FOX Network Is Charging Big Bucks For Super Bowl Spots

If you wonder why the television networks are willing to pay the NFL so much money, check out how much money which FOX Sports television will be charging the advertisers for Super Bowl spots.

FOX is charging advertisers up to $3 million for 30-second ads during Sunday’s Super Bowl.  You read that right.  $3 million dollars for a 30-second advertisement.  Many of the viewers don’t even look at the game to see the teams play, they watch the game, so they can see the commercials.

Companies now put a lot of time and money into the production of the commercials because they know a good commercial will be talked about by millions after the game is over.  Quite a few radio and television shows rate the commercials in the week following the game.

FOX will have a long pre-game show as well as an extensive post-game show.  The cost of the commercial time will ranger from between $100,000 and $2 million.

CNBC is estimating that the FOX network will bring in about $300 million dollars from the Super Bowl telecast.  With that huge advertising number, this year’s Super Bowl will be the largest advertising event ever.

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  1. G Man,
    Any truth to the rumour that is going to advertise during the Super Bowl..
    I heard that Diesel and CO and even the Dentists who fixes David Ortiz’s teeth were interested…

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