Eagles Get Visit From Jimmy Smith, Colorado Cornerback

Jason LaConfora of the NFL Network says Colorado cornerback Jimmy Smith visited the Eagles Nova Care Complex this week, which isn’t a big surprise since it’s common knowledge that the Eagles have serious needs at the cornerback position.

The controversial part of the fact that the Eagles hosted Smith is his unsettled background. According to the Denver Post, he was arrested as a minor two times for alcohol possession as a minor and he failed a drug test in 2007. The Birds have been known to be a team which doesn’t tolerate questionable character other than in the Michael Vick situation.

Perhaps Smith has persuaded the Eagles that his questionable actions are a thing of the past because they only allowed 30 visits, so they have to be seriously considering drafting Smith.

Back to his football ability, Smith is a big, physical cornerback, who loves to play press technique and cover wide receivers man-to-man. This would fit the Birds blitzing schemes because they have the corners rolled up into press technique and playing man-to-man.

I love the way he gets physical with the wide outs and forces them off of their routes. He also does a nice job of fighting for the football and seems to have an aggressive attitude when it comes to tackling and attacking the football.

Smith has got great size and long arms, which allows him to get good jams on wide receivers when they try to come off the line of scrimmage.

He ran a 4.46 forty-yard dash, which is very good speed for a guy, who stands 6’2″ and weighs 211 pounds. He showed good explosion at the combine by jumping 36″ in the vertical jump his size. seconds Smith ran the 40-yard dash in 4.46 seconds, had a 36-inch vertical jump and 10’3″

Smith has very good strength for a cornerback. He bench pressed 225 pounds 24 times during the Combine.

20 thoughts on “Eagles Get Visit From Jimmy Smith, Colorado Cornerback

  1. Am I the only one that is concerned about Smith’s inability or unwillingness to tackle? He has tremendous ball skills and Ideal size but, he won’t tackle for anything.

  2. He should be the eagles pick at 23…with miles austin..hakeem nicks…dez byrant.. we need a big corner to match up…unless mike pouncey is there at 23

  3. Gcobb and fellow memebers what y’all think 1.jimmy smith cb colorado 2.rodney hudson g/c florida state 3.kenrick ellis dt hampton 4. Kj wright lb miss state 4.kelvin sheppard Lb lsu 5.demarcus love ot indiana 5.robert sands ss west virgina 7.tyrod taylor qb vt 7.markus white de florida state 7.demarcus van dyke cb miami

  4. sorry guys i want a boring 1st round give me pouncey. give me the #
    1 guard before the 3rd or 4th rated corner. now if pouncey is gone i am at a tough spot between smith and the next rated tackle . we really need that kolb pick this for flexibility. then we could get both.

  5. First casey matthews now jimmy smith, I’m on a roll. This is a guy we gotta consider if he’s still available which he may not bee bc he’s starting to climb up the boards. But if this man is there when we pick then select him hes too good to pass up

  6. I have been wanting either Jimmy Smith or Tyron Smith since the season ended. I like Mike Pouncey and all, but I don’t view G/C as important of a position as CB or OT. Things have changed in the draft. In the beginning, I thought Jimmy would be gone before the Eagles pick and Ty would still be there. Looks like the opposite now. I would still even want Jimmy if the Eagles went out and signed Aso (assuming that a CBA is reached or the court rules in favor of the players). The reason is because in this league you need 3 good CBs now. It has become such a passing league. Also, because They can sign Aso for a decent length and when Asante’s contract is up in a couple years, they can have Smith there to replace him and Lindley for the 3rd CB.

  7. On balance I like the list of prospects the Eagles are inviting to the complex. Has anyone ever gone back and correlated how many actual draft selections come from the list of players they hosted for private workouts each year? If the correlation is high then we have a much narrowed list of players to focus on during the actual draft. I suspect, however, that some of the players invited are merely smokescreens to hide their real intentions. It would be an interesting analysis for someone who has access to all the data.

  8. We must address RCB over all else! My first choice would be to trade Kolb and move up to 5 for Peterson or 7 or 8 for Prince. Smith would clearly be my third choice at 23 if there isn’t a proUnion ruling in two weeks. You can’t be sure we will be able to sign Aso even if a new CBA is put into effect.

