Will Phillies Ever Tell Utley He Must Have Surgery?

Chase Utley was having problems with this tendinitis during the off season. Why didn’t the Phillies do something about it? That’s a question we may be asking for a long time.

When are Phillies General Manager Ruben Amaro Jr. or Phillies Manager Charlie Manuel going to sit down with Utley and tell him that he’ll have to undergo surgery on his knee? Is it going to be totally up to him, even if he misses the entire season?

Who are they kidding? Amaro continues to say that they’re going to try to avoid surgery while the knee gets no better.

How many additional opinions are they going to get before they do the surgery?

Are we going to have Utley start missing games?

I know Utley said he’s going to guard the rest of his career as he’s trying to come back from this injury, but at some point he’s going to have to face the consequences. The longer they wait the more games he’s going to miss.

“We’re doing everything we possibly can to have him not get into a surgery,” Amaro said. “Until we stop seeing progress, then we’ll continue to exhaust all those possibilities.”

I wonder what he means by progress. It sounds like when they surgery, they’re thinking he could miss most of season, which tells us they should have done it earlier.

“We don’t know,” Amaro said. “Again, the risk of having surgery kind of outweighs trying to exhaust all these other possibilities. I think that’s what Chase prefers, and I think that’s what we prefer.”

7 thoughts on “Will Phillies Ever Tell Utley He Must Have Surgery?

  1. I think it’s Utley who is dragging his feet about getting Surgery,
    A Team can’t make a player have surgery..Utley is trying to avoid Surgery at all costs and is hoping a couple of months rest/rehab that he will be fine..
    My Guess is that he will end up having Surgery in May after attemtpting to play
    and will end up missing the remainder of the Season.. His productive and best playing days are coming to an end I believe..

  2. Just read where the Mets have flat out released 2B Luis Castillo..
    Phils could get him on the Cheap and may not be a bad back-up plan to have
    with Utley and Polanco hurting and the Castillo would make a decent #2 Hitter

  3. why would we want castillo when at this point in his career we already have him…he’s Wilson Valdez with a worse attitude….he quit on the Mets last year when they were still alive for the wild card….we don’t need any parts of that clown..

  4. With Utley out, Valdez will play for him at 2B..
    Also need another middle IF to spell Rollins from time to time
    and 3B Polanco who is also hurting too and will need days off for his elbow..
    Valdez can play SS or 3B whenver Rollins/Polanco are out and then have
    Castillo play 2B

  5. one mistake and the worst fans in baseball jumped all over him , if j roll dropped that ball, we would not be happy but we wouldn’t do his head in with the crap he went through in new crap city, every other year his avg goes up and down, well its due to go up this year and with the added fuel to get back at ny, and his final season.
    i can see this guy lay it on the line one more time , for pride, make the move now. we need offense, any fkin offense…. do i NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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