First McNabb, Now McDermott, When Will Andy Reid Take The Fall

Here we are again with another disappointing ending to another Eagles season, Birds fans are fans looking at another long winter as they watch another team win the Super Bowl.  I have actually become numb about it.

What really gets me is how Andy Reid, the man in charge of it all, gets a free pass on this team’s failure.  Last year at this time, it was all McNabb’s fault.  He was the reason why this team couldn’t win the big game.  If you listened to the arguments on talk radio it was always McNabb, who has taken us as far as he can.

With McNabb as the quarterback, the Eagles lost four NFC Championship games and one Super Bowl.  It was repeated over and over about how he just can’t win the big game.  He is a choke artist.  They would call him McClump or McChoke.  You would hear that story about him throwing up in the Super Bowl (which was debunked last year but no one talks about it).

A year ago, we watched Dallas dominate us two weeks in a row with no adjustments made.  McNabb got blamed for not finding a way to win even though we know it looked like every other playoff loss during Reid’s tenure.  You had pass happy play calling regardless of whether it was working or not, and regardless of whether the quarterback was getting protection,

Michael Vick got a pass because fans could clearly see how predictable the play calling was and they could see how the offensive line was being physically dominated.  When it happened a year ago, it was McNabb’s fault.  Actually the venom flying around about McNabb was disturbing.

You didn’t hear one thing about the head coach and his philosophy.  Abandoning the run a year ago was translated as McNabb’s fault, but that excuse can’t be used this year with McNabb gone. Sean McDermott was fired but he didn’t hold the Eagles offense to 16 points at home in the playoff game against the Packers.

McDermott wasn’t the guy who didn’t have an answer for the blitzes which the Giants, Vikings and Packers used to shut down our pass happy offense.  Shouldn’t somebody have to pay the price for our offense not being able to adjust to the blitz?

Every off season we hear from all the media types about what a great coach Reid is.  They say, how could you even think about firing him?  We hear that Reid has taken the Eagles to five NFC Championship games and one Super Bowl?  Who are we going to hire who is better?

You have to admit you have probably heard that stance to defend Reid.  Why isn’t that an argument in defense of McNabb?  Those same stats that make Reid a great coach make McNabb a choke artist!

I can tell you that the only constant with all these failures is the big fat red-headed head coach. There is no McNabb to blame but keep your ears open because when the topic comes up about Reid, listen to the praise of him for the same achievements that made McNabb a choker.

22 thoughts on “First McNabb, Now McDermott, When Will Andy Reid Take The Fall

  1. While the idea that Reid should go has merit, the arguements you use to present that idea do not.

    Are you trying to say the trading of McNabb was a mistake? McNabb was not traded because “it was all his fault.” He was traded because he is/was no longer an effective QB. The man is finished. You should be happy the Front office recognized this and found a team they could fleece for McNabb. The only real arguement that can be made is that the Birds waited one year too long. Getting a 2nd and 4th for a QB who may potentially never start again was brilliant.

    As for McDermott, the D was terrible this year. Don;t start clouding that fact with comments relating to it not being McDermott’s job to defend the Giant’s blitz etc. The Birds D was bad. Historically bad. Someone has always got to go in this situation. After watching McDemott call D for 2 years, did you ever get the feeling he was slowly transforming into Dick Lebeau?

    And finally lines like these: “You didn’t hear one thing about the head coach and his philosophy.” are plain ridiculous. That’s all I hear and read.

  2. And I agree with Vinnie it was just Mcnabbs time to go. Though I didnt want it to happen you have to give AR credit for bailing on players before its too late and they lose value. (Mcnabb, Lito, Sheldon, Dawkins). As hard as those losses were they had to happen.

  3. Thumbs up for the most unprofessional, biased, and bitter post of the year so far. I know it’s early, but you’ll probably be in contention for a while.

    Please, G, if you want to be treated seriously, posts like this should include a warning that the poster is going to cry about it. He’s over it, but ends up calling Reid a “big fat red-headed head coach”. It might surprise many of you, but Reid’s weight have little to do with his ability to coach the team.

    The McNabb trade may or may not have been a mistake. Could it possibly also not have been Andy Reid’s choice? I mean, Lurie said he wanted McNabb gone in ’08 after his benching.

    No, the loss to the Packers wasn’t solely because of the Defense. How about the losses to the Bears and Titans? How about not making a 3rd string QB look like Montana or Aikman two weeks in a row? How about being LAST IN THE LEAGUE in Red Zone defense, which is arguably the most important statistic when it comes down to how effective a defense is? Do any of those reasons – along with the fact that players didn’t buy into the system McDermott put in place – justify the firing of a Defensive coordinator?

    You’re right, it must be because the head coach is fat. You could make an argument for Reid being accountable, but make it in an informed, educated way. How about the fact that Reid will arguably be on the hot seat after this year, and M.M. is just as, if not more, pass happy than Reid.

  4. mimitaro – LOL about drummer!
    vinnie – excellent points. I make no bones about my dislike for Reid’s offense but your points regarding the article are well made. I can only assume that the media types that he was referring to about how great Reid is must be national media types, not local but, we’re all just dumb phillly fans, right? By the way, I support firing McDermott provided they upgrade that coaching position which I’m doubting they will.

  5. Actually I thought his nickname was officially Chunky McChoke.

    After the year McNabb had, why would anyone look to try and re-visit the need to make a change.

    Reid should have also been canned last year also, and after years of doing all he could do, it was time for McNabb to play somewhere else.

