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DeSean Jackson Takes Himself Out Of Pro Bowl

I was watching the Pro Bowl practice earlier today and I saw Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson standing on the side without his helmet on.  I knew something was wrong because all the other players had their helmets on and were practicing.

Now I know why.

Jackson tweaked his knee in practice and has taken himself out of the Pro Bowl.  It was a wise move and hopefully the injury wasn’t anything major. on Facebook

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40 Comments for “DeSean Jackson Takes Himself Out Of Pro Bowl”

  1. Just heard that Jeff Fisher may be leaving the Titans. Does anyone think he would want to be the
    Eagles’ DC? Washburn is already here. Who knows?

  2. hell yeahhhhh
    jeff fisher becomes our DC, thats why washburn came and also why we have waited thus far (im hoping)
    idk tho he does love control, but i mean im hearing that he had too much a workload
    this would be amazing for philly, if it can come to fruition

  3. Yea…he “tweaked” his knee. LMAO. Smart Desean, very smart.

  4. Come back to us, Jeff!

  5. I think D-JAx will be out of the NFL in 3 years.. His frame is too small to take a 16-18 games NFL Schedule and then Playoffs punishment… Enjoy the next couple of years for if he keeps injuring his Knee and loses some speed, then he is a marginal WR at best… The Eagles would be foolish to extend his contract for major $$$ for he will mostl likely never be able to play it out..
    I do think they should give him a substantial raise of the length of his contract which still has 2 yaers on it.. Pay him $2.5 million per season and maybe a $1 Million Roster bonus over the length of his current deal to take care of him, but do not extend the length of a new contract for 4-5 years at
    at $35-$40 Million deal for for he won’t be around that long to earn it… I would trade this year myself..

  6. Why cant we just trade this overrated bum? He is to injury prone and I think alot of people are blinded by big plays Djax has against horrid teams like
    Redskins,Lions,Jaguars, and Dallas

    You cant name me one good defense Desean has had a big game against?
    Why should we pay this limited reciever a massive contract when he never shows up against good defenses,scared to get hit and wont go across the middle? He got taken out of the majority of the Giants game by one CB.

    Maclin was the one who showed up the most for us against the Giants scoring 2 tds, and dont give me some crap about it was because Desean was drawing all the attention. Coz thats B.S he only had one CB on him all game. I look at all these recievers in the playoffs and i get jealous THATS RIGHT@PAULMAN I GET JEALOUS!

    Theyre catching passes in traffic over defenders, going across the middle and catching passes in the endzone. Desean is not a number 1 reciever. He is a #2 at best and a great punt returner.Larry Fitzgerald still hadnt gotten an extension yet like Desean. Hey, Arizona needs a QB, so why not trade Kolb+Desean for Larry Fitzgerald, not a bad idea

    Here is a list of free agent recievers I’d take over Desean right now
    Santonio Holmes
    Vincent Jackson
    Sidney Rice

  7. I said it before. Don’t be surprised if Joe Banner is keeping his eye on Vincent Jackson.

  8. You guys make some good points, but I think you have to use DeSean with understanding of his limitations. His mere presence opens the field up for other guys, but you have to be able to execute the short and intermediate game.

  9. Didn’t V JAckson (besides his Contract dispute) have some off the field issues too
    I think they may look at WR Malcolm Floyd from the Chargers instead…

  10. supabud, we have some common ground here, Reid changed game plan significantly, in my view, to accommodate jackson’s style of play, unwilling/unable to play the middle and take a hit, he can be dangerous, but you cannot build your offense around him, he views his role bigger than it should be, I agree maclin a better fit, with avant and Cooper as supporting roles, don’t get rid of Jackson, but do not build your offensive style around him

  11. @jakedog Yeah were on the same page with that. Me personally i have never been a big fan of Desean. We wont ever win a superbowl with him AS OUR #1 Receiver, no matter who the qb is. He is just to limited. In other words he is a one trick pony. And one trick ponies get shut down in the playoffs and the superbowl when theyre playing against top 5 defenses.

  12. Does any other team in the NFL have the wafer thin recievers like pinkston and jackson?

    His agent needs to send him to a warm weather city with soft grass to fall on. He will last a lot longer.

