12 NFL Teams With QB Needs Who Might Be Interested In Kevin Kolb

No team will lose more if the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement doesn’t get signed at least a week or two before the NFL draft, than the Eagles. If they get the chance to let teams barter for the services of Kevin Kolb, it could put the Eagles in position where they could acquire another first round pick and a second or a third as well.

They could vault from the 23rd pick to having two picks in the first round. I could see the Birds maneuvering with additional picks to draft four or five players in the first two rounds of the draft. They would able to address all of their needs on the offensive line, cornerback, linebacker and maybe another defensive end in this draft which is so deep in defensive ends.

If the CBA doesn’t get signed and the Birds aren’t able to work a back door deal, where they have a team draft the guys they want now, then trade them Kolb for that player or players later on, Kolb will be with the team for another year.

Carolina Panthers – Jimmy Clausen, Brian St. Pierre, Matt Moore

Ron Rivera is taking over the Panthers and he and his GM must decide whether Jimmy Clausen is the answer or he should make a move at the position. Clausen completed 52% of his passes in 2010, while throwing nine interceptions and throwing three touchdowns in 13 games. One of the reasons that John Fox won’t be coaching the Panthers this year is because he trusted in Matt Moore, who played only six games and didn’t play well in those contests before he got hurt. Rivera can’t be sleeping well when he watches tapes of Clausen and Moore play a year ago.

Rivera is quoted on Philly.com by Paul Domowitch saying:

“Look around the league. Franchise quarterbacks are what’s happening in this league in terms of it becoming a passing league. Teams that have those guys that can attack you vertically really, I think, are tough.”

“I came from San Diego where we had Philip Rivers, a tremendous quarterback. We’ve got to find a situation like that here. Whether that guy is on our roster and we develop him or he’s here in the draft, we have to get him.”

Do you think he would encourage the organization to do a deal?

Arizona Cardinals – Derek Anderson, John Skelton,

The Arizona Cardinals go to camp with Derek Anderson as the starter, while completing only 52% of his throws with seven touchdowns and 10 interceptions. Anderson is bad but John Skelton, who is listed behind him is worse. Head coach Ken Whisenhunt is already in trouble and he might be taking a walk if he doesn’t make the playoffs this season. He’s already been warned by Pro Bowl wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald that he should trade for Kolb. The ownership has to be feeling the pressure from Fitzgerald because his contract is up after the 2011 season.

Whisenhunt doesn’t want to let the Eagles rob him for draft picks, but he would be sleeping a lot better if he had Kolb on the roster.

San Francisco 49ers – Alex Smith, Troy Smith, David Carr

The San Francisco 49ers have a new coach, Jim Harbaugh and he’s a former NFL quarterback. You can believe that Jim has talked to his brother John, who knows Kolb and got the chance to watch him up close while they were both with the Birds. Right now, Jim has been trying to convince former number one pick and current Niners starting quarterback, Alex Smith, to stay in San Francisco.

Smith is an outstanding athlete, who has been going from one offense to another as San Francisco has changed offensive systems and head coaches. Harbaugh has the same mentality as Andy Reid, who both feel they haven’t met a quarterback that they can’t improve. They also have former Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith, but word is that he won’t be returning to the Niners. You can believe that the Harbaugh’s have talked about Troy Smith, since he had played for the Ravens before joining the Niners.

Seattle Seahawks – Matt Hasselbeck, Charlie Whitehurst, J.P. Losman

They’re getting ready to sign 12-year veteran Matt Hasselbeck to an extension, but Pete Carroll knows he needs to upgrade at the quarterback position if he wants to win a title. Charlie Whitehurst did a good job in place of Hasselbeck last year and put the Seahawks in position to go the playoffs, but remember this team wasn’t even over .500. I think Carroll realizes that he saw the best of Hasselbeck in that playoff win over the Saints, so the only question is when he make a move. Will it be in the draft or will he go after a free agent. won’t see that level of play again.

