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Here Are My Final Four Predictions

Who knows what’s going to happen in the NCAA tournament in the next few weeks. It should be a lot of fun with fans nationwide glued to their televisions and rooting for their teams to win it all. I had to jump into the fun and give you my prediction regarding which teams will make it to the Final Four.

EAST: I like what I see with Ohio State. They’ve got great low post scoring with big freshman Jared Sellinger, who is rare in a big man because he plays with his back to the basket. They’ve also got some quality snipers from outside, so they can beat you either way. Sellinger doesn’t have to get the job done by himself. He’ll get help from David Lighty, three-point ace Jon Diebler and William Buford.

I see them rolling through the field on the way to the Final Four

SOUTHEAST: I’ve got BYU coming out of this region. Jimmer Fredette has already shown he’s a legitimate star, plus I think this team is on a mission. They seem to be more focused and committed to winning since Jared Davies was suspended. I think in a strange way it’s brought their team closer together. If they’re shooting well they can beat anybody in the country.

WEST: I like the University of Connecticut’s chances of making it to the Final Four. Kemba Walker is an incredible player and he’s playing with confidence. They went through the Big East like a hot knife through butter and I think they’re going to do the same thing in the NCAA tournament.

Making it to the Final Four will be easier than winning five straight games in the Big East tournament in five consecutive nights.

SOUTHWEST: The Kansas Jayhawks are a monster. They’ve got the tremendous size up front and the quality guard play to win it all. The Philadelphia twins, Marcus and Markieff Morris, are two defensive stalwarts and rebounders, who will make it tough for anybody to beat the Jayhawks.

Their toughest battle will be with themselves. They can’t make the mistake of taking anybody for granted. on Facebook

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2 Comments for “Here Are My Final Four Predictions”

  1. Paulman’s Prediction for NCAA Tournament (Mock #1.1)

    Elite 8 Teams & Winners
    East Region — Syracuse over Ohio State
    Southeast Region — Pitt over BYU
    Southwest Region — Kansas over Notre Dame
    West Region — U Conn over Arizona

    FInal Four
    U Conn over Syracuse
    Kansas Over Pitt

    NCAA Championship Game
    Kansas over U Conn 76-71

  2. Oh Great! I agree with Paulman…which can only mean one thing… bracket is busted.

    Final Four:
    North Carolina
    Kansas State

    NCAA Championship:
    Kansas over UCONN 60-52

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