Eagles Fire Defensive Coordinator Sean McDermott

Philly.com has just reported that Eagles defensive coordinator Sean McDermott has been fired. This an amazing report if indeed it is true.  Of course we’ve all heard a great deal of criticism for McDermott after the Eagles defense had one of the worst red zone percentages in three decades.

McDermott took over as a defensive coordinator two years ago when his mentor and former Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Johnson died of cancer.

The defense was 12th in the league in yardage allowed but they were 21st in points allowed.  Reid was asked about McDermott’s standing right after their season was ended by the Packers and the head coach said McDermott was going to return.

“You’re dealing with a guy that’s a tremendous worker and is a very smart individual,” Reid said. “And so I look at it a little bit different than what you do in that I’ve seen him work with young guys, I’ve seen him work through injuries, I’ve seen him stay positive through those situations and still put us in a position to win football games.”

Something obviously has changed in Reid’s thinking.  I wonder what was happening in the discussion regarding whether the problem with the defense was the scheme or the talent.

I did learn that they weren’t happy in the front office with McDermott making the coverages so complicated that some of the younger players weren’t able to play.  Cornerback Trevard Lindley was one of the young players who was kept off the field because of McDermott’s complicated schemes.

I also had heard that they didn’t like the way McDermott would have some of their best pass rushers dropping into coverage.  This was not looked upon fondly.  Pro Bowl Trent Cole voiced some displeasure with the way he was being used.

I think this firing says that Andy Reid doesn’t have the power in the organization that he’s had in the past.

What do you think about his firing?

380 thoughts on “Eagles Fire Defensive Coordinator Sean McDermott

  1. This dude had one good game this year and that was against a beat up colts team. He was thoroughly outcoached by Green Bay when they come out with 1WR and 2 TEs and lined the WR up on the left side effectively leaving Asante covering nobody and trying to help with run support which is his weakness. And he made no adjustments to this. Great move by the Eagles.

  2. The talent evaluation on D is beyond poor, but even this group could have done better in the red zone by accident. McDermott deserved this. Hopefully more of the staff is going too.

  3. I’m so used to blogging during the games, I decided to check this site. Man, am I sick or what?

  4. You’re probably right that they want to give the job to Dick Jauron before he signs with Cleveland. McDermott is still learning and didn’t have a good, confident feel for what he was doing.

  5. I personally would go to Pittsburgh or Baltimore find the top assistant ready to become a defensive coordinator and bring him in. I then change to the 3-4. I know I dont have the personnel but I make the change and get the personnel. The 4 best defenses in the NFL. Pittsburgh, Greenbay, Baltimore, Jets and Dallas should be better than they are. Greenbay didnt have the personnel either but they got it and look at them now. The 3-4 is by far the best defense in the NFL. Why not join in?

  6. McDermott in his short tenure was not impressive. I think he deserved to be fired, but I also think he is a scapegoat. Let’s face it, this defense is very short on talent. We’ll see if the next coach can get them to play better, but if it’s Jauron I won’t be too thrilled. He was a mediocre coach in Buffalo and Chicago. Does anyone think he’ll be great if he takes over? I don’t.

    JJ got the defense to play at a high level as the talent began to dwindle, but they always got exposed at some point.

    This is more about the Eagles being able to say “look, we’ve made a change that you’ve asked for now let us go about our business.” The business being keeping the Eagles in the top ten of the most valuable NFL franchises. What would make sense from a football perspective is to get rid of the whole coaching staff! It’s long overdue.

    My alma mater (University of Maryland College Park) fired their football coach after he won ACC coach of the year. Marty Schottenheimer got fired after going 14-2 in the regular season for losing a home playoff game. His track record said that he was a good regular season coach that couldn’t get it done in the playoffs. Reid/Schottenheimer, what’s the difference?

  7. G-Cobb you know how it went down. The Eagles told Jaroun to let them know if he was gonna take the Cleveland job. Jaroun called the Eagles and said yes he was gonna take it but he would rather stay in Philly. The Eagles said ok and fired McDermitt and told him the job is his. Im excited about that from also the talent evaluating aspect. The Eagles personnell decisions are horrible. Im all for a new set of eyes.

  8. He had nothing to work with on d but should had simplified things in the red zone. Fat boy should go after the lb coach from Pitt, Rob Ryan or herm Edwards to run the d. Also they have to stop drafting these undersized players on d

  9. Could we get now get a competent linebacker. How can a team not value linebackers? I can’t remember the last good one we have had – I guess it was the first iteration of Trot. All the rest under Reid are just guys. Ernie Sims had loads of talent, but no understanding of how to play the game. I am sick of seeing him overrun the play. Bradley had promise until his injuries.

  10. Bullshit this was more than that. McDermitt couldnt evaluate his own team. How does Dixon sit on the bench? It takes a injury for him to play. How does Chaney sit on the bench? How can you sell me Sims is a shark in the water? He should of been benched for Jordan. Nate Allen is soft. That was his MO in college yet you make him your 2nd round pick. You take Graham who is to small. You stay with Patterson to long. McDermitt was terrible.

  11. Daggolden

    It seems like the entire identity of the defense is soft. Ironically the hardest hits delivered by the defense this year were by Asante Samuel. If he is your “enforcer” then you know you’ve got major problems.

  12. Not valuing players is a myth. I watch the Steelers and Ravens. Those LBs arent all 1st round picks. They just know how to evaluate talent. The Eagles draft picks suck. For every Maclin or Jackson there are 10 bust they select. If they would draft better they would have better players. Thats the bottom line. Even there free agents they pick up are a hit or miss.

  13. A lot of these “tweeners” the Eagles draft would probably benefit teams that play indoors. The fast, under-sized defense to me only works in warm weather. Once the weather turns is when physical play is more important. Looks to me like the Eagles have tried to be the outdoor version of the “greatest show on turf.”

    Looking at the Steelers-Ravens game I see defenders with both speed and size. Is this really possible?

  14. Phillyatheart its called the 3-4. Trent Cole and Jaqua Parker will be big and fast if they move to rush OLB. James Harrison and Terrell Suggs dont cover. They stand up and rush. You then get a big 350 pound force in the middle.

  15. Doesn’t matter…the real problem is Banner and Reid! We will NEVER EVER win a Super Bowl with these clowns. I know it won’t happen ,but Philly fans should not support this team until they rid themselves of these stiffs.Gold Standard huh? Please!!!! Oh wait did I forget someone….Howie Roseman too!! This guy has no clue what he is doing…you might as well hire Ed Rendell as the GM..

  16. Dag

    From Spadaro’s lips in 2002 . . . regarding Takeo Spikes (one in a loooooong list)

    On the Inside
    Eagles Make Big Deal To Fortify Defense, LB Position

    I love the move. Clearly, I love the move. I have to believe you all love the move, too. So many times I’ve had to hear how the Eagles don’t value linebackers. Obviously, well, they addressed the position. How it all shakes out, I don’t know. Time will tell. Spikes is a leader and he is a veteran and he fits the criteria of everything you want in a player. If he proves he is fully recovered from the injury, he will be a great player in the system. But that is something I can’t answer right now.

  17. Yeah, I know about the 3-4. It was my attempt at sarcasm. I just don’t think we’ll change our scheme to match the personnel. That would make too much sense and the Eagles rarely do what makes sense.

  18. What does that mean for what our scheme is gonna look like. Dicks defenses have always sucked against the run. Is that something we have to look forward to? Also I always like the blitzing attack that the eagles ran. That is sure to change now.

