The Front Office’s Case Against Sean McDermott

On the last day of the season when the Green Bay Packers were beating the Eagles, I had heard that the Birds front office had their doubts about defensive coordinator Sean McDermott. Two charges were made against McDermott and that’s what ultimately cost him his job.

The complaints centered around him making his schemes “Too Complex”.

They didn’t like the way he had made the defensive coverages so complicated that some of the rookies couldn’t get on the field.  Rookie cornerback Trevard Lindley was a key to the argument.  He had been kept on the bench because of the complexity of the coverages, as veteran corners Ellis Hobbs, Joselio Hanson and Dimitri Patterson were roasted at the right cornerback position.

Although most of us look at the Eagles secondary and say they didn’t have enough talent, the front office thought McDermott didn’t get that talent, in this case, Lindley, on the field.  Would Lindley have been the answer at right cornerback?  I don’t know but we’ll probably find out next season.

You can read between the lines, that obviously the front office felt that the young defensive talent is better than it looked and will improve under somebody other than McDermott.  Could it be that some of the people in the front office who voted to get rid of McDermott and believe the defensive talent is better than it looked, had a hand in drafting that defensive talent?

The second charge the front office made against McDermott was his habit of dropping defensive ends and other pass rushers into pass coverage.  They thought he  was trying to do too much with his defensive schemes.  Again they thought he was making the schemes too complex.  Pro Bowl defensive end Trent Cole did express a problem with the way he was being used and that surely didn’t help McDermott’s case during the meetings to decide his fate.

As I see it, McDermott was constructing all of these blitzes to put pressure on the passer and coverages to confuse them because his front four couldn’t get there on its own.  Brandon Graham, Daniel Te’o Nesheim and Ricky Sapp may one day put pressure on quarterbacks, but they weren’t ready to do it yet.  The front office felt these youngsters were ready to get the job done, but they weren’t utilized properly, so they held McDermott responsible for the lack of a pass rush.

I don’t think those are strong arguments against McDermott, but there are reasons you could give him his walking papers.

I think the biggest problem McDermott had and the reason nobody could save him was the 370 points that his defense allowed and the nearly 80% of successful touchdown drives which his defense surrendered when teams got into the Eagles red zone.  I didn’t think they were attacking enough in the red zone.

Too many times the defenders were playing passively.  You must attack in the red zone and give the offense only a split second to make a play.  I would agree with the “Too Complex” argument against McDermott in the red zone.  Clearly this charge sticks in this case.

The Eagles defensive players were thinking and reacting far too much with their backs to goalline, as opposed to attacking and forcing the offense to make quick decisions.

Nobody can deny that the defense struggled in the red zone when they allowed offenses to get into the end zone at a pace not seen in the NFL in three decades.  Anytime you start setting records for futility, somebody has to walk.

My question is, how could veteran coaches like Reid and Dick Jauron fail to make the corrections in the red zone.

This is the second season in a row that the front office had a problem with one of Reid’s players or coaches.  Last year it was Donovan McNabb who was sent packing.  This year it’s McDermott. Next year if the Birds make the playoffs and lose their first game, somebody else will take the fall and he’ll probably weigh a lot more than Sean McDermott.

It seems that in the past the front office believed everything that Reid told them, that’s not the case anymore and Reid’s decision-making authority is decreasing year by year.   Next year he might not even get a vote.

On a side note:  McDermott’s defense doesn’t look too bad when you compare the job the Eagles defense did against the Packers and the 31 for 36 for 366 yards and 3 touchdowns, which Aaron Rodgers and his receivers put on Atlanta.  21-16 looks a lot better 48-21.

What do you guys think about the firing?  Make sure to join me on 610-WIP tonight Sunday 7pm-11pm.  I’ll be talking about the firing of McDermott and the NFL playoffs.

