With No Title: Should Reid Be Ranked 3rd Best Coach In The NFL?

Despite Eagles head coach Andy Reid’s inability to bring a Lombardi Trophy here to Philadelphia, ESPN has ranked him as the third best head coach in the National Football League behind New England’s Bill Belichick and Pittsburgh’s Mike Tomlin.

The sports network has been putting lists of NFL power rankings together, so they decided to do one on NFL head coaches. Reid decision to sign quarterback Michael Vick when he was released from prison has to be considered on of the more brilliant executive moves in the last few years. He was able to acquire him without surrendering any draft picks or players.

That move helped the Eagles make it to the playoffs but they weren’t able to bring home the prize for another season. It ended like every season has ended since Reid has been the head coach.

In fairness to Reid, he hasn’t won a Super Bowl, but he has done everything else and he’s done it consistently. Big Red has taken the Eagles to the playoffs nine of the 12 years he’s been here. Reid’s Eagles have won 128 games and lost only 82 during his tenure as the Birds head coach. That’s a winning percentage of .602, if you were wondering.

He has won countless NFC East division titles and he’s been to five National Football Conference Championship games. Regardless of what changes are made on the ball club, Reid finds a way to keep the Birds in the hunt for a title. The Eagles has been to one Super Bowl, but hasn’t been able to find a way to lead the Birds to a Super Bowl title.

Quite a few Eagles fans say they are tired of Reid because he can’t win the big one and he continues to make the same mistakes year after year and game after game. They point to his poor game management and inability to make adjustments at halftime of the big games.

He’s facing a great deal of pressure here in Philadelphia to win a Super Bowl title. Reid’s habit of giving the fans very little information is another item that has many Eagles fans down on him.

I have no problem with Belichick being the top guy because I do think he gets the most out of his talent. Tomlin is a great motivator and also gets the most out of his players.

Reid at number three is a sign of the great respect which he has throughout the league. He’s got to win a title to stop the legitimate criticism of his coaching.

Mike McCarthy has a young football team with a lot of tread left on the tire, so don’t be surprised if the Packers win or get close to winning titles for the next four or five years.

I think Payton could easily be ahead of Reid because he won a title without great talent on the defensive side of the ball. They don’t have great receivers or offensive linemen or running backs, so Payton should be given a great deal of credit for getting as much as possible out of his talent.

The only problem I have with the rest of the list is Mike Shanahan. He hasn’t won a title since the 1990’s. Should we also put Joe Gibbs and Mike Holmgren. To list is supposed to be about what you have done lately, so Shanahan doesn’t belong on the list.
Here are the top ten on the list.

1. Bill Belichick, New England Patriots
2. Mike Tomlin, Pittsburgh Steelers
3. Andy Reid, Philadelphia Eagles
4. Mike McCarthy, Green Bay Packers
5. Sean Payton, New Orleans Saints
6. Tom Coughlin, New York Giants
7. Rex Ryan, New York Jets
8. Lovie Smith, Chicago Bears
9. Mike Smith, Atlanta Falcons
10. Mike Shanahan, Washington Redskins
John Harbaugh, Baltimore Ravens

101 thoughts on “With No Title: Should Reid Be Ranked 3rd Best Coach In The NFL?

  1. Good stuff G,

    Reid “NEEDS A TITLE PERIOD” Nuff said. Mcnabb bailed him out and he couldn’t do it with him, now he has Vick and he better win a title.3rd best in win percentages maybe, but until you get a title…well you know the rest.

  2. YES, HELL YES. Beyond a shadow of a doubt yes. Ried is and has been one of the top HCs in the NFL for years. I can list head coaches that won SBs – (Barry Switzer) Coches that had great teams that won SBs and then the team tanked (Gruden), Coaches that won SBs but then went to other teams and were disasters (how about the skins with Shanahan and Gibbs reborn) – how about Ditka when he went to NOrleans?

    Winning a SB is just that, you get your name on the trophy, and a ring – then you move on. But a whole career is not defined by a binary yes or no

    I can also list great coaches that didn’t win SBs – Don Coreyll and Marv Levy. How about Bud Grant, or George Allen? Jeff Fisher?

  3. Eh … this list is a little goofy in general. I wouldn’t have Lovie Smith even in my top 10, first off. What the heck has he done? Overrated. WAY too early for Rex Ryan to be #7, although he’s an up-and-comer for sure. I’d put Payton and McCarthy ahead of Reid, probably. Just in terms of who I’d rather have coaching my team anyway. Coughlin is overrated, too. Yeah he won a Bowl, but his teams are WILDLY inconsistent and that’s typically a coaching issue.

  4. I also think what boosts him up in the rankings are the number of coaches that he has produced. Ron Rivera, Brad Childress, John Harbaugh, Leslie Frazier, and Steve Spagnuolo. Brad Childress was a bit of a disaster, but I don’t know how much was all his fault and Leslie Frazier and Ron Rivera don’t have much HC history, but they were top notch coordinators.