Buffalo Bills – Ryan Fitzpatrick, Brian Brohm, Levin Brown

Bills head coach Chan Gailey is a quarterback coach, who must decide whether to stay with Ryan Fitzpatrick or look elsewhere. Fitzpatrick did a decent job by completing 58% of his passes while throwing 23 touchdowns and 15 interceptions in 2010. Word is that the Bills might pull the trigger with Cam Newton because Gailey likes a quarterback who can make plays with his legs, plus owner Ralph Wilson needs a big name to help sell tickets and increase the interest in the Bills. They do have pieces in place on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball.

Tennesee Titans – Kerry Collins, Rusty Smith, Chris Simms, Vince Young

Mike Munchak knows he can’t depend on veteran quarterback Kerry Collins to get the job done over the long haul. Collins can play a game here and a game there, but Munchak has got to do something about his quarterback position with a draft pick, via free agency or with a trade of some type. Munchak believes in the running game and he has Chris Johnson to carry the ball, but they can’t live by running alone. They need a quarterback who can take care of the football, and also get it to wide receiver Kenny Britt, when teams gang up against their running game.

Cincinnati Bengals – Carson Palmer, Jordan Palmer, Dan LeFeVour

Carson Palmer wants to get out of town and says he will sit out the season if his desires aren’t satisfied. They know his brother Jordan isn’t a legitimate option, so they must do something. Somehow Marvin Lewis got an extension of his contract after winning only four games in the year after going to the playoffs. Mike Brown insists he won’t let Carson bully him, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Washington Redskins – Rex Grossmann, John Beck, Donovan McNabb,

Right now Rex Grossman is the starter in D.C. Mike Shanahan will play around with McNabb in hopes that somebody will make him an offer but everybody knows that the Skins are going to dump McNabb before they have to give $10 million dollars. They’re going to be forced to release both McNabb and Albert Haynesworth without getting anything for them.

Grossman has been a turnover machine in the past and the Redskins don’t have a running game to take the pressure off of him, so his tendency to turn it over will show up again.

Shanahan isn’t under the gun right now after his first season, but Skins fans will be calling from his departure once the team sinks into the cellar again next season. feels fairly confident that he can continue lose, yet avoid getting fired but he’s got to be looking at drafting a young quarterback or making a move on free agency.

Minnesota Vikings – Tavaris Jackson, Joe Webb, Patrick Ramsey, Rhett Bomar

Leslie Frazier knows this Vikings team has the running game, wide receivers and defense to win a Super Bowl right now. All they need is a quarterback who can take care of the football and make the plays with everything on the line to get the job done. Tavaris Jackson hasn’t shown the ability to do that nor have any of the other quarterbacks on the roster. Frazier and Vikings have to be one of the teams most willing to make a trade or some other move to get them a quality veteran quarterback.

I think Kevin Kolb will succeed in a place where they have all the pieces in place. They run the offense he knows, which is the west coast offense.

Domowitch quoted Frazier saying the following this weekend at the NFL Combine:

“You look at the playoff teams last year, I don’t think there was one that had a question mark at quarterback. You’ve got to get that right. And this is the time to do it.”

He knows he has a team that’s ready to win now if they had a quarterback.

Miami Dolphins – Chad Henne, Chad Pennington, Tyler Thigpen, Tom Brandstater

Prior to the season last year, the Dolphins pulled the trigger on a big time trade to acquire big talented wide receiver Brandon Marshall from the Broncos. It was a good move, but there are questions about whether they have a quarterback on the roster to get the ball to him. Chad Henne did a decent job for them, but they’re not sure that he’s the guy who can take them all the way. Tony Sparano knows that the ownership isn’t thrilled with him, so he might be interested in a change at the quarterback position.

Cleveland Browns – Colt McCoy, Jake Delhomme, Seneca Wallace

New Brown head coach Pat Shurmur says that Colt McCoy is his guy, but we’ll have wait and see how he feels once they start playing games. Other than the Eagles no other team knows Kevin Kolb better than the Browns. Their GM, Tom Heckert, drafted him and their head coach, Shumur, developed him. Could their statements about believing in McCoy be a way of putting themselves in better negotiating position by swearing allegiance to McCoy?