48 thoughts on “The Front Office’s Case Against Sean McDermott

  1. Eagles defensive woes started to show in the NFC championship game against the Cardinals
    McNabb ( even though he was no ball of fire )was right in that the defense couldn’t hold the Cardinals

    Whether that was because Johnson was hurting from his cancer –I don’t know but the D was a big problem in that game

  2. Totally justifiable firing. This guy has done nothing but had us going backwards since taking over for J.J……Wow, has that hurt us!..Can we please start hiring people from Pittsburgh?…I mean even talent evaluater’s Christ I’ll take the waterboy at this point..That’s a team that gets it…The Eagle’s aren’t going anywhere soon in the post-season. They are just not built for it..I’ll say that again. THE EAGLE’S ARE NOT BUILT FOR POST-SEASON FOOTBALL IN THE NFL.. Think Andy Reid heard that?

  3. Next on the chopping block Bill Shuey linebackers coach. His qualifications for the job. 2 years with a semi-pro team. Maybe that’s why the “Shark in the Water” played like a goldfish.

    Add the Defensive line coach too. The Eagles did not make a mistake with Graham. He was a beast in college and destroyed the future pros he played against in the all-star game. That Defensive line coach can’t. Coach.

  4. funny one year with a coach that has such a complex system so he gets fired but we have to let go running backs because the offensive scheme is so complex and we dont even run the ball. BUT how can Rory seagrest keep getting promoted on this team? If Howie thinks the reason Teo Ne-shem or whatever his name is , couldnt get on the field because of the Mcdermott…then we are really in trouble. Maybe we should stop drafting cadavers and get some really BIG tough players.

  5. they are using McDermott as the scapegoat….he didnt draft the players on defense….Bunkley, Patterson were first round players who are mediocre….he didnt trade for Sims or Tapp……the front office did….Roseman has no business as an NFL GM…..he talent evaluation skills suck and so does Andy Reid. Things will never change until Reid is let go.

  6. YOu have to believe that the possibility of losing Dick Jauron may have had at least something to do with this. Plus of course the team’s performance in the Red Zone. Think the removal is justified, and yes Jimmy – also a big FU to Cancer

  7. Bob Ford wrote this…

    That’s all nice, but the Eagles’ defense also allowed the most points (370) in the regular season during the Andy Reid era, and that is the number that probably got the La Salle High School grad fired.

    McDermott will work again, and he will say the right things about appreciating the opportunity he got in Philadelphia, but under truth serum he might ask, “You expected better with this group?”

    By the end of the season, the defense was running on fumes and depending on lesser talents. Nine of the starters against Green Bay (including nickel back Joselio Hanson) entered the league as either undrafted free agents or seventh-round picks. Barrel, meet bottom.

    Along the way this season, there were six changes to the starting lineup since the opener. Some of those changes were because of injury, but some were because the organization misjudged its talent. It was a mess, and it was a mess that relied heavily on rookies, which is never the way to win in the NFL.

    So, you get what you get, and if you happen to be the defensive coordinator, you get fired. No big deal. That’s just the business.

    In any case, the Eagles found the redheaded scapegoat they were looking for, and now everything is fine.

    If things don’t go better next season, though, there might be another scapegoat. He might still be redheaded, but everyone in the front office knows that one will be a lot tougher to bring down.

  8. It’s become obvious to me that this decision was forced on Coach AR by Banner/Roseman which will have a negative ripple effect for the inner workings on this Franchise moving forward..
    Besides being a stubborn Coach AR is extremely loyal, and there is no doubt that Roseman/Banner will bring in someone from the outside to become the next DC which will cause the other position
    Coaches to be replaced as well (Segrest/Shuey) ..If Dick Jauron is going to be the next DC, then why hasn’t he be named already.. I think JAuron takes the DC job with Cleveland Browns and probably hires McDermott as a Scondary coach which is where he got his start..
    Veteran players on the Eagles (Which there are not too many left) have always seen COAch AR have control of about everything, but this has changed over the last 2 years..
    -The Frton Office not matchign the Broncos Offer for Dawwkins that Ar was pissed about
    -The forcing and trading of McCnabb that AR was not happy about and
    – Now the firing of a young DC McDermott who was behind the 8-ball in taking over for the sick JJ
    with very little notice and talent before last season to take over this Defense