  5. With no title and a propensity to get his quarterbacks injured, no Reid should not be No. 3.

    It does little good to beat up on the NFL weaklings, only to lose to the powerhouses. A big part of that, of course, is Reid’s QB-killing play-calling. By the end of the season, his QBs are always on the verge of being furneralized.

  6. his longevity factors in, but as drummer points out, his winning percentage is giants weak NFC east opponents earlier on, he had the benefit of a shut down defense with standout players he inherited from rhoades and coached by Johnson, his offenses shut down in money games, poor game/clock management, verypoor at some personnel decisions, no kick returner in green bay , cmon, longest tenured coach to never win a super bowl, he’s here because he wins enough to put fans in the seats, but he is not an elite coach, no way

  7. The job of a head coach is to put the team/players in a position to win. Andy Reid has consistently done this with many players over the last 11 years.

    You can’t blame the coach for the players inability to execute.

  8. How about some terrible game plans or the inability tochange things up on game day or the inability to Run the ball in SHort-yardage situations and in the Red-ZOne., plus clock management, challaenge calls and Time out management.. I have not seen an improvement in these areas during Coach AR’s tenure and for this alone, I knock him out of the Top 5 for best HC in the NFL
    Paulman’s list of Top 10 Coaches in the NFL

    #1) B Belichek (Patriots)
    #2) M Tomlin (Steelers)
    #3) S Payton (NO Saints)
    #4) K McCarthy (GB Packers)
    #5) L Smith (Bears)
    #6) T Coughlin (Giants)
    #7) A Reid (Eagles)
    #8) R Ryan (Jets)
    #9) M Smith (Falcons)
    #10) N Turner (Chargers)

    There are some up and comers Coaches from TB Bucs (Morris) KC Chiefs ,Detroit Lions (Schwartz) but need more time to establish consistentcy with thier teams

    M Shanahan belongs no where on this list, what he did last year as a HC of the Redskins was a joke where he bascially tore the team apart from publicly humiliating their best players, to changing their Def Scheme to a “3-4” when they had a pretty good unit in place as a “4-3” and simply appears to be paving the way for his son to become HC and is not worthy of being in the Top 10 for what he did 10 years ago.. Also J Fisher have proven over the yars to be good Coaches

  9. To be honest, Reid is a very good coach but he is in the realm of a Marty Shottenheimer or Dan Reeves. Reid is ranked high because he has won consistently, and has coached for so long. But he hasn’t been able to win a superbowl, and this is due in large part, to many of his flaws.

    I would keep Tomlin ahead of him. He has won a superbowl, and taken his team to another. I would also put Mike Mccarthy ahead of him. To me, he is a better coach that adjusts to opposing defenses, and is willing to run the ball in order to do so. He also had his team on the brink of a superbowl, when favre threw that INT, and has won a superbowl. I would also probably put Payton ahead of him for the same reasons as Mccarty, although he has had some reasons where they have been .500.

    I think a fair spot for Reid would be number 5. He has been very successful, and you have to give him credit for that. But lets also remember that a partial reason for his high ranking is a lack of good coaches in the league. For Reid to truly get into that elite level, he is going to have to be able to adjust better in games, learn how to run a more balanced and less predictable offense, make better in game decisions, and learn how to manage the clock better.

    On a side note I think Lovie Smith should be ranked 6. He has taken his team to multiple NFC Championship games and one super bowl and did not have a good qb until this year. And Jay Cutler is still a little ways a way from being an Elite QB. To win this consistently without stability and strength at the most important position is something to say the least.

  10. BirdoBeamen said, “You can’t blame the coach for the players inability to execute.”

    Uh … really dude? You can’t blame the guy who drafts the players for their inability to execute? I’d have to respectfully disagree.

  11. I think we can all agree on the first 2 but reid belongs no where near 3 with his inability for an ALL AROUND coach.

    1. Bill Belichick
    2. Mike Tomlin
    3. Sean Payton
    4. Rex Ryan
    5. Mike Mccarthy
    6. Tom Coughlin
    7. Andy Reid
    8. John Harbaugh
    9. Jim Caldwell
    10. Pete Caroll

  12. 10 could be mike smith but I choose pete for doing what he did with a poor seahawks team. They had a bad record but he had them playing well in the playoffs with a bunch of nobodies

  13. Steve I think T, Coughlin is a better all around coach than AR. He does a title to prove it.

  14. its tough to say he is 3rd with no title… As an Eagle fan, it doesnt seem to me that he should be that high.. Maybe from the outside looking in, he deserves it..


  15. Here’s a question, does it take more than the coach to win a SB? Or, are there signiricant factors, beyond the coach, that determine who wins superbowls? Are there MANY significant factors beyond the coach that determine who wins a SB?

    My point is, to say that Reid doesn’t deserve to be #3 just because he doesn’t have a SB win (other than as a GB assistant) is silly to me. And I think Bilicheat, Tomlin, and the other coaches would agree with me (I’m assuming there, I’ll admit that). It’s oversimplifying what it takes to be a coach and what it takes to win a SB to reject a coach on the overall list for that reason. If the man had never or only rarely led his team to the playoffs, that would be a different story….

