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The Eagles Are Second To Patriots In Controlling 2011 NFL Draft

There’s not doubt about the fact that Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots have dominating control over the upcoming NFL draft. They’re in position to make some monster moves if they want to do so. Take a quick look at New England’s picks: Two first rounders, 17th and 28th picks, two second rounders, 1st and 28th picks, and two third rounders, 10th and 28th picks.

The next team with the best situation is the Philadelphia Eagles who have a first round pick number 23 and quite few teams who are willing to part with a number one pick in order to obtain the Birds backup quarterback Kevin Kolb. Kolb is like the Queen in a chess match. He can be used by the Birds to make them very powerful, but the Eagles must play this situation correctly.

We’ve got to give Andy Reid and Howie Roseman credit for being in this situation. They obviously know that in the world of NFL chess play, you can’t have too many good quarterbacks. The rule is simple, good quarterbacks always go up in value.

Patience is the name of the game. They’ve got to take their time and get as much as possible from the team which is willing to give up the most. Once Reid and the gang feel they have the right deal they must move. They can’t get caught waiting too long or they could get caught holding on to Kolb for another year. Just like real estate or stock, you’ve got sell when it’s at its highest point.

I would like to see them get a pick in the teens and a second or third round pick. With those picks they need to get a cornerback, defensive end or linebacker as well as an offensive lineman. You win Super Bowls in the fourth quarterback, but you also win them on the first day of the draft.

You and I know that we can’t live through another Sunday much less a year of Dimitri Patterson on the corner. The jury is still out on rookie defensive end Brandon Graham and last year’s 3rd round pick Daniel Te’o Nesheim is going to need to reinvent himself to ever be an NFL player. He looked like a high school kid who got lost on the way to practice last year.

We also need help on the offensive line. Right guard and right tackle will likely be where they focus on improving. I think Michael Vick is tired of hearing, “Look out”.

It’s an amazing situation which the Patriots have manipulated themselves into. At the same time, they might have cost themselves a World Championship, but that’s another subject. They could add speed at the wide receiver position along with bringing in one or two dominating pass rushers. I don’t know if they’ll have a better record but they will be a much more talented team in 2011. on Facebook

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36 Comments for “The Eagles Are Second To Patriots In Controlling 2011 NFL Draft”

  1. As long as they take the picks and do something meaningful with them. Stop trading down and take the best defensive player on the board!

  2. Sorry G, but the Eagles dont control anything…..I have zero confidence in their front office and scouts that even if they had 4 1st round picks that they would draft successfully…. they suck at drafting defensive talent. As for Kolb, they will play their cards wrong and he wont be dealt… they will get greedy and ask for too much.

  3. I mentioned earlier that the San Francisco 49ers will have a big role for they
    have a total of 10 Draft Selections..
    I still think that Trading Kolb with the Eagles 1st Rd Selection (#23) to the
    49ers for their 1st Rd (#7), 3rd Rd (#70) and one of their 4th Rd (#102)
    I also stated that this drat is not very deep fter the 3rd/4th Round and it’s
    strength relies along teh DL/LB/OL and is very average or below almost everywhere else.. So having a lot of picks doesn’t not translate into having as
    much leverage as in past yearts.. I think the Eagles would be better off in moving some of their 5th/6th/7th Rd picks and package with a player to move up in the Top 4 Rounds… or trade some mid-late Round picks for earlier 2012 Picks.. The Eagles need about 5-6 solid players from this Draft at OL/DL/CB/LB and if they can add 2-3 Free-agents, they should be in great shape.. But to exepct another 9-10 new players from this Draft to make the 2011 team like last year is unrelealistic and not practical..

  4. Use the picks and stop preparing for the future.

    The future is now!

    Draft bluechip players.

    No more …

    Project guy from division III

    Torn Acl guy the steal of the draft if he’s healthy

    Mr. Versital. Plays every position on the line and stinks at all of them

    Undersized guy

    Trading out of the 1st round for any reason.

    Crystal ball guy. He plays DT but we see him as a outside linebacker.

    One person posted that we were getting too excited about the new coaches.

    Perhaps, but I disagree. The Eagles have spent 2 number one draft picks on defensive tackles who play average. If Washburn is any good, then at least one of them will play at a probowl level next season.

    Winston Justice and Max-Gean were college all-americans at pro football factories USC and Georgia. If this guy from the Colts is as good as advertised then ast least one of them should be playing at a probowl level. Both seem to have the desire to get better. Max had the surgery to save his career and Winston Just seemed to work a little harder.

