Childress Will Likely Return As Offensive Coordinator, When Marty Leaves For Cleveland

If you don’t know by now that groups of NFL coaches are like a family.  All of them that have the same father are loyal to each other.  Former San Francisco 49ers Hall of Fame head coach Bill Walsh has a big family.

His most prominent coaching son is former Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks head coach Mike Holmgren.  Holmgren who is now the President of the Cleveland Browns is the football father of Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg.

Holmgren was Mornhinweg’s high school head coach.

According to, Mornhinweg played for Holmgren in high school and coached under him for a couple of years.

“Mornhinweg, 48, played under Holmgren, then an assistant coach, at Oak Grove High in San Jose, then coached under Holmgren when Holmgren was head coach of the Packers in 1995 and ’96.”

They are a loyal family.  If one of them is fired and out of work, they are welcomed back to live with their family until they get another head coaching job.  Reid publicly welcomed Brad Childress back to the nest when he was fired by the Vikings.  He brought Mornhinweg here when he was fired by the Lions.

Childress and Reid talked all the time during the years Childress was the Vikings coach.  They also vacationed together.

Football coaching families are just like regular families.  For instance, my wife and I have two of our adult kids living with us right now.  They left home encountered some challenges finding jobs then came back.  They’ve been at home a couple years and now have both found good jobs.

Like my kids, Childress will likely come back home.  He’ll take over as offensive coordinator for Mornhinweg when he leaves to work for his football dad, Holmgren in  Cleveland.

You can consider Mornhinweg going to Cleveland a done deal.  Have you noticed the connection between the Cleveland Browns organization and the Eagles?

All the other candidates who are going after the Browns head coach job are going through the motions.  You and I know Mornhinweg is headed to Cleveland after this season.  He told that he’s not concerned about the Cleveland job, but focused on the upcoming game.

“There’s no other way to do it – you have to have all your focus on this football game. That’s what we expect of all the coaches and all the players,” Mornhinweg said.

When asked whether he will be interviewed for the Browns job.  Mornhinweg said, “We’ll see.”  It’s more like, “We know”.

45 thoughts on “Childress Will Likely Return As Offensive Coordinator, When Marty Leaves For Cleveland

  1. Good for Marty….I will welcome Brad back to the nest if he wants to run to O. After all, he did a pretty good job in 2004! I wonder if McNabb will follow Marty to Cleveland?

  2. Good article G… and you are absolutely right Football teams are families just like the average family structure. You look out for each other. I think Marty will do a much better job this time around than when he was in Detroit. Brad if you remember likes to run the ball more than Marty and Andy, so that can be a positive. We’ll see, but first things first, let’s take care of these Packers. Can we get some exotic blitzes…

  3. My sources told me that Coach MM ‘s Game Plan this week only consists of 3 plays

    #1) Vick Drop back and throw deep down the left-sidelines, if covered then Vick’s to run left
    #2) Vick Drop back and throw deep down the right-sidelines, if covered,then VIck to run right
    #3) Vick Drop back and throw deep down the middle, if coveredm then VIck to run up the middle

    My sources verified that these plays were written on the back of the Raddison Hotel Cocktail Napkin that said Cleveland,Oh on it..

  4. Drill sergeant Childress!!!!! Well maybe he’ll be more of a balanced offensive coordinator with a 55/45 pass to run ratio…… He was good here in Philly when he was OC….. But if so…. I’ll welcome him back…. Besides him and AR are Best of Buddies……..

  5. This shouldn’t be news to us. We talked about this when Reid said he’d welcome Reid back a little while ago. It’s a no brainer in my mind if Marty leaves which looks likely.

  6. @Scorp… Your message yesterday about Derrick Burgess…… He has Swine Flu…… ANd AR didnt want the team to be sick as well… LMAO!!!!

  7. Not so fast my friends..

    My Sources tell me that Childress will go to Cleveland to become the Brown’s O/C under MM..
    Childress is a Mid-West guy and he and his family doesnt particularly care for the East Coast
    I believe Coach AR has put feelers out to former Offensive minded Coaches Brian Billick and
    Jim Fassal to see about any interest..

  8. jroc, ok if you say so. I would think being a guy who’s been there before he could provide some great leadership. I mean, he did shut down Michael Vick in 2004 all my himself LOLOLOLOL.

  9. paulman, not that anyone believes your “sources” I wouldn’t be surprised if Chilly did that as well. Maybe he would feel like he has more input on the game with Marty than an established coach like Andy and play a bigger role there. Like assistant HC/O-coordinator. That would not surprise me. If I was Chilly, I’d want to come back to Philly. Just taking a look at the offensive skilled players should have him praying that Marty goes to Cleveland.

