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Michael Vick Not Buying Report About Quick Hook During Packers Game

Michael Vick was on 610-WIP yesterday and he wasn’t buying ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio’s report that Andy Reid was going to have a quick hook on him in the game on Sunday.

Paolantonio had reported that Vick was having problems recognizing the blitzes which the Eagles were seeing and because of it Reid was going to be open to removing him the game for Kevin Kolb.

“Writers are gonna write what they wanna write, say what they wanna say,” Vick said.  “I don’t know the validity to that, but I’m just gonna go out and play my game.  I know what I see on film, what I trust in my offensive line.  You know, it’s not hard to see a blitz, I mean it’s easy.  Minnesota did some things we’d never seen before.  So, it’s all about adjusting and all about remaining confident and not making any game too complicated.”

If you check out Vick in the interview he did with the media on Monday, you can see that he’s starting to not trust the sports media here in Philadelphia.  It’s going to be interesting how his news conference goes today.

Vick said he didn’t like reporters making erroneous reports.  You could hear that it bothered him.

Reid made it clear that Vick is his quarterback on Monday when he was on 610-WIP.

“The quarterback of the Eagles is Michael Vick and that’s the way we go about business, ” Reid said.  “People say stuff all the time.  I know how things escalate with the different networks and Internet.  The quarterback is Michael Vick and that’s the way were going with it.”

I think Reid realizes that Vick is the only way they’re going to have any chance of beating the Packers.  The defense is sure to give up at 24 points if they play well.  If they don’t play well, Green Bay might score more than 30.  The only way the Packers don’t score a lot of points will be if the Eagles get to Aaron Rodgers and knock him out of the game.

In fairness to Sal, he made that report before Kolb had that terribly poor outing against the Dallas Cowboys this past Sunday.

Here’s the 610-WIP interview with Michael Vick. on Facebook

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26 Comments for “Michael Vick Not Buying Report About Quick Hook During Packers Game”

  1. Yeah because Kolb did a much better job picking up the blitz…..OK!!!!!! This is a joke, no way Vick gets benched during the game because he can’t pick up the blitz. Who benches their play maker in the playoffs?

  2. G pleased dont say anything bad about Kolb your colleagues in the local Philly hack media will be offended.

  3. This report is a joke. I can understand completely why the players don’t trust the media in this town. Just because a few so called experts have said that Vick is back to some of his Atlanta ways they want to create a problem. If they don’t have a story they want to create one. Some of these guys have made a living on being negative and they should be called out for it.

  4. This is so ridiculous that even Paulman is not going to comment on it..
    The team needs no silly distractions at the time of the season and must focus on the task on hand..

  5. Maybe someone should do some investigating reporting and find out who the source is of Paolantonio report. It’s probably Mrs. Paolantonio

  6. This is hilarious! Straight out of a comic book……. “MARVEL” should be printed on every story these reporter’s put out……. TMZ in the NFL……. Worry about the game reporters…….

  7. JOKE JOKE JOKE…….. The guy who primarily got us into the playoffs with his abilities…(WHich i do know the NFL is a team sport)…… If we didnt make the playoffs this wouldn’t even be a topic…… It’s just thirsty POND water drinking reporters and analyst who just want to put a stamp on a story…… I got a story for the reporters………. “REPORTER’S BELIEVE IT OR NOT”!!!

  8. I’m sorry I forgot there isn’t a Mrs. Paolantonio. Sals gay

  9. @dtime LMAO…….. With a name like sal……

  10. Vick is learning to play Qb…….. In ATL he was just a runner first pass later type guy……. in other words…. Pass when needed……. He’ll learn how to read defenses and make adjustments before the snap of the ball….. It’s also the center’s job to notice where the blitz is coming from as well…… Mcglynn is a young guy who will learn as well……. Every man must notice this…… Primarily the Qb is the one who see’s this…… But the center must recognize this also……. Jamal Jackson is missed in this O-Line……..

  11. Mr. Cobb going to have to disagree with your logical statements.

    I think that chicago gave a good blueprint on how to slow down Greenbay.

    Arizona gave a great blueprint on how to score on them in last year’s play-off game. (see kurt warner video)

    McDermott’s defense has had it’s problems, but McDermott has shown he can do the one thing Andy can’t, and that’s make game time adjustments. The defense just came off a 1 td performance and will shock the world and rise to the occation in this game. Despite the injuries I think they have better personnel (certainly faster) then when the season started.

    Everybody is talking about Aaron Rogers performance of 2 weeks ago. If that’s how we do it, then let’s go to Mike Vicks performance of a few weeks ago. What has Aaron Rogers done in the play-offs? Like Peyton Manning. Look at his play-off record. The Packers are a 6 seed for a reason. When given time to prepare the Eagles beat Peyton Manning. They were banged up against the Vikings and we will not see that team. The Packers will get down early and begin to press. And throw 2 ints.
    The Eagles will win by 10. 27-17.

    And the talking heads at ESPN will talk about how they like philly as their darkhorse.