Denver Broncos – Kyle Orton, Tim Tebow,

Kyle Orton started last year with Tim Tebow clipping on his heals and starting the last game, but now they have a new coach in John Fox, who says Orton is again the starter. Orton threw for more than 3600 yards with 20 touchdowns and nine interceptions, but there are question marks about his arm strength and ability to win. Tebow has the intangibles but nobody knows whether he’s ever going to be a franchise quarterback.

Fox will take care of the defense, but getting a legitimate quarterback could be in the cards.T

51 thoughts on “12 NFL Teams With QB Needs Who Might Be Interested In Kevin Kolb

  1. It all makes since…….. Buffalo needs excitement in football and Cam Newton will be the Qb there in Buffalo…….. Even though he didnt look good at the combine he still has the high pick going 3rd in the 1st round……..

    I see Kolb going to Miami……. They have a good run game support to help Kolb……. Warm weather which he played for houston in college……. And also he is the guy that can help them compete in a very tough AFC east……. I think the Henne experiment didnt sit to well with the Miami organization so he will be a back up behind Kolb with them releasing Pennington!!!!! It makes a ton of sense…… Jake Long will protect him and with weapons like Fasano, Shockey, D.Bess, Brandon Marshall, Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams will be a great supporting cast around Kolb!!!!!!


  2. G, I said it a few weeks ago on here, CBA or no CBA, If a team wants Kolb the’ll be a back door deal and once everything is settled a trade will be made, Jroc757, You make a good point, I can see the Dolphins taking Kolb with them believing thats the one thing they need and i also see them giving up what we want for Kolb, Dont forget, The Dolphins are the ones who gave us a 2nd and 5th for Feeley.

  3. Fairley will not be the first pick in this year’s nfl draft…….. He’s undersized and he has a shoulder injury……… I see Blaine Gabbert going first this year……. If the Cba is met it could be a big trade for someone to move to the 1st pick….. Carolina doesn’t like to spend money…….. They’ll probably would persue Kolb and give us the 1st pick of the draft…….

  4. FYI, I calculated Vick’s last 6 games of the season and then pro-rated that for a full season to compare:

    4,448 Yards
    26 TDs
    16 Picks
    8 Lost Fumbles (24 total)

    It’s pretty clear defensed figured out the ‘new’ Mike Vick.

    His numbers are comparable to David Garrard.

  5. YES SIRRRR…… YOUR RIGHT ANDREW P a 2nd and 5th………….. There could be a old connection brewing between us and Miami……. Keep Kevin Kolb in the AFC……… LOL!!!

  6. @Mugzy…….. We need a system that can make Vick better……. And thats 55\45………. not 80\20 or 75\25………. 55\45…….. Vick played well and people figured out the OLD ANDY’s Style of coaching……. Nobody can point fingers at a guy who didnt throw that many snaps in his career let alone a 2 1/2 layoff….. Reid put a ton of pressure on Vick’s shoulders!!!!

  7. Let marty call the plays and handle the offense……… Let Reid help Rivera on defense and get this thing cracking…….. I think this year the focus needs to be on the front line….. The offensive side of things…… Stop these #3’s from being starters in the NFL……..

  8. I could see him going to Carolina, Minnesota, Tennessee, or Arizona. I couldn’t see any of the other teams making a move for him. Carolina is desperate, Minnesota is primed right now and the only FA qb with shelf life is kolb. Mcnabb showed he’s a bust, Tennessee is making big moves so they might take a flyer, and Arizona feels the pressure now that the Fitz story leaked.

  9. Droc – Marty has been calling the plays on most of the offensive snaps for a while now. And Rivera, you meant Castillo. Remember, our savior on defense has the initials ‘J.C’. How could you forget such a crucial fact!?