  10. Alright Scorp……. LOL….. Your done yet…… Get your laugh on……… Enjoy enjoy……. I’ll man up and say i was wrong……. He’s a washed up wet flapping douche bag…… And he shouldnt have been on the roster…… There you have it…….. LMAO!

  11. I actually went to college with Childress’ daughter in Virginia so I’m not so sure he’s a true midwest guy. Who the hell wants to live in Cleveland anyway?

  12. Look there is alot of pressure going in to HC……. The Cleveland Browns had 5 different coaches since 1999….. Thats a tough tough task….. THe city of cleveland love football and are tired of losing…… If you ask me I think MM could develope Colt McCoy into a good young QB and get that team going…… It will take a few years….. But proof is proof…… MM is great with Qb’s……. But is Marty ready to be a HC with him being unsuccessful in Detroit which every other coach has been in recent years there…… Who knows……. If we win the Championship…… I think he would go elsewhere…… But if we dont….. He’ll probably stay??? Who knows??

  13. btc, The only reason to go to Cleveland is for more money. That’s the only thing I can think of. With the Steelers and Ravens in that division, I wouldn’t want to go there unless the money was far above what any other place would pay.

  14. Childress is a military guy with a drill sergeant mentality!! He needs to be just an offensive coordinator thats it…… HC is out of the question in the NFL and in NCAA…… No matter what…… If he comes to philly… I’ll welcome him back with open arms……

  15. jroc, I don’t think him leaving will depend on whether we win or lose, at least from his perspective. Maybe if the offense puts up a dud in the playoffs, a team may not want him anymore as his stock could go down. But most of these guys that have been head coaches probably want to do it again and only take coordinator positions because that’s all available and they have to build their stock back up to get another coaching job. And we cannot forget about the money. I believe some coaches know they are going to into a very difficult situation but sometimes their ego and money gets in the way. For example if at the end of the day if you make 1.2 million being a coordinator in Philly but can make 4 million to run your own show, I think it’s almost a no brainer no matter the team. Just having it on your resume is big in this league along with your connections.

    In my book Marty will always be the guy who in overtime decided to kick the ball. WTF!? It’s not college. Who does that. And people got upset with McNabb when he didn’t know it was a tie. Marty thought they’d get the ball back like college.

  16. The whole thing with him going to Cleveland is bottom line….. He’ll develop Colt McCoy…(Period) Thats it… If you get the Qb adjusted and get him to learn the system….. What else is there to do…… The have talent on both ends of the ball…. Now you need a HC who can make your franchise a whole lot better….. What better guy than MM……. And your right Scorp… It’s money…. Thats the real big issue….

  17. jroc, if Chilly does come back and does a very good job, he could get another HC job somewhere down the line. All these coaching jobs most go to guys who used to be HC or coordinators for a very long time. If he came back to Philly, just a resume builder and wait until another opportunity opens up with one of his “frat” brothers.

  18. @MM will love to run his own show……. Who doesnt want to LOL! His days in Detroit I cant say was his fault…. Theres about 4-5 other coaches who were unsuccessful there as well…… I like MM….. ANd I think he has a bright future ahead of him in Philly or at Cleveland……. Look at former HC Greg Williams who is now defensive coordinator for the saints and was a very good defensive coach for the Redskins…..(Which that defense hasnt been the same since he left)…… He won a ring and stayed with the Saints…… Do you think Marty will do the same?? Or just say hey… I won one here… It’s time for me to explore other areas….

  19. @Scorp….. Give him a few years to get a HC gig LOL! I think with a player like Brett Favre.. He’ll make you a certain way LMAO…. I wonder who was one of the players who said they actually hated him??? Thats strong words from an individual……. makes you think about who will take the risk of him being a HC….. Just a thought

  20. jroc, I’m not sure. Coaches have different goals. Some want to eventually do their own thing and some did their own thing before, didn’t like it and just like where they are. Who knows how Marty feels. But I think the majority of coaches do have those aspirations of being a great head coach. I mean for the 1 Greg Williams you can name probably 10 others who won the Super Bowl and left to become a head coach. And probably more who left without winning one.

  21. jroc, I agree but he could get one eventually the same way marty could get one….. friends. Marty was awful in Detroit, again electing to kick the ball in OT but his name is out there. Besides this past year Chilly had a decent stint in Minny and if he does a good job at his next gig, what a player says will be forgotten especially if it’s one of his buddies.

  22. @Scorp….. I feel you….. Did you hear paulman saying and I quote “Joe Webb is the second coming of Randall Cunningham”, You guys didn’t believe me I told you so!!! LOL…… That was a good laugh for the day……..

    @Paulman…… No disrespect…. You got your views and I respect that……. But Randall Cunningham is such a bit 2 far in my book…… Maybe Quincy Carter or Akili Smith LOL….. I’ll take that one…. Maybe your comparing the size of Joe Webb compared to Randall and speed as well??

