Packers Decided To Run Against Eagles Two-Deep Defense, But Eagles Wouldn’t Run

Andy Reid is going to have to put together a game plan that will beat the two-deep coverages.  The Packers played a two-deep zone pass coverage and a two-deep man-to-man pass coverage when they weren’t blitzing.  This is the game plan that has proven to be successful against the Birds.

You can run the ball against either of those two-deep defenses, but it’s more difficult to throw the ball deep against them.  Many times the place to throw the ball deep is down the middle to the slot receiver or tight end. You can and must run the ball against these coverages.

The Eagles were playing two-deep coverages against the Packers and that’s why they put the ball on the ground and ran it against the Birds.  Understand that the Packers hadn’t run the football all season long, after Ryan Grant went down in the first game, but they ran it yesterday.

Unheard of running back John Starks ran the ball 23 times for 123 yards.  They were a throwing team all year long, but they changed because of the defenses the Eagles were using.

Reid and the Birds have to know that teams aren’t going to give them a chance to throw ninety-yards touchdowns to DeSean Jackson, they’re going to have to exploit the short and intermediate areas.

Teams are going to back up their safeties which will allow the Birds to run the football down their throats.  If they had a strong running game and were committed to use it, teams would have to decide to play their safeties deep to stop the deep throw, or bring them up to stop the run.  It’s nearly impossible for a defense to do both.

Versus the blitz, Michael Vick has to be given more freedom to change plays at the line of scrimmage.  He’s got to progress in his recognition of blitzes but Reid has to be willing to let him call a lot of the plays at the line of scrimmage.  The Birds must learn to adjust to different game plans on the first or second drive rather than in the second half.

Vick and the Eagles offense didn’t adjust to teams taking away the deep throws until the second half of games.  He and the Birds must adjust to things quicker.

Green Bay played both safeties deep all game long, so the Birds should have run the football.   Reid and the Eagles have to be satisfied with the running game, along with short and intermediate routes.

Doesn’t it say a lot when the Packers choose to run the football with an inexperienced young running back, but the Eagles won’t give the ball to a proven young runner like LeSean McCoy.  He ran the ball only 12 during the game.

I don’t think this is the only reason the Birds lost the football game, but it’s one of the reasons that they lost this game and struggled during the latter part of the season.

42 thoughts on “Packers Decided To Run Against Eagles Two-Deep Defense, But Eagles Wouldn’t Run

  1. Again,
    Coach AR and his staffed were out-Coached and out-witted again when it counts
    This year by Kevin McCarthy and Dom Capers of the Packers
    Last year it was Jason Garrett and Wade Phillips of the Cowboys
    The year before, it was Todd Haley & Bill Davis, Ken Wisenhut of the Arizona Cardinals

    I think it’s become pretty eveident that the Eagles Schemes both offensively and defensively are a litte too predictable and without ever committing to a running game will they ever to be able to compete for a NFL Championship which many of us have been saying for 3 years and longer..
    Coach AR and the Franchise need a new direction, a new voice to propel them into the FUture,
    this same-old, same-old apporach is not working and has become way too statle and predictable

  2. Agree also; have pointed this out since ’06. If you can’t win an SB as the head coach in 12yrs, what makes Lurie, Banner, etc think he’ll get job done next year in one of toughest NFC divisions? The Eagles need a lot of upgrades particularly on defense, and you’ve already lost Graham and Allen for at very least, most of next year. Using lightweights and “throwing fastballs” is not getting it done. JJ and the D kept Andy afloat for many years… not happening now. Dump Segrest ASAP. Fox group said before game that Eagles are TOO slow to adapt and change defenses; Johnson (ex-Dallas coach) especially was extremely emphatic about that along with Long. Replay the tape of Viking game, Andy! Honestly, I trust Marty more than Reid who probably tells Sean M. what defensive scheme he wants with no chance to revise as game plays out.

  3. Couldn’t have said it better myself… a lot of changes need to be here. I am sick of settling for winning seasons and then getting eliminated right away. We need a new defense entirely almost, a strong O line, better schemes… the list goes on. AR is too predictable, still cannot manage a clock and refuses to run the ball which is proven but he is too arrogant to change his scheme around a little bit and thats the worst part. He does not do what it takes to win.

  4. my buddie said to me on the way to work today ” the teams offense looks like donovan mcnabb all over again” lol. I said Well then you know its the coach and not the players. Lets be honest here andy is a GREAT game planner for the most part. And a great coach. But he is so damn stubborn all the time. Yeah akers missed 2 kicks, but you cant say we would have won the game if he hit those. Cause maybe green bay comes down and scores again. Cause and effect so we unsure exactly what would have happened. But green bay coming into the playoffs there biggest weakness is there run defense. So why not just run the damn ball. Reminded me of the raiders last year!!! Raiders were ranked 32nd in run defense everyone in the league was pounding the run against them. We go in there and all we do is pass the damn ball. Exploit a teams weakness. I know ranking arent everything but if it works for everyone else why the hell cant we do it.

