Is Charlie Sheen Headed Off Of A Cliff? Video

Charlie Sheen has made millions as an entertainer on television and in the movies. He’s been idolized, pursued by beautiful women and hooked on drugs. The drugs and his success have convinced him that he can handle the drugs use. Sheen doesn’t even think he needs any help, he says he healed himself of the drug dependency.

Yesterday, Sheen claimed that he cured himself of a drug addiction with his mind. He bragged about his relationship with two girlfriends and called his relationship with them the “wedge”. It had been three women, but one decided to leave.

During this radio rant, Sheen expressed his anger that CBS decided not to shoot any more “Two And A Half Men” episodes because the administrators are jealous of the life he lives, so he told them to “go home to their lives with their ugly wives and ugly children”.

Sheen said he’s not willing to do “Two And A Half Men” episodes for $2 million dollars any more.

“At this point because of psychological distress,” he said., “It’s three mil an episode, take it or leave it! It’s like: everybody thinks I should be like begging for my job back, and I’m gonna forewarn them, it’s everybody else is going to be begging me for their job back. It’s how I roll, period, the end.”

As we’ve seen so many times in sports, money and fame aren’t the answers to everything. You can’t break all the rules and still succeed in the life.

Here are some of the other quotes?

“You borrow my brain for five seconds, and just be like, ‘Dude, can’t handle it, unplug this bastard.’ Because it fires in a way that’s you know, maybe not from this particular terrestrial realm.”

“I’m not bi-polar, I’m bi-winning. I win here and I win there”

I’ve seen athletes gradually let their success make them start to believe that they can do anything. They start to believe they have no limitations both on and off the field. Sheen seems to be losing it because of this attitude.

Do you think Sheen is a role model for teenagers, college kids? Is he headed off of a cliff? Why don’t people talk about him the way they talk about athletes when they go off the deep end?

Isn’t it true that teenagers look up to guys like Sheen, who are famous, rich and pursued by beautiful women?

13 thoughts on “Is Charlie Sheen Headed Off Of A Cliff? Video

  1. A white,actor version of athlete Allen Iverson… Good Grief..
    There’s not enough prayers to go around…

  2. Imagine if this were tiger, vick, or will smith…would they get such a “say and do whatever you want” with minimal consequences pass? Just sayin….

  3. The standards for athletes and actors/entertainers are polar opposites. Why is that? For the record, that’s a rhetorical question.

  4. No he’s a badly put together model.Sheen is a tool…bottomline i could care less if he goes off a cliff. He seems ok with it.So shine Charlie.

    G…i’ve been hitting your site since the start of it.And i’m calling violation on you and your staff.I know there was a part of you and the boys that said “Should we even write about this dude?”. That part of you should of made the exec decision to not and write about the corners the Eagles are liking in the upcoming draft.

    Not bi-polar….bi-winning? Its a shame these dudes dont have real friends to pull them off that cliff.

  5. Hey, GCobb, had some grounds to right this post since ol’ charlie was ragging on out Philly sports teams and players. Hey G “get EM!”

  6. Hey fellas just to get the fluids moving, consider this off world message from deep space, to stellar colony called Philadelphia sports. Not making a case either way, just thinkng. As always “LONG LIVE THE EAGLES”

    By Clarke Judge Senior Writer

    Andy Reid, Philadelphia

    After the Eagles lost to Green Bay in the playoffs, I got a call from a Philadelphia-area radio station, with talk-show hosts there wondering if it was time to get rid of Andy Reid. I suggested it was time they get a clue. Andy Reid is one of the most successful and least appreciated coaches in the NFL.

    Philadelphia doesn’t know how good it has it with the guy, but it might if it remembered that in the two years before he landed the Eagles were 9-22-1. Granted, Reid has had down seasons, too, but they’re rare. Plus, he never had two in a row. Moreover, he almost always makes the playoffs — getting there nine of the past 11 years, including six NFC East championships.

    But his greatest achievement was taking the Eagles to four straight conference championship games and five in eight seasons. Philadelphia fans complain that he can’t close a deal … that the Eagles made it to the Super Bowl only once … and my response is: So what? You know how many teams never make it a conference championship game? Look at Dallas, for crying out loud. The Cowboys have won one playoff game period since 1996, and they’re supposed to be one of the league’s crown jewels.

    Of current head coaches with 100 or more games’ experience, Reid’s winning percentage is second only to Belichick. He holds the team record for overall victories, playoff victories and winning percentage. His five conference-championship game appearances in the last ten years are matched only by Belichick, as are his seven divisional-round playoff berths since 1999.

    But it’s not just Reid’s record that I admire; it’s his courage. He cut linebacker Jeremiah Trotter, then the team’s leading tackler, after he complained about his contract status. He suspended, then released, star receiver Terrell Owens after he became a distraction. He had the guts to trade Donovan McNabb.

    Reid is not afraid to make the tough call, and he almost always perseveres. And for that, Philadelphia, you want to get rid of the guy? Puh-leeze. If Andy Reid is guilty of anything it’s raising the bar so high that Eagles’ fans are spoiled.

  7. Stop caring, yep. But hell it is a funny show. If I was on that staff I would be pissed off as hard as things are today. Look at me I am just a simple camera man and pickle nose wants to screw around. Yep I could see a little “Attitude Adjustment” or even a “Blanket Party” in order. Okay to much huh? How about some “Mountain climbers” in the rose garden, for you USMC boys and girls Ooh Rah.

  8. Watching Charlie has now become my new “guilty pleasure”……the guy with “tiger blood and Adonis DNA” is going to fall hard.

    Bi-polar….sure looks like it.

    Wonder if he could play strong safety? Looks like he has plenty of energy to burn.

  9. I love it! You guys are naive if you think this isn’t premeditated. Sheen is sticking it to the Man (WB) and already has a fall back plan. Reality T.V. He’s acting in these inteviews and everyone is falling for it. Hell, Two and Half Men is all about his life why not do a reality T.V. show about it. He’ll produce it, write it, star in it and make the lions share of the money.

    Unlike Pro-football players, actors can execute their trade through a myriad of media. If the actor becomes powerful enough he can demand the lions share. This will never be the case for football players. The owners will break them and ensure that they, the owners, receive the lions share.

  10. Haha i also like how ron jeremy is creeping in the background. If sheen hangs out with people like him i guess it’ll make you think that you will win all the time

  11. The only kids (or men) who would look up to Charlie Sheen are those who wish they got laid as much as he did. Otherwise, no one else gives a crap except those who like to gawk at car wrecks. Also, what is all this worry about “different standards” for actors than athletes? Again, who gives a crap? If an actor or an athlete are arrested for an act of violence, they are viewed the same. But you have to admit those two blondes in the picture are pretty hot!

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