Sean Payton Sings The Praises of Secondary Coach Dennis Allen

New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton was giving out some major praise in the New Orleans Times-Picayune to his young secondary coach Dennis Allen who will be interviewed by the Broncos, then the Eagles this weekend here in Philadelphia for their team’s defensive coordinator .

“It’s a small league, and there aren’t many secrets. His reputation has grown, and the word has gotten around. You can see it on film,” Payton said. “He’s extremely talented, and another thing about him, he’s an extremely hard-working guy. He’s a guy that’s gonna have more of these opportunities down the line (if he isn’t hired this time around).”

I hope all or at least some of that is true.  He did a great job last year when their secondary was helping them win a Super Bowl, but he needs to explain what exactly was going on in that playoff game against the Seahawks.  Did he explain to the safeties that they had the deep routes and should look at the receiver they were covering.

I remember when Payton was here in Philadelphia as an assistant for the Eagles.  He remembers it to that’s why he’s not going to get in the way of Allen’s chance for a promotion.

“It’s always a tough thing, wanting your coaches to have the opportunity but not wanting to lose them,” said Payton. “This experience of going through the interview process and getting his name out there is deserved. He’s done a very good job. He’s extremely well thought of within this building.”

16 thoughts on “Sean Payton Sings The Praises of Secondary Coach Dennis Allen

  1. Let’s see how Packers and Bears measure up to Super Bowl Winners!!! SB Champions have 3 things in common…..1) 2 D players with 10 sacks or more(usually 1 or both are LBs) 2)run the ball 28 times a game 3) QB has usually 62% passing and less than 11 interceptions………Packers are close with Mathews (13.5 sacks) but next person is jenkins 7 Bears have DE Idonije and Peppers with 8 sacks each. Packers get advantage with 1 D player with 10 or more sacks and he ia a LB.

  2. do u know what running back ave 5.2 yards a carry this year but the coach only ran him 13 times. DID U KNOW THAT 4 TEAMS LEFT AVE 27 RUSHES A GAME and ave less than 3.9 yds a carry

  3. Sure Dennis Allen why not but we players!!!! Big difference between Super Bowl Champion SAINTS and this year saints. Saints RB were banged up, Brees threw 22 int(cause of no rb threw too much) and Sb saints had 1 player(Will Smith) with 13 sacks and LB with almost 10.. this year no one had 10 sacks not even close

  4. FIRE ANDY REID!!!!!! if he learned west coast offense from Bill Walsh, he did not soak it all in. With best qb and wr in the game Bill Walsh still ran Roger Craig 22 times a game and Rathman 7 total of 29 times during season and Sb. Montana was 22-24 in one SB. Think about that. he ran (29times) more than he threw lol with Joe montana…if that was Andy Reid he would have had joe throw 50 times like mcnabb in SB loss and only ran Westbrook who was ave 5.1 a carry 15 times(craig and rathman ave alot less) granted only joe still would have made 50 attempts probally look pretty good but the awesome coach BILL walsh knew better and gave his team a chance to win

  5. Tydm-Reid is using BYU version of the west coast offense. How many years has this bozo refused to run
    the ball because in his mind the run isn’t working while he can go 3and out over and over again using the pass and still keep tyring. All I can think of is his fat big self in the punt pass and kick competition two and one half the size of the rest of the competition, probably never able to play quaterback because of his size and slowness and now obsessed with the pass and calling pass plays because he is the head coach and has the final say.He’s a mental case.

  6. Many knowlegable football people are aware that Reid does not run the ball enough and practice it so we can get a third and one. But it seems that people are afraid to challenge Reid on this major flaw in his football acumen. I am sick of the same old ending to the season. His teams penalities are always high and his challenges are pathetic as is his ability to save timeouts for critical times.The majority of his wins come against teams that are 8-8 or less and he has more losses than wins over teams with 9-7 records or better. No all pro linebackers drafted by Reid and no all pro DB’s drafted by Reid. The eagles salavate over loosers like Ernie Simms who couldn’t get off a block to save his life.

  7. On another note.

    I’m looking around the league at top Safeties like Palomalu, and Sanders, Reed etc., and can not understand how we settle for regular guys at the Safety position after years of seeing how important a dominant, fast, hard hitting safety could be in “Dawk”.

    I know we are all looking into the coaches and all but when you have a chance to get a similar player from the draft to feel the shoes of a player from a skills standpoint…..Don’t you pull the trigger so there’s little dropoff in the system?

    Earl Thomas was there if the Eagles wanted him but instead we went with the cheaper less talented Allen. Now, Allen is alright but there’s nothing I’ve seen to say he will ever be anywhere close to a Dawk….or a hitter like Thomas.

    They really can’t blame the defensive coaches if they let talent go and replace them with lesser talent.

    I still have a problem with how often Allen gets run over and he is not an adequate replacement for Dawk. He’s a good kid but so is the guy that cuts my grass but i wouldn’t suggest he meet a running back in the open field head on.

    Yes, I support the Eagles in their trying to put key coaches in place, yet I believe McDermott would still be the Coach if Dawk would have been here to keep the team together after the death of JJ or Brown would have been retained with Hobbs as a nickel and Back up and Earl Thomas drafted instead of graham.

    Sean McDermott was not covering Britt when the Titans stole what could of been the game that put us in the drivers seat for the number 2 seed. That was Hobbs and Allen.

    So, while I’ll share my enthusiasm with the prospect of possibly getting Haynesworth, I hope this front office see that they’re decisions played a bigger part in the defense failures than Sean McDermott’s coaching schemes. Great players make schemes look great and if they attempt to mask these deficencies with a line coach and another Defensive Coordinator, and not address their approach to upgrading the talent on this team we’ll be here this time next year blogging about off season moves while teams are playing in the Playoffs.

    If the fans see the holes we know the Eagles see them. Sign Vick now!!!

    We do not want another season without a good RG and RT. Justiice and Nick Cole and the lapband guy are not adequate.

    We want a fast, hard hitting, ball hawking Corner and Safety.

    We want Haynesworth and a linebacker that actually put fear in opposing offenses (Look at the Linebackers in the playoffs and get linebackers like that).

    Get a Freakin Kick off Returner.

    Give Shady McCoy a chance to be an Elite Runningback by giving him the rock.

    You guys at the Novacare complex do this and we’re lifting the Lombardi.

  8. The Eagles need to start putting value in the LB position and KR….they keep pulling guys off the street and practice squad to return kicks and they suck! Get a weapon back there….they have the money….secondly, start drafting some star LB’s or sign one in FA….I’m sorry but Fokou, Chaney and Clayton are special teams players…Chaney did ok at MLB but has a lot to learn….there is a reason he lasted till the 7th round in the draft….Bradley is nothing special either…. he has been injury plagued since college.

  9. G-Man,
    Have you had a chance to check on OLB Justin Howard from University of Georgia..
    He ‘s 6 3″ 255 lbs.. Many him ranked about #20-#30 on the big boards and will probably be availalbe a at #23 when the Eagles Select. and many say that this kid’s cieling is very high..
    How is his game, Is he is more of a DE/OLB or a pure LB type who can play out in pass coverages, stop the run and also get to the QB as true 3rd Down LB..

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