  5. Andy does NOT put his players in best position to succeed. This was a coaching loss because whole team went down. Why so little use of McCoy and Harrison?

  6. Howie R. has actually gone out and gotten some very good guys to fill needs and add depth, but Reid rarely knows how to effectively use them. I can’t fault the players… it’s the guy at top running the ship. There is more to a game than scripting first 15 plays. It’s exasperating when the last Eagles championship I saw (at age 18) was in ’60… 50yrs and counting. Though I respect those long-gone winning teams, tired of the “empty” nostalgic Frankford Yellow Jacket and kelly green shows… both games of which we lost.

  7. maybe it is time for reid to go and bring in someone. he has done all he could and now it is time for change, someone to get the team over the hump.

    didn’t tampa do this when they brought grudin in and let dungy go? lets go with this as a model to follow

  8. Iggles

    I’m with you. Reid’s unwillingness to use McCoy/Harrison is completely inexcusable. We should game plan to exploit the other team’s weaknesses. That’s football 101.

  9. Every year, Reid has a blind spot that spells dooms. If it’s not having wide receivers, it’s linebackers, kick returners (what coach lost an entire season because he didn’t have a punt returner), fullback, TE, safety, unwillingness to run, and the list goes on.

  10. in the words of Drummer.. Andy Reid kills Quarter backs… And now Andy Reid kills Running Backs too

  11. He is killing what used to be solid Home-Field Advantage and eventually Fan Interest & Support
    Eagles were 4-5 at home this year which is inexcusable and would not be tolerated for most NFL Franchises where the Coach would be terminated..

  12. The sad part about all of this is that Reid is brilliant in so many ways. With just a few adjustments, I believe he could bring home the trophy.

  13. From the very first play, Reid showed his resistance to change. The first play resembled a continuation of the Minnesota game, and despite suffering a sack, Reid still refused to run the ball. Eight of the first 11 plays were passes. Again, I’m not saying that we have to have a balanced attack, but we should certainly attack the opponent’s weaknesses and play diversity is necessary.

  14. I understand that throwing Akers under the bus was a political move, but Reid is doing that kind of thing more frequently. He’s beginning to play the blame game.

    Do you think he has a ready replacement in mind for Akers? We still haven’t replaced Dawkins. Our defense lacks players who intimidate (unless your counting the ones who intimidate in practice). It’s a sad state when the season’s most ferocious hits were delivered by Asante Samuel. Reid called him out during the off-season and Samuel responded. Of course, he was injured in doing so and I believe it took away from his game. If Asante is going to be a ball hawk, the defense must put pressure on the QB. And if he’s not going to be a ball hawk, he’s not worth the money he’s paid. I’ve been cold, hot, cold and hot again on Samuel. In hindsight, however, I think he’s worth every dime, but he’s got to be able to play his game.

  15. I still have to watch the game again to really critque the game plan. I can confidently say the Eagles were just hanging on for the first 3 quarters and it felt like Green Bay was much better. Some how the Eagles had a great chance to steal this game.
    If you told me Green Bay was going to score 21 I would say that’s an Eagle win. It’s amazing to watch a game an know a TD is coming once the opponent gets inside the 20. The defense seems to self destruct in the red zone. How can the fans feels good about a defense that folds in the red zone. Sims is amazing how fast his speed takes him out of position. No surprise we saw more Clayton at LB yesterday. I think the McDermott trial has to end and bring in someone else as much as I hate to type it.
    Celek running out of the back of the end zone and 2 easy field goals missed? That’s 5-8 easy points lost for no good reason. These errors were a kick in the balls to Vick along with the Green Bay hits. How on Earth was this not a blow out? Can this team be that good? The talent on the offensive side is scary and all the fans know it. How good is Maclin and McCoy, wow!
    Andy Reid has to win his way or lose. He won’t take the easy yards to make a defense adjust. Vick’s legs got this team 4 extra wins, not brillant offensive schemes. Vick could lead a balanced offense to great heights if he doesn’t have to do it all with big plays.

  16. drummer, he has to start playing the blame game. With McNabb gone there’s no one else to blame. It didn’t help that fans didn’t like McNabb’s personality so it was easy. But now he’s gone, Reid is going to be singled out be of all the players that have come and gone, he is the constant variable in all the successes and more importantly, failures.

  17. jphalines

    I was entertaining company, something I haven’t done during an Eagles game in a long time. So, I have to go back and watch the game again also. However, when I see that McCoy had 12 runs and only 14 touches, I can safely say that the game plan sucked. And lining up Jason Peters in the backfield (in a playoff game), that was also ridiculous. He whiffed on everything. I don’t think he even hit any air.

  18. I typically never say (or post) a negative word, but my disappointment today is killing me. I am starting to think that the time has come to change the top 3 (HC/OC and DC). How many times did we run on first down to get to 2nd and 5, and then throw the net two downs? Did we ever make the Packers stop the run? Did we not gain enough yardage on our runs? The Packers had the O plan we should have had –

    as for the D – are you kidding me – 3rd and 3 and the Packer come out with 4 WRs – and we have Trapp the DE try and run back and cover a WR? press cover 3 of the 4 and have a DE try and run back? Can Sims tackle? Why on a 3rd and 10 are our LBs 17 yards deep, Why is it when we try to pass in the Red Zone it seems like every eagle is covered yet when other teams pass one guy is always wide open? DId it not look like the Packers had the right call or answer for everything we did?

