Penn State Wrestlers Dominate, But Another Wrestler Shined Above It All

Right now in Philadelphia, one of those feel good stories of the year is taking place. Pennsylvania wrestling fans are excited for the opportunity that Penn State could take home the national championship team title. It would be the first time an east coast team has won the NCAA championship in over 58 years.

The last team to do it was Penn State in 1953. The PSU team is coached by the undefeated All-American Cael Sanderson, the Iowa State phenom who went undefeated his entire college career 159-0. You would be hard pressed to find me anybody that dominant in any sport.

Sanderson has got a youngster by the name of David Taylor, an Ohio kid with great skills and an uncanny ability to turn things around in a split second. So why is this the feel good story of the year? It’s not. At least not in my book. I think those are all great and interesting facts for Pennsylvania fans, and can peak peoples interest but there is something even more amazing taking place in the Wachovia center.

It’s about an Arizona State wrestler by the name of Anthony Robles.

A young man born with only one leg and is possibly on his way to an NCAA title. He’s reached All American status by reaching semi-finals on Friday afternoon and has a chance at realizing his dream of becoming the top 125 pound NCAA champion. If you are interested you can stream starting at 7:00 p.m. tonight with finals possibly being televised tomorrow. God bless this young man on his journey in life and this weekend here in Philly.

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  1. Brian, good article. Nice to see college wrestling get some love for once; especially since PA offers some of the best wrestling in the country.

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