    Coach Ar is definitely on the Hot Seat and will need at least a PLayoff VIctory next Season to probably save his job, but knowing Coach Ar and the way he has operated over the last Dozen years.. he is not going to like bring forced and over-ridden on this big decisions.. I would not be surprised if Coach Ar after next Season just resigns and leaves on his own… If he is going to go down, he will want to go down on his own terms with his own people and staff..
    This hiring of the next DC will be interesting to watch to see who all is involved in the process and the more active that Roseman is in this process, the less authority and less stable Coach AR is

  9. McDermott is nothing but a sacrificial lamb. He does not have personnel to work with. Other than Samuel and Cole, there is nobody on this defense that would be wanted by any other team in the NFL. I have been saying for years now, we will win nothing while fatso is here.

  10. Just for the record,
    I don’t disagree with the firing of DC McDermott who I stated many times that he was overmatched
    and in over his head.. I think he’s a good guy and a good coach who will get more opportunities
    He probably will go back to coaching a Def/Secondary for someone which is his specialty and work his way back up.. I also have not liked the jobs that DL Coach Segrest or LB Coach Shuey have been doing and have stated so the last coupld of years.. Time to clean house and start anew with the Defense.. The Eagles may even switch to a 3-4 which many fans would lke to see, though they would have to go this off-season and get a few players right away (LB/DT) who are familiar with that system.. My big concern is that whoever comes in, has just a short time to get this team ready if they’ plan major scheme changes and with the impending lockout come March, players will not be able to workout,train.or be with any coaches at the Nova Care after the current contract expires come March…

  11. With Cole complaining this year and both Samuel and Brown complaining about the system last year speaks volumes to me about how well the players were adopting to the system. The system itself was either too clever for its own good, McDermott wasn’t effectively communicating the system to personnel, or the players didn’t believe in McDermott. The D got worse in most categories from last year to this one, even though the focus in the offseason and draft was filling our defensive needs as identified by McDermott and Reid.

    As far as the Bob Ford argument is concerned: it doesn’t float. Green Bay was hit by the injury bug even worse than us, and Dom Capers’ D ended up fifth in the league at the end of the season. Maybe Green Bay drafts better (I’m sure that’s true on the defensive side, to a degree), but even talented players look bad when they don’t understand the system (see McNabb). The ability for players to enter the game from the bench is a testament to the system as much, if not more, than the players themselves. “Read headed scapegoat” – please!

    And before we praise the defense for the job they did last week, remember that James Jones dropped a sure touchdown that would have made the score 21-3 at the half. Also, I think that the gameplan against the Eagles was just a bit different than that against Atlanta. I think that the Packers played more of a ball control game against us because they were afraid that we’d be able to come back (imagine that, we almost did): against a balanced team, you’d try to run up the score so that they’d be forced to abandon half of their game. Run up the score against us and our gameplan switches from 95% pass to 99% pass, which isn’t much of a change…

  12. Spot on Grifft…
    The EAgles need to go out and get 3-4 who can play at a high level next season for them to remain
    in the hunt for NFC Championship

    CB,DE,OLB & S at the minimum…
    anything short of this or relying on draft picks to fill these spots won’t get it done..
    Other teams in the NFC are rising like the Bucs,Rams,Lions,Seahawks and I assume the Cowboys & Vikings will be better and back into playoff contention, so when you add these teams to the good teams already like Packers,Bears,Falcons,Saints,Giants it’s looking like a couple of lean years from where I sit… Maybe Lurie and Banner will sell the franchise to some group in Los Angeles..