  16. Yes I do Stevo,
    TC won a Super Bowl and is a better overal game manager during the games.
    I don’t particular care for him or the Giants, but he drafts and schemes Physical Football players and is commits to the run game which I prefer over the “Small but Fast” players and Coach AR’s Philosophy of passing 65% of the time

  17. Anyone who has coughlin over AR is just plain dumb. Whats has he done since eli threw up that miracle to win them a SB? His teams always collapse in the second half. Did anyone watch the 4th quarter of the giants eagles game? Was I the only one who saw the giants blow a 31-10 lead with 7 min to go and the Nfc

  18. Paulman, of Coughlin and Reid, which coach has one more games/better record for their team. Isn’t that the bottom line?

    You can cherry pick negatives about Reid (and we all know the list…) and positives about some others all you want, all day. But the bottom line, is not ‘well in this particular category… blah, and that one….)…. no, it’s bottom line – who’s better.

    The giants had that great year, with the Tyree catch and all, but over their tenures, Reid’s team has been far more successful than the Giants.

  19. East title on the line. He was going to get fired until they somehow won the SB. His players hate him and oh yea andy has beaten him 5 straight times. One of which was on the giants field in the playoffs. SB mean a lot but aren’t everything. Anyone who lknows football, even giant fans, wouldn’t say coughlin is better. Some of you need to think before writing.

  20. did i see norv turner on paulman’s list??? i think that’s more atrocious than the debate between TC and AR. I think AR is better, but only marginally.

  21. in all fairness, the chargers have done fairly well under norv turner, but there’s just something about him (probably the memories of him with the redskins)

  22. To Schiller
    I measure Success or the Best as in winning a Championship or a SUper BOwl,
    Like I have stated, I don’t care for Giants HC T Couglin much, but the man has won a Super Bowl which is why I gave him the nod over Coach Ried plain and simple.. (same with Payon and MCCarthy, you win and you earn the distinction and accoladesthat follow up.. being consistently good but failing to win when it means to most in your Profestion, is simply not good enough for me ..

  23. Paul, ok, thanks for telling us your criteria.

    So you are saying that you only consider 1 factor in judging overall coaching success. I say that’s foolish and too simple. Caoching isn’t simple, and neither is winning superbowls. Look at all the criteria they/we use to evaluate NFL Draft prospects, WAY more than 1, but you say you only use 1 for this.

    You see how maybe you’re just being too simple about this?

  24. At the end of the day, it’s about winning Championships and Coach AR will never be considered a “Great” Coach until he wins a Super Bowl just like
    Coaches like Bud Grant,or Marv Levy though both were clearly good coaches
    Similar to Charlie Manuel who wans’t considered a great Manager until he won the World Series..
    I am not saying it’s fair or not, but as a Head Coach/Manager in any sport, the ulitmate repsonsibility for winning or losing falls on you and that’s the way it is and why they are paid the big bucks to accomplish this..

  25. Hey schiller, they call it the lombardi trophy for a reason, lombardi would be spitting mad to hear how you defend not winning the ultimate prize, 2nd, third place, whatever, that’s for losers, paulman is correct one this one, one hundred percent correct, all you clowns who consistently defend reid, i wonder how competitive you are, what the hell, are you serious?

  26. I love how people criticize Andy for not running the ball…..but then rank Mike McCarthy ahead of him when McCarthy runs the ball LESS than him — lmao. It’s hilarious.

    The difference? Player execution.

  27. Yes, by the only criterion that matters, winning the lombardi trophy, named after the man who coined probably the most memorable sports slogan, “winning isn’t everything, it is the only thing”.

  28. Not so fast Birdbrain,
    Macarthy and the Packers ran the ball when it counted (end of season, cold weather and in the Playoffs– RB James Starks had some nice numbers their final 4-5 games..Earlier in the Season when they really had no RB due to injury to Grant, they were a pass-happy team but again Coach McCarthy made the adjustments based on weather conditions and his opponents defensive strengths and weaknesses, like a good coach should and then went on to win a Super Bowl.. Coach AR is way to predictable and you can fool and outsmart the young coaches and weak opponents, but Coach AR schemes always fall short when playing sound defenses with experienced coaches almost every time and when it counts which is the playoffs

  29. Let it be known — according to JAKEDOG himself — Tom Coughlin is a better coach than Andy Reid. Love it.

    paulieDman — yea, that running game really showed in the Superbowl too. You know — the game that actually determines whether your going to be a champion or not? What did they run the ball? Like twice? LMAO. Idiots on this forums sometimes.

  30. The trophy is called the Lombardi trophy because he was such a great, dominant, accomplished coach who contributed so much to the game and SB. Not because superbowls are the only criteria to judging a coach. And that quote speaks to Reid – is there a coach on the list below Reid who has more wins or a higher winning percentage? So Reid wins more than them – and winning is all there is, so…. that makes him better than them by Lombardi’s standards.