  10. I really only see 7 Teams that would be truly interested
    ( I don’t think the Panthers,Broncos,Bills and Cleveland would be interested
    these teams have a lot more pressing needs and are not near playoff contention so they are more likely to stay and develop the young QB’s they a
    already have and Seattle would likely hang on to Hassellback 1 more Season and draft a young QB to start grooming)

    I don’t see Coach AR trading Kolb to an NFL Competitor like the Redskins,VIkings,Cardinals or 49ers like he did with McNabb last year, for we all know that McNabb was on the downside of his career and really did not have many productive seasons left in his body and Coach AR also wanted to make sure that McNabb was happy with his new team(which he was at the time)
    But Kolb is different, he could have 5-6-7 years of productive play since he’s in his prime right now and appears to be in good overall shape with no real serious injuries to his legs/arms so far.. This leaves the Bengals,Dolphins and Titans and the Titans can’t really address their QB situation until they decide what to do about VY as same with the Bengals until they trade unhappy QB Palmer (who I think ends up staying and playing for them)
    but VY/Palmer have big contracts and may not be so easy to trade
    Vikings,CArdinals, 49ers would all be great fits for Kolb, But if he’s traded at all, I think it’s to a AFC Team and a real Darkhorse team could be the
    New England Patrioits who have no real viable back-up to QB Brady who is another year older and coming off a 2nd off-season in a row with surgery.
    It’s a long-shot and Kolb would probably not be happy not to have a chance to start, but New England has 10 Draft Selections this draft (2 Selections in each of the 1st/2nd/3rd Rounds and may have to ammunition to overpay for a back-up QB..) and the Eagles/Patriots have a history of doing deals together in the past so I would not count them out..
    I really in the end, that Kolb stays with the Eagles for 2011 Season (if there is one)

  11. I think that the Bengals may also be interested in Kolb. Palmer has reportedly put his house on the market and told the team he wants out of there. With James Urban now coaching there, and he having been our QB’s coach for the past few years, I think there should also be interest for Kolb.

  12. My bad Shiller…….. I was reading the Charlotte Observer here in charlotte and they were talking about Juan Rivera……. My mistake…….. I got tied into the story in the paper with my comment……… SMH……

    Kolb will be a dolphin…….. It’s the best fit for him to go there…… Mcnabb will be a Viking this season……. Palmer will go to Arizona………. I think Cincy will draft Mallett or go into the second round and snatch up Dalton…….. There re-building there……… Marc Bulger will be a starter somewhere like Washington……. I think he has a few good years left in him…….

  13. But Greenfan……. Good analysis about Urban going to Cincy……… It’s a strong possibility……….!!!!!! All I know keep him in the AFC…..

  14. Don’t forget Stevo,
    What happens if Vick were to get injured or just not play that well in 2011,
    Or if the Eagles fail to come to a long-term contract for Vick.
    In 2011, the Eagles could extend Kolb’s deal or possibly Franchise Kolb after the 2011 Season if they feel that Vick was a 1 year wonder or if he were to have lots of injuries or just not be the QB for 2012 and beyond…

  15. @Shiller…… Everyone Knows Reid loves to override the offensive play-calling…… It’s like his HARD ON for him to do such……… We as Philly fans all know that one LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! He made the decision to make Castillio the defensive coordinator……… He better back up this big project he has brewing!!!!

  16. Where does V Young end up after all of this..He has a winning record as a Starter and has played in a lot more games than Kolb has.. Even though he’s immature and not improved his game a great deal the last couplde of years, Someone will take a chance on him, don’t you think.. Titans would probaby
    want to move him to the NFC Team like the Cardinals,49ers,VIkings…

  17. @Paulman…… I think the Eagles have a ton of bright spots for Kafka…….. He’s a young Qb who reminds the Eagles of a Jeff Garcia type player……. I think Philly will make him the 2nd qb and draft someone in the later rounds my guess…… Trust me….. The Eagles will make the right decision with a good early round pick for Kolb……..

  18. SCORP – please take notice to jroc757’s 2.28.11 11:22 am post:

    ” Everyone Knows Reid loves to override the offensive play-calling…… It’s like his HARD ON for him to do such……… We as Philly fans all know that one LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! :”

    case in point to what i’ve been saying (although it’s just one example, I admit that). about people assuming their view/opinion is the same as everyone else’s and/or fact.

  19. @Paulman……Vince Young will be a 9er………. He’s just needs to be on a team with a young minded coach like Harbaugh……. Jeff Fisher’s style was just too old fashion for Young and thats why they didnt get along…… Remember Fisher loved Steve Mcnair and Kerry Collins……. Vince needs a younger mentor like Harbaugh to keep his mind right!!

