We Already Knew Bonds Used Steroids And Lied About It, Why Waste The Money On A Trial

I hear everybody talking about what a bad guy Barry Bonds is, but I don’t know Barry Bonds, so I really don’t know what kind of guy he is. I do know he doesn’t like talking to the media. I do know most of the media guys don’t like him. I do know he lied about using steroids and I do know he’s got a pride and arrogance problem.

First of all, it was wrong that he used steroids. He was already a great player before he started using steroids. He says he started using them because the league let Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa use them during those years when they were helping the league regain its popularity.

Bonds’ ego wouldn’t let him allow those guys to surpass him when he knew he was a better player. After the McGuire and Sosa break out year, Bonds decided he was going to start using, so he could catch and surpass them.

It was apparent to any professional athlete that all these guys were using performance-enhancing drugs. You don’t make those kind of jumps in strength and muscle after you’ve already reached adulthood and been weight-training at a high level for years, without using some kind of performance-enhancing drugs.

It was also apparent that Major League Baseball looked the other way because it was in their best interest to do so at the time. That shows the same lack of character and integrity that Bonds exhibited.

As for the trial, all Bonds had to do was admit that he used steroids, but he was put under oath and lied about using them. Making such a foolish mistake shows that he takes his stardom and accomplishments much too seriously. Yes, he was able to hit a ball like few people ever have and was definitely one of the greatest players to ever play the game.

So what, it doesn’t mean much if you lack wisdom in the rest of your life.

I personally would vote both of him into the Hall of Fame because he was a Hall of Famer before he ever started using steroids. The steroids allowed him to win more MVP awards than anybody else and he put up numbers that may be the best ever in Major League Baseball history.

Still, I don’t think getting the chance to go into the Hall of Fame is worth risking going to jail for an extended period of time.

Bonds spent millions of dollars on lawyers and exposed himself to the risk of going to jail time because he didn’t want to admit that he used steroids. During the trial, he admitted that he did use steroids.

I’m going to get a good laugh if Roger Clemens copies Bonds during his upcoming trial, by admitting that he used steroids but didn’t know that he was being given steroids when they were administered. I don’t know if he’s going to be able to do that at this point, because his situation is a bit different since he lied before Congress.

I personally think that these trials are nothing but a waste of tax-payer money. We knew Bonds used steroids and we knew that he lied about it. What good did wasting millions of taxpayer dollars do? We don’t have money to be wasting on stupid trials. They should throw all of this stuff out of court.

If they’re not going to drag Commissioner Bud Selig and Major League Baseball (which has a government-granted Anti-Trust exemption) into court because they lied about not knowing Sosa and McGuire were using steroids then why both Bonds and Clemens. Yes they were cheating but they didn’t start cheating until Selig and Major League Baseball opened the door.

Shouldn’t the people in authority be held responsible first? If Selig and MLB don’t go to court, then nobody else should go court because the entire sport from the top was lying to all of us.

They should throw out all the nonsense out about Clemens. What good is it going to do to prove that Clemens used steroids and lied about it? Congress shouldn’t have gotten their hands into this any way. They need to get their house in order and stop all that spending down in Washington. This country has problems all of the place and we’re worried about whether some retired baseball players cheated or not.

8 thoughts on “We Already Knew Bonds Used Steroids And Lied About It, Why Waste The Money On A Trial

  1. G….. I agree100%//////// This is why america is what it is today…….. Why waste time on nonsense like this…….. Bonds cheated so did these other superstars in MLB…….. Bonds made MLB a ton of money…… During the homerun fiasco between him, Mcgwire and Sammy Sosa…… Before all that MLB wasn’t the same……. They needed steroids in baseball…… MLB wont admit it……. Steroids brought them a ton of business…….. The same with drugs on the streets……. It will never end……

  2. I used to agree…then I was listening to smoething about this and it SOMEWHAT changed my mind on this trial specifically as well as Clemens, etc. Basically the government can’t just brush this off and say its ok to lie to a grand jury if you’re a celebrity/sports star. The bigger mistake was them getting involved years ago when they brought everyone in for statements about steriods to allow them to lie in the first place.

  3. That’s what I’m saying. The government needs to stay out of a lot of things they’ve gotten involved in. They’re not doing a good job of properly managing the things that they’re supposed to be managing, but they got involved in the baseball scandal for politics.

  4. Why waste money on a trial? Hmmm, maybe because this IS America and everyone is entitled to a fair and just trial?!

    What kind of f’n question is that?

  5. Once the string on the sweater was pulled it had to be seen through. If you’re suspected of lying under oath no matter the subject matter it must be pursued. Being truthful under oath is the basis of our legal system.

    If you recall, reporters investigated and revealed that BALCO was developing and distributing illegal drugs, ie steroids. At that time the local DA had to investigate.

    I’m not really sure why any of you are surprised or disappointed in our legal system. I think it worked great. They busted BALCO and applied due process to a liar.

  6. G:
    I must say that I love this website again. Perhaps I haven’t expressed that recently. I’m a “fight City Hall” kind of guy. If you have anything on MLB that would prove that were liable for these men and their actions; I would take the case. But Selig never took a dump without instructions from his lawyers during those years ( I remember them.) He’s a reason to think about another form of government in my opinion.

  7. G:
    By the way, Barry Bonds was a stud baseball player. I booed him countless times. He was truly a natural. And he IS a hall of famer. But so was Pete…

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