That Pro Bowl Last Night Wasn’t Legitimate NFL Football

The NFL must hire the WWF to come in and show the Pro Bowlers how to simulate action and violence.  It’s the only answer to what was an awful Pro Bowl where it looks like many of the defensive players aren’t even trying at times.

I had to check my television to make sure there wasn’t something wrong with it.  I wanted to make sure that somebody hadn’t pushed a pause button because I noticed the players playing in the Pro Bowl weren’t running full or hitting full speed.  They were dressed in football equipment but they might as well have been in shorts.

Somebody tell the people in the NFL front office that if they want to sell the Pro Bowl that means the players have to play legitimate football.  They don’t have kill each other but they do need to play much harder than they did last night.

I understand players don’t want to get hurt but that wasn’t even on the intensity of a competitive flag football game.  You can’t have guys out of the field jogging on the field and sell that as real NFL football.

You can’t have pass rushers deciding not to rush and standing there watching the play as the quarterback waits for somebody to get open and try to sell that are authentic NFL football.

I watched Kansas City Chiefs rookie safety Eric Berry fall on the ground and try to tackle the shoelaces of St. Louis Rams big and physical running back Steven Jackson as he ran into the end zone for the touchdown.

24 thoughts on “That Pro Bowl Last Night Wasn’t Legitimate NFL Football

  1. If you’re a star player and don’t have several years of guaranteed money in the bank, you’re an idiot for playing hard in the pro-bowl…especially with a work stoppage coming.

    Vick sucked too.

  2. probably because of his terrible oline mugzy

    Its not supposed to be a game…its an exhibition. The NHL game was what? 12-11 yesterday also with 4 goals in the first 3 mins……..

    I’m not usre if I like the format of these games, but they’re just there to showcase the offensive skill players, and aside from Vick and Rivers, that’s what happened.

    Besides, I had the over in both games. 🙂

  3. The guys don’t have to hit each other. They can wrestle ball carriers to the ground rather than hit them, but they should hustle. Many times players would stop. Look at the offensive lineman score the touchdown and check out how many guys stopped. The quarterback drops into the pocket and the defensive line just stops. You can sack the quarterback by wrestling him to the ground, but not hitting him.

  4. Garry, there’s no reason to even play the game. They should just name an all-pro team and leave it at that. What happens with people dropping out and others going in is everbody gets to be a pro-bowler anyway.

    That’s how Donovan got a few of his pro-bowls, but losing in the NFCCG

  5. I think they should just announce the teams,
    Then have a Golf Tournament or Tennis Matches or even a “Skills TEst” for bragging rites…

  6. Why would the NFL hire the World Wildlife Fund gcobb?

    It’s WWE now, just saying.

    AFC looked like they didn’t even care. NFC looked like they were trying to make a point. I dunno. Maybe it was just me seeing this.

  7. Every all-star is game is like that. The NBA all star is nothing but a bunch of players doing their best Harlem globe trotters imitation. In hockey, they don’t care either. In the NFL, those guys are out there having fun with each other. Their not really out there to play hard, even a little bit. I do miss the days when the Pro Bowl was competitive where one conference actually wanted to prove they were better than the other. Those days are gone. And since both sides get paid and the majority of players are either veterans who make more than enough money or rookies that have gotten good contracts, it’s not a factor. I heard someone say they should just only pay the winners and the losers get nothing. Well then you will see more and more people pull out altogether. I think we will just have to live with it for the foreseeable future.

  8. What bothered me yesterday was……… David Akers missing that chip-shot FG and the announcer saying…….. “We seen that during the post-season”!………………. SMH!!!!!!! I’m like thanks for reminding all the Philly fans of that retard……..

    Look IDK……. But if Akers isnt reliable like he use to be…… Maybe we have to look at some younger prospects????? Just a thought?? I mean teams that seem to go elsewhere with the kickers seem to have success with other kickers……. JUST A THOUGHT!!!

  9. Also if Brett Fave would’ve made the pro-bowl this year…… Could you imagine what he would’ve done last night after the game!!!!!!! LOL!!! The women in hawaii…… Plenty of drinks…….. Beautiful weather out there!!!!! I could only just imagine!!!

  10. Scorp — I know every all star game does it, but in the NFL, where it’s hard to “hold back” and still look legit — it’s embarrassing. There shouldn’t be a pro bowl game if they are going to play like they did yesterday. Just come up with an All-Pro team and call it a day.

    If the NFL wants to complain that it will lose revenue, make the Superbowl a best out of 3 event! LOL

  11. I agree jroc, Akers missing another FG brought back some bad memories… and a lot of the game announcers hate the eagles including Vick… I didn’t hear many of the complimenting Vick for his year but they praised all the other QBs playing in the Pro Bowl…

    Its been time maybe 2 seasons ago that we should of looked to get a new kicker. Akers has been great but its about that time

  12. @Birdo…… LOL!…… yea your right…… Those Wrangler jeans would have been on a ceiling fan this morning LOL!

    @Eaglebirdgang……… yea they were praising the other qb’s…… Like Vick didnt get named offensive player of the week more than anyone else!!! He played less games than most of the starting Qb’s and had MVP talk along with Tom Brady who played a full 16 games……… SMH! Makes you wonder?? They dont want him to be in the likes of these other qb’s…….. he took the game to the next level and hopefully this offensive line (NEW) offensive line crew would be able to protect him!!! GO EAGLES

  13. Birdo, I agree. I didn’t like I like it. When the score was 21-0 I turned to something else because I realized that the game was crap. Then I flipped back and saw 42-0. Of course the AFC made a push to make the game more tolerable but I’m with you. The only thing is, I don’t think there’s anything that can really be done about it right now. The league is too “buddy-buddy”. From players shaking hands with guys that just beat you to slapping the helmet of the guy that just tackled you. It’s not like it was a while ago where the players played with pride and wanted to show the other conference who had the better players. Not that I agree with it, just think that’s how it is.

  14. News broke today that Akers found out his kid may have had cancer a couple days before the Green Bay game. Maybe Reid and people who ripped Akers need to eat some crow

  15. mugzy, they actually broke that over the weekend and it appears that Andy may have knew that. Even so, that’s not an excuse for him missing his field goals. You lace up them shoes and put on the pads you better be ready to go. However, Andy probably should not have said what he said after the game especially if he really did know about it. They’ve been killing Andy all weekend about it now that the story is out.

  16. This game was a big time joke. It’s nice for the players to get together and be noticed for their great play during the season but com’on. Most of these guys were added because of injury or players bowed out or players who r in the super bowl.

  17. “They were dressed in football equipment but they might as well have been in shorts.”

    I agree 100% with G.Cobb. Speaking from a female perspective at least that would have made it more tolerable for me to watch anyway. :o)

  18. The NFL All-Pro and NHL All-Star games should both be canceled. Both are worthless efforts to promote the real game, particularly on defense. NFL players are smart enough not to risk futures for Goodell/owners, especially when facing a lockout. Watched maybe 5min of first quarter and that was it. And for all you TV sponsors… I never buy anything pushed on TV.

  19. The pro bowl has no place anymore. Give the guys a trip to Hawaii as a prize for the selection.

    Heck Move the pro-bowl to the summer and have it on a sunday in conjucntion with EA sports and the release of Maddedn. Then you could put the pro bowlers in a madden turnament and it would be terriible but much more watchable than the past few pro bowls.

  20. I heard thru a source down in Charlotte that new DC S McDermott was going to employ the same Defensive schemes that were used in last evening’s Pro-Bowl Game for the Panthers this season… Good Greif..

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