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Vick To Take Over From Kolb Against The Colts, If He’s Healthy

Today at his Monday morning news conference, Andy Reid is likely to reiterate that Michael Vick will be the team’s starting quarterback, if  he is healthy enough in two weeks when the Birds play the Indianapolis Colts.

He said as much last night when he spoke to the media after the game.  One of the reporters asked him who would be the team’s starting quarterback and Reid said, “Michael”.

Vick was asked in the locker room, if he has learned to slide in order to avoid taking the type of hits which threaten his health. He said he hasn’t, but plans on finding a way to do something to stay out of harm’s way, so he’ll be able to stay healthy for his teammates.

He had better find something to do because they’re going to be coming after him and he’s likely to take off when he gets the chance.

In the Colts game, he’ll have Dwight Freeney put the pressure on from one side and Robert Mathis on the other.

Both of his offensive tackles are ailing.  Winston Justice and King Dunlap each sprained their knees in the game yesterday.  The guy Dunlap has stepped in for, Jason Peters had surgery on his knee and we’re not sure when he will be back.

Back to Vick, he said he could have thrown the football with velocity, yesterday, if the team had needed him, but he went on to say that he doesn’t know whether he’s ready to take a hit.

This leaves the door open for Kevin Kolb to possibly start against the Colts.  If they’re not sure whether Vick will be the starter, they’ll have to design and install two different games plans.

Vick was asked what he was doing bumping into a referee during the game and getting a penalty called on the Birds.  He says he didn’t recall bumping into or touching anybody on that play.

Hopefully speedster DeSean Jackson will be able to go for the Birds, when they battle the Colts at Lincoln Financial Field. on Facebook

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44 Comments for “Vick To Take Over From Kolb Against The Colts, If He’s Healthy”

  1. If think Vick all of sudden doesn”t want to play versus the Colts since the Eagles OT’s are injured and he doesn’t want to get pounded by Mathis & Freeney of the Colts…

  2. He’s playing the next game. If he was healthy enough to suit up and be the 3rd QB, 2 weeks (without a setback) should be enough time for him to be at the point where he can throw the ball like he wants and get tackled without feeling too much pain.

    And Paul…. yeah Kolb wants to play against the those DEs with our garbage line. Sure.

  3. Vick will play. All week long Fischer said he was’nt sure who would play QB. The Eagles are doing the same thing. There is no way “Baby Arm” sees the field again if Vick is healthy. As I said in previous posts. There never was a debate. Not with the WRs. Not with the Coaching staff and not with the team.

    I don’t think there was 1 eagles fan who was fooled by Ellis Hobbs. Hopefully McD will put Lindley in at CB to get ready for the steady dose of big NFC east recievers. Or Patterson. Anybody but hobbs.

  4. Mr. Cobb. What are they Paying that DEFENSIVE BACKS COACH FOR, if he can’t make the points you made about communication in the huddle and on the field?

  5. Thank God! Michael Vick finally back in the driver’s seat. Didnt want to lose, just wanted Kevin to look unimpressive for that to happen. Kevin was unimpressive and Vick is back….Im happy. Hate it or love it LOL Now all these Kolb lovers….Just shut the fuck up and enjoy the show! Sheesh!

  6. I swear….Ive never in my life IN MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE saw so many dickheads believe so much in a loser and a backup QB in Kolb. Un-fuckin-believable! SMH @ you dumbass pussies! LOL

  7. Diz – G’s point above is exactly why you want Kolb to develop. If Vick get’s injured again, and you want to ‘win a superbowl ASAP’ – as if you are unique in that – then, isn’t it better to have a capable QB for when Vick get’s injured again? Makes a lot of sense to me.

  8. Diz, no one on this site has every said there is a QB controversy. not 1. you don’t need to keep preaching your love for Vick, we all got it. I agree with Schill, it’s nice to see Kolb some experience in there and have some success b/c if Vick does go down again there is a solid option to come and hopefully minimize the blow of losing Vick. Hope he doesn’t get hurt b/c he provides a very explosive weapon on offense but anything can happen.