  19. McDermott had little to work with after all the injuries, That been said, I still don’t think he’s a very good defensive coordinator. But, after all is said and done, it simply doesn’t matter as long as Reid’s the Head Coach. Like drummer said, Ground Hog Day every year. With Reid, you can script the end of every season before it begins. It dosn’t matter what the players are because, Reid’s offense has not changed at all in many, many years. Instead of tailoring an offense to meet the skilled players on the team, Reid runs the offense he wants regardless of who he can put on the field. The 2010 offense is the same as the 2009, 2008, 2007 etc offense. What changed is the players which made the big play more successful and the running game numbers better becasue of Vick’s special talent but nothing else changed. Reid hasn’t and will never change this offense.

  20. The Rothlisberger drama/suspension, missing his key defensive player in Polamalu in today’s game, losing their 3rd tackle, you gotta give Tomlin credit for a great coaching job.

    And Rothlisberger is the toughest QB I’ve ever seen. Going through a windshield, broken nose, broken bone in his foot today. That guy is manimal!

  21. The upset of the post-season will come from my man, Rex Ryan! I hope. I love those Ryans! They’re better than the movies.

  22. Baltimore gave that game away. I give the Steelers credit for accepting the gift. Ray Rice knows he can’t be holding the ball loose like that. Then Flacco overthrows his receiver. You have to throw it so either your guy gets it or nobody does. Then they give it to them on a messed up snap. They didn’t deserve to win.

  23. You could argue that if the Steelers didn’t give the game away in the first half the Ravens wouldn’t have had a 21-7 lead at halftime. Those are just two evenly matched teams and the team that made the least mistakes when it mattered most won.

  24. The Jets must run the ball if they want to beat the Patriots. If they let Mark Sanchez throw the ball a lot, they’ll be down 21-0 because of him turning the ball over.

  25. 2011…Nothing has changed. Defense wins Championships. That’s why Pittsburgh won today ant that’s why it was a dog fight with Baltimore. We better get bigger and more physical next season. Curious to see who get as the new D coordinator job.

  26. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! We got rid of dougie houser finally…… That means smokey the bear reid is probably on the SLOP SEAT perhaps this season…….. ROB RYAN ROB RYAN ROB RYAN ROB RYAN>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> OR I’ll TAKE SINGLETARY…….. Ryan would be great…… The re-birth of Buddy….. That ol’ fashion CHEESE BURGER BLITZ…….. PLEASE GET HIM…………

  27. Once you get that big of a lead, you make sure not to turn the ball over. There’s no excuse for making those mistakes when you’ve got that big of a lead. If you just make sure they work hard for everything they get, then you will probably win the game because of that quality Ravens defense.

  28. He should have never been defensive coordinator in the first place…….. Seagress…… Your next buddy…….. Get your stuff packing very shortly……. Who ever Philly hires at defensive coordinator….. I hope he brings some of his staff with him to replace Segress……

  29. You gotta love G for assuming merit with Reid writting that something must’ve changed with Reid’s thinking. I can hear Nelson from the Simpsons saying Ha, Ha. Look, what Reid says in the public MEANS NOTHING. Just look back and all the BS he shoveled with the QB position. Whenever Reid says anything all you should realy hear is what all the adults sound like in Charlie Brown. Wat wa… wat wawa.

    Do you think maybe Reid’s belly grows intead of his nose when he doesn’t tell the truth?

  30. you want GB don;t you……..that will get Chic another home game and trip to the SB….then they can be the worst team to make it to a SB since the last time they made it to the big game

  31. LOOK the steelers have that word that our franchise lacks….. KILLER INSTINCT…….. Dick Lebou is a genius…… He is the wheels of this franchise….. AR had JJ to back him up through the years…. It’s not so much as Reid’s Success…….. Jordan had Scottie Pippen……. What would reid be without Johnson……….?????????? We cant even get through the first round wildcard game….. MAKES YOU WONDER………………..

  32. Eagle’s o co-ordinators call a game like someone playing a vid game. Runs? I finish any madden game with about 50 passes and 3 runs (cause they never work). Sounds about right.

  33. daggolden…who cares. Guy has what? Best record ever over 1st 3 years in a career?

    Just watch this game and you might change your mind on how the position should be played. You won’t see a lot of “My first read is covered….lets run!” in this game.

  34. You know gcobb ive been following you since your v stream days when there was like 3 of us asking you questions in a room. I remember your casts from different restaurants and car dealerships, You come a long way my friend

  35. Hey, you’re the one who just said Ryan can’t hold VIck’s jock. Which is a strange comment, since Ryan is the better quarterback.

    Don’t get all hissy just because deep down you know it to be true but your pride (or whatever) won’t let you admit what your eyes can see.

  36. I think Coach AR has lost a lot of authority in that lasr 2 off-seasons.. I ve stated this many times that after he has his family issues, that Lurie & Banner made it a point to dial back many of the importatnt
    decisions that AR would have final say on
    IT satarted with the departure of B Dawkins when the Front OFfice was not going to give in and meet or even come close to the Broncos offers, then it continued last off-season with the McNabb deal and continued thru the Draft where GM Rosemans was calling the shots as far as the tradeds and moving up and back… I’ve stated this a number of times that if anyone doesn’t believe that Joe Banner is the one really running things, then you haven’t been paying attention to what’s been happening with this team the last 2-3 years.. This Firing of McDermott also puts Coach AR on notice I belive and if he fails to have a deep playoff run next Season or 2012 by latest, I think we will be reading about Coach Ar’s Firing too .

  37. Yeah, G. I agree with dawkplex. You’ve come a long way. When it comes to sports (especially football), I check you out first, then I go the newspapers.

  38. Has anyone noticed what Green Bay is doing? In case you haven’t, let me clue you in. They’re running the ball.

  39. How about that fumble recovery for a TD in the Pittsburgh game. Only one man had sense enough to pick up the ball.

  40. Vinne, we didnt see that this year because our receivers cant run quick routes. If Vick does a 2 step drop who is he meant to throw it to when our guys are still stuck on the line? See the bigger picture.

  41. G- so if andy is not calling the shots… Who will be the DC? If its not andys call will they go in an entirely differnt direction? Ps… I’m at work… Preaching tonight so maybe I missed them naming DJ as DC.

  42. One thing that is clear, The Eagles deserved to start their off-season and really didn’t play a good all around football games in the last 7 weeks of the Season.. After that record breaking 1st quarter vs the Redskins, it was all downhill after that (which was about the time all this Vick for MVP kicked into high gear)

  43. The eagles wrs aren’t quick? That’s odd.

    I have no friends because Vick can’t make a quick throw on a 2 or 3 step drop? Really? That’s it? Wicked. Now that I know what the issue is, I can now hopefully more forward. One day someone will love me for who I am.

  44. Btw G… You did not post my short little email and half of it has come true already. I know it sucked but where the love for stevo??

  45. Vinnie what has the speed of a WR got to do with a quick throw? Speed is negated if the CB can jam you to pointlessness which happened to Jackson in a lot of games this year and made him give up on so many plays/games.

  46. I think the Birds need to develop two different game plans. One emphasizes their WR speed the other emphasizes their bigger receivers, Celek, Avant, Maclin. They should be working with Michael Vick on his blitz reads tonight, tomorrow night and Monday night.