  12. bsm, I agree and I think there is a way to stop or limit Aaron Rodgers and that offense. The problem is I’m not sure we have the personnel to execute it. We don’t have a front 4 like Chicago which allows them to keep 7 in coverage while still getting pressure on the QB. If our front 4 plays well then that improves our chances. But honestly, watching this guys over the past couple weeks they have shown no reason why we could depend on them getting consistent pressure with only the front 4. That’s the big difference. And Arizona also had a good defense with some playmakers out there against them in the playoffs. But do you remember the score of that game? 45-51. Arizona had to score 51 points to win. I wouldn’t call needing to score 51 points having a blueprint. Sure we ca try to imitate Chicago but who is going to be our Julius Peppers?

  13. @Scorp….. Trent Cole can be the Julius Peppers if Mcdermott will put him at RE on some snaps and match him up with rookie RT Buloga……. Move Trent Cole around in this defense and get a big mis-match poppin…… That will force Aaron Rodgers to his left…… Thats the same thing Chicago did against him and he threw an Int. to Charles Tillman…….. Alot of Cover2 man under will do the trick…….. Keep fresh legs on the defensive line……. Make the front four work……

  14. Question can anyone find our run pass ratio……. As far winning percentage when the run game is almost equal to the pass??? We have to be well over 500…….????

  15. Anyone else just have a flashback to 1984 about JROC response above…
    The Vice-Presidentail CAndidates DEbate between Dem Lloyd Bentsen and Rep Dan Quayle
    when Bensten replied about a comparison with JFK and Bentsen replied, “I knew JFK,
    I worked with JFK, and son, You are no JFK ”
    Don’t get me wrong, I like T Cole, but Jrock, “Cole is no J Peppers”… though I do agree to your larger point of moving Cole around the formations to mix things up.. I have been stating this for most of the Season that the Defensive fronts have become very predictable and especially in the 1st half of ballgames.. Come out of the gate with multiple looks, stunts, move guys around, stand them up,
    flood one side.. Do whatever to confuse the other teamm

  16. To Jroc

    Checking on some Stats for you
    Eagles ran a total of 988 plays with 561 Pass attempts and 427 Rush attempts which comes out
    to a 56%-44$ Pass to Rrun ratio
    (But QB Vick has 100 rushes, so let’s say that he “Scrambled” from an original pass call and then had to run to avoid pressure,sacks,no one open o running 75 times out of this 100 times..)
    Then Eagles would have 636 Passing attempts and 352 Rushing attempts which comes out
    to a 64%-36% Pass to Run ratio which is ridiculous when you think about it..

  17. @Paulman……. Thanks bro….. That is crazy…….. So that could be the reason why Vick is taking such a pounding…….. Thats just sad if you think about it…. Chicago made serious adjustments as far as getting it more balanced on offense and had a 6 game win streak i guess…… WOW…… 64%-36% thats terrible……..

  18. @Paulman I agree that Cole isnt better than Julius Peppers but he’s almost as close as the birds are going to get……. Julius Peppers is an athlete….. Trent Cole is a pure pass rusher who can mix his bull rush and finesse mobility to get around a lineman…… I didnt mean he can be Julius Peppers…… But as far as I know he’s just a few steps behind him as far as skill…….

  19. Julius Peppers likes to take plays off as well…… Trent Cole’s motor never runs out when he’s on the field…… Julius Peppers just has the edge because he’s more athletic……

  20. I agree with you Jroc
    Cole brings it every play, Peppers doesn”t, when Peppers does want to play, and goes all out,
    he is almost unblockable and can really takeover a game at a moments notice…
    I have to run the stats on Eagles 10 Victorres versus their 6 Losses to get some averages on the
    Pass to Run Ratio’s ..

  21. @Paulman….. COOL…… Thats what it is…… I have to see the info. you receive on that…….

  22. “The Packers are a 6 seed for a reason. When given time to prepare the Eagles beat Peyton Manning. They were banged up against the Vikings and we will not see that team.”

    Bsm videos I absolutely agree. I believe this team (including the head coach) will surprise everyone not just by winning but by doing it in a convincing fashion all while humiliating the Packers. Now the next game in Chicago thats going to be the real challange!! Book it!!! lol

  23. This report probably came from the same guy who guaranteed Kolb to the Rams was a done deal for Atogwe and a pick. Just make something up, say “sources” told you and its good to go. “Sources” told me Sal Pal’s a moron.

  24. Sal Pal is the leading antagonist of the Philadelphia Eagles. He’s a “sources say” creepo and a New Jerk Gnats fan. I’m not sure why anyone considers his work to have any credibility. Stir the pot sensationalism.

  25. @1993 Heel… you actually listen to Sal or are you just making up sh**….do you even live in the philly area?? He is on the radio alot here…..has been pretty positive about the birds most of the season…I think you are wrong.

  26. he was the phila inquirer eagles correspondent. it’s a job. like people with a job he has lived where his job was. he’s lived in philadelphia for some time. but he’s from queens and is an admitted gnats fan. sal knows how to play the audience, come across like a home boy, and develop that trust, and then serve up gossip that drives attention to him. he’s very good at his job, and his job is not nor has it ever been to be an eagles cheerleader, yet his job requires doing just enough cheerleading to make him effective.

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