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Jeffrey & Christina Lurie Win An Oscar For Best Documentary

Congratulations to Eagles owners Jeffrey and Christina Lurie. Their documentary movie “Inside Job” which was about the cause of the country’s financial collapse won the Oscar for the best documentary.

They released a statement after the victory at the Oscars. “The Academy’s recognition of Inside Job is a distinct honor. We are humbled by winning this Oscar and we are very proud of the outstanding work of Charles Ferguson, Audrey Marrs and the entire team associated with the movie. Our goal was to bring a fair and thoughtful presentation of the actions that led to the financial collapse and show how it has negatively impacted millions of lives across the globe,” said Jeffrey and Christina Lurie. “Many people are still suffering from this economic disaster and it is our hope that by understanding its root causes it can be better prevented in the future.”

Hopefully this is the start of winning ways for Luries and I know they would like nothing better than adding a Lombardi Trophy or two to their trophy case. on Facebook

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28 Comments for “Jeffrey & Christina Lurie Win An Oscar For Best Documentary”

  1. Dont care until that is the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

  2. I think Luries going to take it to a trophy shop and put a football in oscars hand

  3. I’ve got a great movie idea for him… %$#@!!!#^&#!$^&!^$!^!^$*&^!$^@$#^%!#!#!%!#%*!%!#^&%%*!@#^%@&%#%#@^&%!@&^%@!^*%#%^@%&^%@*#%^%@!#*^&%!@^&#%@*!^#%#^@&%!@*%

  4. Best documentary “How not to win a Super Bowl in over a decade”.
    Supporting cast:
    Joe Banner, Howie Roseman, Andy Reid

  5. and don’t forget to add former GM T Hecket, DC JJ, OC MM and all the players too..

  6. I cannot believe that nobody has made a comment combining the word ‘standard’ and the material used to make the award yet….

  7. Paulman take back your JJ comment. He was the only good thing we had all those years.

  8. No looking back RTB,
    JJ was elevated to Sainthood in Philly because of his illness and death..
    I will no do that. Don’t get me wrong, JJ was a very good coach, but his playoff Defenses had chances to carry the Eagles further and failed to do so, and played poorly in some of the playoffs games too. He let the Talent level slip his last coupld of saeasons and very bare for when McDermott had to take over and I have to put some of the blame on JJ too.. If he saw his talent level slipping, why didn;t he march into Caoch AR office and tell hime to get me bigger,better players…
    It was a Team effort the entire way, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly…
    No one escapes …

  9. pualman, uh.. let’s see, how do I put this….


  10. paulman, an angry iconoclast, holed up somewhere in the Carolina boonies, making rants, trashing legends, mr. Glass is half empty

  11. Mr Jake,
    I just don’t buy into over “Gloryfying” people because they died…
    President JFK was basically an ineffectual President but goes down as one of the Greatest Presidents of all time due to being Assasinated
    Singer-Songwriter of Nirvana Kurt Cobain kills himself at the age of 25 and people want to say he is the same class as a John Lennon/Bob Dylan.
    Coach JJ was a very good Coach as I have said many times, but many of these issues on the Eagles Defense stem from what he did and didn”t do
    he last couple of years Coaching the Eagles..
    Just because he contracted Cancer and died way too young does not make him infallable as a Coach/Coordinator.. The Eagles Defense had been slipping since the 2005/2006 Seasons and if he didn’t have a say so on the talent (or lack their of) for his Defense, then shame on him for not getting involved more to tell Coach AR and the Front Office of acquiring more talent for his side of the ball..
    Everyone becomes a Saint when they die too soon and unexpectantly in many peoples eyes and in the media.. I just don’t look at it that way..

  12. Lurie should have won 1 for best actor for impersonating an owner that’s actually trying to win the Super Bowl.

  13. I sorta agree with paulman. Not entirely but JJ’s defenses weren’t always good in the biggest games either. He “bend but don’t break defenses” broke in the big games as well. Sure some games were the offenses fault but the defenses stunk up the joint plenty of times. JJ’s blitz heavy defense was great in the regular season UNTIL we actually started playing QBs and teams that could pick up the blitz and then we realized we couldn’t pressure without the blitz and still couldn’t cover TEs. JJ is not completely clean Great defensive coordinator? Yes. Innocent? No.

  14. Paulman, as usual, you ENTIRELY MISSED THE POINT!

    None of those on your list were glorified because they died. They were glorified because the were extraordinary people! You fool.

  15. That’s one of the biggest issues I see with Eagles fans….. we give all the credit to the defense for success and then forget their performances and lack of play making and adjusting to the other team’s offense in the big games. The defense has been just as big of a culprit over the past 12 years and McNabb’s dreadful big game play, lack of offensive playmakers and Reid’s sketchy play calling.