    Lombardi said winning is all there is. Reid wins. Period. Lombardi (in that quote) made no mention of the superbowl. And I for one think that Vince would side with me on this – that Andy Reid can be ranked at 3 for current NFL coaches given ALL the context, not just one criteria.

    Nobody is saying that Reid should be #1. But after the top 2, it’s hard to say that any of the other coaches have won as much games and kept their teams as good as Reid has for as long.

  31. AMEN schiller. Idiot Eagle fans that blame Reid for not having a Superbowl yet are the ones that hate on him. I remember growing up and watching the Eagles completely suck. At age 15, they hired Andy Reid. My teenage Sundays and young adulthood Sundays have been some of the most memorable days of my existence. Alot due in part to what the fat man has been able to put together.

    Andy Reid was the man that made the Eagles contenders to begin with! You don’t build a company and then get rid of the CEO while the company continues to succeed do you?! Ok, maybe the company hasn’t gotten the ultimate prize….but the fact that the company continues to have a chance at it year in and year out speaks for itself!

    I could go on a tirade defending Andy Reid but I’ll leave it at this. When no other coach wanted to give Mike Vick a chance — Andy Reid did. Look at Mike now.

    When Kolb got hurt and Mike played like he did, no other coach would have gave the starting job to Mike after only two weeks of work when Kolb had waited 4 years for his opportunity! Kolb was Andy’s boy! But Andy put the team’s success in front of his wants! Andy could have been selfish and gave the job back to Kolb because Kolb was “Andy’s project” — but once again, Andy put the best interests of the team, as he saw them, first.

    I honestly believe no other coach would have done that. None.

  32. LOL at Coughlin or Lovie being better coaches than Reid.

    3 might be a little high for Reid, but a case can be made for it. He would be in the discussion. It is definitely arguable.

  33. The number 3 is arbitrary. He can’t be #1 because there’s coaches as good as him with superbowl wins (yes it is A factor). But otherwise, you have to have people better than him to put them ahead of him. Look, there aren’t a lot of great coaches in the NFL right now (forget about Reid specifically). Period! I personally think you can put Harbaugh a little higher, but not ahead of Reid. I could see an argument for McCarthy over Reid, but that’s it. If Reid isn’t the 3rd best current NFL coach, he’s the 4th. He’s BEYOND DOUBT one of the top 5.

  34. Alas, I agree with something Paulman says. Andy Reid is the guy who grabs a Rubic’s cube, gets it Almost completed, and gets stuck. Then he continues to work on the same puzzle from scratch and follows the exact same steps each time getting stuck at the same point, over, and over, and over again. Never changing one bit of his approach. Some observers will commend him for being able to get so close all the time. Others will say, hey idiot, don’t you see that method needs adjusting!!! Small, soft defensive players and lack of a power running game, over, and over, and over again!

  35. rasta, you sir, have become lazy in your thinking about Reid. “Never changing one bit of his approach.”

    Yep, Reid always drafted great WRs in rounds one and two. Indeed. In the beginning of his coaching career, he was pegged as the guy who will only draft high for the lines. Still true? Reid never went for the big free agent. Did that change? Yup. Reid didn’t value the FB position. Did that change? Yup.

    Sure, the man’s offensive mindset has stayed the same…. name me an NFL coach who doesn’t fit that statement. Got one? ? You want to blame Andy Reid for doing something that every other coach in the NFL does? That’s stupid. You can disagree with it, but his offense has worked pretty damn consistently for a long time now.

    Rasta, you just aren’t being reasonable there.

  36. Sports Bum
    On Lovie Smith as HC of the Bears, he’s been to 2 NFC Championship games and to 1 Super Bowl in the last 4 years with a lot less talented offense than the Eagles so yes, I would place him and rate him above AR for what both coaches have done over the last 5 years or so. he workds for very stingy owners who typically don’t spent much in Free-agency but have been agressive the last couple of years trading for QB Cutler and signing Peppers and others..

  37. clearly reid aint top 3
    how can they put him ahead of payton and mccarthy
    personally i like rex ryan better as well
    reid has had more talent than most of these coaches but hasnt won the big 1
    rex ryan coahed a rookie qb last yr to conf chip and lets be honest we wont even make the offs in the afc

  38. pman i may have to agree with lovie
    i agree with the less talent portion for sure
    these coaches work with what they have
    make the games ugly slow the pace down keep their teams in the gm and win some of them
    i agree lovie maybe ahead of andy as well good call

  39. let doug collins coach the birds
    now thats a top 5 coach
    andy above average maybe top 8 nothing more
    if u go any deeper and go to in game coaching he aint even top 12
    his gameplans are solid his adjustments bottom 5 in the league
    god forbid the other team has a good gameplan then game over period

  40. For the very first time ever I agree with Rastadoc. The Rubik’s Cube analogy is brilliant. One year no kicker, other years no linebackers, other years no wide receivers, most years no one who can get to the quarterback. The Eagles and Reid are always trying to outsmart the other teams with their drafting strategy which winds up crappy. Changing positions, small players. He hasn’t won a Superbowl yet and it has been a very, very long time. I’d rather win one than be annoyingly consistent. I’m tired of losing in the playoffs.