  47. Vinnie

    You may have missed Mike McCarthy’s press conference from Monday. The relevant part is below:

    “Our offense is based on making the quarterback position as successful as possible. That’s why you start, with the game plan you start building the run game, because running the football is what needs to be done up front so the offensive line, the run-blocking unit can establish the line of scrimmage. From that, it gives you the variations in pass protections that’s definitely needed in today’s game with the amount of pressure and scheme diversity that these defenses in today’s NFL give you, and then off of that comes the passing game. It’s clearly about throwing the football to the right person. It’s about decision-making, accuracy, getting in rhythm, timing, and it’s all driven by making that quarterback successful.”

  48. G that is what paulman and myself have been saying recently. We need a bigger receiver to become a red zone threat who can catch a tight ball on a curl route where they sort of post up against the defender or on the fade route.

  49. I believe the Birds have 2 WrS (avant/cooper) with good size.

    Maclin in not a mini-man. Those guys all good enuf for a quick strike attack.
    Problem….Vick not that kind of QB…..

    So when you sit back and watch these 2 QBs play beautifully Quick strickes…playing from the pocket….remember, you’ll never see this from Vick.

  50. And once that uses the run. I’m telling you G my idea about finding one of the old atl coaches is a good one. They jammed the ball down teams throats.

  51. G

    We need more than 2 offensive sets. How about one for power running, i.e., the Packers who employed 3 RB sets against us.

  52. At this point, pass interference is not a bad call at all. In fact, he might as well tackle him if the ball comes close.

  53. I always have to laugh at coaches who throw their notes on the ground in frustration, then straight away realise they quickly need them and pick em up again.

  54. Packers WR James Jones is a free-agent FYI.. 6-2 210 lbs and can leap and run..
    I say Trade D-jax while his value is high.. His small frame and will make it unlikely that he’s even playing in the NFL in 3 years.. If he isn’t running a deep route or an end-around, that what does he do for you..

  55. Mimitaro

    What you missed were the successive runs to set it all up. Did you see McCarthy’s statement:

    That’s why you start, with the game plan you start building the run game, because running the football is what needs to be done up front so the offensive line, the run-blocking unit can establish the line of scrimmage. From that, it gives you the variations in pass protections that’s definitely needed in today’s game with the amount of pressure and scheme diversity that these defenses in today’s NFL give you, and then off of that comes the passing game. It’s clearly about throwing the football to the right person. It’s about decision-making, accuracy, getting in rhythm, timing, and it’s all driven by making that quarterback successful.”

  56. Vinnie – you won’t see many of those for several reasons. The Eagles WR don’t often run shallow crossing routes, struggle getting off the line and Vick is short compared to most QBs.

  57. Paul, these small fast WRs hit their ceiling very early in their career and drop off pretty fast once injuries and age catches up to them and they lose their speed. e.g. Steve Smith. Agree, trade him next year while he has such high value with his cheap contract.

  58. Eagles couldn’t play with either of these 2 teams or the Bears or any of the final 4 teams from thr AFC
    and next season watch for an improved Tampa Bucs, Rams,Lions.. The Eagles are simply spinning wheels until a complete Coaching Change occurs

  59. I think the new defensive coordinator will be Dick Jauron. That was a great drive by the Packers. That was a championship type drive because the Falcons had just scored and you march it right down the field on them. It’s looks like #21 Christopher Owens is portraying Dimitri Patterson and Ellis Hobbs in this game.

  60. Like McCarthy said, “you start building the run game, because running the football is what needs to be done up front so the offensive line, the run-blocking unit can establish the line of scrimmage.”

    That’s that part some of you guys just don’t get.

    You watched McCarthy do it.

    You read about him saying it. Yet you ignore it.


  61. Mimitaro

    That was after he did it to the Eagles. He’s also done it here tonight. Where were you?

  62. G

    At least Owens had enough sense to stop the TD, so they could “live to fight another day.” Green Bay had to run the ball.

  63. Either way, theres no way Falcons are playing the run. You cant afford to against Rodgers and his receivers. The Falcons will be playing the pass all night yet GB still passed 6:1 to get to the goal line.

  64. I like that WR Malcom Floyd from the Chargers who is also a free-agent.. He’s 6-4 and 220 and imagine if Vick had tall,tough WR’s who can leap and actually fight for the ball. I do like Maclin for he can go deep,run slants and outs and crossing routes.. Avant is too slow and just not athletic enough.. R Cooper will need to step up next year and play like he’s with the big boys..

  65. Mimitaro

    The Pack ran the ball against the Eagles. Why wouldn’t Atlanta expect them to run. As a matter of fact, McCarthy said that too. In his press conference he said he would run against them.

    BTW, have you noticed that ATL is running as well?

  66. Both guards for the Falcons are Free-agents fyi .. Clabo and Dahl.. Anyone notice how quickly QB Ryan got rid of the ball when Woddson was blitzing.. Vick would have been sacked right there

  67. Added bonus to staying in the pocket….personal fouls called.

    Drummer….GB ran 4 str8 rushes on their 2nd posession (after going run pass pass on their first)….other than that, the run has been an afterthought…..oh gee, they ran 2x on first and goal at the 1….even the Birds do that.

    Hey Paul….do you really think the Eagles should teade away players whose value are at their highest?

    I wonder what player (acquired for nothing) has his value at an all-time high……hmmmmm

  68. Very Poor pass , similar to Vick’s throw and got too much air under it.. the WR had a step like Coope did last week, but pass was lobbed and too much air under it

  69. Vinnie

    Let’s see they ran twice on the first possession, 4 times on their second and scored by running on their third. Yeah, that amounts to nothing. Do you read what you post?

  70. Out of ale problems the Eagles have. Trade your pro bowl WR and Punt returner. Trade your 1000 yard reciever. They set franchise record in points and yards. Out of all the problems we have trade our 1000 yard reciever. The guy who averages 24 yards a catch. Out of all the problems trade 1 of our 3 pro bowlers? really.

  71. Rodgers averaging 6 yards per attempt is nothing to write home about, but running for 123 yards. . .

    Don’t forget, we had stopped the run all season.

  72. I don’t see the Eagles giving D-Jax a $40-$50 Million deal if he can only run the deep routes and run some occasional Punts.. So I t would consider trading him and would expect a 2nd and a 4th Draft pick in return.. It would be on the table and especially if I was going to go more to a balanced offense instead of a bombs away offense like they have now….

  73. maybetheycan – does everyone with an opinion different to yours have a losing point?

    I have stated myself the eagles should run more. I just dont think its the be all and end all to winning as I have proven time and time again with my stats and facts. There are bigger problems for this eagles team than an unbalanced offense.

  74. Like I said earlier, you don’t get rid of your best players. You get rid of your mediocre and poor players.

  75. 1st posession was run pass pass (fumbled by jennings)

    2nd posession had 4 str8 runs (total 5 runs 4 passes_

    3rd posession 5 str8 passes

    4thposession was 8-2 passes till they got to the 1 yrd line, then 2 runs…so 8-4 total

  76. Rodgers could of thrown for 400 yards last week if thats what they chose to do. They did the Eagles defense a favor by having three 75 yard drives by running the ball. Is there anyone that thinks they couldnt of picked our secondary apart and killed our defense last week? Long running drives equals not alot of points. Almost backfired on GB.

  77. You guys really want to pay a high end WR deal to a punt returner? The only games Jackson shows up for is the ones when our o-line is dominating and he can get deep. But when your o-line is dominating even Hank Baskett will get enough chances to look good.

  78. Thought the Eagles Defense was bad and the pass rush non-existent, Rodgers is carving this Defense apart..

  79. Tell me who it was that said that Kevin Kolb is as good as Aaron Rodgers. Whoever said it was telling a lie. Rodgers is a great athlete and a great quarterback.

