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Mike Lombardi Says The Raiders Won’t Hang On to Nmandi Asomugha

NFL Network’s Mike Lombardi lays out the reasons why he believes that the Oakland Raiders chose to keep defensive lineman Richard Seymour over their Pro Bowl shutdown cornerback Nmandi Asomugha. When asked what were the chances that the Raiders would hang onto Asomugha, Lombardi gave a clear answer.

“Slim and none and I would favor none”, Lombardi said. “Right now once Richard Seymour deal was done, that eliminated Nmandi Asomugha. Seymour got over 22 million of guaranteed money.”

We’ve talked about the needs of the Birds at that right cornerback position endlessly. I’ve also let you know that the Birds wanted Asomugha to a few years ago before they signed Asante Samuel.

Eagles team President Joe Banner said the Birds had the ability to sign free agents who will demand large deals.

Does that mean the Birds will sign Asomugha? No, but it does mean there’s a possibility. on Facebook

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36 Comments for “Mike Lombardi Says The Raiders Won’t Hang On to Nmandi Asomugha”

  1. We need to get this man asap……… This will make the Eagles the best not 1 and 2 but 1 and 1 in NFL football…….. Bobby Taylor was a great corner for the birds and also Troy Vincent…….. Sheldon Brown and Lito Sheppard were good in there younger years but Lito didnt show up against no name recievers like the Arnez Battles, and Eddie Kennison who scorched Lito some years back SMH!!!!….. Sheldon was slinder in his younger years and was an excellent tackler but gain weight through the years and got slower……..

    Asante is a FHOF…….. Also Asomuga…… This will be the best one two punch in the league hands down if we get this guy……..

  2. As they say in my madden game… “Get that man a new contract”.

    Let’s remember boys… CB is one of those positions that th birds value more than the others. They will sign a FA corner.

  3. I see the Jets,Redskins as the front-runners with the possibility of even
    Ravens but no Eagles..

  4. I’m not saying the birds will land HIM but they will land an impact CB.

  5. I think the Eagles are planning on Marlin Jackson to recover from his 3rd
    ACL Surgery and compete for the RCB spot..

    On a Serious note, the best value, a term Joe Banner loves and has reiterated a 100 times this week would be CB Carlos Rodgers from the Redskins or Richard Marshall from the Panthers..

  6. Regardless of how cheap the the Eagles can be I really believe if there is free agency this year they are going to spend big. I feel like last year they played it safe because of the uncertainty of the league going into last year and the amount of quality players who were suppose to be free agents last year but were held on by their current teams. To me they knew this offseason coming up could be huge for free agency where teams that aren’t very good could change their entire outlook for the future season by saving up money to sign 3 superstars in free agency. We know and the Eagles know how much money their spending right now which is bottom in the league and especially when the Eagles are one of the most popular teams in the country making bank every year. Basically, they have money to get anyone they want.

    To me there is a reason this team only has i think around like 80 million on the books right now. And that reason was for this free agency coming up. Atleast I hope..Asomugha would change this entire defense. Big Time. If i was the Eagles I would sign Asomugha to whatever he wants..sign Mickell back for a 1-2 year contract while Kurt Coleman continues to grow, and I would draft Jimmy Smith who I really like in the 2nd Round. I wouldn’t spend my money on another safety in free agency; I would save it for quality players on the O-Line and for a linebacker.

  7. Someone mentioned something about Nick Barnett in the comments the other day…I would love to get him. I think he or another one of those linebackers are going to be let go because of the money on the books for them and the emergence of that rookie player who blasted Vick on the first play of the game against us..forget his name. Im thinking they keep AJ Hawk and let Barnett walk……Ernie Sims you suck and are a disgrace to the game with all the physical talent you have

  8. Colts just released Bob Sanders. This is the type of player the Eagles always seem to get…injury prone but great when healthy…low risk high reward…..But hell i would swap the roster spot we have right now with Bob Sanders for Marlin Jackson

  9. Sanders physically is a wreck, achilles, knees, shoulders, triceps, you name it, he’s injured and probably had surgery on it.. He is finished and the EAgles will have no interest in himm He’s played like 15 games in the last 3-4 Season..
    There are much better and helathly Safeties out to to pursue from
    Ravens-Dwan Landry
    Chargers – Eric Weddle
    Texans – David Pollard
    COlts – Melvin Bullitt
    Packers – Charles Peprah and A Bigby
    Saints – Roman Harper ….

    just to list a few …

  10. Cowboys will be releasing RB Marion Barber soon..
    Should the Eagles pursue him…

  11. Paulman- not about q about Barber.

    I really think it all depends on how FA’s are grabbed this year. We will have alot of holes and backup RB is not a huge priority (not saying it shoouldnt be… just saying it aint).

