says to Kevin (and what he used to say to McNabb), those guys LOVE andy and know that he has their back. Talking to the press is just part of the game. So is floating trade rumors to get teams talking. Relax about the lying crap. Its football.

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