  9. Yesss, Im glad Kevin is the backup! But thats all he is. He is good enough to be that.

    Schiller, my only thing is…People make it seem like Kolb is a damn superstar because he had a few 300 yard games. Ryan Fitzpatrick threw for 373 yesterday! Does that make him a star? No, not at all!

    AS far as yesterday, I place the blame of the loss on our secondary. But mostly on Kevin because he had a chance to seal the game at the end and he couldnt. The same reason why unloyal ass fans harped on Donovan for so many years. But Donovan gets a pass from me because he actually got us somewhere as a franchise.

    Schiller, Kevin is just so boring as a player. His 5-10 passes are so boring. The way he plays is so boring. Mike Vick brings more excitement and red zone production. So those are my reasons of justification.

    My thing against the Kolb fans…NOT ALL, but most of the people on here that have compared Kolb to Vick and wanted him to start over Vick. Just stupid. Dumb. Inexcusable. Senseless. Retarded. I don’t get it. He is not even close to Mike. Schiller, I know you didn’t make the comparison. But guys like that gay faggot BTC, Eric, and some other guys on here did. I just had to vent real quick. Sorry. 🙂

  10. KTDawk, I hear you…But yes there are a few people on here that have made that argument. Look back on some of the older posts. I just thought them saying that was completely rediculous man. Really tho.

  11. *5-10 yard passes

  12. The Tenn game shows the value of having a person who can start backing up the starter. Collins steps in and gets the win. As Andy Greed has said in the past. It’s a nice problem to have.

    Now. Whats McD going to do about ellis “I run in slow motion” hobbs. How did that bum just get handed the starting job? Demetri Patterson had an outstanding camp and they insisted on putting that super bum in the secondary.

  13. Damn it’s gonna be a long 2 weeks

  14. BSM I agree. Demetri Patterson is better off in my opinion starting than Ellis Hobbs. Ellis was playing out of his mind (IN A BAD WAY) yesterday.

    And yes, Kevin as our backup is a GREAT problem. I love Kevin as our backup. He is a great backup. Great! But I was just mad that he was even being discussed as starting QB material right now. We dont have time to sit here and mold this man and watch him grow. I dont know if you guys know…but uh, We’ve never won a Super Bowl. We have got to win won ASAP.

  15. Im just surprised my fellow Eagle fans on here have so much patience to wait for Kevin to develop when Vick looks as strong as he does. Kevin shouldnt even be in the discussion. I just never understood it. I dont have the patience…If Vick gives us the best chance to win it all, I want him in at QB…I want a Super Bowl NOW!

  16. WANTED: New Secondary Coach. One who can make adjustments during a game and not let one reciever get over 2 hundred yards. And one with the guts to bench a bum.

    Please contact Andy Greed at the Nova Care complex 1-800-400-POUNDS.

  17. It sure is..
    Paulman will have to come up with more *Trade Alerts* and “Top #10 Lists” to keep us entertained..
    and No Phillies either… Hey Dizzy/PW.. What happened to your World Series Phillies…
    I told you they weren’t going back to the big dance…

  18. More wonderful from Dizzy…..aka the Brooklyn Giant.

  19. Im a diehard Philadelphia Eagles fan til the death BTC. Cut that shit out, you sound dumb. I want an Eagles emblem Casket when I die and I want to be wearing a Cunningham jersey. LOL. If that doesnt tell you my loyalty, you are just a stupid human being. 🙂

    Now. Paul, Im speechless man. I don’t have anything to say. I give you credit, you were right, we didn’t make it. But I don’t think we (the Phillies) were strong enough to even compete in the World Series. No one was hitting.

