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Sixers Must Realize They Have A Budding Star In Thaddeus Young

Regardless of what happens to the 76ers this year, two players have exploded this season and shown their potential of being a great NBA players. One is Jrue Holiday, whom we have talked about earlier, but the other guy I’m talking about is Sixers forward Thaddeus Young.

Like Holiday, Young has his career ahead of him since he’s only 22 years old with a tremendous upside.

In the Sixers key game against the New York Knicks the other night, they were being destroyed by New York with no chance of winning when Young put the team on his back and scored 15 of his team high 25 points in the fourth quarter to them back in the game.

Sixers coach Doug Collins said, “Thaddeus Young was incredible.”

He can go inside and score and his stroke from outside can be lethal and it’s getting better. Young is also becoming more comfortable when it comes to putting the ball on the floor.

Young has had potential all along but it’s starting to come to the surface more often. He has scored at 20 points in four of the team’s last six games. I think this young man can be a star in the National Basketball Association.

Although he plays only 18 minutes per game, Young averages 12.7 points and 5.4 rebounds. The numbers seem to be fairly simple to me. His points and rebounds go up as his minutes played go up.

He’s a tough matchup for every team in the league because he’s as quick as a cat, but very strong at the same time. He stands 6’8″, weighs 220 pounds and has the ability to play the thee or the four position. He’s too big and strong for the quick defenders to guard and he’s too quick for the big and strong defenders to guard.

Collins and the organization needs to increase his role and push him to take over games when he’s given the chance. The same is true of Holiday. I don’t want to see the ball in Andre Iguodala’s hands when the game is on the line, I want Holiday and Young to be the go to guys.

As we go ahead, I want to see this team built around Young and Holiday. They’re young and possess the potential to be great players. This organization can’t make the mistake of recent 76ers architects and try to build the team around Iguodala. Iggy is a good player, but he is no longer the centerpiece talent of this squad. on Facebook

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9 Comments for “Sixers Must Realize They Have A Budding Star In Thaddeus Young”

  1. Thad needs to work on a jump shot before he can be legit threat. Possibly a 12 foot jumper. He does struggle sometimes when that lay up isnt working for him. But I think he should be a starter. If we make a trade with the lakers this offseason for Bynum Thad would probably be in the deal

  2. I think the Eagles should work him out in the Offseason as a TE,
    at 6-8 and with his leaping ability, he would be awesome in teh Red-Zone as well as blocking FG attempts…
    I just hope they don’t trade him to Orlando for another “Great White Hope”
    in JJ Reddick as some of my sources indicated

  3. He’s a tough cover with being a lefty and his finishing will only get better. I see him starting next season after a strong p-off run.V-ric i agree his 12 footer needs to sharpen up so its deadly off the quick dribble. He should attend the shooting camp with the rook Ev.Paul…he wouldnt get off any jams at the te spot. Put him at the flanker and he would kill guys on the fade .

  4. Paulman is looking for tight ends in Thad and David West. What are you up to Paulman???

    Collins has made it clear that Young is his favorite player, he brings energy off the bench. A consistent 12 footer would put him at a different level.

  5. Thad reminds me of the Human Highlight Reel…Nique.

    Jrue and Thad are untouchable in any trade at this point.Stand pat and go after a FA banger with no regard for his body. Get a vet p.g. in FA to help Jrues develpoment.

  6. THANK YOU! Finally an article about the Sixers with some sense!

    Thaddeus Young is the future face of the franchise, not Evan Turner.

  7. not for nothin, but if any NBA player developed a consistent 12 foot jumper, they would be light years ahead of the rest. the NBA has been boiled down to 3 pointers or dunkers.

    paulman, you can’t be serious that the sixers would consider trading young for reddick straight up? (according to your sources that is) i usually get your sarcasm (and enjoy it), but I can’t tell if you’re for real or not on this one.

  8. Thad young? Face of the franchise? Not at all. Yes he has a bright future and is a great energy guy on both ends of the court but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Now Jrue has ridiculous upside and can end up being a top 4-5 pg in a few years. Thad has looked very solid blowing by bigger slower power forwards.

    So like jrue he does have upside but unlike jrue he’s not the face of the franchise but we will see. I could be wrong. Depending on the matchup he will sink or swim. He has to develop a consistent jumper and better ballhandling skills. Sometimes it appears that he has 2 left feet… but he’s only gonna improve from here on.

    But I do enjoy watching jrue grow the most since he’s only 20yrs old. Iggy is still this teams leader and is dealing with a tough injury give him a break. He gets it done on defense and is needed on this squad, he’s the posterboy for how to play defense

  9. guys, G said ‘star’. Go ahead and say it’s just semantics or that I’m splitting hairs here, but seriously, he didn’t say ‘superstar’, he didn’t say ‘face of the franchise’. In a game where there’s Kobe, Lebron and now Drose, there are still stars at a second tier like a carmelo, dwade, KG, Dwight Howard, (whatever, you can argue with my examples all you want). Point is, there’s stars and then there’s superstars. Thad is clearly not a Lebron, but he’s no average NBA player either.

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