  13. Here’s a short list of Candidates

    #1) Mike SIngletary
    #2) Eric Mangini (former HC of Browns/Jets, former DC with the Patriots staff)
    #3) Ron Meeks (former Dc of the Colts nad Panthers)
    #4) Randy Shannon (Former Head Coach of Miami University)
    #5) Dave Wannstandt (former Head Coach with Bears and University of Pittsburgh)
    #6) Greg Robinson (Former Head Coach of the Bills,Syracuse University and D/C of Michigan)
    #7) Greg Manusky (former Broncos and assistant with Steelers)
    #8) Mike Nolan (from 49ers HC and DC for a few teams,wants a HC opportunity)
    #9) Greg WIlliams (currently with Saints and wants a HC position opportunity)

    I don’t know any of the younger assistants in the

  14. I think we definitely need secondary help, and I can reasons/justification for all the positions that you’re talking about, but I think that we could be OK at LB right now (not great, but OK) with Chaney stepping up a bit. Foku seems to have improved, so if we need anything, it would be on the weak side (assuming we stay in a 4-3, if not, think of Foku, Chaney, Bradley and Cole as the LBs). Yes, Sims is a bust in my eyes as well, but Jordan did a fair job when he was in there.

    I would definitely like to see a move at CB, either draft or free agency, S may not be as bad as it looked at the end of the season. For what it’s worth, I feel that the system compromised the Safeties for whatever reason – they just weren’t really well utilized or trained. If Juaron is going to be our new DC, I’m hoping they were poorly utilized, because Jauron was responsible for training the secondary last season.

    If we’re looking at D Line, we need a monster DT to come in and get things done. Cole thrives whenever he’s on a one on one situation, so a DT taking doubles right next to him would be the way to go. Cole also needs a healthy alternate that will reduce his snaps a bit, but we could have that already with Sapp or Tapp depending on how they’re used. I wouldn’t mind seeing Tapp on either side, he seems to have a high motor, and the bulk to beat double teams. Remember that many DE’s take 1-2 seasons to get it together: see Williams and Strahan. I think that Graham still shows enough to me to be a solid fit as the starting LDE, so maybe Te’o-Nesheim is a good fit in rotation. If we’re putting FA money out there, I think it should be going to secondary or DT before it goes to DE.

    I won’t conjecture about how we’re going to all of a sudden have lean years or anything like that: every team tries to improve themselves every year, and in order for one team to improve, another will have to fall. Honestly, I’d agree that we’re looking at lean years had we kept McDermott as our coordinator because anyone who constantly shifts personnel as much as he did is trying to hide deficiencies in his system when it’s the system that needs the work.

    Sometimes things that look like really good choices don’t work out that way (‘Skins), while others that seem like questionable choices work very well (Bucs). I do think that we’re potentially at a coaching crossroads when it comes to Reid and co., and I’m hoping that the whole “the definition of insanity” quote from Banner is directed at everyone in the front office as well as the players, because I truly believe that most of our problems are at the top.

  15. Paul,

    Looking at your list:

    1) Singletary – Not a terrible choice at DC, players seem to buy into his ideology, but I have no idea what his actual scheme would be because he wasn’t a DC before. I’m also not sure that he’d work well with Reid.

    2) Mangini – he actually kinda kicks ass as a defensive talent evaluator and DC, so this is a solid pick

    3) Meeks – so/so – the Panthers D wasn’t terrible, and he was able to get pressure with just the Line in Indianapolis. He also knows how to work a smaller/faster D.

    4) Shannon – don’t know him, can’t speak to it.

    5) Wannstandt – no. Don’t believe the hype.

    6) Robinson – as a Syracuse alumn, I can safely say that he sucks. The SU D underperformed for years under his tutelage. Yes, I’m bitter.

    7) Manusky’s been hired elsewhere, I believe

    8) Nolan – as an assistant HC/DC, yes please. I doubt we’ll be able to get him, isn’t he still under contract in Miami?

    9) I’d like Williams, but I don’t think he’ll make a lateral move.

    As far as assistant coaches, we should be looking at line coaches that generated pressure with a minimum of help: think Detroit, Minnesota, Chicago, St. Louis, etc.


