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Vick cancels Oprah interview

You may have heard about Oprah winning her little bet with Piers Morgan regarding Michael Vick. The two had a small wager on who would sit down with him for an interview first. They ended up having to drop the bet because Vick’s people said that he couldn’t be associated with gambling.

That’s not exactly being involved with gambling, but it’s good to see Vick erring on the side of caution.

And it doesn’t matter anyway, because according to CNBC’s Darren Rovell, Vick has backed out of his appearance.

“BREAKING NEWS: Michael Vick has canceled his planned appearance w/Oprah, according to sources,” Rovell tweets.

There is no word yet on why Vick canceled, but I’d be curious to know why. He’s already done numerous interviews about his past and how he’s changed, so one wouldn’t think he’d be shying away from talking about it now. He’s done it so many times, in fact, that I wasn’t even intrigued by him being on Oprah’s show. I just figured we’d be hearing the same thing that we’ve already heard a bunch of times.

PFT is already speculating about why he shouldn’t cancel the interview because it might make it look like he has something to hide. To that, I’d say, what hasn’t he already talked about? He has been very open about his role in dog fighting. He’s talked about being in prison and what that was like and the effect that his actions had on those around him. Why would he be afraid to talk about it now? Or I should say: why would he not discuss it for the 139th time?

Well, I just got a text from G. and wanted to add this in. G. is hearing that either the NFL or the Eagles (or quite possibly both) had convinced him to cancel. Their point being that there really isn’t much for him to gain at this point, but if the interview went sour, he’d have everything to lose.

Update: Michael Vick released the following statement: “After careful consideration, I will need to postpone the taping of the Oprah Winfrey interview scheduled for February 22. I admire and respect Oprah and hope to be able to participate in an interview in the future.” on Facebook

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14 Comments for “Vick cancels Oprah interview”

  1. He just doesn’t need the hassle. I don’t think he will win over many women who have already decided their take on him. He might not have much to lose or risk, but little to gain by going on” Women’s central” TV programming

  2. he just hit a 20 mil jackpot yesterday , i think he’s probably going to disney.

  3. I think its a good move Vick isnt going on there, The majority of people who still cant forgive Vick are the people that dont watch alot of sports and watch shows like Oprah, He has nothing to gain by going on there, I think the only people he should be talking to about his past at this point are the schools hes been going to.

  4. Mybe cuz she hates Jesus and he doesn’t…

  5. Damn, I already took the day off from work too…Now what am I going to do..
    There has to be a conspiracy involved between the Commish’s Office and
    Jeff Lurie’s Wife and Vick’s Agent… I am going to get on this story and see
    what I can find out about it… I am calling D McNabb to see what he knows..

  6. perhaps d. mcnabb and his mom could take vicks place , and tell the world he did not puke and wants to be a redskin the rest of his career.

  7. Damn good move….Oprah’s just trying to stay on top with ratings. #7 should be passed all this by now. Time to move on !!!

  8. I just heard thru a pretty reliable source that Vick has agreed to go on
    the “Ellen DeGeneres” show …

  9. well nev i wouldnt count on that 20million dollar check cashable because i believe if the cba gets done(fat chance of it) that the franchise tag will no longer exsist… at least that is what my sources are telling me that the players union wants that deleted… i hope this is not the case because then everyone would want a piece of the mike vick version deuce… but id hope vick would be loyal to the eagles

  10. Cancel all the dog fighting speeches and get on with your life.

    That stuff is the past.

    Concetrate of Football. That is your profession.

  11. RE the Ellen Degeneres Show
    I didn’t know that Pitbulls were Gay…

  12. good move by Vick…. He’s not a traveling circus. He doesnt need to keep rehashing the past for Oprah’s (and other people’s) ratings. He has talked enough about the past and its time to move on and prepare some next season.

  13. good. She was going to try and crush him and see what happened.

  14. Vick followed the right counsel and got out of this interview. He would gain absolutely nothing by it. Oprah has wielded too much influence over a group of female “followers” that has had negative impact on our society. The woman thinks she is a problem-solver for the ills of our society, and her “do-good” image is all part of HER ego trip. She needs to disappear from all media and go hug a tree.

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