    Lift some darn weights and eat some protein. That guy that played captain kirks father is now starring in THOR. Look at the trailer. He went from “boney James” in Star Trek to a White Hulk in THOR.

    Get a personal trainer and nutritionist. start acting like you play in the NFL not some after work league.

  13. Haha mr. Bsm, you are a classic, “wafer thin”‘, maybe Reid because he is so damn obese has a fetish for these skinny little guys, lmao

  14. I like D-Jax to be utilized about 30 plays a game, run him in and out and force the Defense to have to change with the Personnel packages that are on the field.. But to hear that for 30 plays he can be a decoy and open things up for other players, I just don’t see it and buy it.. There is no reason that other packages for Maclin,Avant, Coopr and HArbor and another weapon like a MCCoy out in the formations can’t be successful and these other players can make plays.. Use him like other teams use their deep threats which is to run him deep 8-10 times a game, maybe a couple of reverses and
    and few decoy plays, but outside of that get him off the field and especially once in the Red-Zone
    in which his speed is completely negated and he basically wastes a receivers spot and an option for the QB to go to since he’s too small and will not get open or fo into the middle the field or traffic to catch the ball..

  15. This is the the problem now with the Eagles and Eaglesnation…now #10 is a bum???? without # 10 how many games do the this team would have won??? Now he too small???? # 10 is a talented weapon when used correctly, again lets make someone the scapegoat!!! #10 should be paid period. had he been on any other team this wouldnt even be an issue. Get off of #10 ass he cant help it if the team he is currently playing for doesnt know how to properly use him!!!! Do not get away from the real issue at hand here AR is garbage as a head coach if he didnt have players like #10 where would he be????

  16. are you people out of your minds…Djax is one of the reasons are offense is as explosive as it is…he impacts the game just by being on on the field…his stats don’t lie, people…sure he is limited, and yes teams can take him out of the game, but that’s when the coach has to start running the ball!!!!!!!! when the ground game is clicking, THEN Djax becomes deadly!!!

  17. and lets not forget that Djax was a shoestring tackle away from winning the Packers game…if he breaks that one, are we still calling him a bum…get real supabad


  19. Djax commands attention from every defense they play…and if he helps put away weaker teams along the way thats great…but you can’t blame him if he gets taken out of some games…that’s what good coaches do in this league…they try to take away an opponents biggest threat…our problem is that our genius coach can’t adjust to this and keeps chucking it when everyone knows he should run!!



  21. first of all…i love Maclin’s game, and i consider him to be the #1 on this team which he is.,.i’m just sayin, Djax has tons of game and every other team in the league would love to acquire his services…clearly you have something against the guy…maybe a little to much swagger for you…i’m not going to change your mind, so we’ll just agree to disagree

  22. Speechless after reading some of these comments. Trade DJax? Dumbass’s. Let’s trade Maclin and Mccoy while were at it. Anybody who’s dumb enough to trade a reciever that has had 900+ yards in all three years of his career does’nt know what there doing. People don’t understand. He not only does’nt help us with our recieving game, but with our return game, and run game (reversals). Defenses are always on there toes when this guy is on the field. It has been shown that this offense is not the same when he’s not on the field. He’s a game changer, and can come out with a big play at anytime. Even when he’s not catching passes he’s still a threat in a way, cause like I said, defenses are on their toes constantly. Bring in VJas or a Holmes. Not saying that would’nt be great. But not one of those free agent reciever have the talent Djax has. Show some loyalty


    If the Eagles dont trade Kolb+Desean to them for Fitz. This team doesnt want a ring. We are not gonna win a superbowl with no injury prone Desean Jackson. When you get around to the playoffs all that one trick pony, going deep all the time stuff wont cut it. Especially against those top 5 defenses. YOU NEED A RECIEVER THAT CAN DO EVERYTHING LIKE FITZ!

  24. @bethlehem Hell let em have him then. I would give my left ball sack to get Larry Fitzgerald and any fan with common sense would take Fitz over Desean in a heartbeat.

