Jimmy Rollins Knows His Future With The Phils Is In His Hands

Jimmy Rollins has had an outstanding career with the Phillies, but he’ll be a free agent at the end of the season and if he doesn’t regain some of the stroke that made him an NL MVP, this could be his last go round with the Phils. He knows that and has thought about the different options that are in front of him as the season approaches.

“It is something I’ve thought about”, Rollins told Comcast Sportsnet’s Marshall Harris.  “What will it be like if I finish my career here, what will it be like if I have to go somewhere else.

He got my attention when he made the next statement. “I’ve been in this organization since I was 17 years old”, said the veteran shortstop.  That’s almost half my life.”

In a way I will always see Rollins as the young kid with the smile, who came up to the big leagues, started making plays at shortstop and running.  He was legging out hits and stealing bases, but the thing that set him apart was that pop he had in his bat.

He could tattoo a baseball and the 32-year old shortstop knows what time it is in his career.

“You understand it’s a business”, the former NL MVP said.  “My wife is from here, so obviously she wants to stay.  I’m a naturally California kid  so if things didn’t work out, being on the  west coast would probably where I would want to end up.  All I do is play basetball the decision come from up top.  If I do find a way to be productive like I have been in the past, then it’s a no brainer, I’ll finish my career here.”

If he regains his form, the Phils will likely win it all and be forced to find a way to hang onto him.  On the other hand, Rollins will blame nobody but himself if he fails to revive his bat and finds the Phillies saying good-bye to him after this season.

“But if I don’t it’ll be my fault to put all of that pressure on them to make a decision”, said Rollins.

There’s a lot on the line as training camp approaches.  A World Series Championship must be won in order to call the season a success and a certain shortstop needs to regain that stroke.

6 thoughts on “Jimmy Rollins Knows His Future With The Phils Is In His Hands

  1. Jimmy’s been a great leader for the Phils and one if it’s intrumental players in turning this Franchise around since his starting days..I don’t think anyone expects him to hit .290 – .300 (thought that would be great)
    If he can hit in that .260-.275 range and still make the plays in the field,
    then he will be fine, but not at his current salary..
    He’s made a lot of $$$ the last couple of years without playing all the well,
    with the teams high proficle, he has received some high visibility nad promotional opportunities

  2. sing his praises paulie, then like a no good sniper question his cleanliness, you are the ultimate con jock sniffer

  3. TIme marches on for everyone Jake,
    I will continue to tell it like it is.. I don’t see J-Ro giving back some of his $10 MIllion in Salary that he’s earned from the last couple of down seasons .
    No sympathy from where I sit..I like J-Ro, but if he’s not getting the job done, then replace him …

  4. Jimmy Rollins is the straw that stirs the drink, if he excells so will the Phillies, Shane Victorino is NOT smart enough to play leadoff, Rollins is the man, and I hope he has a MVP season to shup up the naysayers!

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