  41. fans like schill r the reason we havent won anything
    he’s content to put a top 10 team out there and pray when the playoffs come
    same philosophy as the birds management
    never try to be the best team we can
    just be good enough and maybe we will get lucky and get hot
    we took a shot at it once when we went after TO
    i thought things were changing i felt like now we r trying to put the best possible team on the field and we were trying to be the best team in the league and not have to resort to bible school in the playoffs on sunday
    but since then we r content with being a top 5 nfc team and praying
    and when fans ok that y the hell should the owner spend anymore money to get any better
    hell we r content with being in the playoffs
    aint that right schill

  42. Balance, balance, balance. Hangs his QBs out to dry as defensive targets with his slap happy, pass happy offensive philosophy. Will NEVER win SB with 70-80% slap happy passing plays that the ENTIRE LEAGUE realizes is coming.

  43. Lurie has basically given Reid an ultimatum, win a SB or get lost. I think that just about says it all.

  44. Birdo

    If you can’t blame the coach for the players inability to execute? Who can you blame? Doesn’t the coach chose his players. Doesn’t the coach teach the players to execute? Isn’t that what separates the good/great coaches from the pack?

    Why is there no team that runs the ball on each offensive play? Why don’t teams go into camp with only 4 or 5 plays, then practice them to perfection?

    The same could hold true for a passing team. Why have so many different plays and alignments, if it’s all about execution? Doesn’t that just make things more difficult?

    Why not have 6 receivers and no running back?

    Sorry, but I’ve got to disagree.

  45. For the record I’m NOT one who believes AR can’t be considered a good coach just because he’s never won a SB. I don’t think he can be considered a GREAT coach without one, though, and to me third best in the entire league definitely ranks as “great.”

    Also, to those who essentially want to hold Reid blameless (especially Birdo who trotted out the tired old “Yeah but they used to really suck!” excuse) I would call BS on you. These teams have not won SB’s because of Andy Reid, plain and simple. And I firmly believe that, barring some miracle change, AR will NEVER win a SB. He has few areas of weakness, but the ones he does have are ones that will prevent him from winning.

    He’s a mediocre at best in-game coach, his talent evaluation skills are average, and he tries far too hard to win with his system and not with talent on the field. Couple those flaws with the fact that I believe his entire pass-happy system is fundamentally flawed and I’ll tell you that adds up to a man who’s going to retire and leave his team with naked fingers.

  46. Arguments on here are just stupid. Can’t even have real sports conversations with some of you. Suggesting Doug Collins should coach the Birds automatically eliminates you from any meaningful sports debate.

    It took Bill Cowher 15 yrs. Andy Reid is going into his 13th. He will get us a ring. Patience, patience, patience. It will all pay off in the end.

  47. Watch the Eagles/Coach AR win the Super Bowl this year in a lockout/shortened season where they only play 10 games and the SB really doesn’t mean as much or is not legitimate.. a typical Philly scenario and then it will be another 15years before they get back to the Big Dance.. good grief..

  48. Phillywill – Thanks so much for the credit and morning laughs. It is my philosophy as a fan that caused that ball thrown by vick, to become an interception last year. My fan style made the patriots cheat and beat the Eagles in ’04. It f’d up the McNabb to Curtis incompletion v. Zona. Etc… My philosphy is both that f’d up and influential. And I, someone who has never spoken to, mailed anything to or been in the same room (except for the Linc in general) as Andy Reid or the FO, have stopped the team ffom getting a chip.

    Your argument that “content to put a top 10 team out there and pray when the playoffs come
    same philosophy as the birds management
    never try to be the best team we can” – it has two parts – one, that you put a good team together and then hope for some success in the playoffs – and the other – try to be the best team (we/you/they) can.

    You argue that the two can’t coexist. But guess what Philly will – that’s blatantly WRONG. EVERY, and I do mean EVERY, reasonably good team in EVERY SPORT, LITERALLY DOES BOTH, EVERY YEAR.

    You absolutely can put the best team you can possibly put on the filed/ice/court …. but guess what, you still need things to fall your way in the playoffs. If you don’t get that, A) every pro sports coach would disagree with you. and B) You need to wake up and smell REAL LIFE

  49. birdo, you and linus have a lot in common, he’ll be out there again waiting for the great pumpkin, patience, go for it, zero championships, pathetic

  50. I guess real life to you schill is losing, consistent with eagles philosophy, 2nd, 3rd good enough, still losers on the ultimate prize

  51. I think I heard Joe Banner statne numerous times this off-season that the Eagles will look for ‘incremental improvements” to their ball club..
    This doesn’t sound like the leadership is going “all-in” anytime soon to win a Championship.. He stated this very same thing in at least 3 different Interviews..
    That a little tweaking here and a little tweaking there is all they need.. and with the upgrades along the Coaching Staff, that this should make the difference even though most of us believe you still have to have the players and talent..