  25. Get rid of Desean Jackson? LMFAOROTF! Funniest thing I’ve heard in a while. LMFAO! Some of you are more clueless about football than I gave you credit for.

  26. Let me get this right…..Fans want to keep Kolb over Vick and want to trade one of the few brightspots and a 2 time probowler in 3 years?

    Damn…..I’m starting to feel shame mentioning I’m from Philly. How about getting rid of the low priced bums that don’t produce on our team and upgrade the talent in other areas instead of downing players that actually produce? Sounds like a plan?

    Djax did not make us dead last in red zone defense. The offence improves once we get rid of these low priced speed bumps playing on our offensive line and replace them with top players. When we get a player that can actually play right corner opposite asante.

    Birdo I’m with you….not getting a Superbowl have gotten some fans delusional. Vick is in Honolulu while Kolb is somewhere on a cold night picking lent out of his navel yet guys are claiming he should be the guy.

    Philadelphia (Sigh)

  27. It just amazes me. Desean may just be ARGUABLY the most dangerous player in the NFL. Defensive Coordinators spend restless nights coming up with a plan to contain this little guy. He can bite you in so many ways. Reverses, Punt Returns, Deep Ball, Wildcat (if need be), Out Route’s for 90 yards and one legged falls into the endzone — the guy does it all. There is not ONE corner in the NFL that can keep up with him.

    I remember last year when Champ Bailey was talking smack and telling Desean he wasn’t going to shine that day. Desean nodded his head and went out and caught a 50 yard bomb a couple plays later.

    Desean cannot be stopped. His QB (whoever it is, McNabb/Vick/Kolb) can be contained….but if his QB has enough time to get Desean the ball — the game is already over.

  28. ” Most Dangerous” “He won games” ect…

    What good is a player that is hurt. What good is a player that can’t handle corners that can take him out of a game. It’s so exciting in the regular season. But if it is a championship superbowl you want, you are going to have to win 3 games in a row against good better championship teams.

    No one is saying he does not have talent. Can you think of one NFL player outside of billy white shoes johnson, that was his size and lasted as an impact player?

    “Desean can not be stopped??” Really. Chicago and Greenbay stopped him. So did the Giants until the rookie kicker made a mistake. Playoff teams don’t play that.

    Before the Eagles played Chicago in the regular season, I went to their website and listened to their keys to winning the game. They said the Eagle recievers are the fastest they will face all season. But the scouting report was that they are also the softest. Get physical with them and you can shut them down.

    Michael Jordan got pushed around in the playoffs against the Pistons. He came back diesel. And started winning championships.

    Quit making excuses.

    If you want to win a championship then you acknowledge your weakness and improve on it.

    Or you can keep patting him on the head and telling him how good he is.

    Vick had an MVP like season and the first thing out of his mouth was he has to get better.

    Hold that skinny flyweight to the same standard and then you will have ‘UNSTOPPABLE”

  29. BSM, idiot, listen to what the conversation is about. READ. People are talking about TRADING Desean Jackson. Getting rid of him. As in, no longer playing for the Eagles.

    Does he need to improve? Of course. No player is God. Every player needs to improve. Desean needs to bulk up but he’s already heading into his fourth year — I don’t think he CAN bulk up.

    And I love how ppl say “Chicago and Green Bay stopped him” — really? Are you sure it had NOTHING to do with Vick constantly being put on his back two seconds after the ball is snapped? Do you even understand the game of football? I saw Desean open quite a bit in all three games against those teams and if it wasn’t for the pass rush, Vick would have found him.

    Like I said, Desean cannot be stopped, but his QB can be contained. I love how Cowboy fans were talking last year how they “stopped” Desean. They of course failed to understand, like yourself, that the pass rush was “stopping” the QB, not the DB’s stopping Desean.

    I don’t remember the last time I saw a DB jam Desean up at the line of scrimmage, do you? And I’m not talking about a soft tap at the snap of the ball, I’m talking about a DB trying to rough him up at the snap of the ball. It doesn’t happen. They’re scared. If they try it and Desean get’s free, it’s over.

  30. Just look at the picture in G’s posting guys. Do you REALLY think this guy has the body to hold up to even a 16 game season playing in a west coast system?

