Tracking The Phillies Phour Aces

Because of the popularity and, quite frankly, the dominating aspect that comes with the Phillies’ rotation (minus Joe Blanton), I’ve decided to set up a tracker that will follow the Pheared Phour the entire season.

May the best ace win.

The Aces (In order of the rotation)
1. Roy Halladay: 2-0, 1.23 ERA, 22 SO, 1 CG
2. Cliff Lee: 2-1, 4.26 ERA, 26 SO, 1 CG
3. Roy Oswalt: 2-0, 2.25 ERA, 8 SO, 1.08 WHIP
4. Cole Hamels: 1-1, 5.59 ERA, 11 SO, 1.45 WHIP

The Leader:
Despite Cliff Lee’s incredible outing against the Nationals tonight, there is no question that Roy Halladay is the most deserving of being named the “Top Ace” on the staff up to this point. So far, Halladay has notched he team’s first of many complete games (Lee finished with his first complete game a day after Doc’s), and he has been the only pitcher, besides Oswalt, to not suffer a poor outing yet. Both Hamels and Lee have had outings in which they surrendered 5+ runs, whereas Halladay gave up his season-high in runs in his last outing — a measly two runs. The reigning Cy Young award winner doesn’t appear to be suffering any type of setback in his hopes of leading the Phils to the promise land.

Next In-Line:
With a perfect record of 2-0, Roy Oswalt has received the least publicity, but not to be overshadowed by his counterparts. Halladay and Lee have each had tossed a complete game and Hamels went seven innings of four-hit ball, compiling eight strikeouts in what ended up being a 3-0 victory. Oswalt has received plenty of run support (10 runs in his last outing and 7 in his debut), but has only surrendered three runs and ten hits in two starts. The man has quietly gone about his gone about business, yet has been just as impressive as Halladay, minus the flashiness.

The Joe Blanton Tracker:
Well, it hasn’t been a great start for Big Joe, but don’t let that get to you, he has notoriously struggled during the month of April. He currently boasts a 0-1 record with a not-so-Ace-like 10.45 ERA and 10 strikeouts. He’s pitched against the NL East’s cellar dwellers, surrendering 7 runs to the Mets and 5 runs to the Nationals. Come on Joe, it’s time to make a name for yourself.

27 thoughts on “Tracking The Phillies Phour Aces

  1. Great comeback performance by Lee…
    For the Record, the Combined Won-Loss Records of the Phils Opponenets
    so far this season of the Astros,Mets,Braves and Nats is 18-33 so far..
    The Phils are off to a great start but they played some teams that are not very good (Astros,Mets and Nats) or playing poorly (Braves)
    Next 10 Games versus the surprising Marlins, the Resurgent Brewers and a
    4 game set with the Padres should be a good test followed by 9 games with lowly Arizona,Mets and the Nats again.. They will have had a pretty easy opening 30 Games on their schedule and probably should win 20 of these games as theyget into mid-May and then start playing some better teams
    like the Cardinals,Rockies,Reds,Texas Rangers…

  2. I am pulling for the Phils too Stevo, just like you…
    I am happy and a little surprised that they have gotten off to a fast start and it appears the Starters (Lee and Hamels) are starting to find their rhtyhm which is bad news for the rest of the NL.. I still think the Reds win the NL Pennant though, but I am glad the Phils are off to a fast start..

  3. Paulman why are you surprised? I think the team can be beaten in the playoffs but I’m not sure the reds can do it. It has to be a team with great pitching like the Giants.

  4. I was surprised by how the entire Roster came out hitting the ball well
    Howard,Polanco, Rollins,Francisco, Mayberry JR,Valdez all had great Starts
    I expected Howard and Polanco to start strong , but the others I was not so sure about. and I have really been pleasantly surprised on how well the overall Bullpen has Pitched so far… Even in their 2-3 losses, it was the Starters who have given up most of the rus and the Bullpen has come in and closed the door and did their job to at least give the Phils offense a chance to come back.. I expected Madson and Contreras to pitch well but Romero, Basdtardo, Baes and even Herndon has well..
    I’ve seen the last couple of games where Rollins scored from 3rd base on infield groundballs which is nice to see him being agressive and using his speed, he’s gotten off a real good start which his energy feeds into other players.. So far, so good, I think they can withstand the loss of Utley for a while and the BullPen is doing well without Lidge, but it is a long season and some players will get opportunities to see more action and it’s up to them to take advantage to show what they can do…

  5. Paul, you are full of it, you say you are pulling for this team. Why? So you can finally prove to yourself what we already know, that you don’t know jack, that your statements/predictions are among the most stupid ever stated here, that the phillies line up is triple a, the philliies are “lite” the bull pen is a “disgrace” that the phils will only win 90 games, finish 2nd behind braves, all these things and more you stated Paul, so go ahead, keep rooting, that’s good for the phils, and maybe you might finally learn something about yourself, pompous windbag

  6. I just dont see this team getting beaten badly for stretchs of the season. They’ll remain consistent until the wheels come off a starter and he has to sit for a few starts. its just baseball.I have them losing there first series against the Reds at home…and im calling split outta the 4 games. To me, with this squad…its losing.