  16. Good points Grifft,

    I don’t like some of fellows either (Greg WIlliams ran the worse defense up at U of Michigan the last 2 years,, Randy Shannon has some potential though I think he took a DC position elsewhere
    The mode of operandi for Coach AR to surround himself with the type of quiet,no-ego type of Yes men on his staff. It’s not in his nature to surround himself with a loud,bashful controversial type of Coach.. so whoever the Eagles hire will kind of tell you who had made the choice..
    SHould be interesting

  17. Why did this take so long to happen? We missed out on some better candidates that i thought they could of brought in as our DC and if they liked McDermott they could of just moved him back to his original place on the staff. Im sorry guys, but i dont think i trust this front office to bring in the right type of guy that could really help this defense and really change the magnitude of it. We have become such a finesse defense…what happened to the time when receivers had fear in themselves to go over the middle against us or when QBs could only think about getting crushed when they snapped the ball? We need that mental make-up back on this team…i just dont trust our front office at all to bring in that right guy

  18. I really wish we could have kept Steve Spagnuolo…the front office really “goofed” on that one and then it came back to smack them in the face when he basically won the superbowl for our hated divison rival by himself(eli is horrible maybe 2nd worst qb to ever have a ring and tom coughflin has been nothing since spags left that team as well). I dont get the argument either when people say S. Mcdermott had no players either cuz evry team is hurt by injuries..just look at the packers now granted I would trade this whole team for clay mathews but even he missed some time this year including the whole D-line and their secondary is still hurt. Didnt bother them did it…their players just got coached up by Dom Capers and now T. Williams is one of the young best cover corners in the league

  19. How about Reid saying that Kolb was keeping his job, then turning around and giving it to Vick? Then he says McDermott will be back next year, then McDermott is fired. Either Roseman is dicating to Andy what will happen or Reid is a liar. Either way, I am proposing that we send Michael Vick, this years first round and next years first round to New England for Belichick, Kraft and Tom Brady. Once the deal is consummated, we can then fire Lurie, Banner, Roseman and Reid.

  20. HILARIOUS! GCobb, your infatuation with getting rid of Reid is hilarious!

    Last year you cried and complained about the treatment McNabb was getting and yet you continued to praise him. We all see how that turned out.

    You complained about how much love Kolb was getting and how he shouldn’t be getting that much love.

    You professed your love for Mike Vick after one game as if he was the second coming of a young Donovan.

    You’re constantly berating Reid and his philosophy even though he’s the winningest coach in Eagles history and constantly keeps us in contention.

    And finally, you had the audacity to say the hatred towards McNabb had something to do with racism — yet look at who YOU constantly profess your love for and who YOU constantly berate. Hmmmm, think it’s a coincidence?

    It is what it is. Reid hasn’t gotten it done yet but he keeps us in the mix TO get it done. People want to talk about OUR defense but look at what happened to ATL yesterday! And they were the number one seed!

    Y’all can talk all you want, I’ll stay loyal to the man that keeps us in contention. Just remember GCOBB, you couldn’t get it done when you played here either!

  21. By John Gonzales GONZO philly dotcom

    Quite a few Birds backers recently reminded me that the Eagles are always in the playoff hunt, that no one expected them to win the NFC East this season, that they suffered injuries this year, that they were “retooling,” that they had a young team, and that they gained “experience” in the process. If that sounds like a regurgitated version of the propaganda peddled by Reid and the organization, that’s because it is.

    You have to give the Eagles credit. It’s been 50 years since the last championship, but no franchise is better at mixing and marketing a tasty batch of team-approved Kool-Aid. Even more impressive is how the Birds’ brass persuades people to willingly bang back glass after glass, season after season.

    While his players were packing their things and heading home for the off-season, Reid said “very few teams can kind of retool the way that we retooled” and still be “in a position” to compete for a championship. When it comes to the Super Bowl and the Eagles, being in position usually requires a remote control and a comfy couch, but that hardly matters to the Birds loyalists. They’ll remind you that you have to be in it to win it. The Seahawks are still in it, which, following the logic, must mean their chances of winning it are pretty good. Plus, the Eagles went to all that trouble of programming their sign with the aforementioned and patronizing – oops, I meant passionate – message. What more could Philadelphians want?