  23. @Songs LMAO…… That was a good one…….a bag of Cool Ranch doritos to be exact LOL! Another good laugh for the day…….

    @Scorp…. Yea Paulman’s a trip…. LOL….. I like how he says things…. He keeps me going at times…..

  24. @Scorp do you think we should start Tapp at the LE???? He just has the nack of being around the ball which I like about him…… Juqua Parker is good and I think he has some good years in the tank…. But I like Tapp and his abilities to cut a guy like Arron Rodgers off when he wants to scramble at times..

  25. We’ll host the NFC championship game against the Saints….you heard it here first.

    the Saints will beat the Falcons in the dome again and we’ll take care of the fraud bears.

    But let’s smack Green Bay around first…..10 points against the bears does not impress me one bit. Green b ay are frauds and Vick will beat the blitz this Sunday.

  26. I want to see more Jerome Harrison…… He can read holes and get this offense going…… I also think getting Lindley on the field will help….. His size to jam a receiver like Driver or Jordy Nelson at the line of scrimmage can alter there ability to be effective down field…… With patterson struggling and with Hanson who needs to be in the slot…… Why not Lindley??

  27. I think Paul suffers from bipolar disorder.

    Bipolar disorder involves periods of excitability (mania) alternating with periods of depression. The “mood swings” between mania and depression can be very abrupt.

    Am I right, or what?

  28. @Songs I like your energy…… We have been the most quiet team thus far as in the media’s attention….. I think Vick will be ready and this team will back him up……. The main question is Bobby April ready and Sean Mcdermott?? The special teams was terrible against GB and made Jordy Nelson look like Devin Hester first time around……. Mcdermott has to frustrate Rodgers early and often……. Knock him down as much as possible…..

    I watch the Gb and Bears game and they struggled to get the ball in the redzone……. They looked like us LOL!…….. There ability to struggle with the run could be a major let down for them….. And with a rookie RT 1st rd. Pick Bologa who was terrible against Chicago….. I’ll put Trent Cole on some snaps on that side……. Bologa has been a penalty machine as of late!!

  29. Does it really matter who’s named OC? Reid dictates how the game is called.

    He and the OC get together for the first 15, which are usually brilliant (although they’ve been terrible as of late).

    Did anyone notice that Minnesota perfectly defended our first 15? It was like they knew exactly what would be called.

    After the first 15, well you know . . .

    Has anyone noticed that the first 1q5

  30. The Eagles have been terrible against (Noticing a bleeding Prey)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And what I mean by that is not seeing a weakness…… Joe Webb was contained by the bears and played alot of cover 2 blitz packages……/Man under…….

    With that said maybe Mcdermott will line up Trent Cole against there most terrible offensive tackle…… THe Bears used Julius Peppers on both ends because they know Rodgers is a killer Qb from his right side……. When they flushed him left he was picked off against the bears by Tillman…… The birdz need to realize that and execute the same game plan this sunday!

  31. Killer instinct is a must this game……….. If Woodson wants to blitz on the outside make sure you line McCoy up with him and if he blitzes…… Deliver the ball quickly to McCoy in a hurry to make them stop blitzing there corners…… In other words……. Take some of that offensive scheme from Mike Martz who seems to love doing that against us….. I hate that play…. But it works at times……

  32. I just read that Pat Shurmur is also going to interview for the Browns job. We know he was the QB coach here before going with Spags to STL. Looks like someone from Holmgren’s family is getting it.

  33. My Sources say that Pat will become Marty’s QB Coach and take Colt McCoy under his wing to get a start on the teaching process sinec MM may be busy with the EAgles for a few more weeks (Hopefully)
    Also Mrs Shurmur & Mrs Mohnerwig are very good friends and ae looking at houses together so their kids can remain close,etc,etc

  34. Paulman, even though your sources are Bailey and Jack Daniels, I don’t see why Shurmur would leave being the offensive coordinator for a team with a good young QB to be a QB coach again for the Browns. Talk about a downgrade.

  35. Actually my sources is named “Stella”
    Shurmur has a longer relationship with Holmgrem (his Dad worked with Holmgrem) and with
    Coach MM,Heckert, than he does with Spags who was a Defensive Coach and if you musch about PAt
    is that he loves his Rock N Roll Music and being in Cleveland, has easy access to the
    Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Musuem.. Colt McCoy as gotten off to a decent start and has upside potential
    (not like Bradford does) but McCoy gives him a challenge and opportunity to work with up and coming talent and maybe even be the O/C or Assistant Head Coach Title with the Browns.. ..

  36. It should be interesting to see Childress actually run an offense if this all actually comes to pass since Childress never called any offensive plays while he was the OC here.

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