Who Will You Be Watching Tonight? The Phillies, Sixers Or Flyers

It’s going to be a busy night tonight for Philadelphia sports fans. You’ve got the Sixers and Flyers involved in playoff games, while the Phillies will be playing a game at Citizen’s Bank Park.

The Philadelphia 76ers will battle the Miami Heat in the second game of their seven-game series. That game will start at seven o’clock tonight. The Sixers had a chance to win game one, now they’ll try it again in game two.

Miami’s Dwyane Wade didn’t practice yesterday because of a battle with migraines. He made the key hoop which helped beat the Sixers in game one and he’s becomes Miami’s go to guy at the end of games.

The Philadelphia Flyers will take the Buffalo Sabres in the third game of their best of seven-game series. The Flyers have tied up their series with the Sabres, now they’ve got to decide who to play in goal tonight.

Flyers coach Peter Laviolette must decide whether he should go with veteran goalie Brian Boucher or should go with struggling rookie Sergei Bobrovsky. If he goes with Boucher in this situation will be able to go back to Bob at a later point or will it destroy him.

The Philadelphia Phillies will be hosting the Milwaukee Brewers tonight with Joe Blanton on the mound. He’s struggled in his first two starts and will be tested against a Brewers team which has a number of sluggers.

Okay you have the menu, now which one of these games will you be watching. Next up, which game will your number two and you will be switching to. Finally, which game will be the last game you go to.

7 thoughts on “Who Will You Be Watching Tonight? The Phillies, Sixers Or Flyers

  1. Flyers first, Sixers 2nd, and Phillies 3rd…during the Flyers commercials I will flip back and forth to the sixers and phils and at the intermissions i will leave on the sixers with occasional flips over to the phils. But that’s also the order I like my sports as well…with the Eagles being #1 overall of course. However, if the Phils were playing in the playoffs in October, I’m watching them over a flyers or sixers game.

    Let’s go Philly!!!

  2. well my friggin Slingbox crapped out again so….. whatever one they Put on tv in Minnesota. I think ill be listening to the phills on my blackberry (mlb.com $12 to listen to every gm) and watching the Flyers on vs’s (assuming they dont take vs’s off the air before tonight). Maybe the sixers are on tnt or something. I might get lucky.

  3. Definitely the Flyers!! Beat those Sabres tonight. vricchini is just upset he can’t skate and can’t comprehend the basic rules of hockey

  4. #1) Flyers on Versus Channel — (games of the Series)
    #2) Sixers on TNT — (lets see how the young 76ers respond)
    #3) Phils on MLB Tonight — (Brewers,Fielder swinging a hot bat)

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