    Frustrating. I think we have peaked as a divisional champion/1st/2nd round playoff team without a huge commitment to the run and getting some top notch LBs, and a 2nd CB

  19. While I’m thinking of it, GCobb what a great job you did this season! Many of your articles were insightful and thought provoking. I learned a lot about the Eagles from you and I enjoyed the comments from the guys who posted throughout the entire season, Vinnie included.

    For the guys:

    Man, we had some times – some good and some not so good. In fact, it seems that some of our roughest moments occurred when were winning. (I don’t know why that is.) Anyway, it was all good.

    You guys helped me to grow up a bit. If you haven’t noticed, I no longer invite people to “meet me after school.” LOL

    I just didn’t know how to handle people calling me names, but I’ve learned.

    I look forward to an off-season of critique, focus on the draft, free-agency and speculation about next year’s team, with Paul leading the way, of course.

  20. Amen! we get a lock down corner opposite asante and that changes a lot for this team. trade kolb and make necessary changes to improve this team. its sounds so simple when written but we have agreat nucleus to build from.

  21. Just been so friggin pissed all day but been reading everyones thoughts.Good stuff Birdbrains. D-wins your right..great year and we have a blast on here daily. Sorry i called you a toolshed that time. Was outta line…I do that.I gotta get better at that.(I’m so fuggin sick of hearing that line from him at the p.conf)

    Nmamda would be nice.Lotsa things have too happen too get that done.Other teams would love em too.We’ll see.

    They need too get this damn thing right….get a o-line that is intimidating for crips sake. You cant have a menacing QB and reciever core and pillow paw o-lineman. Yes….YOU NICK COLE!!!AND YOU JUSTICE.The rest of the crew i can work with.WTF was Petersdoing there…go kill someone your in motion big and ugly.If i was a coach i would verbally abused him so much his mom woulda calle dme after the game.

    And the defense needs too revamp. More on that cause we could all go for hours about it.

    Either way…end of season and we’re all staring at the other teams wondering…why cant we still be in it…we had em.And you guys are true fans..everyone…i dont care what you post or how you post it…your good people.Im gonna hit the gym and punish myself for an hour and a half. Go Birds.

  22. We need some push up the middle. Cole’s not getting the QB because they’re able to step up into the pocket. Nothing disrupts a QB like pressure right in his face. It forces him to the Defensive ends. Andy’s been trying to find a stud Defensive end, but a monster nose tackle would probably be just as effective.

  23. We’re hours away from Paulmans mock draft.

    Can someone tell me why we drafted one of the best college backs in the last 5 years and all we do is throw screens too him every week?

  24. Drummer’s List for Most Over-the-Top Posters of the 2010-2011 Season

    1. It’s a tie between Paul and Songs!

  25. Drummer’s List for the Poster Who Incessantly Harped on the Same Thing Morning, Noon and Night, Over and Over and Over and Over and Over and Over and Over and Over for the Entire Season, Until Even He Couldn’t Read His Posts Anymore:

    1. Me

  26. Guys,

    You know it’s bad when Navy says the coaches may need to be changed. He’s always positive on the Eagles and I respect that. Andy isn’t going anywhere yet. But if this team doesn’t win next year, he has to go. Here’s my wish list for this offseason (in no specific order):

    1. Demote McDermott and Promote Dick Jauron to D-coordinator
    2. Nnamdi Asomugha
    3. Marty heads to Cleveland WITH Kevin Kolb
    4. Bring in Chilly to add balance back to the offense
    5. I would wish for a good defensive draft but I’m setting myself up for disappointment
    6. No more “Paulman’s mock drafts”

  27. Wow, I just did quick read through all the posts and I don’t think I read anything I’d diagree with! Me? That never happens! It’s a miracle. Is there a lunar eclipse tonight?

    Anyway great stuff and you know that when Navy goes AWOL against coaching it’s time. Hey Navy, welcome to the dark side baby! Not the dark side of criticism since it’s always nice to have balance, yuck, yuck, but the dark side to say it’s time for AR to go. I’ve been saying that for 5 years. I wanted him gone more than McNabb because, other than McNabb’s poor leadership skills, I always thought 5’s biggest problem was Reid. Looking that way for Vick too. Reid is a QB slayer man and not the opponents QB.

  28. Scorp

    I wouldn’t mind seeing those two, as long as GB wins. I think I’ll puke if the Pats win another.

  29. Not much more to add…. I was shocked the other day when I learned that the birds dont have audibles … and they rarely have hot reads…

    Im generally an Andy supporter, but even Im starting to think its time to look for a new HC…

    I saw some suggestions for the offseason… 2 bigtime needs I see are:

    somebody to replace Winston Justice
    A solid CB opposite Asante

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