  80. Vinnie

    Check out Didinger’s take on the Packers game (a portion thereof):

    “As good as Rodgers is – and he is very good, indeed – the Packers didn’t make their game plan all about him. They took a team approach. Even though their running game ranked 24th in the league, they were going to keep banging away with Sparks, Brandon Jackson and John Kuhn. It wasn’t pretty, but it worked.

    The Eagles, by comparison, never got McCoy (12 rushing attempts) into the flow. They opened the game in the shotgun – Vick was sacked on the first play – and never changed. Of the 64 offensive snaps, the Eagles were in the shotgun 47 times. That does two things: it puts the whole game in the hands of the quarterback and makes it easier for a defense to draw a bead on him.”

  81. Also wasnt the GB o-line one of the worst in the league last year in allowing sacks? They have done a good job upgrading because Arod is getting enough time to cook a roast back there before going through 4 progressions and passing it.

  82. Mimitaro…thatls true.

    And despite what anyone might think about his calebrations, you have to understand that the Birds are going to do their due dilligence as far as giving contracts to athletes with questionable attitudes/work ethic etc.

    Dude has been told to stop showboating before tds and yet continues to do so….how do you think the guy holding the purse strings interprets that?

  83. Drummer i am agreeing with u more and more on things but we did not stop the run against Vikings,Bears and don’t remember the other ones but it was def not consistent

  84. mimitaro – absolutely not.

    I agree that the Eagles don’t need a balanced attack but they do need a MORE balanced attack. Balanced enough so that the defense is kept off balance on as many plays as possible. I completely disagree that the offense is not the biggest problem and I have yet to see any proof or statistics that prove that Reid’s offense does that. In my humble opinion, the offensive philosophy is the #1 problem. IMO the Eagles may have taken the first step in resolving the defensive problem today. With JJ & McDermott gone, we may now be able to move away from this ‘fast-ball” light D-Line defense since Reid seems to be less involved in the D.

  85. Thanks drummer…I watched the game. I agree…the Birds need to run the ball at least 2x more than they do……doens’t change the fact that Vick is awesome against the Houstons, washingtons, Jacksonvilles etc of the worls, but can’t handle real defences.

  86. I would keep all options on the table regarding any potential trades of playeres who are under contract, have value and pplay a postion where Eagles have depth

  87. . Falcons scored 1 td on balanced attack nice td run!! Packers ran 4 straight times 2 easy first downs and a short pass for another first. please FIRE REID!!!!

  88. drummer – different skill set and thats fine. So does Djax catch that 3rd and 3 curl route to Nelson on the second drive with a linebacker on his shoulders?

  89. Vinnie

    So, do you agree with McCarthy’s reason for running the ball?

    “the run-blocking unit can establish the line of scrimmage. From that, it gives you the variations in pass protections that’s definitely needed in today’s game with the amount of pressure and scheme diversity that these defenses in today’s NFL give you, and then off of that comes the passing game. It’s clearly about throwing the football to the right person. It’s about decision-making, accuracy, getting in rhythm, timing, and it’s all driven by making that quarterback successful.”

  90. Paulman…. Give it up man. Stop talking about djack till d patterson is no longer on our team. We have a VERY SOLID core of wr’s. Teams cannot cover all our weapons. Djax opens things up for everyone. We r not gunna be a quick slant team. I don’t want a 2nd and 4th for djax. I don’t want jones who drops balls for djack. Get over it. Talk about our LB’s or how we need a friggin return man… Talk about our need for a c and a rg. Give up this b.s. Convo about one of our friggin stars.

  91. Drummer….right now the Pack is at 2-1 pass/run….take away that one drive where they had 4 str8 runs, and its closing in on 3-1 pass/run……..

    I’m assuming they’ll run in the 2nd half now that they have a lead, but your arguement that they used the run to set up the pass is moot

  92. Mimitaro No but Jackson goes for 50 yard touchdowns 10 times a year. Jackson makes every defensive cord game plan aggainst him. Jackson makes punt teams punt the ball out of bounds. Thats what he does.

  93. Paulman – trade Jackson – one of your most dynamic playmakers players for for 2 draft choices – ( that statistically may never play) – really? If you said trade him and Kolb for Arizona’s #1 draft choice and an older and more expensive Larry Fitzgerald then I wouls say OK, intereting debate, but 2 draft choices?
    By thje way, if I was Arizona, I might do that deal.(they would get a proven QB (vs an unproven project) and a younger WR to replace a VERY expensive Fitzgerald and SAVE MONEY!
    If I was the eagles I would get a great WR and the chance to draft a stud CB!

  94. The Packers have a lot of talent. Rodgers is a monster. They’ve got some great cornerbacks, so they can play man-to-man all day long. They’ve got Clay Matthews who is a beast. Woodson was defensive player of the year last year.

  95. Stevo thats the problem, we are not a quick slant team. But with our o-line we NEEDED to be a quick slant team because Vick got killed with his limited time to get the pass off. But we didnt have the receivers on the roster to do any quick throws.

  96. Jackson is 165 pounds. What do fans expect? It is what it is. No he cant out muscle anyone. No he doesnt go across the middle alot. Thats not his game. But in 3 years he has 20 palys over 40 yards. What do fans want? Hes the first back to back pro bowl wr in 20 years. Lets trade him. Are you serious?

  97. I see Vinnie never answered my question.

    He also posted stats showing that the Pack ran nearly as much as they threw as evidence that they don’t run the ball.

    And he said “Matt Ice” was much better than Vick.

    Seems Vinnie’s not having a very good day, AGAIN!

  98. Vinnie…. I watched mike vick kick tair against the pack game 1. Did you miss that? I watched vick beat the snot out of giants… Looked like a real d to me.

  99. Mimitaro

    It’s how they got there.

    Like McCarthy said, he establishes the run FIRST, so that he can pass.

    Don’t just look at the end point. It’s about the journey.

  100. Packers are missing thier stud TE Finley. Wow. Now I want whoever is drafting in GB. We get Clay Harbour, Brandon Graham and Kevin Kolb. They draft Rodgers, Finley, Clay Mathews all around the same picks. lol

  101. I’m glad McDermott is gone but stop it with Rob Ryan. He is not Rex and certainly not Buddy. His pass defenses are consistently among the worst in the league. He has done nothing. So let’s not call for him simply because he’s a Ryan. In my opinion it won’t matter who the next DC is if Reid doesn’t draft better and/or add quality free agents. Jauron will probably be the guy since he’s already on the staff and he and Reid have a good relationship. Jauron may not be Rex Ryan but I’m pretty sure he can coach a defense better than McDermott. Not sure who else is out there to get. Singletary was the LB coach before head coach. Can he coach a defense? Maybe. But the safe pick which our beloved Eagles always go for is Jauron.

    Oh yeah, Rodgers is a stud. People should never mention he and Kevin Kolb in the same paragraph again. And “Matty Ice” is overrated and not better than Vick as the #1 hater on this site proclaims.

  102. It’s half or game ending stats that many refer to when arguing for or against a near balanced attack. Once you’ve established the run threat the D can’t afford to focus on all pass pressure even though you may become very pass heavy later. You can because of the threat you established.

  103. Don’t get me wrong Dag,
    I like D-Jax, but I don’t think he’s an everydown # 1 Wr.. I would have him on the field for 30-35 snaps but not every down.. I would make sure I got the ball to him 6-8 times a game..I would then have other packages for bigger,stronger WR’s like more slants,crossing routes and fade patters which D-Jax can’t do very well or take the pounding.. For a pure speedster who is limited in what routes he can do, I would not committ the $40-$50 Million it will take to keep him happy

  104. They didnt establish a run. They averaged 2.5 a carry. And Falcons were never and have never been defending the run anyway so there has been nothing to establish. The only time the Falcons were picking run was when GB was 1st and goal on the one.