    Juan Castillio has already shown wisdom by diverting to the more experienced Washburn.

    For the life of me I could not figure out how Andy Reid won so many games with his horrible play calling. Then it hit me. McNabb has the lowest interception ratio in the history of the NFL. The team who wins the turnover battle usually wins the game. So Reid’s ability to keep McNabb from throwing picks is why I think the Eagles have won games under Reid. When Vick was not throwing picks the Eagles won, when he started throwing ints in the 2nd half of the season the Eagles lost more.

    Crystal Ball Andy has lost a great deal of power, I don’t think these crusty old vetran coaches are going to kiss Andy’s rear like McDermott had too.

    We may get the same old crap. (latest DE is a lightweight) I’ll wait until after the draft. If they completely ignor weakness like last year (not picking a center) or years before (no kick returner or WR) then you’ll know how the season is going to end.

    Green Bay won the superbowl and should be better with all the injured players back and added draft picks. That’s the funny thing about the NFL, the talent is so close that it only takes a missed fieldgoal or a bad call(detroit chicago) to change the entire landscape of the season and playoffs.

  5. Paulman, I’m with you. No more moving down for quantity. Move up for quality. I rather draft 5 players that can contribute now than 10 players where half won’t make it past camp and 3 more barely see the field and the other 2 are just ok. Everyone always talks about how the Eagles always stock those picks up and we have to admire that. Not really because with all those picks they trade down for players that don’t make the team which makes those picks wasted. Just take the best defensive player on the board please.

  6. bsm, amen brother. We love the versatile player that can play multiple positions but can’t play any of them great. Torn ACL guy is classic and the division III picks. They need to do something different and that is pick the obvious best player available and stop trying to outsmart everyone. If I see another Chad Hall type player on this team I’m going to have a fit.

  7. Theres is Good Depth and Great Value at DL/OL/LB/CB positions (which is exactly the areas of need for the Eagles) up to about the #140th Overall pick
    (thru the 4th Round), after that, it’s a real crap shoot on players after the 5th
    If Eagles can get 2 Picks for Kolb and add to the 5 they already have in the
    top #125 Selections, then they should be about to come out with 3-4 solid contributors & players on Defense and 1-2 Solid OL to coompete now and be ready for the future..

  8. This assumes that there is a CBA. I don’t think there will be a new CBA by the draft, meaning players can’t be traded for draft picks. Only draft picks themselves can be swapped absent a CBA. The lack of a CBA could really screw the Eagles this year if they can’t unload Kolb until the beginning of the regular season or later.

  9. Stack this offensive line up………. Get some guys who can run/pass block and get rid of Reggie Wells, King Dunlap, Nick Cole (injury prone and cant screen block to save his life……. Rather go for corners knees instead of blasting them)…….. Max Jean Gilles, Big question mark on Jamal Jackson……..???? I think we are in serious need in that department and corners and DT’s…… If we get Asmouaga and IDK about Haynesworth with off the field issues we need to focus up front on the offensive side of things….. If Vick had enough time as Brady…….. This team would be un-real!!!!

  10. The Eagles need to address free agency with star signings and some creativity.

    I agree with Paulman i think San Fransisco, Minnesota and Arizona would be willing to part with some picks.

    Build up the offensive line for Vick and also bring in some Lbs and a corner that can tackle.

    Try to sign possibly Babin to a 2year deal and maybe explore trading up for a LB in the draft.

  11. I say 1 right tackle and an all out defensive draft. If they look like Clay Matthews or Brian Dawkins draft them. I’m so sick of this “great motor” BS IF THEY LOOK LIKE HERCULES, DRAFT THEM

  12. About moving into the top 10…. its gooing to cost you a butt load more to do it. Noone really wants those picks. The birds would be better off staying put with their 1st rounder and then trading kolb for something just out of the top 10 (UNLESS SOMEONE GIVES UP A TOP 10 FOR HIM)….

    If im the birds i trade kolb and grab a CB and RT in the first round. If there was a monter LB free id maybe grab him with the 2nd pick but we know that wont haapppen. Us the rest of the draft to grab all the other parts we need.

    About FA- i seriously would not change who i went for by what we drafted in RD 1. You need 3 starting CB’s in this league. You need depth on the OL and we dont have it right now.

    The coaching- i trully think (as others have also stated) that the DL coach and the OL coach that we have added is a HUGE deal. Its clear that andy trully belives that it all staarts with the lines. these 2 coaching spots have been HUGLY upgraded.