    The birds need to get a few of their own guys under contract. They also need a starting CB, OL, OL, LB, to name a few. It wouldnt hurt to upgrade at safety either. The birds have to bring in 5 impact players for sure. I dont know how they will look finiancially after that.

    The birds will make a splash…. mark my words. They have the wiggle room.

  12. lol…Paulman that should have said NOT A BAD Q!!! its friday and im dumb,

  13. Paulman…how could you even say the Eagles will not be interested in Aso? They were interested a few years back, he is a top 2 CB in this game, he is healthy, and he is as much a class act as you can find in the NFL. He is the EXACT type of player they like, at a position that is only valued 2nd to QB. Of COURSE they are interested and to suggest otherwise is just ignorant and makes no sense whatsoever. Out of the teams you have mentioned that “will be” interested, we have FAR more cap space than ANY of them, and more cap room than most all of the teams in the NFL. So to suggest the there is no possibility the Eagles would pursue him is beyond ridiculous. Which makes no sense to me bc I usually agree with your analysis and you usually seem well informed…We can just pretend the whole “Urban Myer is on his way to interview with the Eagles from your inside source” thing never happened…

  14. Eagles will be interested in Asomugha! He is the best CB in the NFL. Yes better than Revis. Look at film and anyone can see for themselves. Eagles Front office never hint on who they are going to sign, they just quitly do it. I would not be Shocked if they sign him as well as OL Nicks from the Saints.

  15. Easy Jared360
    I look at Asmo’s Age and his Salary Demands and I say the Eagles won’t be interested.. Once Redsksins Dump McNabb,Haynesworth, P Daniels, C Portis and other older players, they will have plenty of Cap room too…
    I am not saying I agree or disagree on whether to pursue Asmo, but I am stating what I believe the Eagles will do and that is not to pursue him
    Per Joe Banner, “they are looking to fill some holes, add to the depth of the roster and that no team has every positioned covered with great players” and
    “add imcrementally to win another game or 2 ”
    Does this sound like a Front Office that is all in for a Super Bowl..
    It doesn’t to me.. It sounds like they are happy getting to the playoffs 9 out of 12 years regardless of the final results…
    Why should I believe in anything different..

  16. Paulman as a long time reader of this blog and a fan or your personal posts you need to cheer up a bit. Your doom & gloom entries about what the Birds should do but won’t is tired. What makes you feel so sure they won’t chase Asomugha and the Skins/Ravens will? If that’s the case it’s probably good we don’t go after him b/c we know how well the Skins do their homework on their free agent signings. Last Spring Peter King himself thought if Marlin Jackson was worth the gamble. I know you are knowledgeable but are you as well versed as Peter? Doubt it… hindsight is 20/20 right?

  17. paul, you are ignoring the quotes of his that hint otherwise. You can’t just pick and choose quotes to support your opinion. He said they have the money to sign expensive players too.

  18. Yes I can Schiller.
    Everyone knows they have the $$$ to sign expensive players, the list came out where they were 21st in the NFL with about $80 towards Players Salaties..
    I did not hear him say in any interview all week that they are going to exhaust
    every avenue and every resource availalbe ($$$) to put a Super Bowl Roster together did you ??. I did hear him say multiple times that they will “tweak” and “incrementally inprove the roster to fill in holes and improve the overall depth”…Again I state, does this sound like they are going all out to win a
    Super Bowl.. Am I missing something here..

  19. Yes paul, you are missing that you don’t win a superbowl by your president making comments in february. You’re looking in the wrong place.

  20. I just wish Banner would come out and say the players in FA he is going after and say which ones on the Eagles he is going to resign. Why he is at it, he should announce for how much and how many years. There shouldn’t be any secrets between FO and the rest of the league and especially their fans. What is the point?

  21. Why would Asomugha go to the Redskins? They need so many other players (QB)and by the time there is a team around him, he’ll be done. I’m sure the eagles would love to have him, but so will the JETS and he is on record having said he would love to play with Reevis.

  22. Agreed Dixi… and thats why im not sure if they land HIM but…. they will land a shut down corner on that right side and he is NOT on the roster right now.

    To say the birds are cheap is not exactly fair…. lets look AGAIN at the names of some of the people everyone said we HAD TO HAVE!!!

    J walker. what did he end up doing?
    Roy Williams- first and third… glad we didnt do it.
    The RB who left the Giants….. been on 2 teams since i think.
    R Moss- Ill gladly keep our current crop… we couldnt have had em all.
    D Stallworth (the second time around).

    I hope they grab this CB and i wont be shocked that they dont BUT….. the birds have spent on pplayers when they feel its worth the risk. Sometimes they are right… and sometimes they are wrong.

  23. Now all that ive said right there…… forget it Andy and go get this guy please.

  24. To Dixiefan
    I say the Redskins since they can throw a ton of $$$ at him and I don’t care what anyone says, If the may him a big enough offer, he would be interested..