  52. Paul, come on man, you seriously pay attention to what that guy says? What’s the point. He A) always has reason to smokescreen/lie B) is a salesman when he speaks to the media and C) Has no reason to stick to what he says in the media.

    Joe Banner the man is worth a lot of money. Joe Banner’s words are worth the complete opposite.

  53. Just so I have this straight Schiller
    This is the same Joe Banner that everyone holds his feet to to the fire about
    the comments he has said over the lasyt couple of years like the Eagles are
    “Gold Standard”, or have the “Best Roster in the NFL” and that the Definition of Insanity “Is doing the same thing year after year and expecting different reuslts”..
    So what Gives.. We give him a pass and unaccountable on one set of comments and then crucify him and hold him accountable for another set of comments,, He’s the President of the Eagles and I do believe what he says is usually important and is typically an indicator of how they build and maintain their Roster and especially when he repeats things at different times thru different mdeia sources.. though he is very careful about what and how he says it, We all know he’s not a Football guy, but what he says usually goes and he’s one of the most Powerful Executives in all of Football ..

  54. Paulman, we should give him a pass or pay any attention to what he says AT ALL. PERIOD. Garry said it himself many times, pay attention to what the Eagles do, not what they say. When a waiter tells you the special is delicious – he’s selling it. And it’s not a matter of anything other than – he’s a waiter, order what you want. don’t pay him attention. That’s how I see banner. He’s a talking head when he’s in front of the media/mic. You are seriously wasting your time (not that that usually deters you), in paying him attention/putting stock in what he says.

  55. I would say Joe Banner is more like the Restaraunt Owner than the Waiter Schiller, I really don’t put a whole lot of validity of what either he, GM Roseman,Coach AR or anyone of them say for that matter.. it just crackes me up how many fans want to hold his feet to the fire on some comments and then dismiss him as a nobody on other comments.. I have stated for 3 years now and still stand by it..Joe Banner runs this Eagles Organization
    now and not Coach AR… Coach will work on his staff, game plans and his players and have major imput on player personnel,but it’s not all on him any longer and it really hasn’t been since his AR’s family Issues with his son’s..

  56. Paul, sure he’s more like the restaurant owner, but you’re right, still doesn’t mean jack snot what he says.

    I don’t think the fans that wanted to hold his feet to the fire for ‘gold standard’ are saying ignore him now. I’m the only one saying ignore him now, and I said ignore him THEN TOO.

    And I disagree with you on Joe running the org. Joe runs the money, but A reid runs the team. Period. I don’t buy any of the suggestions that Reid has lost control or some was taken away. I think Kolb was his idea, and so was playing Vick over Kolb once Kevin was banged up and Mike played so well. It doesn’t have to be either/or with Reid. I think, as usual, you are playing the conspiracy card and reading WAY too much into stuff.

  57. Letting B Dawkins walk,
    Trading D McNabb,
    Releasing S Andrews, B Westbrook and then this off-season, firing loyal AR Coaches McDermott,Segrest and Shuey
    Did the light go off in AR head or was he forced to make these decisions..
    I stand-by that he was forced to make these moves and actually agree with all of them, It just cracks me up when many fans or those in the media still
    say that Coach AR is the one calling all he shots for he clearly isn’t anymore
    and hasn’t been the last couple of years… .

  58. I don’t know what ‘the light go off’ means, but Andy Reid is a human being capable of changing his mind and thinking about things differently at different times in his life. You can call him stubborn all you want but if you don’t think that (and I’ll say it again) “Andy Reid is a human being capable of changing his mind and thinking about things differently at different times in his life” – than you are a true fool.

    But Paul, your explanation for that only leaves 2 extreme options, and doesn’t account for what I just said. Think about that.

    AND – THEY DIDN’T ‘LET’ BDAWK WALK. He is a grown man, and was a FREE agent. He walked on his own. The team started negotiations, and he walked. That doesn’t involve Andy doing anything or not. BDawk walked on his own two feet. Has nothing to do with Andy Reid.

  59. Coach AR would not have let Dawkins walk if it was up to him (as years earlier when he was in control) he would have ponied up enough $$$ to keep Dawk happy and remain an Eagle and especially since AR knew football wise, that he has no one to replace him..and here it is 2-3 years later, and they still haven’t replaced him…

  60. pman thank you
    im a 100% behind ur assesment of going all in
    thank you i think u described what im trying to say better than i
    we usually just check or call
    rarely are we raising or going all in

  61. umm hmm “I guess real life to you schill is losing, consistent with eagles philosophy, 2nd, 3rd good enough, still losers on the ultimate prize”
    couldnt agree anymore
    sup wit ya jake

  62. I see not much changes with some of you…Everyone still acts if the SB is the easiest thing to achieve! AR is undoubtedly one of the best NFL coaches in the NFL, he deserves it. Lurie isn’t giving AR no ultimatum “lose or get lost”??…I’ve asked this question before and I’ll ask it again, if AR was to be removed as head coach of the Eagles, who would you want to replace him?