  9. In our dreams there will be free agency and the Eagles will find some way to pull off signing Asomugha. Would be a lot of $$ to tie up in the CB position, but should have a significant impact on the team for years to come. They’ll likely be able to trade Kolb, but even that isn’t a definite right now. And unless they trade Kolb likely won’t have the ammo to move up to a spot where there’s really a CB worth taking (likely will not be a CB worth getting that they can take at 23). If there’s no free agency (or they can’t sign Asomugha) and there’s no trades before the draft, then I’d take Pouncey if he’s available. Doesn’t everyone remember how devastating Westbrook was a few years ago running behind Shawn Andrews? McCoy made some great late game killer plays last year too. Getting a right guard that can get out in front of him would help out this team a lot too. I could be wrong but seems like many of his killer plays last year were over the left side. Although boring, don’t be surprised to see the Eagles go right guard first in the draft.

  10. It thoughts Tom C. I was thinking the same thing. I wanna see a list of the players that they brought in for a visit and who they actually drafted. Honestly on draft day they over think and end up blowing the pick. Let’s hope they don’t this time

  11. dogma, great points. Though, I’m not sure Pouncey is a sure thing. I hope he is, and would love to have what people hope he can give, but I think people are falling in love with the name/assumption he’s like his brother. But I think OL is by far the most important thing for this team. We do definitely need a CB, but I don’t know we need to go first round for it, at all.

  12. They are doing their due diligence if they trade out of round one back into round 2….Smith is not an option at #23… he has too many red flags and is not a shutdown corner. There are some really good CBs that will be available in rounds 3 & 4….

    here are 3 Cb’s I really like that will be available in round 4.

    CB Jalil Brown, Colorado
    CB Marcus Gilchrist, Clemson
    CB Shareece Wright, USC

  13. Don’t like Smith’s inability or deseire to play his size, he’s way too “Soft” for me, and is not physical enough to warrant a 1st Round Selection along with his red flags,coachability and attuitude ,issues with the law, stay away from him
    I think at #23 – Eagles Choose the following based on whose on the board
    1st OT C Carimi
    2nd OG/C M Pouncey
    3rd DT M Wilkerson

    There are a lot of really good CB’s who fit the Eagles schemes well and are not afriad to mix it up as well as being very good in Man to Man Coverage which is necessry playing for the Eagles that can be found in 2nd/3rd/4th Rounds

    2nd Round – Davon House (New Mexico – 6-0 190lbs)
    2nd Round – Brandon Burton (Utah – 6-0 190lbs)
    2nd Round – Ras I Dowling (Virgina – 6-2 200lbs)
    3rd Round – Korey Lindsey (Southern Illinois – 5-10 185lbs)
    3rd Round – Curtis Marsh (Utah State 6-0 195 lbs)
    3rd/4th Round – Buster Skrine (Chattanooga 5-10 185lbs)
    3rd/4th Round – Shareece Wright (USC 5-11 185lbs)
    4th Round – Jalil Brown (Colorado 6-0 205 lbs)
    4th Round – Cortez Allen (Citadel – 6-2 200lbs)
    5th Round – Chris Culliver (Clemson 6-0 200lb)
    5th Round – Marion Butler (Georgia Tech – 6-1 185lbs)
    5th Round – Devon Torrance (Ohio State – 6-0 200lbs)

  14. @ Paulman finally someone that agrees that Smith plays too high and wants no part of contact.

    It’ll be Wilkerson out of those 3 in the 1st Rd followed by Iljilana in the 2nd. Carimi’s not an option. I hope everyone realizes that Wisconsin as a team threw the football less than Cam Newton did. If the Eagles take a OT it’ll be Sherrod in the 1st.

  15. If they don’t get Wilkerson or Sherrod via trading up or falling to them they will trade out of the 1st rd. This is all contingent upon the Kolb trade.

  16. tberry, where did you get that?! What about all the other players? And when has anyone been able to accurately predict what they’ll do…

  17. I am not sold on OT D Sherrod being an effective NFL OT.. He played on a predominatley “run heavy” type of offense at Miss State and I am not so sold that his Pass-Blocking Skills are what the Eagels demand or will need in their OL since they pass so often.. I don’t see Sherrod as a Guard and to be honest, seeing a lot of SEC Football over the last couple of years, I am nto that impressed with Sherrod footwook, toughness physically and mentally.
    I hope the Eagles stay clear of him.. I think Carimi and can play RG or RT
    anmd obviously Pouncy would be a RG and could slide to C if needed

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