  20. Yo BSM…LMAO…I just called to apply and it’s a number to Roto Rooter—Go Figure…LOL

  21. Phils were the heavy favorite not only to get back to the WS but to Win It All…
    Baseball historians will look back at this 2010 playoff squad as one of the most under-achieving,poorly managed, teams of Modern Baseball…
    The Philies Window is soon closing as the competition around the NL has gotten better while the
    Phils appears to be regressing and getting a little old in spots…

  22. yea u got me there
    but u been riding the phils hard all season u said they wouldnt make offs
    so any1 can pick 1 team out of 32 and say they wont make it
    im still shocked i cant believe it
    i cant believe ryan k went down looking
    just sickening i cant even talk about it
    how dare u pman its freaking black monday and u throw our team in my face WTF

  23. Actually I am a die hard Phillie fan too and was doubly depressed all last evening after the
    Eagles choked and blew it and of course I thought Old Charlie was Outmanaged all Series long out of his jock-strap versus the Giants…
    #1) Where was the steal. Up 2-0 in game 6, keep the pressure on the Giants, There Cather Posey has one of the lowest % of thrwoing any base-stealers out…
    #2) Why bring Madson in the 7th and expect him to go 2 Innings in relief which he hasn’;t attempted all year long.. (contreras and Romero were warming up and avialable for the 7th..)
    #3) Why pinch-hit B Francisco who strikes out too much when you need a better contact hitter at the plate to drive in Ibanex from 3rd with 1 Out.. Maybe Sweeny, hell even Valdez puts the ball in play)

  24. How on earth does Ryan Howard not swing at that pitch with a full count and 2 outs?

  25. “How on earth does Ryan Howard not swing at that pitch with a full count and 2 outs?”
    I’ve been sayin that very same thing ever since…A backwards K to end the season

  26. They should have never extended R Howards contract like they did… Now they are stuck with him..
    as they with the 39 year old Ibanez making $12 Million and the 35 year old Polanco who is making $13 million and with these big contracts, they will not sign OF J Werth who is in his prime right now and has much more upside then either of the 2 older players listed above…
    Just simply having young player D Brown take Werth’s spot in the line-up and now you have 4 Left Handed Batters in the middle of the line-up that already struggles versus left hand Pitchers..
    WHo and where is the Right-Handed bat going to come from to balance out the line-up

  27. i cant even talk phillees right now im sick

  28. I agree PW,
    Let’s give it a week and then regroup..
    They have to resign Werth if they want that “WS Window” to remain open and I don’t want to hear
    they don;t have the $$$, I figured they just made about $25 Million in the 5 home Playoff games that
    they just had…thats about $110 per fan x 225,000 fans over those 5 games between paying for tickets,parking,food,drinls,memorabilia,shirts,hats,etc,etc…

  29. Howard did not swing at the pitch because he knew he would swing and miss badly

  30. ” look as strong as Vick does” He did not look very good in the Redskins game. he was below average to an average team

  31. QB rating is passing completion,interceptions, td, and yardage.
    QB Rating leaders and of interest are 1)Big Ben 122, 2)Vick 109, 3)Manning103, 7) Brady 96, 12)Brees 89, 19)Kolb 85, 25)Mcnabb 76. But i would rather look at passing % leaders 1) Brees 70, 2) Manning, 3) Brady, 8)Ben, 11) Kolb 63, 19)Vick 61, 26) Mcnabb 57

    As u can see passing % leaders show u a clearer list of best QB’s. Yardage in qb rating are overblown because against bad teams u can really stack up the yards, and coming way back from behind when D’ s are relaxed. Bottom line Brady and Brees are in the top 5 in the u know what list but not in QB rating. then u look at TD and INT and weed out the QB’s .For example Romo has a high % but throws too many interceptions. Montana did not always have the highest rating but usually the top 3 in passing %, and like Manning,Brees, Aikman, Ben, Brady had over 70% passing % in Super Bowl!!!!

  32. When Vick is 19 on passing % list, means there is roughly 18 Qb ‘s that can complete mor passes. u guys are right we better hope and pray in the playoffs.

  33. Oh God, tydm stop it with the useless stats. Just say you don’t like Vick. Stop trying to use numbers to mask your points. Completion percentage doesn’t matter if you are only throwing the ball 5 yards on average per throw and you don’t win the game. Period. Just say “I don’t like Vick” so you can stop posting this useless stuff that no one cares about. Thanks.