  16. schiller, you’re right. I think Paulman believes many people do glorify JJ because he’s now dead and what he did as a coach. And I do think their are some that treat JJ as a sacred cow now that he’s did but I’m with you because I think the majority glorify him because of his coaching. I see the same people glorify Dawk, Hugh Douglas, Trotter as well. And they were all under-achievers in the playoffs just like the players fans put the most blame on. These guys did nothing special in huge games yet some people act like their some kind of defensive gods. Dawking was great but he is nowhere near Ed Reed or Polamalu but he’s worshiped like he was so great when it matter most. And it’s the same with the other defensive guys and I don’t get it. They were very good but that’s about it.

  17. JJ like the reast of the Eagle Coaches won Zero Championships with his Defense during his tenure..I would not say he was an extroidinary Coach
    at all.. he was a damn godo one, but I am sorry, his record was not very good as this Eagles Franchise has not been in most of their big games over the years.. How are we to bash Coach AR/MM GM Heckert/Roseman and President Banner and the useless WR/RB Coaches over the years and the R Segrest.s B Shuey’s, S McDermott’s and then on the other hand say What a “Coaching Legend” JJ was.. He was part of it and mentored and coached these guys… you guys just crack me up and continually get too emotionally attached to your players,certain coaches who you like and then trash everyone else on why they do not win.. Typical Philly Fan behavior

  18. I just think that JJ was worshiped (or whatever word you want to use) long before his diagnosis become public, let alone his death.

    Paulman, I can’t argue that people’s perception of him were intensified with the horrible news of his struggle and death, but I stay true to my assertion that he’s worshiped because of his coaching career.

  19. At least Lurie gets to lift some kind of Trophy….

    He’s a filmmaker and producer…Not a Superbowl winning owner.

    Maybe his wife can sing to bring us home a Grammy.


  20. “Inside Job” was actually a excellent documentary

  21. Paulman, I agree. Too many Philadelphia sports fans place too much emphasis on whether they like a guy rather than what they actually did. I don’t see how some can have such positive views on players like Dawkins and a coach like JJ but then trash McNabb and Andy. They trash the latter because they don’t like their personalities but Dawk in the epitome of Philadelphia. Give me a break. Those defensive players an coaches didn’t win jack and had the same shortcomings. They were very good at times but never one that can truly carry the team and in my opinion do not deserve all the credit that they get and the “god-like” treatment many fans like to give to them. They fell short and didn’t show up just like everyone else.

  22. schiller, I think he is worshiped because of his coaching career (even though I don’t think his career is worthy of it) but there are many fans that go overboard because he’s now gone.

  23. Much better said Scorpion,
    I don’t dislike or hate anyone, but I do get tired of the double standard that many have on how this Player failed, or this Coach sucks, this GM/President is Cheap and then on the other want to praise other Players,Coaches,GM because they are perceived as “Good guys or Philly guys”. Let’s go by the teams performance..

  24. I do agree with Paulman about the “double standard” effect. They worship and criticize certain people based on who they are personally attached to them when it is everyone as a whole the reason the Eagles didn’t win a SB. JJs Ds always did underperform during them big games, when our offenses did well.

    I disagree though about him being more worshipped or whatever because he died. I do think he is a great coach too. Then again, I also think Reid is a great coach (lets hear the backlash). I don’t pick and choose sides. JJ has given us some great Ds, as well as Reid giving us some great Os. They both seemed to miss at one point of another in the playoffs, and both failed to carry us to the promised land.

    That is one of the reasons why though that I say that the playoffs are a crapshoot. I mean, Peyton Manning is one of, if not the best QB of all time. He was called a choker before he won his SB. He still only won 1 SB though. The only constants (if we’re talking about SB wins/appearances) this whole decade are the Pats and Steelers, and the Steelers did it with 2 different coaches, running the same system, even though Tomlin didn’t run the same system as Cowher in TB/Minny, but he did in Pitt.

  25. Kind of like the Phitin’ Phils,
    They will Win more games over a this recent 5 year Period (from 2008-2012)
    and most likely only have 1 World Series to show for it…What a shame..

  26. talk to the cubs fans Paul, and yours truly as an eagles fan, no shame even if they do not win again with this crop of players, but as a fan we expect them to win it all this year, unlike you who wants to always prognosticate the negative

  27. I call them as I see them Jake and right now, these Phitin’ Phils are overrated
    and probably the 3rd Best overall team in the NL with or without P C Lee..

  28. ‘Inside Job’?…Of course, the ‘financial crisis’ was an inside job: Jeffrey probably knows some of the movers and shakers.

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