Donte Stallworth Objects To Tweet By Adam Schefter

Former Eagles wide receiver Donte Stallworth had a problem with something that ESPN’s Adam Schefter re=tweeted.  Schefter had retweeted something that an unknown individual had tweeted about jailed Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress.

For quite a while yesterday, Plaxico Burrress’s agent Drew Rosenhaus was tweeting information about Burress ,whom he had visited in jail recently.  Rosenhaus was tweeting about what great shape Burress was in and how he thought he could restart his career.

That led someone else to tweet something which pointed out Burress’ sentence was much longer than Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Donte Stallworth as well as former St. Louis Rams defensive end Leonard Little.

“Donte Stallworth and Leonard Little killed people. Burress hurt himself only, but he got harshest punishment.  Travesty!” is how the tweet read.

It was a true statement because Burress was sentenced to two years in jail for carrying a loaded gun into a Manhattan night club and shooting himself in the leg.   Stallworth and Little killed people while driving drunk.  Stallworth served a month in prison, while Little didn’t even serve that.

Schefter read the tweet and retweeted it.  Stallworth didn’t appreciate it and tweeted back to Schefter.

“Yo @AdamSchefter, keep my name out you tweets homie, straight up!!!” Stallworth said.

Stallworth was finished.  He followed that up by saying, “You’re so concerned about my boy Plax, if you haven’t visited him or wrote him then keep quiet until you do!  @AdamSchefter.”

6 thoughts on “Donte Stallworth Objects To Tweet By Adam Schefter

  1. Watch out Adam Schefter. He will get drunk and run you down too.

    Hey, Donte, how about you just keep your mouth shut. You killed a guy and got a month in jail. Be happy that your biggest problem is someone tweeting something about you.

    Some of these players in the NFL are such trash.

  2. Thats the problem with the media. Stallworth got a month in jail for killing someone yes. But no one realizes it wasn’t really his fault for killing the guy.

    Let me see anyone of you drive home and not hit the guy running out on a highway while the highway is turning.

    Theres a reason why his setence wasn’t large and it wasn’t because he was a ‘big time player’

  3. One thing to keep in mind about Stallworth’s case..
    The Victim’s Family agreed to a large settlement ($5 Million) in which the Prosecutions office dropped the most serious charges hence the slap on the wrist from the Judicial System and who says that money can’t buy Justice..
    It happens everyday across this screwed up Country.

  4. did he and TO play together i can not remember , but i remember he was a darn good reciever for us . all that money , buy yourself a driver!

  5. yeah for those of you that have never been to Miami, what Dante did could have happened to a reverend driving home stone cold sober after just giving his Sunday mass. The guy ran across a busy street in a busy city. This doesnt forgive Donte for driving under the influece, but its more of a reason why he was given a light sentence, b/c the defense had a strong case. But what did he have for the Ravens this year, 10 catches? Who cares about him anyway?

  6. If memory serves correctly: Stallworth refused to put up any legal battle at all. His attorney felt as though his client could have beaten the charges all together and walked. However, Stallworth felt he should be held accountable by the courts. He was willing to take on the harsh penalty for the tragic incident. And it was made clear by the forensics, as well as the video tape, that NO ONE could have avoided hitting the man, even sober. But no one wants to bring that part up. They just want to bash Stallworth. Personally, I forgive the cat. He stepped up and refused to fight any of the charges. Stallworth did not contest what happened, even though his attorney advised him (Stallworth) to fight the charges. His slap on the wrist is a result of a couple of things. 1) Stallworth co-operated entirely with the police and the DA. 2) The forensics report helped the court to lighten up the sentence, since a sober person driving could not have avoided the pedestrian. Yet, he still gets bashed…….leaving me to believe we are forgetting how to forgive.

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