  63. doug collins and charlie manuel better coaches than andy reid
    and any1 who doesnt see that has a brain that fits their user tag
    bird brain

  64. AR is a professional NFL coach, he knows changes are required to be successful…B Westbrook did some great things for us, but lets be real, McCoy “right now” is a better RB (maybe not 5 years ago, but right now he is! (good decision) If McNabb came back for 2010 and the Eagles failed again, is it possible that AR would have been let go? is it possible that AR traded McNabb,(good decision) because he knew what would happen? So trading McNabb and then deciding to start Kolb…with Kolb starting, it was considered a rebuilding season, which means 2010 AR was given a pass and possible future seasons as well, with Kolb as starter…The bar was not set high for the Eagles 2010 season at all…

    Also, fyi – as long as Vick is the franchise QB for the Eagles Reid will be coach!

  65. washingtonwill — your lack of sports knowledge is astounding considering how much you wish to type on here. For one, Charlie Manuel is not a coach — he’s a manager. There IS a difference. Learn your sports.

    Like I stated many times before, what are you worried about the Eagles for anyway? You’re a McNabb fan — not an Eagles fan.

  66. hey real
    real talk the bar was low cause the qb wasnt a bro
    vick take over than all man this team has all the talent in the world how could they lose lol

  67. washington will — you still make absolutely no sense and your fake online thug persona isn’t gonna change that. If you’re feeling froggy tho, I’ll be at Fat Tuesday tonight — wear your McNabb redskins jersey so I know who you are chump.

  68. birdo i never owned a jersey never wore another man name on my back ever
    like i dont ask for autographs
    i dont see mike vick and say take a pic with me
    im a real dude
    hit me up and see

  69. To RT777
    Can you explain how Chad Hall gets called up and makes the club last year over Kelly Washington and then can you explain calling more running plays inside the Red-Zone for C Hall at RB than RB Jerome Harrison..

  70. To the detriment of the team’s success, I don’t call that a Top Head Coach ..
    I call that stupid..Just like rushing back Center J Jackson last season who was not in football shape to start the season on the Active list..
    Just like the Season before in trading a young promising WR Brandon Gibson
    to the St Louis Rams for a 8 games leasse of old LB Witherspoon.. Gibson could have been the perfect #3 WR and a good Red-Zone Target for the next 4-5-6 years meanhile Witherspoon will be out of football by 2012.. Dumb trade only needed since the EAgles had no depth at MLB when Bradley got hurth when they could have kept Wilheim from that Summer Camp, but instead the lose a good young WR for very little in return…

  71. phillywill making his presence known, lol, an alpha dog marking his presence, good job phillywill

  72. This will aswer to truth…..

    How many guys in here would rather have Reid coaching the Eagles if Sean Peyton and Mike Mccarthy were available to coach our Eagles?

    How many of you thought a coach like Tomlin would come out of no where and jump right over Reid as a better Head Coach?

    Who in here think Reid is a better head coach compared to McCarthy and Peyton?

    please answer……let’s Poll

  73. I’d keep Reid over McCarthy or Peyton. I’m sure you’re all not surprised. Paulman, that’s so dumb to bring up gibson. By not having him we are missing… um what from the WR corp? Sure in hindsight, Witherspoon didn’t work out. But the Eagles aren’t missing Gibson 1 bit. At all. Period. Avant is just as good a #3 as there is. Gibson is faster than Avant, but Avant is a slot machine. You love to cherry pick your personal pet peeves, regardless if they are significant or reasonable.

  74. i might be wrong on this but i think peyton, mccarthy , and tomlin all have decent gm,s in place .all said reid is a good coach but reid is a stubborn guy and he ain’t a changing. philly wants a running game and a buddy style d , and you ain’t getting it . no soup for you!

  75. My Bigger points Schiller was a the lack of depth and roster management in the 1st palce which forced their hand in having to pick-up Withersppo and make the bad trade, every season we see it…
    From Chad Hall making the roster this season to trading Gibson in 2009
    to not having a real Safety to replace Dakwins, No real Center last year after Jacksons was rushed back, to count on Ellis Hobbs coming off Neck Surgery to be the Starter last year at CB, the signing S Marlin Jackson, RG Stacey Andrews, No Kick-returner a few years back which cost them 1-2 games that season, on and on and on… I would take a Brandon Gibson as my 3rd/4th WR any day over J Avant or Riley Cooper.. And if ever injuries were to happen to D-JAx or MAclin, Gibson could step up to be a #2 Option

  76. Schiller, the dude who got a trophy for just showing up, an I’m ok your ok kind of guy, who would take consistent failure (Reid) over champions (Peyton McCarthy)

  77. Andy Reid is an average at best Head Coach.

    His early success came from top five defenses lead by Jim Johnson and his brilliant blitzing schemes, a Quarterback who was able to extend plays with his mobility which gave below average Receivers time to get open and a great deal of luck against sub-par opponents. When it came time to play above average teams he consistently fell on his face with stupid mistakes and lop-sided game plans.

