Could You Imagine If Our Coach Wasn’t Willing To Have His Family Live Here?

Could imagine if we had a head coach of the Eagles who wasn’t wiling to have his family live here so he bought a house in New York or Washington D.C., so his wife and kids could live in a place that they thought was nicer?

That coach would be driven out of here with the quickness.  Well what I just described is happening in New Orleans where head coach Sean Payton has bought a house in Dallas and moved his wife and kids there.  He plans on visiting them each weekend during the season via private plane. Payton said it only take 90 minutes to make the trip.

Payton and his wife, Beth have such a distaste for New Orleans that Payton brought up the idea to Saints GM Mickey Loomis when he took the job.

“Mickey wasn’t keen on that at all,” Payton wrote in his book about the Super Bowl Championship season.  “Whoever came would have to be all in, he said.  It was essential that the New Orleans Saints’ head coach be as much a part of the team and the community as any player, any team official or any fan. This was not a job a head coach could just phone in.”

I know New Orleans hasn’t recovered from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and the subsequent flooding but you’ve got to be kidding, if you think a city would put up with that.  New Orleans is trying to convince people to come back and live in the city, but their head football coach isn’t willing to live there.

They should run the Paytons out of town on a rail if they think they’re too good for the people in the city.  Did we hear Payton running around talking about how the team was playing for the city?  Wasn’t he talking about the team taking on the personality of the city by fighting and refusing to quit?

He wouldn’t even have attempted this if they hadn’t won a Super Bowl, but I think the people are going to turn on him.  The people in New Orleans are kind of like the people in Philadelphia.  If you have a problem with their city, you’ve got a problem with them.

There will probably a head coaching job opening in New Orleans if they don’t play well next season.

20 thoughts on “Could You Imagine If Our Coach Wasn’t Willing To Have His Family Live Here?

  1. Perhaps Paulman’s Best Trade Alert of All Time

    Eagles Trade HC AR, OC MM & DC J Castillo to the NO Saints for
    thier HC S Payton…


  2. The fans in Philly would have a field day, never mind talk radio. Sean Payton, and I’ve always felt this way, is nothing but a snob. Even when he was in NY and Dallas, he just seemed to think he was bigger than the teams there, although he was jsut an OC. It’s gotten worse now that he’s a HC. Nothing describes hnim more than the story from last offseason when he went to the restaurant and ordered an epensive bottle of wine they were holding for Jerry Jones–and he told them something like “Jerry can wait”. Afterwards, the story goes, everyone, including Jones had a good laugh about it, but I can’t imagine Jones wasn’t too happy at the time. .It all shows how winning the big game can change a person–but in Payton’s case, he’s just the same person–even worse now.

  3. Payton seems a bit snooty to me. Andy lives in Villanova which is an exclusive area. He has no complaints. In a way I can’t blame Payton for not wanting to live below sea level. It’s creppy.

  4. Big and runthe – wow, you guys just love to overgeneralize and use lazy stereotypes. Aren’t you the mature ones. Geez, since us three are posting from Philly, I guess we’re all shoving cheesesteaks in our mouths, nursing bullet wounds and shooting handguns at the same time right now right? Or is there more to a city than the lowest common denominator stereotype?

    Runthe, if your life was ruined by katrina and you had nothing, I suppose you’d be different? You’ll say yes but you have 0 credibility on that. 0.

    And Paulman, do you really think ANY NFL coach lives in a modest area? Who are you trying to kid. They’re all millionaires.

  5. New Orleans is like San Francisco a disaster waiting to happen….As a coach i would live anywhere but New Orleans and SF…The fault line runs through SF so it’s not if but when. NO is not safe below seas level,tons hurricanes,according to engineers the levi were built too quick and not stable….i would work in NO but not have my family there

  6. As a family man I know there are many factors that have to be considered when choosing a place for the family to live and it’s my responsibility to help my family be as happy as possible. I also know what it’s like to have a 90 min commute every day and it’s managable if the rewards are great enough.

    As a fan, I don’t care where my coaches family lives. I’m mature and reasonable enough not to take them living in another city as an insult. What, am I 13? Frankly, if it means that he’s going to only see his family on weekends then there may be even more hours during the week dedicated to coaching during the week..

    As far as Sean Patyon is concerned, he’s always irritated me, well before the SB win, with an elitist attitude that I have very little tolerance for. He’s a jerk.

  7. Sean Payton brought a championship to the most futile team in the NFL. If a coach did that for my Eagles, he could live on Mars for all I care. Bobbyuk, the story of him getting Jerry Jones bottle of wine is hilarious; Eagles fans would salute our head coach if he won a Super Bowl and snubbed the Cowboys owner. Would it be fodder for the talk shows and newspapers if a Super Bowl winning Eagles head coach moved his family out of town? Probably, but it would blow over quickly. Championships mean more than mailing addresses.

  8. Why is everyone on always on the Cowher bandwagon? I don’t get it. It took him 14,15 years to win a superbowl? Cowher’s winning percentage is .623 and AR’s is .617. Take away the SB that BC won in his 15th year then his playoff winning percentage is .500.
    AR has faults, we can’t do any better.

  9. If you win a SB….you can live wherever you want…..if you are new or just an average coach, you will need to establish yourself in the community.

    Chances are in Philly,it wouldn’t go over great….but come to think of it, I have no idea where Charlie lives and really don’t care….oh yeah…he won a championship didn’t he?!

  10. @schiller you’re right i never had a natural disaster ruin my life, but i guarantee I wouldn’t be a lazy good for nothing waste of space. I’d be rebuilding my house and my community without looking around me. Misery loves company and the majority of those people down there are epidemic with it.

  11. This is stupid. What business is it of the fans of a football team where the coach chooses to have his family live? Its none of their business. The Paytons should do what they believe is the best for the family. If the stupid fans and organization in New Orleans wants to fire a SB winning head coach for something like this, they don’t deserve another title.

  12. Charlie lives in Pine Hill,Nj so he can keep get that “Mountainy/Hillbilly” feel of his native Southwest Virginia home…

  13. Schiller your an ass. I said I didn’t blame him for not wanting to live below sea level aka katrina, but you can’t even type in a coherent way to find fault with my remark. Yes he does look smug and snooty on the sidelines at times. What stereo types and over generalizations are you ranting about are you talking about. The word “seems” is not an acusation you strapper. Your characterizing Reid as a money maker for the Eagles is suspect considering TV money and the fact that the Eagles sold out when Joe Kuharick was coach.

  14. wow that was really original famucancer. any other originals? thank you for demonstrating demagoguery… i guarantee you’ll have to look that up. hence demonstrating the best part of you ended up as a mattress stain.

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