  34. *************Trade Alert*************

    Eagles send QB K Kolb to the Dallas Cowboys for DE A Spencer and a conditional 3rd/4th Rd Pick
    in the 2011 Draft (J Jones loves Kolb and wants a kid from Tx to be his QB of the future..)


  35. Tony Romo is 2nd in the league in completion percentage with a rating of 93.6, David Garrard is 5th in percentage and Drew Brees is 1st. How are their teams looking?

    Damn, Ryan Fitzpatrick has a 102 rating and 63% completion percentage. You want him to QB for the Eagles over Vick?

    Look, I agree that you want your QB to be around 60% completion percentage if not better but at the same time the numbers don’t tell the full story. QB’s that work in offenses that throw more intermediate and deep passes are more likely to have lower completion percentages. So the issue can be taken with the offense as much as the guy that’s throwing. Now if you are throwing the ball 5-10 yards everytime you drop back then the chances of completion are higher. And that’s has to do with the QB AND THE OFFENSIVE SYSTEM. So just stop it with the stats. Of course Vick won’t have a higher completion percentage than Kolb…. he is more likely to throw the ball downfield. I’m pretty sure he could complete 70% if he checked down all game and only threw to receivers who are basically wide open. So stop it. The stats prove nothing.

  36. And (this is my last point) none of those garbage stats tell you about the QB who ran for the 1st down on a 13 yard scramble vs the guy who threw the ball 5 yards to his RB who made a play and got the 1st down. So one guy is credited with a completion while the other guy ran to get the 1st down but the outcome is the same result. Stats can tell you something, but they are in most cases misleading and will NEVER show the entire story and all other variables that affect the game.

  37. u are missing the point, manning , brady etc throw the ball down the field and have high %. if u understand the stats that is what it means. that is the QB i want plain and simple. if an Eagle qb can do that i will be happy. i have been down the road before too many times going into playoffs and hoping.

  38. Romo is weeded out cause high interceptions, ryan don’t know, yeah i would take brees cause that could mean his team has too many penalties, turnovers.

  39. That’s my point. There are so many other variables that matter than FN completion percentage. Picking out 1 stat means nothing. Just you said in your other posts having a good running game and top defense is important. If you have those 2 things, your QB doesn’t have to complete 65% of his passes he just has to not cost you to lose games and make a play here and there. So stop it with the percentage because there are so many other things that makes up a Championship team. Stop it.

  40. yeah but scorp, it is hard to win SB, u usually need the combo of D, running game, and i believe high qb%. if most of the last winning QB HAD a high % why is it a crap stat

  41. Because it’s only 1 stat. That’s why. The stat doesn’t tell you why the QB has a high percentage. Was it the offense? Was it because he didn’t throw the ball a lot? Did they have a big threat running game. You might think those don’t matter but it does. That’s why it’s misleading in some cases. If a QB throws goes 12-18 on average, that’s a great completion percentage but he’s not throwing the ball a lot. I’m not saying your QB doesn’t have to be able to complete passes I’m just saying that one stat is meaningless by itself. So say good defense, good running game AND good passing percentage win and leave it at that. You make the whole thing about passing percentage like that’s the only thing that matters. So we agree, other variables matter a lot, if not more. Leave it at that. I’m done.

  42. Nope, i agree those three

  43. It’s a matter of getting the W’s, that’s the only stat that really matters..
    Look at D McNbb, Good career #’s but not a great completion %, but he made big plays and protected the ball and hence, is the all time leader in W’s in Eagle History..
    He tailed off as he got older when he starting losing his mobility and escapability. but I want to next Eagle QB concerned about the same thing he was and and that’s gettnig the “W” at the end of the day.

  44. We would have had a better shot if Mcnabb completed 85% of his passes in those championship games. don’t give me it is 1 stat. it is very important. it means getting 1st downs and points.w’s in eagles isn’t saying much we had alot of bad teams and qb did not stay long.

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