    “Overall with the season,” Reid said, “I thought there were some real positives we can take out of it. We were able to play some young players that I think were able to get valuable experience that will help us. . . . We came from a position that most people didn’t think we’d be able to do at the beginning of the year and that was to make it to the playoffs and to win the NFC East. My hat goes off to the effort of the coaches and the players.”

    And my hat goes off to the Eagles for consistently doing the voodoo that they do so well. They pack the stadium, if not the trophy case. Can’t have everything, I suppose.

    In two or three short decades, when Reid and Joe Banner and Jeffrey Lurie finally move on, the mumbling, slobbering pro-administration Eagles fans left behind – wrapped in midnight green straitjackets for their own safety – are going to need deprogramming. It won’t be easy. The Birds have managed some of the best brainwashing since Frank Sinatra’s turn in The Manchurian Candidate.


  22. BirdoBeamen,
    You have read articles on this site by some of the other writers and attributed them to me. I have never gone after Andy Reid and demanded that he be fired. It is true I defended Donovan McNabb but not because he was so great but because he was the only one who was held accountable when something went wrong. I have never said the criticism of McNabb was racism. Ask any of the readers to this site and they’ll tell you that you’re telling a lie.

    My argument has always been that Andy Reid, Jim Johnson, Brian Dawkins, Brian Westbrook and the rest of the team, should be held accountable for all those losses. It wasn’t just McNabb who underperformed during those games.

    That’s all I’ve been saying. This year the same is true. Reid, Vick, McDermott, Jackson and the entire team should be held responsible for the loss to the Packers.

    As for you saying that I never won a Super Bowl championship as a player, you’re right, but who are you to say anything about my career. Let me know exactly what you’ve ever done athletically. I’ll put my career up against yours. You’re probably fatter than Big Red.

  23. G- how have you not posted my little email? 1 thing has happened and now the second thing may happen -eagles may bring in a falcon coach. I’m almost 2 for 2.

  24. Right on G —
    I am not sure what Birdo was referring to, I have always taken you to be straight up with sharing the blame to all involved and in passing around the glory when things are going good..We all know that the QB gets too much credit and too much blame..
    I like to focus on the schemes,personnel packages,game planning and match-ups and when you look closer, this is where the team fails which I attribute to Coach AR and his entire staff

  25. How many of these playoff teams are running the 3-4? Almost all of them from my estimation. I question how long it might take to get the right personel and impliment the system, but that looks to be the system that is having the greatest success in the league right now.

    I believe that Jauron is a 3-4 guy. We would need a beast at nosetackle.

  26. G, packs came in with a different game plan against us. They ran and threw with NO PROB against us at all. If they threw more they would have scored more. Come on man… You know football better then any of us.

  27. The only 4/3 defense left in the playoffs after this week will be the Bears. Everybody else plays 3-4 because it’s easier to find good linebackers than good defensive linemen. I don’t think it’s the alignments as much as the players. I could live with the Birds wanting to go small as long as they put two 350 pound defensive tackles in the middle of the defense.

  28. The Packers are going to beat the Bears and go to the Super Bowl. Jay Cutler will throw the ball to the Packers next week. He’s willing to throw the ball up for grabs. Rodgers will pick the Bears apart.

  29. Bears have the best all around Defense in the NFC, with a good front 4, excellent LB’s and a solid Secondary. Bears will win in a tight one and the Packer Love-Train Fest gets derailed..
    Is this RB Starks really that good as the EAgles and FALcons Soft “D” made him look or is he just a average back who is on a roll.. SPecial teams and turnovers and the weather will all be important factos..
    Offensive Coordinator Mike Martz after the Super Bowl, gets offered the Eagles HC Job after Coach AR goes missing and has no contact with the EAgles Frton Office for the next 3-4 weeks..

