ESPN’s Clayton Says Eagles Could Get A 1st And 3rd For Kevin Kolb

ESPN’s John Clayton was just on Sportscenter and he says that teams look at Kevin Kolb like they did with Matt Schaub when he was backing up Michael Vick in Atlanta. He said the Eagles could definitely get a first round pick for Kolb, but they could probably get more.

The ESPN information guy said he believes the Birds could get a first and third round pick for Kevin. He believes there’s a chance the Arizona Cardinals, who have the 12th pick in the first round may be willing to give up that pick for Kolb.

The key for Kolb will be the Collective Bargaining Agreement. If it’s not done by March 4th, then Kolb will likely be with the Eagles through the NFL draft. Perhaps the Birds would be shrewd enough to workout a deal with a team and have that team draft the people which the Eagles want and consummate the deal after the CBA is completed.

Doing a deal of that sort would require some major trust between organizations. With that being the case, I could see Minnesota with for Reid assistant Leslie Frazier at the helm, being a team which has a quarterback need an a close relationship with the Eagles, being a good prospect for such a deal.

Cleveland would be a prospect also with Reid’s mentor Mike Holmgren being the team President, former Eagles GM Tom Heckert running their front office, and former Eagles quarterback coach Pat Shurmur, but word on the street is that they like Colt McCoy and are going to hitch their wagon to him.

The Carolina Panthers with former Eagles assistant Ron Rivera in charge and a gaping hole at the quarterback position, would be a team I could see willing to work a deal if they didn’t have the first pick in the draft. I could see the Panthers and Eagles working out a deal if the Birds were willing to give up Kolb and a couple of defensive players like Brodrick Bunkley and Stewart Bradley.

That would mean the Birds are sure about injured rookie Brandon Graham. For that move the Birds would get a shot at can’t miss prospect Da’Quan Bowers.

The Cardinals have the need for a quarterback and their star wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald has said he wants Kolb, but is the trust there to work around the stalled CBA talks.

34 thoughts on “ESPN’s Clayton Says Eagles Could Get A 1st And 3rd For Kevin Kolb

  1. No way birds would trade for top pick – 2 much coin for them. If/when they trade Kolb, they will ahve to pick up an experienced back up. Maybe Todd Collins or someone like that.

  2. I was just listening the the podcast of this. He said the Eagles would get several 1st round offers for him, and they could probably command a 1st and 3rd because teams are really high on him. Good stuff. I like it.

  3. The best thing to do is to trade him. Send him somewhere where he can play and get picks in return to help your team win now. You can sign a journeyman backup QB (if they don’t Kafka is ready) to win as many games as Kolb would win you in the event Vick missed a few games. He’s no good for you riding the bench and he more than likely isn’t really to lead a team to a deep playoff run (especially this pass happy team) and he walks next year for nothing. He will never be more valuable to the Eagles than he is right now. If I’m a team and was going to spend my first round pick on a QB or I desperately need one to make my team competitive, it’s a no brainer to trade that pick away. That way you don’t have to deal with a project and have a better idea what Kolb can become that paying a rookie an absurd amount of money and he end up being a bust.

    Trade Kolb and spend your 2 1st round picks of a defensive impact position and offensive line.

  4. with the franchising of Vick and Kolb on last year of contract there is no question they should trade Kolb now,

    Now, will Andy learn to game plan for a playoff run in the cold northeast, balanced attack, more screens, slants, timing routes, three step drops, or will he let Vick attempt to win it himself which will never work

  5. jake, you raise a good point. It might sound crazy but the best QB for Reid may be a guy that can’t do it all. That forces him to call balanced games and not lay it all on the QB shoulders. With a guy like Vick, Andy will probably do as much as he can to overuse his abilities instead of making things easier. We saw him do this we bums like Feeley, Detmer and guys like Garcia and Kolb. With Vick and McNabb he sends them both out there to sling the ball all game. I wonder why that is though.

    I mean McNabb is probably the best QB is franchise history and we all know he wasn’t the most accurate passer and when he was in a funk it was hard to recover but Andy would still let McNabb fire away. Like he was so in love with McNabb’s arms and physical ability that he had to let him use it on every play. I see the same thing with Vick. Whereas with the other QBs, he drafts a good, well balanced game plan to offset the physical shortcomings of the QB. Who knows what would have happened if he used the Garcia gameplan when McNabb was playing QB.

  6. as much as i think the birds do need a viable backup bc u never know about vicks health over the course of a season, and the fact that kolb has already made his money last year and would be relatively cheap this year(somewhere around 2 mil i think,) if they get offered a 1st rd pick for him at any spot in the draft then they have to jump on it without hesitating…its really a no brainer….a 1st and a 3rd would be awesome…they have way to many holes to fill and the more high draft picks they get, then all the bettetr….lets just hope they dont miss on any of these picks….

