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76ers Instant Offense Lou Williams: “We’re Expecting To Win”

Can you believe that Philadelphia 76ers guard Lou Williams is one of the longest tenured players on the team? Well believe it?

In the 2005 NBA draft the 76ers selected Williams in the second round with the 45th pick. During that time Williams and the Sixers only made the playoffs two times (’07-’09) and never once finished a season over .500.

If you’ve had an opportunity to either hang around the team, or watch a game live, you’ll notice that a few things are different about this group of guys. First they look like they’re having fun out on the court. Second they’re winning games that they would’ve lost in previous seasons. Even when they blow big leads, they’re showing how much they’ve matured this season by not folding like a metal chair. Instead they’re gathering themselves and doing what they’ve got to do in order to win close out games.

“The energy is up. A lot of guys are playing with a lot more confidence,” said Williams “I think in past years we’d come in and would be like ‘whatever happens happens’, but now when we come in these basketball games we’re expecting to win.”

The Sixers are currently 32-30 with 20 games left to play after getting off to a dismal 3-13 start. They have a chance to finish over .500 for the first time since the ’04-’05 season. They’re no longer a team flying under the radar and they’re now in the middle of an intense playoff race. They’re getting national attention and becoming a team that will scare its first round opponent (assuming they don’t have a complete melt down and miss the playoffs) if they’re taken lightly.

With that attention comes added pressure. No longer is it just okay to come close but not win the game. Fans start to expect the team to win, rather than just compete. However Williams doesn’t think this team will have a problem living up to those new expectations.

“If there is pressure we welcome it. We would like for all of these wins to mean something. We’re starting to build a culture here and it feels good. So if that brings on added pressure we’ll welcome it with open arms.”

Williams and the Sixers will soon find out how much they can handle their new found fame over the next 10 games. Next up for the team is a pesky Indiana Pacers squad that’s also fighting for a shot to play in the playoffs. After that they’ll battle with the Oklahoma City Thunder, Boston Celtics, five straight road games, an Atlanta Hawks team that is looking for revenge, and another road game versus the Miami Heat. If the team can find a way to survive those 10 games and win half, that will do wonders for their confidence and keep Mr. Momentum in their corner heading into the playoffs. on Facebook

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5 Comments for “76ers Instant Offense Lou Williams: “We’re Expecting To Win””

  1. Lou Williams is so over-valued.

    For as many games as he comes in and sparks the team, there are as many where he simply chucks and kills the team.

    He’s shooting 40% from the field. That’s horrible

    Look at his gamelogs since February, 8 games being effective.. or quasi effective, 7 games terrible.

  2. Williams is like Brandon Jennings. He has spurts of effectice basketball. Sixers should look to acquire a decent center and they could be dangerous. I also think Evan Turner is a star in the making.

  3. Just saw Evan Turner up close last night. He seems like a rose in bloom! he made several confident drives to the hole, he really is a slow starter at every level but I think he’ll be a very quality player. Cut Lou Williams a break, he will be a very good role player on a quality team, just not the main star.

  4. I like this Sixer Roster and was glad they did trade 1/2 the team away for another bunch of new players.. I would like them to replace Kapono,SOngalia
    and Nocioni after this season and pick-up a tough Physical Power Forward
    and a Pure Shooter and maybe another Body down low to play Defense,have fouls to give, and be a team player.. This years Draft if not so strong but if they can contiune to add another couple of pieces, I think they can challange for the Top 6 in the Eastern Division next season with the Bulls,Celtics,Knicks,Magic and Heat

  5. Should have been “glad they didn’t trade 1/2 the team”

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