  13. atra- babbin is not really worth the money he will want. I dont see it happening and im not sure id want it to.,

  14. Lancaster…. as has been reported…. teams that trust eachother are going to work out deals with draft picks. Kolb may still be an eagle on draft day on paper but dont be surprised to find out there was a deal in place to send him to MN… or Cle…. or wherever.

  15. Some AFC Teams that could be of interest for Kolb would be the Titans,
    (V Young to be traded) and the Bengals, for it appears that Carson Palmer really wants out from Cincinnati…

  16. They won’t be trading Kolb if the CBA doesn’t get done in time. If the CBA don’t get done until August or Spetember, Kolb won’t be going anywhere that will help the Eagles in THIS draft. And that certainly seems to be the case right now.

  17. Here they go bragging about their drafting again. Yawwwwn.

  18. Anyone interested in a HUGE framed and autographed Kevin Kolb photo? I paid $300 for it at LeSean McCoy’s ALS event. Boy, is my face red. What’s funny is that nobody even bid on the Michael Vick photo. Oh, to have that day back.

  19. WALKEN, that is hilarious. I wonder about all those people that bought those Kevin Kolb kelly green jerseys for opening day. That’s some cash they’d like to have back.

  20. Who’s bragging ozzman??? I don’t see anyone FROM the Eagles quoting how good their drafts have been. This is Cobb on here writing the article.

  21. OK…tell me something we didn’t know. isn’t the Pats always ahead of the Eagles?

    Remenber they was hyping us about all the picks they had in last year’s draft?

    and what did we do?

    I will never get motivated for another draft again. They always pick a guy nobody heard of and purposely skip over the best players in the draft.
    Their fastballs win all the races to the cold tub…..

    we need the opposing quarterbacks to dress like cold tubs…maybe our fastballs would actually get sacks.

    I have some fast “balls” for the FO…right here.

  22. see Ozz, your hate for the FO f’s with your judgement.

  23. bsm

    Seriously, are you a Mensa member? Every time I read one of your posts, I am left left with nothing to blog. Perhaps we’re distant cousins or something because we sure do think alike on many football topics. Once again, great post!

  24. Songs

    I agree with you also. I’ve heard it all before. Last year’s moves, including our 13 picks, were SUPPOSED to strengthen our defense, with emphasis on the “fast-ball” pass rush. Instead, we find ourselves over-hauling our entire defensive coaching staff. Is McDermott solely responsible for the defensive collapse? Besides, it wasn’t our defense that failed against Green Bay.

  25. drummer, are you really trying to suggest that a draft class is a bust after one year? You can’t get production from rookies at a high level on a reliable basis in the NFL. It happens, sure, but to judge after one year, a year in which Nate Allen played very well. Riley Cooper showed promise, Cheney won some people over, LIndley as well. But to say we know what we’re going to get from that draft class already is pretty dumb. We at the VERY MIMIMUM owe it to ourselves to give Brandon Graham a year under Jim Washburn to really get an assessment of the first pick anyway.

    WAY too early for that call, I thought everybody knew that.

  26. if we come out of the draft with 3 defensive impact players a la McCoy, Maclin and D-Jax on offense, then its a good draft! Trade the 3rd and 2 -4th round picks to move back into round 2 for quality! I am with you guys…go for the best defensive player regardless…. we need talent not projects!

  27. 3 trips inside the redzone, 3 TDs for the Packers, the last one–how many defenders missed the RB on a screen on 3rd down??? The Eagles recover a fumble, the offense scores a TD to pull within 4, the defense gave up the big drive right down the field. Yeah, for sure, the offense could have done better, but when your O scores to pull you within 4, you don’t give up another long TD drive. And on the 2nd drive, when they had a 3rd and 1, Kuhn carried, fumbled the ball–it was lying right next to Mikell, and he didn’t even try to cover it up. Cover it, and it doesn’t go to 14-0.

  28. Schiller

    One year? Where are the fastballs we’ve been hearing about for more than 7 years?

  29. Schiller

    How long has this team been trying to find a compliment for Cole? I think it’s been more than one year. Both of our “star” rookies were injured. Will they return as improved players? With all of our free agents and draft picks from last year, I would think that our defense would have seen some improvement, not a total “record-breaking” decline.

    Lastly, you talked about our draft picks, but mentioned nothing about our bust free-agents from last year.