  25. The Jets, Packers and Redskins won’t be able to afford Aso, unless they cut a bunch of people, the salary cap (there will be one, when a CBA is reached, if it is reached) is much higher than projected (around 140 million), or Aso takes a discount for one of them teams. He also wants to play for a contender. You can pretty much rule out the Redskins because of that, no QB.

    The Jets have about 15-20 million, and that is before signing Braylon Edwards and/or Santanio Holmes, and they have gone on record as saying they want to resign both. They also have Shaun Ellis and LB David Harris, who they might and should resign. Aso would command most of that cap space alone.

    The Packers have around the same amount, a little less though, around 13-18 million. Again, Aso would command most of that. They don’t necessarily have to resign any of their FAs (Peprah, Bigby, Jenkins) because they do have people on the roster that can take over. They do need to resign their Kicker (Crosby) though. Not to mention, they could use a RB, but they don’t necessarily need one.

    Now, both of them teams can release players, but then they would be making a hole in them spots and would need to fill them. No point in making several areas weak just to make one position strong. The reason I mentioned the Packers, even no one here did, is because that is the other team that Aso went on record as saying he would go there.

    The Redskins surprisingly has more money than both of them teams, around 25-35 million, but they have no QB, no WRs, need a RB, some O-line help, and their D was horrible last year, so they could need to replace several positions there. Although that could somewhat be attributed to the D scheme change. They also aren’t a contender. That will affect things. It isn’t like Aso isn’t gonna have any good teams offering him mega money.

  26. The teams I see that have a legitimate shot to get him are, and I am not listing them in any order……

    Eagles, Ravens, Falcons, Bears, Pats, Saints, Chargers, possibly Kansas City and possibly Minnesota. Those are the only ones that have enough cap space, and could be considered contenders.

  27. After the Eagles Trade Kolb to the Redksins for DT Haynesworth,
    then the Redksins will have a QB, Then the Redsksins trade McNabb to
    Arizona or SF 49ers and get some draft picks in return. The the Titans release WR R moss and the Redskins pick him up and also trade with the Panthers to get WR S Smith… Kolb leads the Redskins Offense to it’s highest point total in their History as they go 16-0 on their way to the Super Bowl while the EAgles limped in at 9-7 with VIck missing 5 games due to injury and Kafka going 1-4 as a Spot Starter..
    So let it be written, So let it be done…. (Ramses II)

  28. How about those Hoston Texans and those dreaded Cowboys who will be
    releasing overpaid, old veteran players T Newman, M Barber and K Brooking

  29. The Texans are switching D schemes. Not only will they take a year or 2 to adjust, not making them true contenders, but they will also need to find a front 7 that fits. The Texans also have about the same amount as the Redskins to spend. Although enough to get Aso. Might not be enough for Aso and their other needs.

    The Cowboys are the worst off in terms of cap space. Releasing them players might give them barely enough to sign Aso alone. They need money for other though. I just don’t see them as having anywhere close to the cap to sign Aso and anyone else. They could do that and still be contenders. I just don’t think it would be smart, especially when their biggest problem is O-line, particularly LT.

  30. D Free at LT didn’t play too bad for them last year..
    I think they have more issues at Guards & Center with Kosier,Gurode,Davis who are all getting old and starting to have injuries and they have little depth behind them..
    How about the Dolphins, they need nelp at CB and should have money available since they run a pretty tight ship as far as salaries go..

  31. Miami does have the money. I didn’t really consider them a true contender because of the division they are in (Pats, Jets) and they need a QB, RB, but thinking about it…… They could go up on that list too. They really aren’t far off from being a real good team. Aso could make their D to compete for the best in the league. They already have a good D.

  32. Yes they do and their weakness on D is the CB Position…
    I think Dolphins will make a run for McNabb to help turn that Offense around
    They went 1-7 at home last year and Ticket Sales/Box Seats are slipping..
    They’ve had spent $$ on WR Marshall and LB Dansby last year but are just a few pieces away from being a pretty good team and everyone likes playing in Southern Florida with the no-incomt state taxes down there so I would not count them out..

  33. How about this, paulman…. The Dolphins trade their 1st and 3rd for Kolb. They sign DeAngelo Williams, and Aso. They go 16-0 and win the SB. You like?

  34. Just heard the Rams released safety OJ Atogwe, I think he would be an upgrade, any thoughts?

  35. Thats a good one Sports..

    On Atogwe,
    He’s been a good player but has big contract with the Rams and a lot of injuries over the last 2 seasons, with the shoulder and knee I believe…
    He had just an Ok 2010 Season and could probably be had for a pretty reasonable salary..

  36. Alot of veteran players who are/were due Roster Bonus’s come March you will see being released over the next week as teams will continue to shed payroll
    for aging/injured type of players…..
    I expect the Eagles to Release FB Weaver and DE Abiamri here soon,,,

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