  105. Mim… Ok so great friggin idea… Trade away our best weapon and get a wr instead of getting better on the o line.
    Ugh…. You guys kill me. Let’s keep kolb over vick too because its easier then fixing the line.
    People…. We knew we had a crappy line before we even got rolling. Look at what vick and the weapons did with a crappy line and a worse D. And yet still you focus on our best 2 players.

  106. I don’t debate with Vinnie because he’s a brick wall. I’m sorry, Mimitaro, but you’re the same way. I give up.

  107. Did you read my statement? You guys said its about establishing a run to open up the pass etc. The Falcons have never been committed to stopping the run anyway.

    But now the Packers have been able to run because the Falcons are so worried about the passing attack. Much better approach in passing the ball to open up the run.

  108. Eagles should look at what past Super Bowl teams do. One piece of the puzzle would be LB and how u use him. Romanowski was not a hall of famer and just 2 pro bowls but he was a nice piece of puzzle. He started in 5 Super Bowls and won 4. I remember him line up for 49ers and Broncos SB teams not even hiding the blitz and having success.i don’t know if that means switching to 3-4 or sending LB’S more or getting a romanowski type player but any info from u guys would be appreciated thank u

  109. Paulman so what you are saying is dont pay Jackson let him walk and your solution is? Start Riley Cooper? Whats your alternative. Dont give me no fantasy trades. What is your solution. Im Djackson I say Im sitting out go f yourself. What do you do? Start Cooper. Ive seen what the offense looks like without Jackson. It s not very good.

  110. I just want to confirm….they “established the run”” by:

    1st drive 2 pass, 1 run
    2nd drive 4 pass 5 runs
    3rd drive 5 pass
    4th drive 8 pass 4 run
    5th drive 7 pass

    clearly running to “set up the pass” Oh…and the runs were ineffective.

    Honestly, what do you actually see on your TV screen?

  111. Release DJackson he is to small.He cant play. Eagle fans say he cant play. Hes to small. He will never be a 1000 yard reciever. He will never be a pro bowl player. Release him.

  112. Mimitaro – establishing the run is the willingness to run. It has little to nothing to do with yds / carry. It’s the threat of calling a run. If a defense doesn’t think you’ll run and you do, it’s usually a very good gain even if you’re a lousy running team.

  113. You guys really think the Falcons come out here in the first quarter looking to stop the Packers run game? Hell no they have been playing pass the whole time, you have to against GB. And the Packers 2.5 yards per game has done nothing to change that so they kept playing pass and will continue to play the pass until probably now with GB up 21 and will just look to run it out.

  114. Ok paulman. Vinnie and mim…. I would like to see a very short (tough for pman) list of eagles needs by priority right now… Example… 1) cb 2)mlb 3) C 4)RG 5) SS
    Go for it… That’s my short list.

  115. Maybe

    If McCarthy can’t convince them, you can’t either. It’s what the coach said. It’s what he did. That’s that.

  116. Ok so let me once again hear your guys point to why the Packers ran 9 times in open play during the first half? What was the point? To try suck a safety into the box? To make the linebackers second guess the play? To slow down the pass rush? None of that was happening and was never going to happen. ATL played the pass 100% of the time.

  117. LB FIRST if u can’t stop the run doesn’t matter who your cb is, or DT, DE CAUSE I didn’t see Rodgers on his back very often against us

  118. Mimitaro

    One more time for you. This is from Mike McCarthy, the coach of the Green Bay Packers:

    Clearly. It’s an unselfish offense that’s built around making the quarterback successful. You have to have a starting point, you have to have a focal point. Our offense is based on making the quarterback position as successful as possible. That’s why you start, with the game plan you start building the run game, because running the football is what needs to be done up front so the offensive line, the run-blocking unit can establish the line of scrimmage. From that, it gives you the variations in pass protections that’s definitely needed in today’s game with the amount of pressure and scheme diversity that these defenses in today’s NFL give you, and then off of that comes the passing game. It’s clearly about throwing the football to the right person. It’s about decision-making, accuracy, getting in rhythm, timing, and it’s all driven by making that quarterback successful.

  119. That was the answer. This was the question:

    “Aaron spread the ball around to nine different receivers. Would you agree this is an unselfish offense with a lot of different options?”

  120. Drummer…look….we’ve read what he said 75x (at least that;s how many times you posted that quote). Fact of the matter is, he might have said it, but he’s passing 2x as much as he is running.

    He’s had 2 drives where he hasn;t run at all and another where he was 8 passes 2 runs till he got to the 1 yrd line…..

    He opened the 3rd Q (big lead) pass pass pass pass……give it up.

  121. And this is McCarthy after a loss to Washington.

    It appears as though McCarthy let the player coach a little on Sunday against the Redskins. If you saw any of Green Bay’s 16-13 loss at Washington, you saw an offense that would make Graham Harrell and Colt Brennan jump in the air like Rocky and Apollo did in the ocean. The Packers spread the field

    and threw … and threw … and threw.

    By game’s end, they had called 53 pass plays and only 14 runs. While Rodgers threw for almost 300 yards, calling a pass on 53 out of 67 plays has its downside:

    a) The offense is slightly one-dimensional. The dudes out in front of Abercrombie have more layers than that.

    b) No time is burned off the clock when protecting a lead (Green Bay led by at least a touchdown for a good portion of the second half).

    c)The quarterback is susceptible to getting killed.

    Let’s start with the last point. Rodgers is tough, but passing or attempting to pass on nearly every down has its risks. That risk was realized on Sunday when Rodgers suffered a concussion late in the game on a helmet-to-helmet hit.

    Quarterbacks don’t suffer helmet-to-helmet blows, much less injuries, when they hand off the ball. Brett Favre might get tennis elbow from one of those ridiculous throwing fakes on running plays, but that’s about it.

    The other thing injured from constantly passing was Green Bay’s chance of winning, which brings us to the first two points. Due to the one-dimensional attack, the Packers only scored 13 points against a defense they should’ve riddled for twice that many. Personnel-wise, Jim Haslett’s defensive unit doesn’t match up against McCarthy’s offense. Even without running back Ryan Grant, Green Bay had favorable matchups running the ball; Washington was constantly spread out trying to defend the pass, and Albert Haynesworth, the team’s best defensive lineman (in theory), wasn’t playing.
    And still, the Packers had a comfortable 13-3 lead when they took over the ball with 6:42 left in the third quarter. Time to run some clock. So what did McCarthy order up on the next two series with a two-score advantage? Seven passes, three runs. One of those passes came on a third-and-1.
    Let’s review: 10-point second-half lead, third-and-1, on the road … and they pass the ball! They had to stay on the ground in that situation. Why? Even if they don’t get the first down, more clock gets chewed in the process of running the ball.

    It wasn’t just during the second half that McCarthy abandoned the run. The Packers ran Brandon Jackson out of a three-receiver set on their third offensive play of the game. Jackson, starting in place of the injured Grant, navigated his way through the front line maelstrom, made a brilliant cut, and wasn’t caught until he was 71 yards down the field. Jackson’s scamper led to Green Bay’s only touchdown.
    So how many times did Jackson get to run the ball the rest of the half after getting 71 yards on his first carry? Two — two!