  30. Since there appears that there will be no trades and no free-agency player movement due to no CBA aggreement. Here is my Eagles 2011 Mock Draft based on their Current Roster and Current Needs as of today. For the record, to expect Rookies to come in and contribute big time during their Rookie Seasons is a bit unrealistic and doesn’t happen too often for any team.. even with high 1st Round selections, I think all in all, the Eagles got a lot of rookies lots of playing time like Allen,Graham,Coleman,Chaney,Clayton,Cooper,Lindley,Teo, & Harbor towards the end of the season.. How many teams had 9 1st Year players see as much action as the Eagles did over the course of the season… Probably not many and definietly not any of the Playoff Teams who may have had a few play but 9 new players is a lot.. Anyways here is my revised Mock Draft based on no trades and no free-agents signed due to no CBA in place

    1st Rd (#23) — DT- Muhammed Wilkerson -Temple (6′-5″ 310 lbs)
    2nd Rd (#55) — CB- Aaron Williams – Texas (6′-1″ 195 lbs)
    3rd Rd (#86) — DE- Sam Acho – Texas (6′-3″ – 260 lbs)
    4th Rd (#104) – OLB – Tony Keister – Stanford (6′-5″ – 245 lbs)
    4th Rd (#120) – Guard – Will Rackley – Lehigh (6′-4″ – 310 lbs)
    5th Rd (#147) – Safety – Duenta Williams – UNC (6′-1″ 215 lbs)
    5th Rd (#151 – O/Tackle – Chris Hairston – Clemson (6′-7″- 330 lbs)
    6th Rd (#184) – TE – Lee Smith – Marshall (6′-6″ – 265 lbs)
    7th Rd (#216) – FB – Harry Hynoski – Pitt (6′-2″- 260 lbs)

    I think the top 6 players chosen could all make the team and contribute in 2011 and I think 3-4 can play a lot in their rookie Season and compete as Starters by 2012.
    DT Wilkerson has moved up from a projected 2nd Rounder to a late 1st Rounder and if he has a solid combine, will probably continue to rise
    CB A Williams was a 3 Year Starter at Texas and has size & speed
    DE S Acho played very well during Senior week and is explosive off the edge and can easily bulk up another 10-15 lbs by 2012
    OLB T Keister was captain of Stanfords Defense, played in a pro style and has great size and athleticism at the LB position (think of Bradly without the injuries)
    Guard W Rackley will add depth to the Guard position and can compete for a starters spot by 2012.
    SS D Williams is a physical safety with size and speed
    The others fill out the roster for depth purposes, but TE Lee Smith could be a real diamoind in the rough at 6-6 265 lbs is a solid blocking TE who could help in Double TE Sets, Short-Yardage and Red Zone situations and had a great week down at the Senior Bowl outplaying a lot of higher ranked TE’s.

  31. Paulman…I’ll lay 2-1 that the eagles will not pick any of these players you listed.

  32. That’s why it’s called a Mock Draft Songs..
    I actually had 3 of the 11 picks they started out with last last year…
    I had Nate Allen in the 2nd, Daniel Teo in the 4th and QB Kafka in the 5th

    This WIlkerson kid from Temple can play and at 6-5 would be awesome to pair him up with Dixon at the DT position..

  33. Can someone please tell me about the fastball with a very high motor by the name of “Victor Abirimiri”.

    I think I’ll bring up a fast ball with a high motor from past drafts daily.

    wish we had the fastball the Giants picked up…he sure have a high motor,
    size, and long arms to get off blocks.

  34. The Scouting write up on V Abriami was that he was not a fastball type of player, that he lacked explosiveness and a wucik first 1st step and relied more on his stregnth.. He was a reach by most observors in a Draft Year that was not very deep at DE.. This is why you have to look at the strengths and the depth of the Draft very closely. I have stated that this years draft is strong and deep along the DL/LB/OL positions and that’s about it.. So you can get still get quality at these positions in the mid-rounds ,but if your looking for a CB or a S, don’t expect to find a good one after the 3rd Round in an overall weak group at CB/S/WR/RB/TE/QB ..
    Some years, the 8th Rated DE will be better than another years # 3 Rated DE, it depends on how good that Draft Class is as an example..

  35. I really hope they don’t go DE in the first 5 rounds. We have far more pressing needs plus I have faith in Washburn to get good production out of our current roster. People underestimate the difference we’re going to see between Rory/Sean and Washburn. Get that dirty word (read) out of your vocabulary. 🙂

  36. Just by them going by quantity in the same position shows how little confidence they have and hope they can get it right with the number guys they pick. It’s just sad.

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