  7. I have spoken truthfully about the birds over the years…. saying they didnt have enough depth and such at spots to win it all. this past year, we ALL knew they were weak at CB and oline. so PMAN….. its not that you pointed out flaws…. its 2 things……a) you overstated things. You completly ignored strengths of this phillies team and had them failing on an unreal level. b) you really like your own words… and put stock in yourself….. so its clear that being right for you is more important than the phillies going deep. to save face….. you will be glad when they struggle and will defend your words on here the minute they lose a few.

  8. It’s a long season, everybody and their brother is picking the Phils this year and who shouldn’t, with one of the best Starting Staffs and highest Payrolls in the MLB, they should win 110 games and win the World Sereis..
    As usual, whenever the media and the fans think something is a slam dunk, I run for cover. Anytime any Philly teams are expected to win, they don’t, It’s that simple. It’s the Curse of Philadelphia
    I want the Phils to win it all, but I don’t think it’s going to happen for I don’t think they are the best overall Team in MLB>.

  9. He’s just some dude with an opinion and because its not that of the Phills dominating pretty much like they have and because he’s long winded about every opinion he has you guys get into it.

    Bats look great and we’re getting nice taste of the dominance we’re gonna see from these horses.

    Bullpen is getting good rest and realizing there roll on this team is to just stay focused.

    Jimmie is being J-roll…as he rolls…we roll

    The Braves are a not on our level and I have two good buddies that are legit Braves fans.They watch the Braves and know as much as any of you about there squad. They agree.

    The Fish are gonna get hooked this weekend.

    So TO ANYONE!!? how is this team NOT built for October pillage of the National league?

  10. Nice that you base your thoughts and feelings on the media and others around you . Instead of going with instincts and looking at things as they are mountain herb.

    For i dont feel like they are the best team in baseball? There isnt one yet Jeremiah…50 games in tells us that. But we’re kicking tail right now so be a fan and not a wannabe analyst.

  11. You believe in curses? Are you also looking forward to the Easter Bunny coming in your house to give you and your family basketts of goodies!!?COOL!!!!!Post how many jelly beans he leaves!!

  12. Phils 1st 4 opponents are a combined 18-33 so far this season…
    I guess I am just not your typical Philly, bandwagon, kool-aid drinking fan…
    Seen way too many disappointments to think any team Philly is a slam-dunk for any Championship, for nothing is ever easy with Philly teams ,outside of the 76ers with Moses Malone chant of Fo’ Fo’ Fo’.

  13. Keep telling yourself your “keeping us on our toes”…if it eases your mind then i want mental stability for all of us.

    I drink no Kool-AID..I SIP NO PUNCH….

    Nothings easy for any championship dude….its hard fought and fans and the region get a feeling of “let down” because most people try and think things will work out in there favor.We are prepared for any letdown in this region. Its were the toughest people in the world live. The Northbeast,Tri-gully,Eastmost…and so on..

    Keep tryna knock the vibe down Jeremiah.Good for you.

  14. How is the combined Record of the Teams the Phils have played flawed..Are you agreeing that the Phils record of 9-3 would also be flawed…
    and besides .since there’s the NFL Lockout, there’s nothing else to bitch, post about.

  15. Because you play who you play. So you believe Roy,Cliff,Roy,Cole,and Fat Joe will get shelled against the top team? or the bats wont hit a good pitcher? They will have off days. But the studs can take down any batting order when they’re pitching like they’re capable. And yes,im banking on them doing so.

    There should be ZERO bitching about this towns sports scene right now. Enjoy it and we will be in the mix for the trophy.Lombardi and all.

  16. No Erock,
    Halladay/Oswalt/Lee & Hamels are collectively too good to have any long losing streaks so I don’t see them playing less than .600 ball overall (97 Wins). I do think that the Phils hitters will struggle versus the teams with good pitching and make for a lot of games won/loss in the final 2 Innings where Bullpens decide it more times than not.. Right now the Phils Bullpen has been excellent, though I want to see how they perform versus the good offenseive teams who play a full 9 Inning game (the Marlins have a good young club who battle all game long as do the Brewers,Reds,Rockies,Giants,Padres..)

    please add Villanova Basketball to another Philly choke team…
    and another Coach/Program that continually gets a “free-pass’ from the local media and fans, year after year…

  17. Paulman- you keep calling me a coolaid drinker and if you were to read my posts you would see that itsnt the case at all. I would agree that the phills have a long way to go…. but im not calling them a AAA team. you OVERSTATED your case and you went the other way all together.

  18. “you OVERSTATED your case and you went the other way all together”, haha stevo, is paul now gay, or did he pull an anakin skywalker, so his is now darth paulman, lmao

  19. Steve,when did I call you Koolaid Drinker..
    Come to the Darkside my friend, to the Darkside…..

  20. under the topic about Lurie and banner and the injunction

    “Excellent points Shamu..
    To Stevo,
    I think you have been drinking that Eagle Kool-Aid a little too much now that the weather is getting warmer.. You really think the Eagles are going to address every position of need they have and lock up their best players on long term deals…Wow…
    I think this season it’s all about the Draft and have very little activity by the Eagles in pursuing Free-Agents”.

    Thats when

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