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Buehrle, Animal Rights Activist And Hunter Sticks To His Statements About Vick

During the offseason, Chicago White Sox lefthander Mark Buehrle said he and his wife were hoping Eagles quarterback Michael Vick would get injured during the football season as a way of paying him back for his involvement in dogfighting. Buehrle was approached by a reporter at the Sox spring training camp and asked whether he regretted anything about wishing harm on Vick.

“I said it. It’s an old story,” said Buehrle. “Again, we are not bringing drama inside and past history stuff. So, I said it, meant it. It’s over and we’ll move on.”

Buehrle is both an animal rights activist and an avid hunter. Yes, you read that correctly. He hunts down and kills animals but claims to be an animal rights activist and was so upset at Vick that he and his wife were hoping he would get hurt during the NFL season. Go figure.

As you might expect one of the reporters asked Buehrle how he can be both an animal right activist and an avid hunter at the same time.

“Hunting is a sport. There are hunting stores out there. If that’s illegal, shame on my dad and my grandpa and his grandpa. It’s kind of been brought up throughout the history of America. The last time I knew dog fighting was a sport was never.”

I don’t have anything against hunting for sport, but I’m not an animal rights activist. How could you seriously get all worked up about Vick and the dogfighting then go out and kill animals for the fun of it? on Facebook

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25 Comments for “Buehrle, Animal Rights Activist And Hunter Sticks To His Statements About Vick”

  1. I’m not defending Vick but Dog fighting in Virginia is BIG…….. Blackwater Va and also Suffolk and newport news Virginia as a matter of fact all over the 757 area and 804 area……… i think that it is wrong dog fighting and hunting as well…. A full grown Pit-bull usually gets no love at an animal shelter because of there nature and history because a new owner wouldn’t take the risk of owning a grown pit-bull……… Pit-bulls are labeled the sharks of dogs…… They are the most aggressive dogs and if you treat one well they are good dogs also…….. “THE HISTORY OF AMERICA”!!! The nerve of this guy……. Lets talk about the real history of america…….. A guy like him just makes you shake your head…….. But nobody wants to talk about the REAL HISTORY OF AMERICA……….. Betting on animals have been going on for centuries…….

  2. Mark Buehrke is a medicore pitcher who threw a perfect game. HE is tomato can and shouldn’t have this type of forum.

  3. He’s thrown 2 No-Hitters hasn’t he.. He’s a pretty good pitcher Ozz..
    He may be a prick, but he’s a pretty good pitcher..

  4. jroc – yeah seriously. Saying that something is OK just because of tradition is ridiculous. That’s was the pro-slavery argument.

    It’s one thing for a baseball player who gets a lot of attention due to stellar play to ‘have a forum’ to comment on other baseball players. But I don’t get why some pitcher gets to opine about an NFL QB in the national media.

    we could all give two shots what Kevin Garnett thinks of Sindey Crosby

  5. jroc….I think this pitcher is a “hollier than thou” hypocrit who is probably trying to impress his girlfriend or something….but the whole “tradition” excuse doesn’t make what Mike did any better.

    Mike has paid his debt to society in prison, lost a great deal of his assets and money, apologized and trying to do good works in the community with animal rights groups. As far as I am concerned he has earned the right to move forward. I am a fan of the things that he has done with the Eagles.

    There are plenty of examples of humans bad behavior against other humans or animals being excused based on “traditions”…but that does not make any of them right either.

    Trying to find a moral equivilent to excuse a bad behavior is ploy used by people to rationalize most anything these days. Bottom line…there is right and wrong…guess we all need to answer the the final judge on that someday.

  6. LOL@Green fan….. “hollier than thou”……. Good one bro!!!!

  7. I though what Mr. Buehrle said was kind of unwise to begin but when I hear he’s a hunter, what he said was not kind of contradictory, it’s down right hypocritical. I mean, how can you criticize someone for killing animals when you yourself kill animals? To animal rights activists, the issue is not the legality of killing animals but the killing of animals period. Yes, hunting is legal but why would you say you love animals and then go out and kill them for sport? How can you be hypocritical enough to criticize someone for doing something you do even though it’s illegal? I don’t care about the “family tradition” thing either. It’s double-faced is what it is. You know what would be sweet? If the White Sox win the World Series this year and they do so with Mark Buehrle on the injured list and unable to participate. That would be his retribution for being such a hypocrite!

  8. Animal Right Activist and Hunter? Oxymoron? Or is he just a moron?

  9. Killing Deer, Bear, Rabbits etc. and wishing harm on a human being is so much better than killing dogs……. What an idiot.

  10. Let me know when Buehrle tortures deer for months and months in order to make the deer vicious and then strangle, drown, and electrocute the deer when he’s bored with it.

    Everybody agrees murder is wrong, but do we also have to think police killing an armed criminal is the same thing?

    You wouldn’t eat at a restaurant where they bring the chicken out on to the floor and slowly beat it to death and then cook it, but I’m sure you’ve all ordered chicken.

    Do I have to approve of dog fighting because I have a leather belt?

    You people have no grasp on subtleties, do you?

  11. Dogs are considered food in other countries too, Mugzy…… What makes us the right ones? Because you say so? If you don’t think that cows, chickens or other farm animals are tortured as well, then you are clueless. If you are against animal cruelty, then you are against animal cruelty. You can’t pick and choose which animals you are gonna protect….. It is hypocritical.