    When I read articles that declare the Reidtard anything more then an average Coach I always wonder how much Jeffrey Lurie had to pay to get the reporter to spread the lies.

  78. Kachtice…you can add the fact that when Reid was padding his wins in the earlier part of his career the NFC east was atrocious…..

    The Giants built a team right under our noses and lifted the Lombardi.

    Strahan would have been released in his declining years if he was an Eagles and it was Strahan’s experience that willed that young group to excel. That’s the difference between Superbowl winning teams and our “Golden Standard”.

    With Reid we’ll stay respectable but don’t expect a SB win. There’s too many teams and coaches out there that understands the importance of game changing linebackers to anchor a defense, and know the ever so importance of the run game, and there’s too many teams out there that value their game changing talent even if the talent lost a few steps and is over 32 years of age. Remember how we used Dawk in his later years? When you seen Woodson with Green Bay did that teach us anything? Yes he’s not the cover corner he used to be but his knowledge of the game used him in the box was invaluable.

    That’s good coaching of talent.

    I know…we’ll here how Dawk was losing a step…well who gives a damn when his replacements are younger but not better?

    Until this team follow the recipe for Superbowl winning teams, our Eagles will just be exciting and respectable…but will never hoist a Lombardi.

  79. wow…barry switzer won a championship…so does that make him a better coach than Big Red? By some/most of your arguments, it would seem so.

    However, I do think Andy is a good head coach, but definitely not great. He has too many consistent flaws to be considered great. A great coach can either effectively mold his team to his philosophy of coaching OR can adapt his philosophy to the team that he has. It seems that Andy has been banging that square peg into a round hole for quite some time now.

  80. Casper the Ghost,
    Barry Switzer, you have to be kidding me, I could have coached the Cowboys to a Super Bowl during those years when they were dominant..
    I think the easiest recipe for putting together a Super Bowl Team is this..
    Your man/player at every position has to beat the man/player across from him, that’s it.. Your players have to be tougher and more physical than the team your playing..The Eagles have gotten way too soft over recent years, they have lost that home field dominance they used to have.. Last years home record was 4-5 losing their final 3 games at home.. This is unacceptable

  81. agreed….except one thing………it’s Casper the FRIENDLY Ghost 😉

    I was just pointing out the fact that alot of people were saying saying certain coaches were better than others because they won a championship. But would anyone say Barry Switzer was a better head coach than Andy even though Barry won a super bowl? If so, I might have to track you down and give you a proper ass beating.

  82. Being a disgruntled fan should not be your deciding factor on how you rate someone. You guys are not thinking logically or rationally and are basing your opinions on the fact that your team hasn’t won a SB, and are just being disgruntled haters. All you are doing is letting your emotions control your thinking and making it so you come off sounding like idiots.

  83. bum, what’s new? I’m guilty of forgetting it all the time, but half the guys on here are devoted to being rational when they discuss things, the other half couldn’t care less about rationality, logic, and objectivity.

  84. OK, Barry Switzer benefited from the team that was put in place before him. But he did at least win a Superbowl. Andy has been here for a zillion years, been the general manager as well as coach, and hasn’t want the SB a single time. We said it about McNabb, we should likewise say it about Coach Reid: It appears he can’t win the big one! That’s not #3! And what were we doing with those coaches he had to get rid of?

  85. fan, I (seriously, not being sarcastic here for the record) like how you put it ‘It appears he can’t win the big one(!)’. I like that obviously because of the word you chose ‘appears’. That’s telling because it suggest your view/opinion/sense of it is that he’s unable to do it. When in reality, the only truth we know is that he HASN’T (notice, we can tell for SURE that’s the only real truth because it’s the only negative thing about Andy that NOBODY EVER argued).

    But, anyone who says that because he HASN’T (a truth) means for sure that he CAN’T or WON’T – is jumping to a conclusion.

    We all thought Laws couldn’t play well for the Eagles, because he HADN’T. Same for Winston Justice. Most thought Vick couldn’t get anywhere close to his playing skill prior to prison, after prison, BECAUSE HE HADN’T.

    With Reid, it sure has been a long time trying to win a SB without succeeding at that specific goal, no doubt about that. But there IS precedent for winning one after a very long time coming. And there is plenty of precedent for people who have failed over and over at a specific goal, succeeding after all.

    It’s true for many who finally succeed at quitting cigarettes or becoming sober in the face of alcoholism. It’s true for those who finally beat obesity and loose a bunch of weight.

    AND – look up the election record of a guy named Abraham Lincoln when you get a chance, the dude was the political equivalent of the recent day Detroit Lions before he became president. That’s true.

    So while it’s perfectly fine to express your doubt in Reid the way you just did, and some others do, its irrational to say that Reid CAN’T or WON’T get a superbowl ring as the head coach of the Eagles before his tenure is over. Period.

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