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The King’s Speech Is A Down To Earth Movie About Courage

I had three or four people tell me I should go to see the movie “The King’s Speech” which is a favorite to win an Oscar or two. I didn’t want to check it out because I never liked learning much about the royals of England. They came across like they thought they were better everybody. I had no desire to learn about them.

Last night the Mrs. and I went to see it and I must admit that I was impressed. I thought the stuffiness of England and their royal family would turn me off but they did a great job of personalizing the characters to the point where you forgot that they were royals. They became people with the same struggles and challenges which all of us face on a daily basis.

Colin Firth who played the king and Geoffrey Rush who played his speech coach had tremendous chemistry. In addition, those English suits were on point.

This movie was about King George VI and the courage he displayed in overcoming a stuttering problem which had been with him since he was three or four years old. He was afraid of becoming the King of England because he knew that doing so would mean being forced to give speeches to the entire country which would force him to deal with his stuttering problem.

Being king would expose his fear to one and all. What made it worse was the fact that he had to humble himself and seek the help of a common person to remedy his problem. His speech coach challenged him to get off the pedestal and stand up to his fears and fight for his voice. His country needed him, would he answer the call.

This was a powerful movie as we saw the king whose stuttering had rendered him speechless throughout his life, fight to overcome the fear so he could deliver one of the most important speeches in the history of his country as they were about to battle Adolph Hitler and Germany in World War II.

This story illuminates the fact that all of us can take a look deep within ourselves and find things that have happened to us that causes us to tremble in fear when we face adversity. This king had to deal with the fear that was looming deep within him and he had to deal with it on the world’s stage.

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