    In fact, the drive after his big run the Packers ran six plays: Pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, punt.
    Fox analyst Troy Aikman said during the broadcast that McCarthy had mentioned in a pregame production meeting that “we want to maintain some type of balance,” and he didn’t want to go through another season where his quarterback got hit all the time (Green Bay allowed the most sacks in the NFL in 2009 with 51). That’s what makes McCarthy’s play-calling in this particular game all the more puzzling, because maintaining any type of balance is precisely what the Packers didn’t do.

  122. Everybody knew that 13-3 record the Falcons had wasn’t legit. Now they’re getting their butts kicked in front of full stadium and a national television. They’ve got to open up their offense more.

  123. They are nearly twice as pass heavy than the eagles yet they are up 21 against the #1 seed. Yet you guys complain the eagles are too pass heavy and unbalanced? Seems to me the eagles have bigger problems than a balanced game.

  124. Ok… Vinnie is clearly a hater and or dumb as a brick. Mim… We r about on the same page… Why focus on our weapons when its at the BOTTOM of your list? Paulman I’m sure is writting his thesis. Btw…. Someone… ANYONE go ahead and say our D must not have been that bad since its now 42 points scored. go for it… Sad thing is… It wouldn’t be the dumbest thing said here tonight.

  125. G

    What I’ve seen tonight is a “complete team.” The only area where they might have been beat is special teams. Other than that, it was basically no contest.

  126. scorp, that set of WRs each have a broad range of skills. And what one lacks, the other excels at. They compliment each other well. As opposed to Jackson and Maclin who are both very very similar and both lack the same things.

  127. GCobb….do you remember Arron Rodgers 1st 2 seasons? Dude was obliterated. Sacked what? 80+ times? Team was patient enough to let him go through growing pains and learn. Now reaping benefits.

    Wow. They just passed for another TD. That’s odd.

  128. Speaking of Aikman, Most important pieces(s) of that puzzle of 3 Super Bowls. that 0-line. gave holes that my grandma could run through(again run the ball fire REID)

  129. Fellas its a long off-season you have got to pace yourselves…someone mentioned Desean Jackson’s size, Marvin Harris was a pro-bowl receiver for many many years at that size…I hope Andy fires the OC too. Time for a change.

  130. Stevo, after looking at this passing attack I think they could have put up the same numbers on us had they not been so effective at running the ball and eating up clock and limiting the number of drives they had. If they come out with todays gameplan against us… oh boy.

  131. I think it comes down to execution.. The PAckers are playing at an extremely high level with great play calling and all their weapons involved in the game

  132. Scorp dont get it twisted. DJax and Maclin can and do the same thing. Rogers is just ridiculous right now. He makes everyone better. He is the best QB in the NFL IMO. Better than Brady.

  133. The Pack are looking really good. Atlanta is just as overrated as the last time they went to the Super Bowl. I’m still mad the Randall and Cris Carter didn’t get their chance to play in the big game because of a missed fg from a guy who never missed.

  134. You guys still havent told me how the 9 runs have effected this game. All Ive seen is some McCarthy quotes which are too long to read without missing a drive in the game, and are false anyway because he hasnt backed them up on the field. Sounds like AR saying McDermott is safe then firing him a couple days later. Sounds like McCoy pre wildcard game saying they have been working on a lot of running plays then only using 12. Stop listening to press conferences lies.

  135. mimitaro, I fully agree which is why I would take them. In my opinion and as it is proven each year a guy with blazing speed isn’t necessary. Sure it’s great to have but not necessary. You do need someone who can stretch the D and Maclin can do that. Most don’t recognize that because of Jackson’s speed. But Maclin is as fast as most other teams fastest WR. Jackson is just a freak. But at the end of the day, I’ll take a well balanced WRs corps that can do it all and don’t rely fully on the big plays. The big plays are good when they are there. But I rather consistency over boom or bust. Anyhow, I’m not talking trade like Paulman. Just saying I’ll take the Packers corps over ours even without blazing speed. Just guys that make plays all over the field.

  136. WR is the least of our problems. We set franchise records for points and yards with these WR. Get a RG and RT should be where our focus should be dont you think? The whole defense should be our focus not our 2 1000 yard recievers.

  137. I also dont like talking trade and im sure Paulman doesnt either. But if we are about to sign Djax to a long term deal we are going to be stuck with these two for years without room to bring in someone with some size and a range of different routes he could bring to the table. Therefore getting rid of one now while the value is high and adding that second larger all around WR to the team seems like the best option.

  138. G

    That’s what I was thinking. Show Reid. I’ve never seen the pic, but heard about it.

    You got a copy?

  139. I Stated in the Summer that Eagles WR Corps was overrated and rank about the 8th-10th best in the )FL…I also stated that the Packers had the best overall WR corp in the entire NFL and it shows

    Look at the Packers,Falcons,Giants (before Injuries) Cowboys,Bengals,Jets,Vikings,Saints,Colts (when
    heatlthy) Cardinals,Broncos and some younger teams like the Bucs,

  140. Exactly mim- our D blows. The ONLY reason they didn’t win by 100 is because they decided to run not throw. As faras our WR’s- I think jmak is a solid solid player. djack the same. Avant has great hands and catches everything. I think the rook will be a great #4. He has size and a tad of attitude. Mcoy did everything this year and brent had a rough year. Stop listening to paulman. He’s not a sports writter. He thinks he is but he’s not.

  141. WR is the least of this team’s problems. Jackson may disappear in games from time to time, but that’s not the reason the offense struggles when they do. It’s usually because the other team is trying to take away the deep pass limiting his greatest strength. If Riley Cooper can emerge next year they’ll be okay. Now I wouldn’t mind having another bigger stronger receiver, but it goes to the back of the list of all the other needs.

  142. Alright this games over. So whos winning tomorrow boys and girls? I was thinking bears at home but now the Seahawks are playing for a home NFC Championship it could motivate them to another level. And I have Pats ass raping the Jets without lube.

  143. Just for the record.. this is QB Rodgers 6th Seaon in the NFL and his 3rd year as a Full Time Starter
    So maybe there is hope for Kolb after all.. Rodgers has started 35 games or so now compared to Kolb’s 6 or 7 … just a thought..

  144. THOSE 9 touches were back breaker early in game, remember that is almost reids total of 12 running plays. the pass opened up the Falcons D is tired and now the packers can throw at will cause the Falcons know they are done. Basically the packers ran the ball twice as much than Reid, it opened for pass (even short passes) and big plays. Starks ave 2.8 yds a carry and they still ran him almost 20 times turner ave 3.9 and only ran 10. lol

  145. Kolb can win you some games with a good offensive line, and a balanced attack. Can he be as good as Rodgers? He’ll have to work on his arm strength for one. Right now he can’t even shine Rodgers shoes.

  146. G, philly.com is reporting that andy did the duty on mcd. You were saying that he has prolly lost that control. I don’t disagree but can you tell me what he know? I mean… I think the same thing but I’m guesing. What do you know for sure??

  147. tydm Falcons had to start passing just like the eagles last week. You get 14 points behind the Packers you aint taking chances with 2-3 yard runs.

  148. Basically Reid could have the best of both worlds, he could establish the run early like the Packers brilliantly did tonight(well not brilliance just common sense) which would open up to get a ton of his precious throws in later if he wanted.

  149. I am not way shape or form comparing Kolb to Rodgers.. I am just reminding everyone that Kolb has had a total of 7-8 Starts in the NFL.. But he needs a lot of work to be a legitimate Starter ..

  150. lol yeah but why do u get down by 14 points usually u throw to much and 3 and outs or interceptions besides time might run out when u are down that much but is probally the best chance u have.