  20. jroc, I don’t think that ‘everyone knows that’. I believe you when you say you’ve heard others agree with you, but I’ve seen little to no proof to support that. As the head coach, of course Andy has the executive power to make a play call.

    But my impression is that Marty has been the main play caller for a long time now.

    In all honesty, as fans I don’t see any source of reliable information on this issue – how do we really know?

  21. Harbaugh was a tough-nosed player and a no-nonsense coach..
    I see no way that VY ends up a 49ers..
    I can see C Palmer in San Francisco
    and VY with the Cardinals or Dolphins

    Also Jroc, I do agree that the Eagles think very highly of Kafka and that he will not only be ready to assume the #2/Back-up Spot, but will eventually compete for a #1 Starters job down the road..which should make it easier to
    let go and trade Kolb while you can.

  22. @ schiller…..readers of this site state their OPINIONS here…..often stated with hyperbole of exageration for effect…..we are not scientists operating within pinpoint accuracy….we are fans expressing our opinions based on watching our favorite team for decades and decades.

    You are factually correct when you state your “but how do we really know” his thought process responses….but just as jury’s are asked to evaluate a defenants motive and intent, a close observer can form an opinion based on past actions that will often prove to be very accurate.

    So enough with the preaching about people on this site not stating what is to be their preceived “common knowledge”. This is an opinion site, let people make their own case with it being assumed that no one here has a direct line into AR or the Front Offices minds.

  23. Green – I appreciate what you said there. I really do.

    One thing that you, and scorp (he and I have discussed my style/this issue at length) both said is (paraphrasing here) ‘let people make their own case’ or ‘let people state their opinions without arguing’. etc….

    that doesn’t sit well with me. I think this is an approrpiate forum for discussion, conversation, discourse, not just a list of stated opinions, one after another, all about the article, not regarding previous comments.

    I’m never telling people that they cannot have their opinion. That they aren’t entitled to their opinion, or that they aren’t allowed to express them. And I am in no position at all to ‘let them’ or ‘not let them’ do anything.

    I feel that I have the right to disagree with someone’s post or point out a differing view of my own, and that in doing so, I’m not impeding on their rights or ability to post anything at all….

  24. @Shiller……… We all know that in the late 99-2003 season the eagles were a more balanced offense……… With Duce Staley,Mcnabb, Westbrook etc……. When it got to the 2004 the T.O. era Mcnabb had his best season ever in his young career…….. We still had a good run ratio with Childress as OC…….. When the 05 season ended and Childress went to Minnesota it was a wrap with the run game……. We all know that Reid and Childress are like peas and carrots when it comes to there relationship…….. Childress had a more balanced scheme with Minnesota as a HC and Reid we all know says and I state::::

    “A 3 yard pass is like a run”!!!! The proof is there when it comes to Reid and his trust with Childress and Reid with his trust with MM……… Reid only trust his friends…….. We’ve all seen the play-calling difference from the late 90’s to now…….. It’s no more west coast offense in philly no longer……. It’s his job to override…… But to trust your staff is another thing…….. Passing the ball on 4th and 1 and not get the yards????? Thats Reids call!!

  25. schill…I agree, you have never told anyone they could not have an opinion..maybe I didn’t state things the best way. I was just trying to say that while we all take our interest in the Eagles to pretty high levels, every opinion doesn’t need to be factually supported by hard, concrete facts…but can be as simple as watching what these peeple have done in the past.

  26. jroc – I hear your argument, but it did little to support your point. If, and I quote, “Reid and Childress are like peas and carrots” (for playcalling), well Reid and Morningweog are like peas and peas! They’re both from that same Bill Walsh/Holmgren school.

  27. green – Ok. But passion aside (it’s Philly, I think the mere fact that any of us are posting about football in February on here at this rate, we clearly have the passion!)….. I think that we are all better off if we are aware when we make a point whether it is supported by mere observation (often combined with rampant talk radio propegation) versus when we know something because it has proof.

    Maybe I just hold the analysis to a higher standard of scrutiny, but that’ just me.