  30. G, you’re right, God didn’t bless me with the athletic skills to make it to the NFL. Instead, I took the skills and athleticism I do have and decided to dedicate it to our United States military.

    Still want to put up our careers? Want to compare which one means more? You got me in bank account I’m sure — unless your like so many of the other former players that didn’t know how to manage a bank account. I’m sure you’re not tho.

    And yes, you did spread the blame. But it seems as if this site is turning into a lynch mob for Andy Reid as you continously post comments from other posters degrading the man. Let me get a spot for an article and I’ll give you a million reasons why the Eagles can’t and SHOULDN’T give up on Big Red just yet.

  31. Birdo,
    I would like to personally thank you for your Service to our Country in Protecting our Rights and Freedoms across a very dangerous Globe and time in History.
    Back on Topic about G man being over the top or inciting racist comments about a lynch mob,etc,etc
    G post comments and short articles from posters to allow everyone else to voice or type an opinion..
    If he wasn’t forwarfding this opinions and articles, then what would we be talking or following our Eagles about. This is 3 Seasons in a row where it’s ended badly with the team not ready to play their biggest game of the season and this yaer in particular where the team and energy level was great in Nov just seemed to dissapate in December and down the hom stretch… Many distractions as in every Season, many injuries as in every season.. but for some reason, this EAgle team of late just doesn’t seem to be fired up or emotional enough when playing at the LInc.. Having a 4-5 Overall Home record and losing the final 3 games played there and they way they lost them should be an embarrasment to the Team,Players and the entire Front Office.. Coach AR is offically on the Hot Seat and Timer is Ticking, he may not liking but guess what, he has no one to blame but himself for he put himself into this postion and now he is going to have to fight himself back out.. Let’s see what kind of fight he really has..

  32. Halleluiah! It’s about tme ! How many scoring records does the defense have to allow before some heads roll. The Eagles have no problem getting rid of good players Clemons, Babin, Samuels (etc), . So stop rewarding those who made the bad decisons. It was my opinion that the Eagles should have brought in a proven Defensive Coordinator last year instead of trying to develop a neophyte on the job. The NFL is “prime time”- not a place for “on the job training”. Had we had a veteran D.C. we would probably still be playing now. Even after all the faults and injuries we had we were just one play away from defeating the Packers.

    By the way Birdobeaman,
    Many of us are veterans, (including myself) but we don’t wear it like a badge of honor. If you have ever been in combat you would soon realize that it is organized insanity, and the majority of the people killed are innocent civilians. Most of the wars we have fought recently have not been for freedom or democracy, or even “protecting our rights or freedoms” but for the benefit of Wall Street’s access to other countires’ natural resources. So please forgive me if I don’t “pay tribute” to everything you say simply because you served in the military.

  33. Deepthreat, maybe you should read the WHOLE post before commenting on something you know nothing about. GCOBB challenged what I do in my “career”, I responded.

  34. since 1988 anyway. that means Steelers still ran Bettis with 3.3 ave Tampa Bay Pittman 3.4….u know Westbrook averaged 5.1 yds a carry Eagles SB year. This Year McCoy ave 5.2 and Harrison averaged 6 yds per carry. Emmitt ave 5.1 his SB years and great terrel Davis ave 5.2 his SB yrs. No , excuse Reid had to running McCOY just 13 times a yr and was Harrison hurt that we did not use him against packers

  35. Manning only Super Bowl win Colts ran 42 times. Colts SB loss last year ran 18. Patriots loss to Giants ran 16 times. Patriots against our Eagles 28. Eagles with Andy with Westbrook averaging 5.2 for season against patriots……….17

  36. tydm you are flogging a dead horse. The arguement has been brought up in every thread for the last 20 articles even myself and drummer are too exhausted to debate it anymore.

  37. to people like Reid info and research means nothing….but when Super Bowl teams have something in common why would u do something different….i am sure someone who loves football likes those stats and not narrow minded like Reid

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