    By the way, I don’t have a problem with “true animal rights activists” harping on Vick or having a problem with the guy being out of jail or in the NFL making all this money, but a lot of them same people wish harm on him….. That is where I have a problem. How is harming a human being any better than harming an animal? Get off your high horse, you aren’t better than anyone else with that kind of attitude.

    If you have a problem with Mike Vick then you better be a well placed individual, otherwise STFU. He has done his time and has been trying to make things better since. It isn’t like he is out there still doing what he has done. Prison was created to reform criminals, and give them a 2nd chance. Yet, all these hypocrites that wish for him to be hurt or kill animals themselves don’t want to give him a 2nd chance like what he did is that bad where he doesn’t deserve one. I would never kill a dog, and I never hunted a day in my life, but in no way do I think killing dogs is worse than killing a human or doing lots of other things than human beings. A dog might be a “pet” to some, but at the end of the day, it is still an animal. You can domesticate Deer, Rabbits and other hunted animals too.

  12. Oh, and since when are animals armed? Bad analogy bro. You got to come up with something better than that.

  13. I heard somewhere but can’t remember where a quote that said ” A sport is an activitiy between people who agree to compete. When has an animal agreed to sport with a hunter?” I am paraphrasing of course but you get what the speaker was trying to say.

    I have nothing against hunting either as a means for food or for pure sport, I also understand the shere cruelty of which Vick was a part of. Finally I fully grasp the concept of going to jail, doing your time, getting out and trying to do good. Something the White Sox pitcher has not only not grasped, but as of yet can not comprehend the deep nature of his statement and the real hate that is truely in his heart.


  14. I think it was Ted Nugent who said that fyi…

  15. I like Ted Nugent. Funny guy. Crazy too. I liked when his show was on.

  16. “Cat Scratch Fever”…

  17. Like ive been telling you all. The racist rednecks that hate Vick are Hypocrites. Lets take a look shall we.
    ” Im a christian,but I think Vick should be executed” – Tucker Carlson
    “Im an animal rights activist,but i hunt”

    People like that is whats wrong with this country now, always wanna see somebody down.Wishing death on someone and wishing them to get hurt? Seriously? I mean are they better human beings than Vick? Sad part is as an athelete Mark Burhle should know better than to wish injury on a player because he may have a season ending injury himself. Dam idiot. His wife looks like shit anyway. Fucking trailer park trash

  18. Who is to say Vick should be forgiven? He served time. He doesn’t owe any of the racist, anything. African Americans were treated worse than dogs by Caucasians and I’m not just talking about slavery either. Try the civil rights movement when cops injured and killed blacks with German sheperds for protesting.

    Guess what… some of those people are still alive and well to this day and didn’t serve one day in prison. Vick killed dogs ,served his time and lost Millions, but the racist hypocrites want him lynched.They’re still crying Like he should be killed over killing a dam dog. CHILD PLEASE!

  19. Just read this about Ozzie Guillen, White Sox manager, he said “I don’t agree with what this guy [Vick] was doing, but it’s none of my business,”. “I cannot say, ‘Do this, don’t do that’ because I love bull fighting. People look at bull fighting in a different way than we do. [Buehrle has] got his own opinion, and I respect that. If somebody has to say anything about his comments, it has to be Vick. Nobody else has to say anything.”

    Guillen is very outspoken, and he didn’t even attack Vick. He said exactly what everyone else should be saying or doing, because he is exactly right.

  20. must agree sports, Latinos can kill bulls for sport, whites can kill practically any wild animal in the name of sport, but a black man goes to jail in the exercise of his cultural sport, dog fighting

  21. There’s a lot of nonsense posted here. 1) You can’t kill animals over and over again as a “hunter” and then be angry someone killed dogs. That is a joke. 2) Dog fighting is not the cultural sport of African Americans. That is generalizing, profiling, racist, & everything else. A joke. 3) He didn’t kill a dog, he killed a bunch of dogs. But he went to jail for lying to a grand jury. 4) This continued Michael Vick thing is like the OJ trial. The majority of white people thought he was guilty. The majority of black people thought he was innocent. Unless I am stereotyping here, that was my observation. Same thing goes with Vick vs. Kolb. Or saying that McNabb sucked. It’s always people fighting racial wars by proxy. 5) If a person doesn’t want to “forgive” Vick, who gives a crap? It’s their right. If a sex offender comes out of prison and someone doesn’t want to forgive them, does that make them some kind of rotten unforgiving bastid? 6) It doesn’t matter if dog fighting is big in Virginia. So is crack sales. That doesn’t make it right. 7. It’s all about race, about being politically correct, hating, or defending your race. It’s all BS. Keep it real.

  22. excuse me fan, is Vick black, did he fight dogs, was it not part of his upbringing to fight dogs, or was it a bad habit he decided to pick up after he became a millionaire. The fact is it was part of his culture, it is part of many black’s culture, although not exclusive to African Americans

    Racial profiling? How about blacks think OJ is innocent, whites not, hmmm

  23. I’m sorry, I didn’t know that dog torturing was a part of black culture and that because it is so popular it’s ok to do. I didn’t know that lying to a grand jury is something often practiced by black people and hence is cool. You’re full of crap! You speak nonsense.


    BTW I thing abusing women is a lot worst that fight dogs, I don’t hear people wishing Ben Rothlisberger or Randy Miers get hurt….oh I forgot they are WHITE!

  25. hey chaplain, where have you been, on the gcobb wagon, but fallen off with three blistering posts on three separate topics, lol

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