  151. Paulman- if kolb does ANYTHING like rogers after he is shipped out of town I will eat my laptop. Give up the kolb thing… He’s got a noodle arm.

  152. Both the Packers and Falcons have the same pass to run ratio tonight and Falcons actually have a better YPC rush average. Food for thought but appears there are more important aspects to winning a game than “establishing a run”

  153. so… what’s the chances that that Bears are already thinking they’re all that over the Seahawks like the Saints did and the Seahawks catches them flat footed. The Seahawks played one heck of a good game last week against a team that layed a huge egg.

  154. G- also… Sounds like the birds are open to a new dcord all together. They came out and said djur is not in the lead for the spot. They have a LIST!!! Please… Do you know anything about this? Can you go undercover and find out? Andy is away for a week or 2. This will kill me. I feelike he should be etting this thing done… Coaches are getting locked up now. I’m pumped… This what I have wanted for years!! New D system is coming boys!!!

  155. they ran the ball 4 straight times early……run lst down run, 2and 1 , run FIRST DOWN, run 2 and 5 short pass before u knew it they were across the 50. that is more right there in 5 plays than ANDY REID shows his whole game. period whether Packers established the run or not i am too stupid to understand that but i do understand what these simple running plays did. Time ran off the clock. for 4 minutes Packers OL felt in control, running back(6 rounder) was getiing 9 yards a carry. not sure if Packers established the run but beginning of thie Packer drive showed what the run can do. Falcons were helpless. remeber this 4 straight running plays and a short pass in a playoff game and the team is cruising. that drive is alot better than a quick score which u can accomplish later in the game when the guys think u might run and not expect the pass from our lovely coach who should be fired

  156. They all voted in a meeting. Andy voted for keeping McDermott and Howie and Joe Banner voted for getting rid of him, so that’s what they did. It’s Andy’s job to come out and publicly explain why.

  157. that’s why u don’t go by pass run ratio just how many times u run yeah they might have the same tonight but packers ran main rb 20 times falcons ran lol 10

  158. tdym…there is absolutely no way anyone can promote the idea that a team who began the game with 11 passes and 5 runs (followed by drives of 8p4r and 7p) did any “establishing” of a run game.

    you guys hate the Eagles 3-1 ratio…and GB began the game 3-1……that’s odd.

    Just face it Rodgers is a quantum leap above Vick in terms of Qbing skillz. (and yes, Ryan ahead of Vick on teh curve too)

    Amazing how GB let Rodgers struggle for an entire season…go through a difficult 2nd season (50 sacks) to see a quality QB develop, whilst many of you are willing to dismiss “baby arm” after 7 starts in favour of a flashy, yet inevitably ineffective, Vick who has 7 years of mediocre play on his resume.

    Good times.

    That’s asanine.

  159. I can understand them being dissatisfied with McDermott but I sure hope they think all the people on their list will do a better job. I also hope, like Stevo, that they’ll have the lattitude to change the defensive philosophy. I’d love to see them bring in some big bodies along that D line!

  160. i don’t care what the ratio is as long as u run the 25 times
    i am with u about Vick, Jackson was wide open on that last play and a great qb would not miss that. that said Vick is a good qb and i will support him cause we need OLs,LBs

  161. GCobb, what would happen next year if Vick decides to audible for 10 runs every game. I truly believe if Joe Montana was qb ,having the will to win,he would do that.

  162. Good info G,
    Coach AR is officially on the Hot Seat,
    He has been losing authority a little bit more each off-season over the last couple of years.
    I believe he may have to get a playoff win next year to secure his job.
    The Choice for a new DC will be very telling I believe..
    How active is GM Roseman going to be active in the Search and Interviewing Process.. Let’s say they hire a DC from the Outside, and this new DC comes in and starts replacing DL Segrest, LB SHuey (Which I wouldn’t mind one bit), but you know Coach AR would not like this and the painting would be definitely be on the wall to him that it’s win or your done.. but like most Coaches, If you get let go, you would like to have gone down with your own staff and your own people that you put in place..
    Say for example the Eagles go out and Hire Rob Ryan to be DC, who is loud,brash like his Brother and Father were, but he’s not a Coach AR type of guy or personality. I could see a lot of Tension in that Locker room develop if Coach AR is forced by Banner/Roseman to bring someone in if he didn’t have much imput about it..So watch for who is hired and that new Coach’s background and this will be another clear example of who is really running the show at NovaCare.. (it’s Joe Banner)
    This should be interesting and the fact that they haven’t named D Jauron as the New DC already tells me that he probably isn’t the choice and that it may be someone from the outside coming in..
    (And maybe a DC that GM Roseman is forcing on Coach AR)

  163. I am sure you have all know of the expression “you can’t shine shit”…its really hard to tell about Sean,he really didn’t have much to work with as far as defensive players go

  164. McDermott is not at fault for us not running the ball, having O-LINE to run ball and protect, and have players to stop the run that’s good ole Andy . But he should have blitzed more. i remember Cowboys’ Leon Lett would drop into Coverage. i would like to know how many sacks Cole had against Packers cause he wasn’t in coverage every play

  165. I really like this move. I feel there is some truths to McD putting the Eagles in situations to win the games even w/ all the injuries, but he still wasn’t utilizing his players to the best of their ability. To name a few: Babin and Clemons. It looks like Bunkley and Patterson have both taken a step backward under McD as well. Also when you look at our LB’s he can’t seem to decide whom to go with on that defense.

    Jim Johnson was a master mind, He could figure out which player fit in where and how etc.. McD might be just as intelligent when it comes to play developing and ideas on the defensive side, but he has to much trouble figuring out where to best use a player.
    The Eagles need to pick up a D coach that will say, Go get that kid in the draft, I could really use him for this position etc…

  166. Well I vote to fire Andy Reid. This just shows this FO has no clue what it is doing. This means Reid is staying also. Get ready for Deja Vu all over again in 2011.

  167. Falcons ran Turner 10 times and only sent three after Rodgers. Falcons should know Eagles had success against Rodgers last week when they sent 5 or more guys. Rodgers had a 40% rating with 5 or more BLITZ

  168. Did u know: Packers ran the ball 29 times this week and last week. Falcons ran Turner 10 times, Eagles ran McCoy 12. Rodgers was 31-36 86% last night Michael Vick was 20-36 55% last week(that one is for Vinnie)

  169. I taped Howie,Bradshaw,J Johnson,Ditka,Keyshawn,Chris,Faulk, taped em all and watched after the Packers and Falcons game. Howie said “Falcons have to run Turner on 1st down” Faulk did a whole segment on key for Packers to win game they have to stop Turner. M Irving said key was Falcons coming off bye have to establish the run. J Johnson said Falcons have “1 pass rusher” Packer more than that.Michael Strahan said ” has a D guy i know the Defense has to number #1 stop the run..that is most important” ……When most of these guys who have played the game say keys of the game is to run turner or stop turner. Packers did not have to stop him his own coach did that. Johnson knows u had to run against the Packers pass rush for any chance……Turner was averaging 4 yds a carry it would have kept Rodgers off the field no costly stupid sacks or interceptions

  170. Anytime you are setting records in futility, somebody has to pay the price. The Birds were playing so poorly in the red zone that no defense had allowed touchdowns at that pace in three decades. That’s the best argument the Eagles could make for getting rid of him.