  28. @Shiller…..Friends and being from the Bill Walsh/Homgren school are two different things……. Did AR and MM eat dinner together for the holiday’s???? NO,,,,,, I could have sworn it was Reid and Childress……… Look at what Reid did for Castillio……. He put him in a totally different style of coaching by making him DC………. He’s a good friend of Reid’s as well…….. I went to school with a ton of guys and learn things from them…… That doesnt make them my friend????? OR does it????

  29. Friendship and business could go hand and hand sometimes…….. But when it comes to your friend getting fired you’ll walk right out with him???? if so then people will call you a fool unless your well off financially…….. I trust my friends but co-workers maybe you have a little trust for there decisions……… I’m human and I do the same also…….

  30. Paulman- lets walk through this together…..

    Vick will get a long term deal this year. He is not going to risk getting killed. If that happens, he will get alot of money and many years. The birds will not pay Kolb huge money next year as well as give Vick a boat load of a bonbus.

    kolb will not sign a small deal in philly to get burned again. So… you would have to possibly franchise him (after paying vick a butt load) … not gunna happen.

    Trade Vick this year, keep kolb. This would be so dumb it hurts me to write it.

    Sign Vick long term and keep kolb as a backup this year and then he leaves. NOT GUNNA HAPPEN. The birds will not allow something valued so high just leave. They cant!!

    They would be better off trading him for a pick for this year (or even next) and grab a vet qb.

    In the end. The birds will get a 1 or more for K Kolb.

  31. Paulman. You make it sound like the birds have 2 franchise qb’s that they could chose from. Did you watch games this year? They dont. Vick is the future. It is what it is. He will be the starting qb for 3-5 years here in philly. Keeping Kolb around is foolish when they have so many holes to fill. They will trade him on draft day OR…. have a back door deal done OR…. trade him after this friggin mess is done for pics and players. Anyway you slice it…. K Kolb will not be wearing philly green next year.

  32. what i want to know G is….. is there anything against a team publically anouncing thaat trade will happen? like…..

    can the 49ers on draft day say that they are trading the #7 pick to the eagles? Im not asking if its dumb, im asking if they are allowed to do it.

  33. As far as I know Steve,
    Until there is a “CBA” in place, there can be no player movement at all whether it be thru a trade or thru free-agency signings ..
    So if there is no Deal donme by Thursday 3/4 , no players will be going anywhere for a while

  34. To Stevo,
    I am not 100% Sold that the Eagles FO and Coaches are 100% Sold on VIck to offer him a long-term deal.. They have franchised him and will give him 2011 to establish himself as the face of the franchise, but you cannot tell me that the FO/Coaches are just a tad concerned about how Vick can handle success and now expectations, they he won’t get hurt by the way that he plays, or that he can’t improve on areas of need like blitz recognition
    ,getting the ball out quicker.. I think if Coach AR and the FO were 100% behind Vick, then they would have made a long-term deal already and not have had to place a “Franchise Tag” on him sdon’t you think..

  35. @Shiller……. I’m talking about Reid overriding the play-calling of MM…….. He had more trust with his friend Childress in his play-calling…… Thats my whole argument on Reid trusting friendship over business…../Success…. If someone is an OC….. Let them perform there duty…..

  36. Paulman- What have the eagles done to convince you that they really think Kolb is the guy? Notice i said “done” not said.

    About the tag- Vick has already said that in his mind Kolb needs to be traded. They are friends. Keeping Vick and Kolb on the roster without deals for either is going to piss them both off. Its not a game i think the birds will play with the QB position., wr position….yes… but not QB and not 2 players.

    About the CBA- Yes paulman no players will be moving before the deal is done BUT BACK DOOR DEALS WILL HAPPEN. And you missed my question anyway (but thats fine since i was asking G). My q was…. is there anything that prevents the back door deals from being said out loud? I know the union will jump up and down and scream but im asking if they have any power at that point.

  37. and 1 more thing……. Paulman…… If the birds did keep Kolb on the roster this year (they wont im just going with you)…. that means next year they would have to chose between 3 players to hit with the Franchise Tag…. Vick, Djack, Kolb. No way they let 2 of these guys walk out the door and i dont see them signing Djack to a long term deal till after his deal is up.

  38. the birds …..WILL….. trade Kolb for a 1st rd pick, Sign Vick to a long term deal loaded with clauses about getting in trouble, Offer Djack a fair deal and if he doesnt take it they will franchise him next year.