  31. I can’t believe how ppl wanna get rid of DJax..that is just plain stupid and you must not watch/understand football. Vincent Jackson? Sidney Rice? over DJax? Give me a break…What people seem to not understand is that the mere presence of Djax on the fied screws with the whole Defense. Every opposing D that we face can’t play the same gameplan that they play most of the year becasue they have Secondary players backed up 30 yrds off the line before the play even starts cuz of DJAX. Do Defenses do the same for Sidney Rice?lol…The problem isn’t Djax..he is not gonna have a 100 yards/7 catches a game but he opens the game for every other player on offense. The problem is the play calls and what personnel you put around Djax. Coaches should be calling RUN,RUN,RUN, or short throws in the middle of the field because the secondary is so concerned about DJAX beating them deep..but they don’t; THEY DONT KNOW HOW TO ADJUST THE OFFENSIVE GAMEPLAN DURING THE GAME. And let me say I love Maclin and i think he is gonna go down as a very special player but the Eagles should of taken H. Nicks to complement Djax perfectly. Or they should of gotten a stud as a 3rd receiever on this team who has the size to go over the middle. Im sick of all this love for Avant who is suppose to have these amazing hands to catch a ball but yet he drops endzone throws that a baby could catch and lets a ball go throw his hands at the end of the redskins game which we would of won. And who doesnt even have the speed to beat most of the linebackers in this league over the middle to get open. Trade Djax=Stupid. Go watch soccer because you obviously dont understand football and what the mere speed threat/field running soes to impact a game.

  32. AND this doesn’t even include that he is the most dangerous returner in the league who won us plenty of games on those returns as well. I guess because he doesn’t have size he sucks right?? I guess Marvin Harrison sucked? I guess Torry Holt sucked? Those guys never won anything….

  33. @ Superbad…yea im sure opposing Defenses go through their whole week before playing us saying to themselves..we have to stop 18. Its all about number 10. Maclin isn’t the one getting double teamed/triple teamed or going up against the best corner on the opposing Defense..DJAX is.

  34. Paulman’s Rankings of WR’s Corps in the NFC

    #1) Packers (best group collectively in Jennings,DRiver,Jones & Nelson)
    #2) Saints (Colston,Meachem,Henderson, & Moore)
    #3) Falcons (R White, M Jenkins, H Douglas and B Finnerin)
    #4) Vikings (S Rice, P Harvin, B Berrian and Camarillo)
    #5) Cardinals (Ftizgerald,Breaston, Doucet)
    #6) Cowboys (Austin, Bryant, WIlliams )
    #7) Giants (Nicks,Manningham, Smith)
    #8) Tampa Bay Bucs (Williams, Benn, Stroughter)
    #9) Lions (C Williams, N Burleson, B Johnson)
    #10) Eagles (D-Jax, Maclin, Avant,Cooper)

    Eagles WR’s as a group are middle of the road in the NFL

  35. Yes paulman! Right on the money again at being the number one idiot at!

    Rank 9 WR corps above the one wide receiving corps that ALMOST had 2 1000 yd receivers — brilliant!

  36. For a team throwing the ball 50 times a game that includes 10-12 bombs a game,, All the Eagles Receivers should have 1000 yeards in receiving.. Again, it’s nothing against these Taleneted WR that the Eagels have It’s about winning the Championshiop and you know what, the Eagles cannot win a Championship with smallish, wimpy WR’s like D-Jax/Maclin who can’t take a hit and can only run deep routes…

  37. paulman…that list is ludacris…and just for argument sake, only one of those teams has won the SB with those receivers

    i’m glad some of you guys believe like i do that moving this guy would be dumb…and lets stop with the trade suggestions that would never happen like Djax for Fitz…seriously people, AZ will not trade Fitz for anything less than a sucker deal a la Hershal Walker…didn’t we waste our time 2 years back thinking AZ would deal Fitz to the birds…how’d that work out

    bottom line is Djax is nice, and will continue to be a very dangerous weapon if AR balances the offense

  38. we all know he is not and never will be TO circa 04…but that doesn’t make him expendable in any way shape or form

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