  171. Remember how poorly the Secondary played in 2009 too when I think they gave up 27 or 29 TD
    passes followed up by 32 allowed this year. The lack of a good DL and Secondary has put this Eagle team down in the Rankings anyway you look at it.. They are realistically about the 5th-6th-7th Best team in the NFC and more likely the 12-14th Overall in the entire NFL when you look at the entire squad moving forward talent wise

  172. Lst night’s game was complete dominance by the Packers..
    Ryans pitiful throw and decision just before the half was the nail in the coffin,
    But bottom line, the Falcons had no pass rush and their Secondary was soft and played back which
    Rodgers and Co just carved them up and down the field …
    The Falcons Defense actaully made the Eagles defense look good in comparison..

  173. I have not been around, don’t have time for postgame hysterics, but I’d like to comment on the complaint that the Eagles don’t run the ball enough. They can’t. The personnel they have is not good enough to make the running game worthwhile. I will try to make an analogy to illustrate my point. If you have 3 eggs, some butter and water, you can make an omelet. You cannot make a dry aged prime ribeye. You do not have the ingredients you need. Any way you diagram it, no matter how good your culinary skills, you are having eggs, not steak. The Eagles do not have the Oline to run the football. Maybe a little on the left side, but certainly not on the right. The center play was adequate, nothing more. Adequate means sometimes he might get the job done, sometimes not, and those are not good enough odds in the NFL. Running the ball and failing is throwing away possessions, and failing to take advantage of what the team actually does well. They have fast receivers who can stretch the field, so they did what they do well and hoped it would be enough to win. There was no other choice. The Eagles did not drive the ball down the field converting 3rd downs and stringing together long drives at any point this season. The gobbled up chunks of yardage doing what the team is currently built to do. Redskins game #2? Bombs away. Last 8 minutes of Giants game #2? Big plays downs the field. They only succeeded running the football when they could go 4 wides, spread the field and run into an open defense, and teams began to take that away. So that left them with a quick strike deep passing game, because it was the only thing that gave them a chance. Running the ball frequently would have left them in the same 3rd and long situations they were often in anyway. The personnel on the Oline is a different and how they ended up in that situation is a different article.

  174. Now, lets address the Oline. To sum up the issues, and failures, we need only exhibit the Andrews’ brothers. The Eagles had bet heavily, prior to the 2009 season, that the brothers were the right side of the line for years to come. Remember all the talk about the Eagles having the most dominant Oline in the NFL? I think it even made a headline somewhere to that affect. When that adventure rolled a 7, there was neither the time nor the resources available to implement a long term fix. Justice is a decent 2nd team rt. MJG is a fringe player in the NFL for a variety of reasons. Nick Cole is a short term substitute player, all of whom ended up having to play extensively, and failing. The team makeup at that time (2009) was such that the skill positions were set, The Oline had supposedly been fixed, and the defense required a huge upgrade, culminating in the 13 players drafted on that side of the ball. You suggest signing FA’s to upgrade the line? There weren’t any free agaents last year, CBA issues, nobody made it to the open market. The D players were so bad, they had no choice but to draft heavy on that side of the ball. Drafting an Olineman who couldn’t play at all was not going to help. The only option on the Oline was to hope to survive the 2010 season, get Kolb blooded, and try to fix the right side of the line this offseason, and be a good team in 2011. Then Vick exploded and we got the season we just had, based on Vick, Djax and hope. When Andy had a good Oline, (Tra, Welbourn, the blind guy, and Runyan) they Eagles ran frequently. Remember the 3 headed monster? Good rb’s, no wr’s, and Chad Lewis, with a young #5, that was the O. When #5 blew his ACL and Garcia replaced him, what did the O do to compensate? Run the ball and throw slants. Did it pretty well too. When the players the Eagles had expected to have did not materialize in the last 2 years, any hope for a balanced offense went out the window. The running game was not going to set up the pass, because the Oline could not make the blocks they needed to make to hurt anybody with the run, defenses played pass all the way, safe in the knowledge that the Eagles had no other way to beat them, as opposed to they would simply not run the ball. The run game did not matter, doomed to failure before the start. Ruuning the ball was going to do nothing more than waste plays and opportunities to get the ball downfield to 10 and 18. Scream until your face turns blue. Lead a mob to Lincoln Financial Fields carrying torches and pitchforks, try to burn down the battleworks. Its not the playcalling. Its not the scheme. NFL coaches rarely get fooled, and not more than twice. Its about the players, what they can and cannot do. The Eagles did not have the players to have a marginally useful running game, let alone a solid dangerous run game, and they will not until the Oline is fixed. Its just the reality of the situation, running the ball would have been a waste of time and plays this year. Thanks for your time, sorry for the rant.

  175. To AS
    I remember the headlines and all the talk and hype in Summer 2009 about the best O/Line in the NFL with the Andrew Brothers.. I also remember all the headlines & hype this past Summer about the Eagles “Young Guns” about how the Eagles WR’s were going to tear up the NFL..
    I also recall getting hammered many times when I questioned the hype and thought that the Andrew Sisters would never amount too much for they basically didn’t have the heart to play anymore (on top of their Injuries), just like I thought and still think the Eagles Young Guns is a lot of hype and the fact is that they are no where near the close to the best WR corps in the NFL.. They are good, but not as good as they think they are for some who disappear in the Red/Zone, Some are poor blockers, and some only can run the Deep Routes but not do much else…
    The crap starts from the Eagles and the over-zealous,naiive Eagles fans want to believe and buy into it and then local media/talk radio just perpetuate’s the hype,over-exageration, You could also include QB M VIck story in with this as well, though he was playing at a phenomenal level in Oct/Nov and was the story of the NFL in mid-season, but he and the team really peaked in that Redskin blowout and opponents caught up to him and the predictable Eagle offense and he only played so-so over the last 5-6-7 games if you ask most NFL Observors while the team played poorly down the stretch
    In a nutshell, this is simply an average team, their talent is middle of the road, the “preparation and the process” by Coach AR is good, but the execution and game day adjustments are average at best..It is what it is and for many Fans to say we coulda,woulda,shoulda been Super Bowl Bound is just wishful thinking.. This 2010 Eagles team playing any of the top 8 teams in the DIvisional rounds would not offer much competition against them (outside of Seattle)
    This team is just average all the way around with an explosive QB (Vick) and a dangerous deep threat in WR (D-Jax) and 1 playmaker on defense in CB Samuel and a usually very reliable Kicker in Akers.. The Remainder of the squad has a few good players sprinkled in (Peters,Maclin, McCoy,
    maybe T Cole on Defense) and that’s about it…
    It’s shame and 2010 will be looked back as a opportunity squandered with the position that the Eagles were in and the rest of the NFC was in a month ago.. Who would have thought that a few inches of Snow and some wind would alter the course of the 2010 Eagles Football Season and
    forever change the persona of the Linc and the City of Philadelphia as the “City of Wussies”
    What a shame

  176. This team had a 10-6 record, with 7-9 talent. I know everybody hates Andy. He’s fat. His kids got in trouble. He gets outcoached in big games. He does not yell at players on the field (how did that work out for Singletary? His team quit and laughed at him when he got canned). The situation the Eagles are in now is due to misses in the draft and FA, and that happens to everybody. The way I see it, the Birds are 4 or 5 PLAYERS from being very good and a SB contender (which they never were this season). This coach provides stability, a proven track record of teams playing hard for him, even when things go badly, and a system that gets 10 wins a year, more often than not. There is only 1 Belicheat, he’s just better. Andy is as good as Lovie Smith for certain, Carroll, Smith in Atl, etc Its about the players, not the coaches. We were blind stinking lucky to get as far as we did this season, that is a simple fact.

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