    Its really the only thing they can do. If you have Vick and Jackson walk away next year cause you haad to franchise Kolb next year tghis town would explode.

    BTW…. if im Djack i wouldnt sign a deal without Vick being in place cause he had like no catches from Kolb.

  39. jroc – I don’t really see enough difference in the pass/run ratio to indicate that Andy Reid is over-riding Marty. Besides that, according to Koy Detmer, Brad Childress hardly ever called plays with the Eagles. I guess he would know, since he was there. And according to Jeff Lurie, Ron Dowhower never called plays.

    I think Marty is the only Eagles OC that ever called the plays – I guess that sends the friendship thing out the window.

    Pass Run OC
    1999 52.78% 47.22% Rod Dowhower
    2000 59.16% 40.84% Rod Dowhower
    2001 55.89% 44.11% Rod Dowhower
    2002 52.84% 47.16% Brad Childress
    2003 53.72% 46.28% Brad Childress
    2004 59.26% 40.74% Brad Childress
    2005 62.94% 37.06% Brad Childress
    2006 56.67% 43.33% Marty Mornhinweg
    2007 57.82% 42.18% Marty Mornhinweg
    2008 58.66% 41.34% Marty Mornhinweg
    2009 59.02% 40.98% Marty Mornhinweg
    2010 56.72% 43.28% Marty Mornhinweg

  40. To Stevo,
    I really think the backroom deal is this, The Owners have given their marching orders to GM’s & Coaches and their will be no player movement without a
    CBA in place.. This is my story and I am sticking with it.. They are going to keep their leverage as tight as possible with the players, their agents and their union, and the tightest they can make it is by having no player movment

  41. Paulman- The eagles are one of a few teams that are always working on taking advantage of the situation….. Trust me on this… The eagles are already working on getting better in the midst of the labor probs. They will not stop

  42. I just wanna say, lately the articles on this site have completely took it up a notch. Great breakdown of the twelve teams. Although, I really don’t see the Browns or the Broncos making any moves at QB this year.

    Still 10 teams w/ need of a QB and there might not even be 1 starting QB coming out in the draft.

  43. Btw paulman the bird are not able to offer him a long term deal without franchising him. Its part of the 30 percent rule or whatever. And you are fooling yourself if you don’t realize that they are 100 percent behind vick.

  44. That’s if the 30% Rule even applies in the next CBA Stevo..
    ALl I am saying if they Eagles were 100% behind VIck, then why wouldn’t they have locked him up already.. They are being smart and keeping their options open in a uncharterd times.. Coach AR is on a 2 maybe a 3 year plan with his new Coaching Staff to win a Super Bowl or his time is done in Philly and there is a very good chance that Vick could get injured or revert to his old ways or get into and ugly off the field situation and then what do the Eagles do, turn the keys over M Kafka..
    C’mon Stevo, Your smarter than that..

  45. They can’t… We r still under the current deal for a few more days. They have not agreed to a deal becauswe they can’t. Even if they could it doesn’t mean they would have agreed to numbers. But it does not matter because they can’t under the current deal…. The deal is not done yet.

    As far as the andy reid thing… Its bogus. Every coach is on a short leash. Andy very well may get fired but if he goes to 3 NFC champ games in a row again. I doubt it. You are stating opinions. I wanted him out 5 years ago. He still there.

  46. “Your smarter than that”

    I would give kolb the keys again with or without vick.

    To think we could get something in return for this bust of a draft pick is a miracle. I have no idea what anyone sees. I’ve seen 1 good game from this guy… The atl game.
    We have no idea who calls the shots on this team… And it makes me laugh that people think they do.

  47. To Stevo,
    Let’s say the Eagles keep Kolb for 2011 Season
    Now fastforward to next off-season and Kolb becomes a free-agent, Why couldn’t the Eagles place a Transtional Franchice Tag and let him negoitiate with any other team and then get Rewarded 2 #1 Draft picks if he were to sign with another club.. After 2011 Season he will have been in the NFL for 5 years
    so I am not sure of that 30% Rule would even apply since he’s a 5 year Vet ..

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