Sixers Vs. Heat Matchup: Jrue Holiday Vs. Mike Bibby

If there is one area that the Miami Heat are not lacking it is in star power. They have two players that are beyond household names, and a third guy that plays at an All-Star level. But the Heat aren’t a perfect machine. They are lacking a real presence in the middle, and also could stand improving their point guard production.

The Heat acquired Mike Bibby in March and figured he’d be able to fill their void at the point guard position. Bibby has done a solid job, so far but he’s clearly lost a step. He’s hardly the same player that once led the Sacramento Kings in a grueling seven-game series with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Now Bibby is more of a one-dimensional player that’s still capable of knocking down an open jumper, but he is clearly a defensive liability. Although Bibby has a ton on playoff experience, the days of him taking over a game and embarrassing his opponent are long gone.

Jrue Holiday on the other hand is making his first playoff appearance, so the Sixers have an “unknown” at point guard. However what we do know about Holiday is that he is one of the best defensive point guards in the game, and he shouldn’t have too much trouble guarding Bibby. At times, the Sixers may want to ask Holiday to guard Dwyane Wade, and have Andre Iguodala guard LeBron James. Holiday’s strength along with his speed will make it difficult for Bibby to contribute much on offense.

Offensively, the only person that will be able to stop Holiday is himself. If he lets the bright lights bother him, than it will be a long series for him. However if he’s able to handle the pressure of playing in the playoffs, he’ll become Bibby’s worst nightmare. Holiday is too fast for Bibby to stay in front of and has been able to consistently knock down the open jumper.

The edge goes to the Sixers in the point guard category. It won’t be enough to open the door to the Sixers winning four games, but it will allow the Sixers to steal a game or two,

4 thoughts on “Sixers Vs. Heat Matchup: Jrue Holiday Vs. Mike Bibby

  1. This isn’t even close. Bibby will need ALOT of help to hand Jrue. Bibby was a talented PG for many years, but Atlanta doesn’t get rid of him from a good team if they don’t feel like they can win with him.

  2. John:

    Good stuff, but…playoff experience is a killer. It just cannot be manufactured. I realize a step slow is what it is, but I could play despite my own creeking knees in the playoffs. What I mean by that is that Bibby may be going for his own history. And that’s killer. You can’t pick Holiday over Bibby until Jrue does it! I am seriously hoping that the young man makes a name for himself with this match-up (don’t get me wrong,) but I return to my theory that when the playoffs arrive; so do the REAL players.

  3. Bibby is no defender at this stage of his career to stay with JH who I expect have a very good series..(Bibby wasn’t a very good defender to begin with even in his prime and would have a hard time guarding PhillyWill)

  4. Playoff experience is a bonus for Bibs but Jrus knows when he splayn a guy who is two stps slower.To echoe Pauls point..Bibs wasnt a good defender two seasons ago. I like Jrue the Damager to got for 25 in game one.He went to UCLA …that bodes well for his cool in his first ticket to the dance. Just dont get caught on the wall when the slow jams start.

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