  7. To NavyDave,
    How was your trip last weekend… Weather was pretty nice for your visit
    A 1st & 3rd would be great in return for Kolb and the Eagles should jump at
    the chance , and since the Eagles have the #23rd pick, they could dangle that pick along with Kolb for a a High 1st Round selections from teams like Cardinals,49ers,Titans,Dolphins,Vikings) and still get a 3rd and a 4th Round

  8. I look at kolb as a better mobile A.J. Feeley….. a 1st and 3rd for him is just highway robbery for the Eagles…….. Atleast we get something outta him after all…… 45yrds or more is just an alley hoop for a defender to cash in on an int…. If a team were to take a risk like that……. More power to them….. GO EAGLES

  9. What happen to the qb from Hawaii we drafted some years back….. Chang…. Is he playing in the UFL or doing MMA????? He was good in college and averaged a ton of int……..

    I think the Dolphins will bite the bait the eagles will cast out and lure with Kevin Kolb on the hook……. It just makes since with Pennington being who he is and Henne playing terribly this past season……. I think the Eagles will trade him within the AFC……. A team that can make Kolb comfortable by running/pass balance that will make him effective!!!

  10. To Jroc
    Chang was too small to play NFL QB and had a hard time seeing over the line of scrimagge, had a decent College Arm but not an NFL Arm to make the deep throws, the deep outs, etc,etc..

  11. I wanted to add to that chain of thought scorpiodsu & Jakedog were on.

    I actually think Reid likes players like mcNabb and Vick because it gives REID more control over what he can and cant call as far as plays go. Me personally I like it better when the offense has a decent balance, but I think Reid is more comfortable calling pass pass pass with someone like McNabb out there and when he realized he could Vick out there as the starter? Im sure he was giddy about that…. IMO he seems to want as much control over what happens on the field as possible.. QB’s have little room to audible or change things on the fly and I think he likes a mobile athletic QB for that reason.. a guy who can do what he asks and then maybe change plans on the fly if Reid’s play call isnt working.. but I dont believe he wants the Qb going off the path with too many audibles and adjustments.. I get the feeling he is comfortable the way things are

  12. Hey Dave,
    Forecast is from the Low 60’s to the Upper 60’s so it should be a great weather
    With no certainty about any CBA agreement to get done by the draft, I think most teams wil sole concentrate on the Draft and signing some availalbe free-agents that were already on the streets like the Eagles already did with signing
    WR Sinorice Moss, CB Hughes, DT Hunt from Canada, and O/Lineman Shipley,D Reynolds adn F Topou .. I think there will be no trades and very little if any signing of Free-Agents.. This may be the quietest off-season ever..

  13. With Vick tagged…we’ve locked up our QB for years to come and if we can get a 1st and 3rd for Noodle arm I would personally wheel barrel his ass to the airport at top speed.

  14. Ozz, that’s because they look through the eyes of an NFL scout/coach/FO. You and I are just fans and only see what’s on tv. We are also biased as eagles fans so emotions cloud our judgement. They, however, are objective and see more film. Two entireley different perspectives

  15. Did you not watch Kolb play? He had one of the shittiest offensive lines in the nfl and still had solid qb ratings with wins I might add. I seriously think they should put vick on the block and shoot for the moon like the herschel walker trade to minnesotta… I’m not saying trade him but they should put them both up on the block and see what comes back. We’ve got two solid qb’s what we need are draft picks.

  16. Songs, the tag, which may or may not be valid, we won’t know until the cba is solved, is for one year only. We have locked up precisely 0 qbs for years to come

  17. schiller, you’re right about that. Definitely a big gamble. But with all these teams franchising players, it could just be a ploy to buy some time to get a deal. Maybe. I don’t know.

    runtheball, please give it up. Kolb is the one talking about playing somewhere else. Andy is the one that benched him and probably will trade him. If you have a problem, I suggest you try contacting them to let them know how great Kolb will be.

  18. Dixie – if we can swap a former # 2 for a #1, and keep Vick (the extra 3rd is gravy) – but the three biggest needs are RG (unless Justice slides to guard – then RT) RCB and WLB – can’t say I even remember seeing Sims make any type of play

    Thanks PMan – looking forward to a fine spring visit to western NC – catch some good college lax and hoops –

  19. songs, haha, the same poster who vilified the mcnabb trade, you are another fraud my friend, with agenda, inventor of catch phrases, “baby arm”, now “noodle arm”, just couldn’t stand the fact that your beloved 5 replaced by a Kolb, great move by the eagles, but to you and your cohorts, blinded by agenda

  20. hey songs, get your sorry ass and wheel barrel ready, although I doubt your conditioning level could get you from south Philly to kensington

  21. “I could see the Panthers and Eagles working out a deal if the Birds were willing to give up Kolb and a couple of defensive players like Brodrick Bunkley and Stewart Bradley.”

    Isn’t Bradley a Free Agent? I’d really like to keep Bunkley as I believe he will finally live up to potential under Washburn. Does anybody actually believe that Justice can play RG???


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