  6. To me this whoe McDermott Firing is about the Coach Losing his authority within the inner circle of the club.. I give him 1 more season and he will be out the door either by being fired or him not wanting to work for Banner/Roseman any longer.. This firing has the smell of a “forced scapegoat: from where I sit..

  7. Tis may be the least professionally written, most reactionary/written by a fan piece I have ever seen. Seriously G, letting the inmates run the asylum now huh? Can’t get actual journalists to contribute? Might be time to go back to mma for awhile, I have seen enough.

  8. If you are content with being a contender or pretender every year then Reid is your man.

    In the entire history of the NFL the longest it took a coach to win a Superbowl was 12 years. It was Tom Landry who started with an expansion team. Reid started with talent and the results speak for themselves.

    It will be a new excuse next year. Injuries. The team is adjusting to a new coordinator. If Vick had not gotten hurt…

    Reid is undefeated when he comes off a bye. He can beat you if he has extra time. Unfortunately you only get one bye per season. Any coach with equal talent can beat Andy Reid. That is why he can’t string together 3 straight playoff wins. His system has been in place for 12 years.

    I believe that if he hires an amazing defensive coordinator he could win a Superbowl like Buddy Ryan did for Mike Ditka. And Harbaugh did for Coughlin. That plus at least 3 studs by trade or by draft on defense. Forget Nate Allen and Gram. They won’t be ready next year. Ask Jamaal Jackson.

    How many years should a city and owner give a coach to win the superbowl. In the modern age of football. Only in Philadelphia and Tennesse do you get more than a decade. Maybe that’s why neither city has ever won a Superbowl.

  9. E Thomas got toasted on the TE on last Bears TD pass, he ran over to get in position and leaped to block the pass but mis-judged the ball and got burn for a 40 yd play to a back-up TE…

    To BSm, that was DC Spags for Coughlin (Harbaugh never coached for the GIants)
    To AS– I think it’s great that G is posting articles from fans and posters alike.. get off your high horse please and park it somewhere else..or better yet, write and add a contribution if you like

  10. Paul, what do you think about Greenway and Sidney Rice? Both off contract this year, and the Vikings can only tag one. I think Greenway is 28 and Rice is 24. Great additions to the team (OLB and big physical WR)

  11. I like both players very much..
    Greenway is a tackling machine and a tough nosed player who plays hard every down all game long
    I would like to see the EAgles pursue him but he is a mid-western guy and I really believe the Vikings will resgin him as a core of the Defense..
    I don’t see the Eagles doing anything at the WR position though I like Rice a lot and he has the size and strength and leaping ability just to create huge mis-matches and especially in the Red-Zone
    I do think the Eagles will need to either take care of D-Jax (contract wise) or look to trade him which is highly unlikely for the team doesn’t have the stones to do it and would be afraid of all the negative chater from the fans and local media so next year it looks like a Corp of D-Jax/Maclin,Avant/Cooper and SInorice Moss which is a good group overall, but still lacks the big physical type or Wr and Red-Zone mismatches unless R Cooper really blossoms into that WR.. but time will tell..

    I think the Vikings other LB (Ben Leber) could be had at a reasonable price and is a good quality LB
    who is sure tackler and solid in pass coverage
    I like that James Anderson from the Panthers at the WIll SPot and Kevin Burnett from the Chargers
    as the Joker-pass rusher from tehe LB spot.. Long arms,strong and a super athlete (reminds me of a younger Jason Taylor or the potential to be)
    Also Stephen Tullock from the Titans who plays the inside is a younger in his prime type of player with some size…
    I do like the following big/bigger WR’s that would be less expensive and possibly be that 3rd/4th Wr who can excell down in the Red-Zone- Malcom FLoyd of the Chargers and James Jones of the Packers

  12. So many Football experts said yesterday the key of the Packers Falcons game is for Falcons to run Turner and Packers to stop him. What did Falcons coaches do? ran Turner 10 times….Packers still might of won but Falcons coach did not give them a chance.

  13. Bears and Eagles are similar and alot of ways. The Bears are still playing. why is that. They both have weak O-line. Cutler throws interceptions and takes sacks(Vick did in later part of season) Bears today in the first quarter ran 12 times passed 7. Te Olson was a big part of that quarter. Seahawks ran ball 11 times the whole game. Bears ran 37. Cutler had a perfect first quarter but because he is not great he ended up 15-28. My point is Bears ran the ball 1st quarter has much as genuis Reid runs the whole game. Bears 28 points their first half, Reid 3 points. Bears and Eagles both have weak O-lines but Reid does not give his players a chance

  14. bsmvideos, you make sense. I had been saying for two years here that Eagles will never win the title while Reid has anything to do with this team. There were losers like navyeaglefan that had their face up Reid’s ass who thought I was clueless, but it is good to see a fan who can think. I don’t mean you, Paulman.

  15. GCOBB, hopefully soon!!!!! i just did research this weekend analyzing what the past Super Bowl winners did and did not do since 1988. They all ran the ball atleast 28 times even if their rb were averaging 3 yds a carry. This year McCOY ave 5.1 Harrison 6.1 Another fact is SB teams had 2 Defense players with atleast 10 Sacks. This year it was Cole with 10 no one else close. Eagle Sb yr top person with sacks was Kearse with 7.5 next person had 6. Always one of two was a LB and Steelers in both SB wins had two people with 10 or more sacks and they were LB

  16. Manning only Super Bowl win Colts ran 42 times. Colts SB loss last year ran 18. Patriots loss to Giants ran 16 times. Patriots against our Eagles 28. Eagles with Andy with Westbrook averaging 5.2 for season against patriots……….17

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